Lone Pirate

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2014 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: A young man becomes a pirate to help his family but it turns into a whole lot more.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Science Fiction   Incest   Sister   Polygamy/Polyamory   First   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   .

My name is Michael Brent Mason and I was born on a large farm. The problem was it was on Barburas, which is a pirate world. So my dad taught me how to fight and shoot, he also taught me about piloting and engineering which was what he had been. He had a secret that he shared with me when I was eighteen and ready to leave.

When he was a pirate many years before there had been an old alien space wreck. They had checked it more because they were bored than anything else. Anyway dad had found a device in engineering that he did not understand. They were waiting for any ship to pass so he took the time to scan the device and carefully take it apart.

Dad pulled out a holo of a set of blue prints and looked at me as he sipped his whisky, "It took a couple of years but I found out what it does. It cloaks the ship using the particle shield."

My eyes had widened, "That would make taking a ship a lot easier."

He sighed, "By then I had lost my leg and understood what being a pirate meant."

I nodded because he talked about this a lot. He shut the holo off and tossed it to me, "take your tools too. Go to the bone yard and find something small."

The bone yard was where ships ended up that were damaged to bad to fix or had never been sold. Dad drove me towards port city the next day and remained quiet the whole time. He pulled up on the back side of the bone yard and turned to look at me, "If you join a crew, watch your back. There is very little honor in other men that become pirates now a days."

I nodded and swallowed before climbing out and going to the back for my float. Dad didn't even hesitate after I pulled it off, he just drove away. I took a breath and started walking into the huge field of abandoned ships. I parked my float while I explored and just before it got dark I found her.

Her name was Dawana and she was a large Ketch. She was almost as large as a small yacht which was probably why she was here. I had to override the hatch code and found the power a bare minimum. I moved to the engineering section and checked everything before leaving. The next month was full of hard work as I salvaged parts and power from other ships.

I used dad's stealth emitter plans and checked it. I used every scan technology I knew and none could even see the ship or detect anything. The inside of the ketch was almost spacious. A single owners cabin that was huge. The other crew rooms were large and I stripped them to furnish them with better stuff from some of the other ships.

I ran extra controls from engineering to the bridge and updated a class one AI that I salvaged before installing it. I was able to take a few things into port city to sell to pay for supplies. I also registered the ship as active and picked up new star charts. One month and one day after dad dropped me off I lifted.

After I jumped out of the system I went to stealth and set course. I used the auto pilot and the AI to fly the ship while I rested. It took almost a week and I barely reached the star lines out of Kirk when the AI warned me of a large cargo ship on scan. I checked it carefully as I changed course and it stayed on course as I closed.

When our particle shields merged I used a trick dad had taught me to blend mine with theirs so they never even knew I was there. I put out the hatch cushions and activated the four single mooring lines to hold my ship in place. I left the bridge running and extended the boarding tube when I reached the hatch.

I pressurized it and dumped oxygen in before opening my outer hatch. The next part was tricky, at their exterior hatch I used an override and bypass to open the hatch without it sounding an alarm. I slid into their ship and crossed the airlock after locking the outer hatch. I used the override and bypass again and opened the inner hatch.

I pulled my two stunners and stepped into the passageway. I turned to head to engineering and stepped in to shoot the three men sitting at the control boards. I crossed and knelt beside them to use the small med inducer to keep them asleep. I made a careful check and started back through the ship.

I stunned everyone I found including a mother and three daughters in a passenger cabin. I walked onto the bridge calmly and shot all three men there. Now came the fun part, I moved everyone to a life globe and loaded it. I hesitated at the three girls and pulled the one that was fourteen back. I set the emergency beacon and kicked the globe free.

I put the girl in my cabin and transferred the second stealth emitter device to the cargo ship. It only took a short time to hook up and then I turned it on. I moved to my ship and changed course to Barburas before setting the auto pilot. I went back to check the mooring beams on both ships before heading to my cabin.

