Mad Scientist

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright┬ę 2014 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: A Man is drugged and his DNA is altered to survive on an alien planet. He meets three girls that have also been changed.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Polygamy/Polyamory   Cream Pie   Body Modification   .


My name is Sam Henry, I'm twenty one years old and just out of the army. The last thing I remembered was turning when I felt something stick me. I woke up in a strange bed and right away I knew something was wrong. I was strapped to the bed and then I realized it was a hospital bed and I was naked.

There was this old man walking around a low table doing stuff with some syringes but he wouldn't respond when I called him. He put all the syringes on a tray that he rolled to the bed beside me. I watched him pull a digital recorder out of his pocket, "Subject A010, a white male twenty one years old and in good health. Starting tests of project New Hope with dose four B."

He totally ignored me as I struggled with the straps around my wrists. The first syringe was in the IV in my arm and I could feel everything slow down and become hazy. Then there was a stabbing pain in my dick that I only felt dimly. I could see several more syringes on the tray but everything went black. I woke in a small room on a mat in the corner.

My whole groin felt like it was on fire and the only thing I could do was curl up in a ball before everything went black again. When I woke again, I felt fine as I slowly sat up. A tray of food was on the floor by the door and I made my way to it. I ate everything on the try and drank the whole pitcher of water.

I finally looked at my groin, afraid of what I would find. The only thing I could really see was that my balls looked a little larger. I started feeling dizzy and everything went black again. I woke back on that damn table, this time there were three other tables in the room and I could see young girls about fourteen on each one.

The first thing I noticed about them was that they all had tails and fur, although I didn't see any on their faces. One was stripped with red and platinum fur like a tabby cat and she had long red hair. Another was a solid blonde color with shoulder length hair. The last was hard to see but it looked like she was covered in black fur with silver or platinum spots.

The old man walked to my table and just stuck a needle in my arm and drew blood, "Why are you doing this?"

He left, only to come back and stick me again. This time it wasn't long before I passed out. I woke in a large room with the three girls huddled in one corner on a large mat. I shook my head and sat up, "I wish he would stop doing that."

For some reason there was a smell in the air that had me turning my head to find the cause. It was a light musky scent that was arousing. I realized it was coming from one of the girls and pushed back against the wall to think. The girl with the black fur and silver spots sniffed the air and looked at me before saying something to the other girls.

She stood and walked towards me with a sway to her hips. Her long tail swinging slowly back and forth behind her. The closer she got, the stronger the smell. She knelt in front of me and looked into my eyes, "I need you really bad."

I didn't know what to say but she didn't care about talking. She reached out to grab my upper arms and pulled as she fell backwards. I was yanked forwards onto her and between her legs. I groaned as my hips bucked on their own and I felt her pussy against my cock. Before I could say or do anything I was shoving into her.

I fucked her warm slippery young cunt with long deep thrusts that ended with me pushing against her womb. I could feel her soft furry tail as it began to caress my hip and back. I couldn't believe how good it felt to spread this bitch open and fuck her. It wasn't two minutes before she was shuddering and jerking and then I felt something strange.

I kept feeling resistance at the base of my cock every time I shove it into her. Finally I couldn't pull my cock out but I didn't care at that point because I was trying to shove my cock in deeper. I held her warm body as I started pumping sperm into her. The girl kept shuddering and shivering.

For some reason my cock wouldn't come out of her as I spewed cum against her womb. I was still struggling as I tried to pull my cock out but it felt like the base of my cock was to big and had gotten stuck. After almost ten minutes, I finally tried to pull back from the girl and felt a little resistance before I was suddenly free.

I went to my knees and looked at my cock to see a knot like a dogs at the base of my dick. The girl was smiling up at me, her legs still spread wide and cum leaking from her pussy, "That was great."

She slowly sat up and then went to the other girls in the corner. The two other girls smiled at me and started talking to the girl I had just fucked. I shook my head, "Fucking mad scientist."

I moved to the girls and they stared at me, afraid at first. I looked at the girl I had just fucked, "My name is Sam Henry."

She smiled, "Jessica Smith, call me Jess."

When I looked at the blonde she smiled, "Tara Ellis."

The red tabby girl grinned, "Would you believe Tabitha Harrison. My friends used to call me Tabby."

I grinned back, "How long have you girls been here?"

They looked at each other and shrugged and Tabby answered, "We don't really know. We were runaways and lived on the street so we never really kept track of days anyway."

I nodded and sat with my back against the wall. A couple of hours later I could smell that smell again and looked at Jess to see her staring back and licking her lips, "Jess? How often does this happen?"

She smiled as she moved towards me, "Every few days. Sometimes we have them together. They come every few hours or so."

Jess held her hands out while squatting in front of me. I looked down at her open pussy with a few drops of cum on her inner lips, "All day?"

