World Cup

by Demosthenes

Copyright© 2014 by Demosthenes

Humor Sex Story: On a parallel Earth, world championship sports are... different.

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Humor   Interracial   Oral Sex   Public Sex   .

"Hello and welcome to this, the 50th World Cup finals we've all been waiting for. I'm your host, Garth Braithwaite. With me is former world championship referee Ted Sturgis and three-time world champion Cindy Chastain."

"Thank you, Ted – honored to be here."

"We've seen two weeks of fantastic effort from representatives from over 50 countries, but we're now down to the final four. The stadium here at Sao Paulo is packed with 100,000 chanting fans, joining the millions watching live around the world. It's a spectacular sight; Cindy, this has to bring back some memories."

"It does indeed, Garth. The atmosphere is just electric. We've seen the fireworks, the concerts and displays, but now it's down to those four girls waiting in the stadium wings."

"Tell me a little bit of what's going through their minds, Cindy, here at the finals."

"I can tell you there's a lot of nervous tension in the dressing rooms, Garth. Most of these girls have trained the majority of their lives to be here. At the same time, few truly believe they'll ever gain the honor of representing their country at a World Cup. It's all a little surreal."

"I'm sure it is. Let's take a look at how we got here, from 55 competitors down to just four."

(Highlight reel plays)

"Garth, I think you can see some real trends here. The entry from the United States, Libby Channing, has demonstrated such fine form throughout this competition, handily winning every heat she's entered. Contrast that with Japan's representative, Mariko Aoki: she's been faced with constant challenges and setbacks and just battled through."

"I recall the concern we all felt when it was revealed that Mariko revealed that she had started to feel twinges of TMJ in her lower jaw early in the competition."

"Exactly, Garth. Yet she persevered, showing the fighting spirit we've come to respect in past World Cup entries. There's a strong hope at home that Mariko might become Japan's first World Cup holder."

"Oh, there's the Swedish girl taking a shot to the eye and grimacing in the third round. Such a hard blow."

"That cost her entry into the final seeds, right there."

"And the controversial finish of Russia, with that early retreat."

"I'm glad the legal battling behind that decision is over. Ruins the purity of the event, frankly."

"Ted, I couldn't agree more."

"And now, the flags go up, and the finalists emerge from the interior of the stadium, shown larger than life on the sponsor's screens."

"Just listen to the crowd responding to local favorite Sonia Aleve stepping onto the field."

"She was an outside chance all the way through this competition, and the fans know it. But she's here now, and the Brazilians could not be happier."

"Proudly wearing her country's colors, the young girl is throwing kisses to the crowd, and the fans are responding rapturously."

"While she's in to win – every girl here is – Sonia knows that however she places here tonight she's set for life-long sponsorship deals."

"And such an inspiring, rags-to-riches story."

"Indeed, Garth."

(Profile montage plays)

"Who would have thought that a young girl on her knees in the favelas of Rio could have ascended so high, so quickly."

"And you can see the banners waving in the crowd: "Belíssimo Boqueteira", "Calilábico"."

"They're just ecstatic. A beautiful sight to see."

"And now, from the opposite side of the stadium, out walks the American, wearing her trademark deep red lipstick."

"She's really made a fashion statement with this one."

"Very true. Most girls have just gone with a clear gloss, but since the rule change last year it's been anything goes. I understand that stores everywhere are sold out of this shade, with women occasionally fighting to get the last available."

"Not a behavior we want to condone for a moment."

"Oh, no – of course not, Ted."

"Every girl should be a proud fellatrix, no matter what shade she wears."

"Well said, Cindy."

"Clad in heels and bathed in spotlights, Libby stands at the far end of the stadium, the quintessential all-American girl: tall, blonde, blue-eyed."

"And now the Japanese champion."

"I have to say it's really impressive that such a slim girl – she's just five feet tall – can take the demanding physical punishment to get through to the finals here at the World Cup."

"I don't think you'll find any argument here, Ted."

"That halter top really works for her."

"It is an unusual uniform choice, but I have to agree, Cindy."

"And now, the dark horse contender, Svetlana Korkova from Ukraine."

"Another great story, Garth. Historically we haven't seen strong competition from the former Soviet republics. It's inspiring to see a young woman emerging from such a conflagration to compete against the very best."

"As the contestants take the long, nervous walk to the center of the stadium and the finals of the World Cup, I wondered if we could talk about – for a moment – the tendentious point that it's almost always young, attractive, even beautiful girls that make it here."