I stripped and crossed to the bed with the girl. She was stunning with reddish blonde hair that was long and nice firm breasts with a trimmed fuzzy pussy. I checked while she was out and found her hymen missing. I played with her pussy and she began moaning. She even shuddered and came in her sleep.

I finally used the med inducer to wake her and sat beside her fingering her pussy. It was a couple of minutes before she shuddered an her pussy squeezed my finger. She opened her green eyes and looked at me for a moment before suddenly jerking away, "WHO ARE YOU!"

I smiled and licked my fingers which made her blush, "I am Michael Brent Mason. I am your owner now young bitch."

She looked around, "Where is my mother."

I smiled, "In a life globe with all the other people that were in the ship."

She bit her lip, "You are a pirate."

I nodded, "and you are my bitch. Be nice and I keep you. Fight or try anything and I will sell you to a doss house."

She nodded and looked down. She smiled a moment later, "does that mean I can ask you to fuck me too?"

I laughed and moved onto the bed, "yes."

She looked at my hard cock and her eyes widened, "Your cock is very large."

I reached out to pull her closer, "Your pussy is wet and it will fit."

She reached out as if in a trance and stroked my cock before laying back and pulling. I moved over her and spread her legs with my knees. I positioned my cock as she looked between our bodies. I pushed and slowly forced my cock into her and she groaned and shuddered. I kissed her and started to fuck her with deep thrusts that pressed my cock against and then into her womb.

She clutched at me as her hips began to meet mine. Her tight pussy was squeezing and milking my cock. I buried my cock and started pressing and grinding and she began to wail as she bucked and thrashed around. Her pussy was squeezing and letting my cock go as she lifted her legs into the air.

It was only a couple of minutes before I thrust into her and jerked as I started pumping cum. She screamed and jerked as if to get away but kept thrusting her pussy up. I spewed and spurted and pumped until her womb was flooded and leaking. I kept holding her and she shuddered one last time, "you should not cum in me."

I laughed, "That is where I want to cum."

I pulled out and lay beside her and she turned to caress my chest, "The other boys did not feel that good."

She looked into my face, "I am Jenna and I do not have an inhibitor."

I tugged on a nipple, "Then you are going to get pregnant."

Her eyes lite up, "Really?"

I fingered her leaking pussy and Jenna jerked and shuddered. I rolled her onto her stomach and moved behind her before lifting her hips. I pushed into her slimy pussy slowly and then held her hips as I began to fuck her. It wasn't long before I was fucking into her womb and she was convulsing. Her tight pussy kept spasming around my cock and she was howling as she thrust back harder.

I continued to fuck her and within a few minutes she was incoherent and thrusting back erratically. I pulled out of her and rolled her over before pushing back into her. I fucked her hard as she lifted and spread her legs while wailing. It was five minutes before I buried my jerking cock in her womb.

I kissed her hard as my cock erupted and began flooding her again. She jerked hard and then grabbed me and held on as her body spasmed out of control. When I stopped pumping sperm into her, I kissed her and pulled out, "Come with me Jenna bitch."

She groaned as she closed her legs and moved out of bed. By the door I stopped and picked up the cheap silver filigree collar. (I had found a couple of dozen in one of the abandoned ships). I put the collar on her and then clipped a thin silver leash chain on. I looked into her eyes, "On the ship we could do without the leash but you need to get used to it."

She caressed it with her fingertips and nodded. I led her out and began showing her the ship and her new home. She was grinning the whole time and hung on my arm. On the bridge I introduced her to the AI and told it what access she was granted. I took her to the small mess and sat her down before pulling out two basic meal packs, "I will look in the cargo ship mess later to stock up on better supplies and get your belongings."

She looked up from opening her meal, "I can keep my stuff?"

I smiled at her, "on the ship you will remain naked. If we have to go off the ship you dress."

She nodded and I gestured to her meal, "Tell me about not having an inhibitor."

Jenna looked at me, "I am earth engineered and require a license to get pregnant. My mother removed my inhibitor because I am going to be breed to another earth genie."

I shook my head, I had heard of some places where a license to have children was required, "well now you are being bred by me. After the baby is born we can get an inhibitor."

