My Inner Bitch

by Victor E

Copyright© 2014 by Victor E

Sex Story: 14 year-old Victor is caught by his 17 year old sister and her cheerleader friends while he is trying on his sisters panties. They try to convince him to give in to his inner girl-self and have a training program for him. Humiliation and sex ( both forced and willing ) abound.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/mt   Teenagers   Consensual   Coercion   Gay   BiSexual   Heterosexual   CrossDressing   Spanking   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Water Sports   Exhibitionism   .

It was one of those school days that Victor cherished, a PD Day, a Professional Development day when the teachers attended seminars and kids got the day off. His eighth grade classmates were, no doubt, off at the park or playing video games, but Victor chose to use his freedom playing his favorite game at home. It was one he practiced from time to time when circumstance and privacy allowed. He played dress-up by putting on this older sister's clothing with special attention to her panties.

At age 14, Vic was too young and had led too sheltered a life to realize the sexual connotations his hobby might indicate. But he was playground savvy enough not to share his pleasant obsession with anyone at school and certainly not to his mum or big sister, Katie. Was Vic gay? Was he a cross-dresser? Was he sexually turned on by his dress-up game. For that was how he thought of it, just a game. Gay, no. Cross-dresser, not in a flashy, public kind of way; this was his secret game. He delighted in and, in the past several months, he did find it exciting in a sexual way.

The touch of his sister's panties sent Vic into a mental pleasure palace! He especially loved the shiny, silky ones wrapped about his bum and cradling his balls, to say nothing of how the panties hugged his cock. It was like no-hands jerking off as the extra tight panties gripped his manhood and slowly drew forth a creamy ooze that excited him all the more. He had removed all his boy clothes, in which he had never felt at ease, and was standing in his sister's bedroom wearing only Katie's pale pink panties with a white lacy frill on the edges. Almost subconsciously, Victor's left hand softly caressed the front of gusset of the panties and gently rubbed the bulge his hard cock was forming. Pre-cum leaked from his cock and seeped through the pink fabric.

When 17 year-old Katie had come home early from school that day she was looking forward to practicing some cheerleader moves with her three best friends and cheer leading buddies, Krissy, Kaitlin and Karen. The girls, all seniors except Krissy who was a junior, were as pretty of face as they were athletic and gorgeous of body. To compete for cheer spots in their high school one had to be a really sexy girl. But the four 'K's, as they were known, were also as bitchy as they were beautiful. They delighted in watching boys suffer humiliation and, to that end, they each chose the brawniest and not too bright bullies to be their boyfriends. The K's would make up stories about slights and insults they had suffered at the hands of some ninth or tenth grade boy. Then they would go crying to their boyfriend about how such and such boy had humiliated them. Then they'd broadly hint that the little twerp deserved some of his own medicine.

The result, repeated time and again, was the pantsing of some unsuspecting lower grader in public. But not just dropping his jeans. Usually the K's would act so grateful at their boyfriends' gallantry in defending their honor that they encouraged greater revenge. In fact, the K's usually hinted at sexual favors if their honors could be avenged. And that always motivated the louts to increasing degrees of humiliation for the wrongfully accused younger lads. Many a 14 and 15 year-old boy were found naked and bound inside their own school lockers. Some lads simply lost all their clothes and had to run about naked until a teacher came to the rescue. Sometimes a K victim would end up having to strip naked before girls during gym class, proceed to masturbate until they spurted then be invited to join the young ladies in the showers, only to be blindfolded before the shower, thus deprived of the sight of naked girls while the girls had fun spanking his bare ass, tweeking his cock and flicking their fingers on his balls. But the enforced retribution never went beyond stripping, spanking, semi-public jerk off sessions and forced streaking. At least, not until now.

Because now Katie and her cheering squad had arrived home unexpectedly and unannounced while Victor was so engrossed in his panty fantasies that he did not hear them until it was too late. One minute Vic was communing with girl underwear and coming in girl underwear but outside his fantasy totally unaware. The next moment his dreams were shattered and his nightmare began to take shape.

In the calmest of voices but delivered with a smirk, Katie spoke from the doorway of her bedroom, " And what do you think you're doing, little brother?" The cool, matter-of-fact query was followed by giggles from three other girls who were ogling and pointing at Victor's bulging and wet-spot stained pink panties.

