A New City

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2014 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: An ex thief begins a new life in a new city. Corrupt or cruel merchants give him a way to start a family and get even.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Polygamy/Polyamory   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

All my young life had been spent in the huge sprawling city of Dervish. It was a seaport on the very edge of the vast Gandish desert. It was known as the jewel of Gandish and was filled with tribes of nomads, merchants, traders and ... thieves. That's where I come in. I was the journeyman thief to the best master thief in the city.

Slowly the guild had begun changing. Before, when a merchant or other victim wanted their belongings back they paid. When they demanded the thief it was ignored. Now they still paid for their belongings but if they wanted the thief, they paid and the guild gave him up. That was what had happened to my master.

He had warned me and I had distanced myself but when I saw his body hanging from the merchant wall I decided it was time to leave. They had a fit the day after I left because I had stolen over two hundred pounds of gold coin and several large chests of gems from the merchant guild.

The thieves guild was upset because they did not get anything from me and they sure were not going to get anything from the merchants. I had a string of horses behind me as I rode into the night. My destination was a thousand leagues away. The city I went to was smaller then Dervish, located in a wide fertile valley with a slow moving river beside it.

There was an old abandoned inn outside the gates of the old city. The newer part of the city stretched out along the side of the river. It did not cost much to buy the inn and start to fix it up. I was thinking of some of the food stalls that had grown into eateries back in Dervish. One of the things about Tonish was that there was no thieves guild.

Thieves that were caught received little mercy. They even had something called thief takers here. They were common men that hunted thieves and turned them in for a reward. I had been in the city for three weeks and still had work to do before the old inn was finished. I had seen a young merchant's wife that was stunning.

The merchant treated her as if she were property and I noticed that it was not an uncommon attitude. The problem was he was a bully and had tried to intimidate me into buying supplies I needed at five times their worth. I was dressed in black and moved through the city streets as if I were a ghost.

The merchant Pelus's house was a large walled manor that was simple to get into. Even as late as it was, I heard the merchant in his hall bellowing drunkenly. I listened when people talk and this merchant was many things. A bully, a drunkard, a con man and some stories said a swindler.

His wife was young, maybe fifteen, her name was Elizabeth. She had long black hair and full breasts. Her hips had just begun to spread into a woman's figure. I slipped into his wife's dark room quietly and crossed to the bed. I undressed and slipped into bed. I softly caressed her body and after a few moments she began to sigh and then moan.

I slipped my hand under her night shirt and caressed her body before slipping my hand down to her pussy. I tickled her clit and began to slowly finger her. It was not long before her breathing became labored and her body began responding by humping up against my hand. When she began shuddering and shaking I slipped my finger into her tight hole.

She jerked and cried out as she twisted and turned. When she relaxed I pulled her night shirt up and moved over her. I pushed her suddenly tense legs wider and settled between them. I started kissing her softly and nuzzling her neck. It did not take long for her to relax and start kissing me back. I pushed all the way into her tight pussy until I was against her womb.

I stopped moving and kissed her and nibbled on her ear. She sighed as her body relaxed and accepted me. I began to fuck her with long, deep strokes that almost pulled my cock out before I shoved it back against her womb. Her hips began to push up to meet mine as I fucked into her. Her pussy became wet and slick and began grasping at my cock.

After a couple of minutes she tore her mouth away from mine and shoved it against my shoulder as she cried out. She shuddered and jerked as her body was wracked with spasms. I pushed tight against her womb and released my seed. I spewed huge streams of sperm into her shaking body and could only hold her tight against me.

When I stopped cumming I began to fuck her sloppy pussy again. She sighed and went back to meeting my thrusts as she held me. Her body kept having little convulsions and tremors. It was a while before I was ready and shoved deep into her and began to pump large streams of cum against her waiting womb. She jerked and her pussy spasmed as I filled her.

When I finished cumming I kissed her softly and pulled out. I slid out of bed and quietly dressed while she watched. I sat on the edge of the bed and held out a small pouch, "if you put a pinch of this in his food everyday he will not be able to get hard or molest you."

I could see her smile as her hand reached for the pouch. I slipped out the way I had come and made my way back to the inn. It was only two days before I had a run in with the merchant guild. The representative was a fat bastard named Edmond. I had done some business with him and he was a greedy bastard.

I did some checking and found out he was expecting a young bride from distant Poloma. I paid him a night visit and when I was done I slipped back to the inn. I went on working on the inn, not that I really had much more to do. The arrival of a caravan was big news and I joined the crowd to watch as well.