She nodded, "Are you going to let other pirates fuck me?"

I grinned, "why? Do you want them to?"

Jenna grinned and nodded, "It would be fun."

I laughed, "I have brothers at home that would love to fuck you."

Over the next few days I searched the cargo ship pulling Jenna along with me. I transferred all the food supplies and filled my ships water tanks. I even filled and recharged my fuel cells. I went through the cabins and took what I wanted and let Jenna take her clothes and jewelry as well as her mother's and sisters.

After we jumped into the Barburas system I shut down the stealth emitter and removed the one in the cargo ship. Once in orbit I pulled Jenna after me into the cargo ship and sent the order to the AI to move away and follow. When we landed, Dawana settled onto her landing gear beside us. Jenna was wearing a nice long flowing gown as I led her to the hatch and the lift down.

I nodded to the four men that were waiting and took them on a tour of the cargo ship. An hour later Jenna and I were lifting in my ship for a short flight. I set the ship down a little way from the huge barn and shut everything down before looking at Jenna, "this is my home."

She looked at the screen and nodded before absently handing me the other end of her leash. When we came down in the lift dad and my brothers finally came out. My brothers were grinning when they looked at the ketch but dad was looking at me. I stopped in front of him and nodded to Jenna, "She did not have an inhibitor. I wanted her to speak with mom."

Dad looked her over before turning, "I will have your mother test her."

I looked at my brothers, "she is off limits until she is pregnant."

They grinned, "You are going to share?"

I pulled Jenna after me as I headed towards the house, "She wants men to use her."

They followed us and as soon as I stepped into the house I stopped Jenna and waited for mom. It wasn't long before she came in smiling, she hugged me before looking at Jenna. I unclipped her leash and hung it beside mom's. My mother took her hand and led her towards her bedroom. I turned and went into the kitchen where I found dad.

He looked up from the farm holo, "anyone hurt?"

I shook my head as I crossed to look at the holo, "I even accessed the Gal net and a Freighter picked up everyone I put in the life globe."

He smiled, "So the cloak worked."

I nodded, "I also melded the screens."

Dad smiled and looked at the holo, "Your sister Georgia had an offer to buy. It was from a young man out in Kuskus. His father died a year ago and he was looking for a bitch."

I looked at dad and he smiled, "She has been begging me to agree. Apparently she has met him."

I grinned, "and probably let him look and feel the goods."

Dad smiled and nodded before sighing, "soon the house will be empty."

I touched his shoulder, "At least I am the only one making my way like you did."

He nodded, "Just do not stay here."

I looked back as mom led Jenna in, she was grinning and ran to me, "I am pregnant!"

I grinned and hugged her tight before looking at mom. She smiled, "You have nine months now Michael."

I nodded and let Jenna go, "Still want to try another man?"

She looked towards my brothers in the doorway and smiled, "one at a time though."

They grinned and I patted her butt, "Clean up before you come back to me."

She walked towards my brothers with a tempting sway to her hips and dad chuckled, "Just like your mother."

Mom laughed and came to kiss his cheek, "Want me to remind you?"

Dad grinned, "Tonight."

He looked at me, "How long before you go out again?"

I smiled and thought, "the vultures are waiting now so I will give them a week."

Dad nodded and gestured, "those twenty thousand hectares are fallow. Your brothers are trying to plan farms there."

I pointed out water points and dad nodded, "Those are how we are going to divide them up."

I smiled at mom, "I will keep an eye out for more bitches for them."

She grinned, "they will owe you forever."

I nodded and straightened, "Want a look at the ketch?"

Dad grinned and mom smiled before following me. It was dinner time when Jenna finally returned. She looked tired but happy and my brothers were grinning wider than ever. I pulled Jenna onto my lap, "well, Jenna bitch?"

She grinned, "They are almost as horny as you. James was nice enough to help me clean up."

I looked at my seventeen year old brother, "he is trying to butter me up. I promised to find all four of them a bitch."

I nodded to my fourteen year old sister beside mom, "My sister even has a man trying to buy her."