I was fighting against myself as I moved away from the wall and towards Jess. She was lying back and spreading her legs, "Most of it."

I moved between her legs and pushed my hard cock into her cummy pussy as her tail wrapped around my waist. I looked at the other girls to see that they weren't really interested in what we were doing. I started fucking Jess with long deep strokes and after several minutes she grunted and I realized the knot was back.

Jess grunted every time I forced that knot into her stretched pussy. A minute later she was shuddering and shivering as I became stuck in her again. When I tried to keep fucking with short strokes she went wild, bucking and thrashing around. I couldn't take her grasping cunt and began pumping cum against her womb again.

I had just managed to pull my knot out of her before the door opened. The doctor stood in the doorway looking from Jess to me, "You aren't supposed to breed yet."

I only stared back waiting and he finally backed out of the door. It was almost three hours later when the smell returned and I had sort of figured it out. Some how that fucking doctor was making the girls go into heat just like a dog and I was responding. When Jess came to me, I turned her around on hands and knees and shoved into her wet slimy cunt.

Her long tail wrapped around my waist again and I took my time fucking her. Something else came to me, the amount of cum I was producing was a lot more than normal and seemed to spurt out stronger. It felt so good to take this bitch, her warm cunt grasping at my cock. I couldn't fight the feeling of needing to bury my cock in her.

We had only been fucking a few minutes, Jess was jerking and convulsing as I went to shorter strokes because I was tied to her. I could feel my cock pressing against her womb when the door opened and the doctor stood there a moment before moving closer. He squatted just out of reach as I grunted and started pumping and spewing streams of sperm into Jess.

When I finally shivered, spurting the last jets into her, she relaxed letting her head and shoulders drop to the floor while I held her hips. The doctor nodded, "Can you pull the knot out?"

I glared at him, "No."

He nodded, "Does it feel better then when you had sex before?"

That made me think and I realized that it did feel better, "Yes."

He started to stand up, "I think I'll let you breed them. You are already bonded to this bitch. They should breed true by the way."

Somehow, I knew he was talking to himself and I could only watch as he walked out. Jess was so slimy that I was able to pull out after a few minutes and she sighed. She turned around and hugged me, her tail wrapping around my body, "Thank you Sam."

I sighed, this was going to take getting used to. The door opened an hour later and a metal cart was shoved in and the door began to close, "Wait!"

The door opened back up and the doctor looked into the room. I didn't want to scare him away, "Can we get fresh air?"

He looked from me to the girls, "When you have bred the other two and bonded to them."

He started to close the door again, "Wait!"

He looked in irritably, "What?"

I shrugged, "You said babies?"

He smiled, "They will each have a litter of two to four."

I looked at the girls as they stared hard at the doctor. He finally closed the door and the girls headed straight for the cart. I was a little slow, I wasn't sure he hadn't drugged the food and I really didn't want to end up back on that table. The girls didn't appear to suffer so I took the last tray and ate.

I looked around the room when I heard splashing. Tara was in another corner squatting down while she peed. I could see a shower head and a single handle. Almost completely in the corner was a small slit trench for solid waste. I moved to sit with the girls and leaned back against the wall, "You girls heard what he said?"

They nodded and Tabitha shrugged, "At least we are being fed."

I looked at her, "And when you go into heat?"

She smiled and looked at a grinning Jess, "It looked like you fucked Jess nice and proper."

I glanced at Jess and she shrugged, "It did feel good to me."

Tara squatted beside me, "Do you know what he meant by bonding?"

I shook my head, "I'll ask next time I get a chance."

She touched my shoulder, softly caressing it, "Don't bother. It means the first time one of us has intercourse, we bond to our partner ... for life. Even if there are other men present later and we go into heat, we won't let them touch us. Only our bond mate can breed with us. That's what he said when I asked."

I stared at her and then I looked at Jess, "Then..."

Jess nodded, "from now on I will only allow you to fuck me."

I sighed, "This is going to take getting used to."

The girls all laughed and held up their tails, "At least you don't have one of these."

I smiled, "Well, I happen to like those."

The girls laughed again and Jess's tail slipped out of her hand and caressed my face before wrapping around her feet. It was a long day, Jess and I fucked three more times before she went out of heat. My eyes snapped open in the dim light of the room as a tail caressed me. I thought it was Jess at first and then I really smelled her.

It wasn't Jess and even as I turned my head, Tara pulled on me. She was trying to get me to move between her legs, "Please Sam! I really need you."

I rolled over and between her legs and just shoved my cock into her tight, wet, young pussy. I started fucking her slowly but she growled, "Harder."

I kissed her neck and started fucking her harder. It wasn't long before I felt the resistance and knew I was starting to knot. Tara stared grunting as I forced the knot in and out. When it got stuck in her she started bucking and shaking, her pussy squeezed me tight, "Yeesss!"

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