Victor's face turned pale then blushed red and he felt both bloody reflections of and reactions to shame. But this was nothing compared to what was about to happen.

The girls' giggling seemed appropriate and Vic accepted their reaction, but his sister's demeanor and response to his being caught in flagrante and in her panties was puzzling. Her tone was smug and amused but she was not chastising nor did she even seem upset. In fact, her body language, facial expression and soon her voice took on a warmth, concern and understanding which Victor knew he didn't deserve.

"Oh, it's alright, Vicky," Katie said smiling and using the diminutive, feminine sounding nick-name her brother hated. " Being gay is cool these days."

Her little brother blushed in shame and rage and, despite his being caught cum-handed wearing his sister's panties, protested loudly that he was not gay. Vic even argued that the hard-on he was now sporting was due to being in the presence of four sexy girls and not because he enjoyed wearing panties.

"I am as straight as an arrow' he said, amused at his own clever analogy.

"Prove it." shot back Katie. " A real man loves to eat of fresh, wet pussy. if you like girls and not boys then you'll have no objection to going down on Karen here." Earlier that morning Katie had lent Karen a tampon so she was well aware her friend was red-flagged and in full flow. As her younger brother was basically a loner and knew little of the ways of the opposite sex, he was not aware of female monthly woes and flows. Vic had only seen oral sex on porn sites and licking out pussy seemed rather enjoyable for both parties.

Karen had retired to the bathroom for a moment and when she returned she lifted her cheerleader skirt to reveal no panties covering her smooth shaven pussy mound. Vic got to his knees and his sister pushed his face right into Karen's pussy lips. Her bother's tongue darted in and out for a few seconds until the lad could take it no longer. He jumped back declaring that to be the most disgusting thing imaginable.

"You see, girls," grinned Katie, " I told you he was gay. Any guy with balls would love to suck pussy. And here is my little brother in my panties, enjoying the smell of his own cum, and he tells me he's not gay. Yeah, right. Bull shit!"

"Not so fast, Katie," chimed in Krissy. " Vicky here might not gay ... at least not technically."

The other girls had no idea where Krissy was taking this lenient line, but they all could see by the evil twinkle in her eye that there was method to her mildness. Karen asked Krissy to explain and she did.

"You see, ' replied Krissy, " to be a gay means guy on guy ... just like Lezzie is girl on girl, right?" They all agreed. " Now, we know little boy Vicky isn't a straight hetero because he hates eating cunt. And we know he likes the feel of girl panties and smell and taste of boy-cum, right? Right! BUT ... maybe that's because Victor is not really a boy ... but a girl trapped inside a boy's body."

"I see what you're saying, Krissy." Katie said finally catching on and seeing great potential for fun with this line of thinking. " Hmmm, but isn't that just queer-in-the-head gay?"

"Not at all," replied Krissy. " It's trans-spiritual gender realization ( I read about it on line ) and it means it's only natural for Vicky here to not like sex with girls but crave sex with boys ... and it's unnatural for him to not realize his inner gender lust and that could actually be dangerous."

"Dangerous?" whispered Victor who was confused but hopeful with what he was now, for the first time, learning about various sexual tendencies and relations between the sexes.

"Absolutely," answered Krissy in an authoritative manner. " If you repress your inner girl-self you could end up ... umm shall we say taking things in your own hands ... And I don't mean just masturbating ... No something ... very dangerous and maybe even deadly."

Even Katie was worried with where Krissy was taking this line now but Katie explained, " See, if Vic is really Vicky but won't let her out, so to speak, he ... I mean ... she might try to umm 'change things' in a drastic way ... much more than just wearing girl undergarments."

"What do you mean, drastic change?" whimpered Vic.

"Auto castration," answered Kattie matter-of-factly. " You might want to be the girl you really are by changing your sex in the easiest way there is by cutting off your balls."

"Oh, My God!" cried a trembling Vic.

"And your cock. You'd have to cut your cock off too to be a real girl." That was Kaitlin who was finally getting up to speed on the head games her mates were playing on Kattie's little brother.