Jenna looked surprised and Georgia grinned, "I let him finger me and look at my goods too."

We laughed and mom swatted her ass, "and you did not ask your father."

Georgia grinned at dad, "dad wants to protect me and I want to get fucked."

I shook my head as dad growled and Jenna grinned. After dinner I took Jenna back to the ship for the night. We stayed a week and she used my brothers hard. As I thought there were pirates off the planet watching. After I jumped out I put the ship in stealth and watched as three other ships jumped out. They seemed to drift a long time before heading away.

I set course for the shipping lanes off Oceania and set the auto pilot and let the AI take over. I walked into our cabin to see Jenna asleep. I stripped and walked to the bed before moving over her. I pushed her legs open with my knees and slowly entered her. I fucked into her and slowly went deeper.

She groaned as her pussy squeezed my cock and put her arms around me. I was careful not to push into her womb but it was not easy since Jenna was bucking and thrashing around as she thrust up. She held me tight as I finally pressed my cock against her womb and started pumping a huge stream of cum.

She sighed and shuddered as her pussy tightened and pulled my face down to kiss me. By the time I stopped cumming a small river of cum was leaking out of her. She hugged me as I pulled out and turned with me to lay half on me. I watched as a couple of liners left Oceania and than straightened as a billion ton freighter jumped out.

I got ten million for the last cargo transport but a freighter like this one was worth ten times as much. I started after them and made sure Jenna was secured in the cabin. While I had been home I had talked to dad about an idea. It was a semi hard suit that projected a thin particle screen. I had even miniaturized the stealth emitter device and had a mirco power plant.

While the ship closed with the freighter I went to put the suit on. When the two ship screens touched I merged them and blended the screens. I put out the hatch cushions and activated the mooring lines. I left the bridge and headed to the hatch and extended the boarding tube. I pressurized it and dumped oxygen in before opening my outer hatch.

On their hatch I used an override and bypass to open the hatch. I slid into their ship and crossed the airlock after locking the outer hatch. I used the override and bypass again and opened the inner hatch. I took a breath and switched on my suit screen before walking into the freighter's passageway. It was like taking candy from a baby. I did have a surprise when I opened the owner's cabin. Four armed men turned to look but I put them all down.

After I pulled everyone to the life globe, I looked at the single girl and shook my head. She was way to young so I added her in with the others. I kicked it free after turning on the beacon. I stripped in my airlock and grabbed the extra stealth device. After I hooked it up and set everything I switched it on.

I crossed back to my ship and set course back to Barburas before going to get Jenna. She was anxious but grinned and ran to hug me when I opened the door. I fastened her leash and led her back to the freighter. I started searching and Jenna jumped in to look for something she would like. We found a huge supply of very expensive meal packs as well as luxury items. I hit gold in the owner's cabin which was where the four men had been.

I found a large safe as well as several mega credit pads in his desk. Jenna stripped all the jewelry she found as well as the fancy clothes. I checked the safe carefully before using a new descrambler. I opened the safe and stared at the huge bundles of mega credit pads. I finally grinned and started putting it in a custom kit bag the owner had in a locker.

After I checked the cargo I was even happier. I pulled Jenna back to our cabin and tossed the full bag of mega credits pads into a corner before undressing. I sat on the edge of the bed and Jenna quickly straddled me and lifted up to guide my cock to her pussy. She slowly impaled her tight pussy on my cock and shuddered before beginning to rock back and forth.

I held her and started caressing her hips as her pussy began to tighten. It was a few minutes before she became erratic and was jerking and spasming. I shifted and rolled before fucking her shuddering body hard. I slowed after a couple of minutes and buried my cock to hump and press into her. Jenna howled and thrashed around as she wet me.

I went back to fucking her with deep thrusts and a few minutes later I was pumping a solid stream of cum. She jerked and wrapped her legs around me as cum poured into her and began to leak out. I pulled out and turned her on the bed before laying beside her and caressing her. I was still a day out from Barburas when I got a call from dad.

The guy that wanted to buy Georgia was a front and she was resold to a doss house in port city. Dad and my brothers were pissed and wanted to kill the backstabbing bastard. I was thinking hard and told dad to meet me in port.