The exotic bride of Edmond was a young beauty named Ivory that made me smile. That night I slipped back into his house and quietly entered his bride's bedroom. Edmond was still drinking downstairs and I knew he would be passed out before he ever tried to come here. I also knew he would not be able to get hard even if they nailed his dick to a board.

His bride was staring back at me as I walked closer. I sat beside her and touched her hand, "Edmond will not be coming up tonight. Even when he does he will not be able to ... satisfy himself."

She looked at the door as I stood and slowly undressed. I pulled the covers back and slipped in beside her. She smiled and laid back as I reached out to caress her body. I cupped her full breasts and gave her nipples a tug before leaning over to suck on one. She moaned and shivered as my hand caressed down her body.

I felt and rubbed her pussy while sucking on her nipple and she only held the back of my head. I moved down her body kissing it as I went. She moaned as I kissed her clit when it stuck out of its hood. I licked through her musky pussy and teased her clit some more. I used my hands to rub along the side of her pussy and pushed my tongue inside her.

I pushed against her hymen and went back to sucking and teasing her clit. When she shuddered and then spasmed I moved up her body. I pushed the head of my cock in and then pulled it out as she stiffened. She looked at me in surprise and I kissed her before doing it again. I kept doing it until she held me and pulled and wrapped her feet around my butt.

My cock broke through her maidenhead and sank into her as her body stiffened. I held still and kissed her softly and caressed her bare shoulders. It was a couple of minutes before she relaxed and started enjoying what I was doing. When I pushed the rest of the way into her she grunted and pushed her hips up.

I began fucking her tight pussy with long, slow strokes. It was only a few moments before she was grunting and shuddering. When I firmly pressed my groin against hers she moaned and jerked. When her pussy tightened and grasped my cock I started fucking her a little harder and deeper. She was shaking and moaning softly as she tightened her hold.

I pushed in deep and began breeding her with huge streams of cum against her womb. She moaned, "Oh yes!"

I pumped and spewed spurts of cum into her and she continued to shake and shudder. It was a minute or so before I was done. I stayed nice and deep and held her until she had stopped shaking. I gave her a soft kiss as I slowly pulled out. I moved out of bed and quietly made my way out of the house even though I very much wanted to stay in bed.

I was very busy the next morning, going to the city guards and a couple of senior members of the Merchant's guild. When I arrived at merchant Pelus's manor it was as city guards were beating him as they took him into custody for theft. I explained I was there to get something that would make up for my loss after dealing with the merchant.

The guards were all grinning when I pulled Elizabeth out with a large bundle of clothes. I led her through the streets to my Inn and sat her in the kitchen. I told her to wait and left again, this time headed for merchant Edmond's. All of his guards had disappeared quickly when the rest of the merchant's guild arrived with the city guards.

They all turned to look at me when I came in and Edmond started to say something and a guard slammed his fist into his face. I bowed to the merchant's guild representatives, "well?"

They nodded and merchant Harris glared at Edmond, "he had a whole chest full of fake gold coins and no real ones. Several of the merchants he deals with have given us fake coins he has been using."

I looked at Edmond and then back to the other merchants, "does that mean I will not be recompensed?"

They shifted and looked around and I nodded and looked up as if in thought. I finally looked at Harris, "he just received that woman..."

He looked surprised and then his eyes narrowed, "she is worth more than a single gold coin."

I grinned, "not used and it was his wedding night."

He finally smiled and nodded, "very well but we expect the guild dues for her things."

I fished in my pouch and tossed two large fat Dervish gold pieces, "for your trouble."

The merchants chuckled and waved to the small crowd of servants a couple of guards watched over across the hall. I picked Ivory out and took her to her room and gathered her things. She was silent the whole time and followed quietly as I led her to the Inn.

Elizabeth and Ivory looked at each other uncertainly and I sighed, "do either of you think you want my attention every night, all night and not just once?"

I could see by their reaction they had not thought of that. I waved at the kitchen around them, "I intend to make this an eatery. A place people can come for a nice lunch or dinner. The rooms are for us and our family as it grows."

They grinned and looked at each other again but this time like conspirators. I smiled and held my hands out to lead them upstairs to two separate rooms. They surprised me by whispering and then going into one together. I shook my head and turned to leave when Elizabeth came out and pulled me into the room.