Victor was an emotional puddle dripping from a hormonal nightmare. " What am I going to do? I don't want to be a girl ... especially like that!"

Katie picked up the ball ( so to speak ) and took control of the game. " But it would only ever lead to that, Vicky baby, if you repressed these obvious feelings and need to have sex like a girl. But don't worry, I'm here for you, brother, and so are my cheerleader friends, right girls?"

They all agreed to help Victor out and keep his inner Vicky from castrating him. Smiling and winking at one another, all four girls knew little Victor's humiliating castration would be emotional not physical and it would be they who wielded the metaphorical knife.

"So, the first thing we have to do, bro, is make you attractive to heterosexual guys. You're not gay, like you say, right?"

"Of course not!" said Victor emphatically but not so certainly.

"Right." said Katie. " So we have to see if sexual contact with straight guys is what will turn you on. I'm thinking a sissy-girlie look to go along with your already long locks" Victor was slight of build with very little body hair for a 14-year old lad, but his mum had insisted he grow the blond hair on his head to resemble those 60s Rock icons of her youth. In fact, Vic wore his long hair in a pony tail like a few of the NFL jocks he'd seen on TV.

"Let's get started." That was Karen and Kaitlin in unison.

Krissy suppressed a giggle trying to keep a straight face as she said, " We have to find out how girlish-sexy your body is. If you're too male-developed it may be too late and ... drastic measures may ensue. So let's find out starting at the root causes of sexual difference. Take off those panties, little Vicky. Let's see how your manhood stands up to the fem-wannabe test. " Krissy grinned and she was not the only one. But Victor looked chagrined.

But he did dutifully peel off his sister's panties and let them lie at his ankles while the girls, delicately at first then vigorously, stroked and caressed his cock and cupped their fingers around his balls.

"Not very much hair growth," admitted Katie. " but even some is too much. Your legs have the lightest fuzz but your groin is a messy bush of boy hair. Men like a girls' pubes smooth shaven or waxed and as to armpit hair, that's a total no-no. I think you are ... or rather we are ... going to have to shave your balls, wax your calves, pubes and armpits and maybe laser all your body hair. We'll have to see how diligent you are in hair removal hygiene."

"No body hair whatsoever?" wept an an incredulous Victor.

"Nope, but keep your long locks on your head nice and clean. Oh, and we might just shave and wax your eyebrows too. A blond liner will do a great job shaping faux-brows. Guys love the smooth as silk look on a girl.

"And lots of rouge and mascara, I think' added Krissy. " And jungle red lipstick ... How about his nails?"

"I think we're getting way ahead of ourselves, girls" interrupted Katie. " We still don't know for sure how eager Vicky is to take control of my brother's body and whether she'll take to boys. After all, my little brother hasn't had any experience with guys. You haven't have you, Vicky?"

"No! of course not."

"But you've thought about it, haven't you?" Krissy asked. Victor hesitated at first, then blushed and nodded as he mumbled, " A few times while watching porn sites and seeing girls kneeling before a few guys and giving them blow jobs. I sort of wondered what it would be like ... The girls all looked so hungry for it ... and it looked to me like they really enjoyed sucking cock..." His voice trailed off.

Smiles filled the room and Krissy gave a big sigh. Softy she whispered, " And the sight of the naked, kneeling girls made you envious, didn't it?" Victor shrugged his shoulders but then nodded, " I guess so."

Kaitlin spoke up not hiding her lust and joy, " But you weren't really interested in the naked, kneeling girls, were you Vicky? No, you had eyes only for the guys' hard cocks as they plunged between YOUR lips and into Your hungry mouth, isn't that how it felt, Vicky?"

Victor hung his head and nodded.

"Don't repress those feelings, little brother ... or should I say sister dear?" Katie's voice spoke of being cruel to be kind when, in fact, she was sounding kind to be cruel. " If you let fear of being thought gay get in the way of your true inner self, you'll just be cutting off your nose to spite your face ... or cutting off your balls and cock, for that matter. And you wouldn't want to do that, would you, sister dearest?"

"No ... but what can I do? I did and still do have those thoughts sometimes when I look at porn or jerk off in the bathroom." Victor was on the verge of tears.

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