Sue's Two Gang Rapes - Two True Stories

by maxmarieuk

Copyright© 2014 by maxmarieuk

True Sex Story: After Sue and I split up she experienced two gang rape situations which she told me about later. These are true stories as she told to me, no gory details, just the facts.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   True Story   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Sue had been introduced to BDSM at 16 yrs old by a married 35 yr old guy and ever after she needed to feel used or abused every 4-6 weeks. Her first husband could not cope with her affairs and needs but I loved it. In the 80s I shared her many times and she found loads of guys herself as well but eventually we split up.

I did not meet her again for a couple of years after Sue and I split up and then we got friendly again and she told me a little of some of the things she had been doing.

To give you a quick description, Sue was 5ft 8 inches tall with 36B/C breasts, large aureoles and thick nipples and a huge cunt which she kept tight by gripping a pencil. Two experiences that she outlined I will tell you about.

Road trip in USA

Sue and a gf went to USA and combined a road trip with visiting her gf's brother who lived in Baton Rouge.

En route they were staying at a motel and in the bar got chatting to a bunch of guys. After quite a few drinks, Sue decided to turn in as they had another long drive the next day. When she got back to their room she found her gf there with one of the guys. Not wanting to watch them she went back to the bar, got a drink then went outside for a smoke.

One of the guys was out there smoking as well and they got chatting. He told her how he found her English accent very sexy and one thing led to another and they were kissing while he was feeling her tits inside her blouse top.

As he turned her on, she agreed to go back to his room where they stripped off and were enjoying a good fuck. Sue was naked on her back, legs spread, when the door burst open and the rest of the gang walked in.

She immediately tried to cover up but they all laughed and pulled the sheets off her. She said she was kicking and struggling but they held her down while the guy finished fucking her till he shot a load into her.

I should mention that Sue had been sterilised many years before and always fucked bareback as it was before Aids became such a risk.

They held her down as each took a turn on her though knowing Sue I reckon that by the time the 3rd or 4th guy was fucking her, her submissive side would have kicked in and I am sure it was no longer rape.

She tells me that as the last one finished, the first guy was ready to go again but they all agreed her cunt was too wet and open so they turned her over onto all fours and fucked her ass. Luckily she was a 3-holer and was used to being used anally so I am sure it added to all their fun.

Night out in UK

One night Sue went into a nearby town with another gf for a girls' night out. They were bar crawling and over the evening had lots of drinks bought for them and danced with various guys, accepting their kisses and gropes as the cost of the drinks.

They realised they had missed the last train home and did not want the cost of a long taxi ride or a hotel overnight. While debating what to do, one of the guys they were with at the time said not to worry they could stay over at his flat – he had a spare room they could use. One of the side effects of being drunk is that you do not make good decisions and they didn't that night when they agreed to accept his offer.

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