I already had two potential buyers for the freighter with a starting price of seventy million. I used the AI like before to follow and land beside the freighter. As soon as I finished shutting down I went to guide the two men through the ship. I led Jenna off the ship a little later and met dad at the ketch.

I glanced at my brothers before looking at dad, "Did you find him?"

Dad nodded and I climbing into the bed of his old hover truck with my brothers. We stopped outside the port beside a small doss house and I dropped to the ground and caught Jenna before taking the bag she had been carrying. I looked at my brothers, "Go watch the back."

I looked at my grim faced father and handed him Jenna's leash. He looked at me startled and I shook my head, "She is pregnant with my child."

Dad growled as he took her leash and I walked through the front doors of the doss house. They were expecting us because I counted six men with drawn blasters. I smiled and crossed to the toad faced man sitting at a back table. I set the bag on the table and opened it before reaching in. I pulled out a half dozen mega credit pads and dropped them on the table.

I knew men and they were all focused on the pads on the table. I reached into the bag again only this time my hand came out with a griffin. I shot the toad as my other hand drew my stun pistol. Not even three seconds and it was over.

I looked at the bodies before starting to search. I found the women locked in one room and Georgia ran to me crying. I held her and looked at the ten women ... well, girls. I think the oldest was maybe eighteen, "You belong to me now."

They looked at each other and murmured but followed me out. I had one find leashes before grabbing my bag and putting the mega credit pads back inside. I went to the three men I had only stunned and shot each between the eyes with the blaster. I led the girls out and found dad sitting on the back of the truck talking to a constable.

Georgia cried as she ran to dad and the constable looked from me to the girls, "The owner?"

I smiled, "He died suddenly of greed."

The constable grinned, "They all you are are taking?"

I nodded and he grinned, "In that case I better do an inventory for his heirs."

I laughed, "Look under toads table."

He grinned as he nodded and walked into the house. My brothers came around the building pulling a guy my age. Dad straightened and moved Georgia before walking to them. I nudged a girl, "in the truck."

They started climbing in as dad and my brothers pulled the struggling guy around the corner and a minute later there was a scream. Dad and my brothers came back and dad headed for the cab. I sighed and thought ahead thinking of the girls, "Stop at the breeders pen dad."

He looked at me hard before looking at the other girls. I smiled, "please?"

A few minutes later he stopped in front of a huge building that flashed pictures of girls for breeding. I shifted through the bag before caressing Jenna's cheek, "I will be right back."

I walked in with dad beside me and crossed the room to the bar. I set the blaster on the bar and then smiled at the bearded man, "How many do you have in?"

He looked from the blaster to dad and I, "Six, fourteen to sixteen."

I nodded, "how much for all six?"

He licked his lips and looked across the room at two men that stepped in and stood against the wall. He looked at me and smiled, "Well..."

I shook my head, "You would be the first I kill. Outside are my four brothers."

He licked his lips again, "you want to buy?"

I nodded and he took a breath before shaking his head and gesturing. A couple of minutes later the six girls were shoved into the room. I pulled a small med scanner and handed it to dad. He crossed to the girls and started bio scans. He finally nodded to me and I pulled three mega pads out of my shirt and dropped them on the bar.

The bearded man's eyes widened and he looked at me, "are you kidding?"

I grinned, "Consider it your lucky day. I am in a hurry and really need breeders."

He turned and used a comp before turning it to me. I registered them to me and he hesitantly picked up the pads and checked them. He smiled and nodded to me and I gestured to dad who led the girls out. I picked up my blaster and backed out after him. By the time I reached the truck they were already in back.

I grinned and slapped his shoulder, "Take me to my ship and I will see you at home."

He smiled, "You better tell your mother you are coming home with a full house."

I jumped up beside a frowning Jenna and leaned over to kiss her before looking at my brothers, "You will see."

The ship almost seemed crowded, my brothers wanted to come with me but I sent them with dad. Georgia was the first off the ship when I landed and Jenna helped me lead the other girls after her. Mom took one look and glared at me. I grinned, "your sons need bitches."