She turned me at the bed and reached out to undress me, "you made love to Ivory last night."

I looked at her and then grinned and started pulling her clothes off. Ivory came closer and laughed as I began to undress her too. They looked at each other and I gave them both a kiss as I pushed them towards the bed. I undressed and followed them onto the bed. I kissed Ivory and turned to caress Elizabeth's naked body.

I leaned over her to suck on one of her nipples and she shivered and laughed. I was surprised when Ivory moved over Elizabeth and started sucking on her other nipple. I looked at her as she raised an eyebrow and then I grinned and gave the nipple I was working over a tug. Elizabeth jerked and shuddered and Ivory laughed.

I moved up to kiss Elizabeth and she cupped my face, "Do you know merchant Samwit?"

I blinked and caressed down her body to rub her clit, "The name is familiar."

Elizabeth shivered, "He has a daughter. She is young and he is very ... rough."

I sucked on her nipple while Ivory watched me. I looked into her face as my finger slipped inside her, "And?"

She shuddered and spread her legs as her hips rose, "She would make a good third wife."

I looked at her while she moaned. I used my palm to rub her clit and I continued to finger her. I looked at Ivory, "What do you think?"

Ivory licked her nipple and then sucked on it for a minute, "A man who has to many wives satisfies none. A wife with not enough sisters is a woman used to much and lonely."

I smiled, "And which are you?"

Ivory smiled and moved up to kiss a moaning Elizabeth, "One more wife would balance us."

I pulled my finger out of Elizabeth and moved between her legs. I pushed into her as she moaned into Ivory's mouth and shuddered. I fucked her slow and deep while Ivory continued to kiss her and caress my bare shoulder. Every time my cock was buried against her womb she shuddered and I felt her pussy squeezing my cock.

It took several minutes for me to reach my peak and I firmly pressed against her womb before my swelling cock exploded. I spewed and gushed thick streams against her waiting womb as she tilted her hips and sighed. When I finished she shuddered and smiled at Ivory. She waited until I pulled out and then moved to lie between Elizabeth's legs.

They kissed and I smiled as Ivory's hips pressed against Elizabeth's and they both shuddered. I softly rubbed Ivory's butt, "I will go pay the merchant Samwit a visit."

She kissed Elizabeth and looked over her shoulder at me, "Do not take to long and bring her back with you."

I smiled at her boldness and rubbed her slit, "Careful or I will tie you to my bed."

She kissed Elizabeth and ignored me as she started humping her. I shook my head and dressed before heading to my stash of coins. I left and locked the door behind me. I crossed the city thinking about what I was going to do. Samwit was a large merchant that brought in bolts of cloth from far away places.

When I walked into his shop he was yelling at a beautiful teenage girl and screaming profanities. I walked to him as he raised a hand to strike her and kicked behind his knee. As he dropped to the floor on his knees I grabbed him by his hair. I yanked his head back, "I really hate bullies."

He started to pull a dagger as he snarled and I slugged him. I did it again and again before pulling him to his feet and shoving him into the wall. The girl had backed away in fear as I followed after him and grabbed him by the throat, "I came to see about your daughter."

His eyes flickered to the girl and I nodded, "That makes this easier."

I pulled my dagger and cut his pants loose. He tried to move away but I pressed my dagger to his throat and he froze. I smiled, "I am going to leave a single gold coin and you are going to accept it. Your daughter will be coming with me..."

He started to open his mouth and I lowered the dagger to his privates, "You have exactly two days to pack and leave this city. If you do not and try anything I will come back."

He finally got up the courage, "I will have your head!"

I nodded, "very well."

I yanked him away from the wall and shoved him towards the door. He started to turn back but I slugged him before shoving him out the door. A city guard was close by and headed towards us as I slugged the merchant and started to beat him. The guard pulled me back as the merchant fell to the street, "What goes here?"

I snarled, "I paid this fat bastard twenty gold pieces to wed his virgin daughter. What do I find when I come back? This piece of shit was raping her!"

The guard looked at the merchant as he sat up, "He is trying to rob me!"

I snorted, "Find the gold I paid the bastard! It was in a red leather pouch."

The guard looked at me and bent to open the merchant's shirt. In the inner pocket was the heavy purse. The guard opened the purse as the merchant sputtered, "I never saw that before!"

One look inside the purse was all the guard needed. People had begun gathering, including two more guards. The guard looked at the merchant, "You are a lying, cheating bastard."

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