"I can see the point. I mean, in theory, a mouth is a mouth."


"And there is, practically, no upper age limit for contestants. We all remember Luisa Conchita, who continued to compete well into her 50's, securing multiple world championships."

"But – if I may say – Luisa still preserved her looks well into, and past, her competitive years."

"Well, you know what they say. Bathing in sperm twice a day has its benefits."


"But to return to your question. I think there are several factors. The lancers – while they never know or see the entrants during the event – do have some idea of who might be servicing them, especially if they are lucky enough to be in the finals."

"And so you think, in their mind's eye –"

"I think that, psychologically, there might be a very real advantage to knowing that a beautiful young girl is sucking you, yes. There's also the fact that these girls go through demanding training: it's a lot more than just diligent practice with a dildo, as you well know."

"Lots of young girls pick up their first peg at a young age, but very few of them make it here."

"Exactly. There's rigorous physical training that goes with being a world-class fellatrix. We're talking about 95th percentile physical ability, especially for those girls who go on to cross-train in other disciplines, like the Maximal Gang-Bang. I expect that tends to correlate with a beautiful physical appearance, as these girls show."

"The contestants are in their places now ... the judges have given their go-ahead ... and the whistle goes off. Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the finals. Such an exciting moment."

"The lancers are on their way ... the Japanese entry kneeling with impressive grace, which always gives her early points in the lead."

"We can see the lights mounting in the impressive display the Brazilians have constructed in the center of the stadium for this World Cup ... almost there ... you can feel the entire stadium collectively holding their breath..."

"And they're here! The lancers are rising in their opaque tubes from beneath the stadium: four lucky men, drawn at random from millions of applicants to be the participants in this momentous final. Now the caps are being removed simultaneously..."

"Oh! Such a range of emotional reactions from the fans – and, I'm sure, those of you at home. Let's describe what we have, in the minute before the second whistle goes off."

"Poor Mariko looked – I think it's fair to say, Cindy – she just looked intimidated in that first moment. That has to come as a blow to her confidence."

"I have to agree, Ted. That cock has to be at least seven inches semi-erect. That's a mouthful for any girl, let alone one as petite as Mariko. It will be fascinating to see just how she copes."

"You could hear the crowd collectively groan in sympathy when it was revealed."

"And for the American ... let's take a replay moment here ... you can just see the slow smile dawning on her face as she feasts her eyes on the challenge presented by her pairing."

"That really is a lovely, classical cock. Circumcised, so she'll be on familiar territory there. A nice six inches, already nearly fully erect ... you can see it almost springing out as the cap is removed, a trace of precum already at the tip. That's a lancer who is prepared to be here."

"And not too thick, no dog's-leg bend to it ... a nice, easy slide down her throat, if she chooses to take that route."

"I'll just bet she's planning that strategy, Ted. Look at her ... she's already licking her lips."

"But that's matched nicely by the Brazilian's lancer. The skin a shade darker, and uncircumcised, but otherwise very similar."

"I agree: that's also a very nice shaft. But I think we come back to the classical controversy of circumcision here, Cindy."

"I think it's unavoidable, Garth. Because the lancers are drawn from the world population, there's been a gradually decreasing percentage of circumcised cocks presented at the finals, and a real debate over sensitivity."

"A battle I'm sure will not be over for some time. And turning to what's faced by Svetlana, the Ukrainian competitor: well, what is there to say?"

"Now, we can't criticize what a man is given naturally. International competition rules forbid micropenises, so it's not that small."

"At the same time, it has to be a little disappointing. Cindy, how would you approach this, if you were back on the field?"

"Hmm. That's a good question, Garth. You do have the advantage of being able to wrap your whole mouth around it easily. And, after the Japanese contestant, Svetlana is renowned for her tongue skills: I'm betting she could wrap her tongue around the shaft for some very interesting action."

"We'll see in just a moment. The second set of flags is being raised ... you can see the competitors steadying themselves on their knees ... a little shiver running up the Japanese girl's spine ... fear? Anticipation? Who can tell?"

"And ... we're off! The girls lance forward, wrapping their mouths immediately around their pairings."

"All of them had a fine start, Garth: no fumbling or missed penetration. Not that you'd expect any at this level of competition, but you can always be surprised."

"You could see Mariko's jaw practically unhinging as she opened wide to take in that cockhead."

"That's very true, Ted, as we can see in the slow-motion replay. She seems to be coping well enough now, but that strain will surely start to show soon."

"Do you think that could change her strategy, Cindy?"

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