She looked startled and then grinned and led everyone into the house. Jenna slipped under my arm, "you are giving them to your brothers?"

I squeezed her, "Life way out here is hard on a woman. If they have two or three it will make it better."

Jenna grinned, "Yeah I know the feeling."

I looked at her and hugged her, "We are going to live on a large ranch. I will find another bitch or two just for you."

Jenna kept grinning, "I will need the break."

When dad and my brothers got home it was late. Mom had kept their dinner warm and had a few surprises. I was sipping a nice orange tea with Jenna on my lap and watched as dad came in and mom kissed him before pushing him towards the kitchen.

All the girls were lined up in four groups oldest to youngest. As each of my brothers came through the door mom handed them four leashes. Jenna was grinning, "Your mom put new inhibitors in the girls."

I nodded and sighed, "time for bed Jenna bitch. We are leaving tomorrow."

She looked at me and then nodded. I was tired and only held her against me as she slept. I woke to the whisper of the AI and slipped away from Jenna and went to the hatch. I let the lift down and mom, dad and Georgia came up. I led them to the mess and dad sighed tiredly as he sat and pulled mom onto his lap.

Georgia shifted on her feet before sitting beside me. Dad cleared his throat, "They used Georgia."

I looked at my sister and she blushed. I looked at dad and he shrugged, "you know how country men are. As far as they are concerned she is damaged property."

I nodded and glanced at the doorway as Jenna walked in. I held out my hand, "What can I do?"

Jenna sat in my lap as dad cleared his throat again, "Register Georgia as your bitch and take her."

I looked at him and then at mom before looking at Georgia. Mom chuckled, "Michael, she needs a strong man to look up to and that is you. Take her and breed her."

I looked at Jenna as she grinned, "What?"

She kissed me, "Georgia is perfect to give me a break when I need it."

I shook her and then laughed before looking at Georgia, "okay Georgia bitch, give your lease to Jenna."

She grinned as she pulled it away from dad and held it out to Jenna. I looked at dad and sighed, "I will be leaving in the morning for New Sidney and then I am going to troll the lanes outside of Trenton."

Dad nodded and stood, "We will keep our eyes open in case someone comes looking for payback."

I smiled, "I do not think they will but do it. Have the boys start designing their houses before you are neck deep in babies."

Mom grinned, "From the sound throughout the whole house it was a good thing I checked and replaced inhibitors."

Dad chuckled as he led mom towards the hatch, "I am taking yours out and breeding you again."

Mom laughed and waved as the lift descended. I brought it up and closed the hatch before turning to Jenna and my sister, "Bed time."

Jenna started for the passageway, "You need to use your new bitch to make her legal."

I swatted her on the butt and she laughed. Georgia grinned and grabbed my hand to pull me after her. Jenna climbed into bed and moved to the other side. My sister turned at the edge and reached out with shaking hands to open and pull my pants down and off. She licked her lips when she saw my cock and straightened before pulling her dress over her head.

I cupped her firm breasts, "how was the sex?"

Georgia grinned, "I loved it but they did not last."

Jenna laughed and I grinned as I sat my sister down and knelt between her legs. I pushed her back and leaned down to open her pussy and lick through it. Georgia shuddered and lifted her hips, "mmmmm!"

I pushed my tongue up inside her and nibbled on her inner lips before starting to tease and suck on her clit. It did not take long for her to start jerking and wailing as she got wetter. She finally pushed my face away and I stood and turned her on the bed. I moved over her and pushed her legs open before positioning my cock. I slowly forced my cock into her and Georgia groaned and clutched at me.

I kissed her softly and started to fuck her. I used slow, ever deepening thrusts until my cock was pushing against and then into her womb. Her hips were meeting mine as her tight pussy kept squeezing my cock. It was only a few minutes before she howled and thrashed around as she squirted. I fucked her hard for a few minutes and she continued to convulse.

