His Best Friend's Weird Sister

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Jimmy thought Tommy's sister Sue was just like one of the guys but she shows him the benefits of having a female friend with kinky desires.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Water Sports   .

Jimmy Johnson was pretty much just an average teenage boy. He had just passed his eighteenth birthday and he planned on going into military service as soon as he graduated. Well, perhaps maybe after a summer of fun when school was finished. He didn't have a real girlfriend but he had been planning on meeting up with some girls during the summer so he would be able to say he knew all about women. Most of the guys he knew who had steady girlfriends seemed all caught up in doing things the silly girls wanted to do instead of the things that guys liked to do. It all seemed a bit of a drag to him but he had to admit the prospect of steady pussy was a benefit that was hard to shrug off as too "high maintenance".

His best friend Tommy Gallagher was the quarterback on the school varsity football team and he was the number one running back who had scored at least half of the total touchdown production in the last two seasons. Tommy was a "happy-go-lucky" sort of guy who never seemed to take anything seriously. Jimmy was kind of the opposite in that he seldom got a joke right away and liked to look at things from all perspectives before making up his mind.

Sometimes when they went to the ballgame or to a movie Tommy's twin sister Sue would tag along because she was more of a "Tomboy" than a debutante. She wasn't really pretty or sexy in any way but she did have a nice rack and her bottom was nice enough for most of the boys at school joke about "nailing that".

Jimmy had never made any kind of a move on the girl who was actually his same age because his best friend Tommy would tell him stories about how weird his sister was about kinky stuff. He told him that sometimes she would walk around with a butt plug in her backside just to see how long she could keep it inside. He even showed Jimmy the butt plug and they both sniffed the unmistakable odor of ass on it making Jimmy's over-active cock come right up to attention like a soldier on parade.

When he asked Tommy if his sister had ever been made to take it from one of the boys she went out on dates with, he just shook his head in the negative and told him,

"She teases the hell out of them but they usually wind up jerking off after they get back home."

It certainly didn't sound to Jimmy like any kind of a scene that he wanted to get involved in so he just smiled when Sue suggested he take her some place without her brother and told her he was busy.

They did have fun together and he like the way she felt when she was pretending to wrestle with him or knock him down in a game in their parent's home. Sue admitted to him that she wanted to play with his cock but he just laughed like she was making a joke. It did not seem like a good idea because she was more like a sister than girlfriend material.

Jimmy did wonder about the butt plug and when Tommy told him that his sister liked to load up her little plastic water pistol with her own pee and then shoot it mostly at other girls and sometimes even boys she didn't like, he thought it was delightfully kinky and exciting. He was real careful whenever he saw her with the water pistol because he didn't know it was just innocent water or the piss because the toy was pink in color and it was hard to tell. He saw her spraying the head cheerleader's panties with the thing at the football game and thought that he could smell the unmistakable scent of fresh pee. For some strange reason, he sported a stiff dick for the remainder of the game and that was real painful inside the thick jock strap.

They were all down at the beach on the first weekend after school ended and he saw Sue squirt her water pistol right into her own mouth and he laughed out loud because he feared it had the other stuff inside it. But when she did it to him, he realized it was just water and he was sorry to have thought her so perverted. He didn't say anything to Tommy, but the next time Sue suggested they do something together, he accepted right away. He had an urge to discover what other secret fetishes the young girl was hiding and hoped she might share them with him just to see his reaction.

Sue set their umbrella up pretty far away from the others and the way she had it tilted it was doing more to keep their activities out of view of the clubhouse rather than to shield them from the sun. The giggling girl made certain no one was watching and she pushed her bathing suit to the side so he could see the black butt plug sitting innocently inside her pretty ass.

"I like keeping it up there because it helps to keep me a little loose just in case some perverted guy wants to steal my ass cherry."

She laughed when she said it, but he could tell that is exactly what she was hoping would happen and that if he was to do exactly that right at that moment she would not object at all.

"Just put your finger in the ring hole, Jimmy and pull straight out. It should come out without much problem and my ass will be nice and open for you if you want to make me take it up there for the first time."

That is exactly what Jimmy did but he made certain there was a lot of fumbling and squeezing to enable him to make a complete tour of Sue's pretty backside. Bye the time he had the butt plug out, he pretty much knew more about Sue's anus than she did herself. She was right about it being open because once the butt plug was out, her pucker hole was blinking Morse code non-stop and it was more like "do it now" instead of "S.O.S". She tried to help him by spreading her pretty ass cheeks apart and he appreciated her enthusiasm for taking it up the ass. Once he was buried deep inside, she was whining and pleading with a high-pitched plaintive wail in her voice. Only she was begging him to NOT take it out until she had reached a satisfactory release. He was only too happy to accommodate her and kept up a steady pounding on her bouncing cheeks and whispered in her ear that his cock was enjoying the ride immensely. She rolled her hips and started a litany of filthy expressions that were better suited to a drunken sailor on shore leave after a long spell at sea making him wonder where she had acquired her filthy vocabulary.

Jimmy gave it to her good and proper and that seemed to calm her down some but she was still looking for more.

She instructed him to put on a condom to travel up her unchallenged vaginal opening and he did so with some regret because he wanted his shaft to feel the hot wet slick insides of her tight vaginal channel unimpeded the first time he went up inside. He could understand her teenaged perspective with regard to concerns about getting pregnant and followed her orders exactly.

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