It was another five minute before I was ready to cum. Georgia was incoherent by then and thrashing around erratically. I buried my cock and held her tight as I suddenly peed a huge stream of warm sperm into her fertile womb. My sister gasped and looked at me with wide eyes, "DAMN!"

She spasmed and jerked but her eyes remained locked with mine as I flooded her womb. When I stopped cumming she groaned and shuddered. I pulled out of her and rolled onto my back. Jenna put her head on my shoulder and a minute later Georgia did the same thing on my other shoulder. She sighed, "I hope it is twins."

I looked at her in surprise, "do not tell me..."

She grinned, "Mom took out my inhibitor. She flushed and relined my womb and put several eggs in place."

Jenna giggled and kissed my shoulder, "Night."

I looked at her and then at Georgia as she closed her eyes. It was several hours before I fell asleep and woke only because the AI kept beeping. I moved out from between Jenna and Georgia and dressed before heading to the bridge. I settled into my chair and brought the ship alive. No one was waiting or watching as I headed out of the system.

After I jumped I turned on the stealth and went to join Jenna and Georgia in the mess. Jenna smiled as I sat, "Georgia said we need at least two more girls so you will have the same amount as your brothers."

I grinned, "I will keep my eyes open."

It took just under a week to reach New Sidney. New Sidney was a newly opened world with a diameter a hundred times that of earth norm. Which meant the days and nights were a lot longer as well as the seasons. At least it was almost exactly earth normal gravity. After I set down and put the ship on standby I went to get Jenna and Georgia.

I grabbed the bag of mega credit pads and their leashes and closed the ship after us. My first stop was the bank where I deposited all the pads, (that made a huge impression). I rented a flyer and after several hours descended into a huge empty looking valley. An extremely large one story house and a dozen huge barns marked the ranch center.

There was another flyer sitting in the yard and we were guided around. The ranch had been vacant for almost two years. It was five hundred thousand hectares. The animals were wild now and would need attention. Everything around the buildings looked to be in good shape and we took a flight with the agent to see the rest of the ranch.

Before we were back at the main ranch buildings I knew I wanted it. A week later I lifted from New Sidney with a lot less credits but a new home. I also left knowing my sister was pregnant. It was a week to Trenton and I fucked Jenna and Georgia constantly. They were both glad when I was spending most of my time on the bridge.

It took over a week before I saw the cargo transport I wanted. When I boarded the ship it was quiet and the lighting was dimmed to night time standing. It was simple to search and take the ship. Outside one of the passenger cabins I stunned two men guarding it. Inside I found a merchant, beside him was a young girl wearing a slave collar.

She was beautiful, with long black hair and alabaster skin. In the small bathroom I found another girl curled up and shivering. She had dark blue hair and a tanned body. Like the other girl she looked maybe fourteen. I put the merchant in the life globe with the crew and switched on the beacon before kicking it free.

I left the two slaves to sleep and set up the stealth emitter devise. After we were in stealth and on course for Barburas I brought Jenna and Georgia to the transport and the merchant's cabin. I let them wake the girls as I started searching. There was very little that belonged to the two slaves but I found something in the merchant's traveling case.

It was locked but he used a very cheap lock so I just broke it. I pulled out a couple of mega credit pads and an invoice for a single cargo crate. That was unusual, normally a merchant that travels with his cargo, ships a lot more. I caught Georgia's attention, "Stay here until I return."

She nodded and I took the invoice and headed to the cargo holds. It took a descrambler and an override to unlock the seal on the crate. I opened the crate and stepped back stunned. There was easily a thousand mega credit pads in the crate. I pulled another invoice off the top and blinked as I saw the federation courier seal.

I went to a few crew cabins and returned to the cargo hold with their empty kit bags. I filled the bags and carried them back to my ship. I went back for Jenna, Georgia and the two new girls. Jenna turned when I came in and grinned, "these will do for your last two bitches."

I glanced at the two girls, "Names?"

The girl with the black hair looked down, "Kimberly master."

The other girl bowed, "Akira master."

I nodded and looked at Jenna, "if you are done here we need to strip the galley."

She nodded and grabbed Kimberly's hand while Georgia took Akira's. We used the galley cart but it still took a few trips. I flushed my recycled water and filled the tanks before moving to the fuel cells. I sent the girls back to the cabin before starting my own search of the cabins. I found a huge locked wooden chest in the captain's cabin.

I was tempted to break the lock but spent a few minutes to pick it instead. Inside the chest was smaller chests filled with jewelry and perfume. It did not surprise me, some captains used stuff like this to barter in smaller ports. It took a lot of work to move the full chest but it was worth it when I brought it to the cabin and opened it for the girls to see.

While they went crazy searching through the chest, I went to arrange everything in the galley. When they came to eat they were naked and the two new girls wore silver collars. After I ate I went to the bridge to make my checks and Jenna came to find me. She rubbed my shoulders, "You have been up a long time."

I glanced at her with a grin, "You just want me to fuck you."

She laughed and kissed me, "You need to do Kimberly and Akira."

I nodded and made a last check before standing and taking her hand, "Do you like them?"

Jenna hugged my arm, "Yes. Georgia does too. They are a little shy but we think they will blend in with us."

We were almost to our cabin when the AI opened the speakers, "Captain?"

I stopped, "Yes?"

"You have an incoming message from your father."

I looked at Jenna as something settled into my stomach, "Tell Georgia."

I turned and ran for the bridge. I opened the voice only message and sat back. "Michael, the Federation and league worlds have sent a task force. It will be here within a day and this time they have the defense positions. It will take them a couple of days to make it this far ... I hope."

I glanced back as Georgia came in followed by Jenna and the other two girls. And dad's voice broke, "If you can get here in time, take your brothers to safety."

The end of message beeped and I was out of my chair and running, "Get in the cabin and stay there!"

I went through into the cargo ship and started setting things up. I had the AI stop my ship and placed a remote switch on the stealth emitter device in the cargo transport before closing hatches and moving away. I brought my ship to life after marking the location and accelerated to the max speed.

It was four days to Barburas at cruising speed but I was doing more than twice that. I had to make constant corrections the whole way. I had Georgia and Jenna bring the girls to the mess and then return to the cabin. Jenna slipped onto the bridge and stood beside my chair to patiently feed me. Georgia was the next one and I could see her fear.

When I reached Barburas I slowed to slip through the barricade after I jumped into the system. The scans showed ships in orbit which meant they were already down. I tensed as I slowed to enter atmosphere and turned to head for home. I left the screen up as I slowly landed at the farm but it almost looked abandoned.

I ran to the lift and in the airlock I pulled out a suit cord. I lowered the lift and tied off one end of the cord before slowly walking towards the house. Once I was through the screen I dropped the cord and ran towards the house. I stepped through the front door and stopped, "DAD!"

It was barely a minute before dad opened the basement door, "Michael?"

He stepped out, "Are you crazy? They have planet wide scanners checking everything."

Mom pushed past him and I brushed her off, "The ship is still in stealth. Grab everything you are taking and lets go."

Dad blinked and turned quickly as he began barking orders. I pushed mom towards her room, "Get your treasure mom."

I waited by the door and less then ten minutes later led everyone towards the ship. Of course we could not see it which was why I had run out the cord. I stopped at the end and picked it up, "Everyone follow it to the lift and wait."

I was last and rolled up the cord as I came back to the lift. I sent everyone up in groups and finally I closed the hatch. I called for Jenna and Georgia as I headed towards the bridge. Jenna reached me first as I slipped into my chair. I glanced at her as I took everything off standby, "find cabins for everyone."

She nodded and hesitated before kissing me and running out. Georgia followed her as dad came onto the bridge and I lifted ship. I passed a couple of battleships after I went black sky and turned to head out. Dad was tense and it was not long before all my brothers were on the bridge watching too. The trip to the jump point seemed to take forever.

We passed ship after ship before I finally jumped out. I sat back with a sigh and set a course back to where I had left the cargo transport. I started system checks and dad cleared his throat, "how long have you been up?"

I glanced at him before looking at the bridge clock, "Since I got your message."

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