by Mikro

Copyright© 2014 by Mikro

Incest Sex Story: A father catches his young daughter in the act with an older man. He loses control and throws the man out but his anger is then turned on her and he loses control and rapes her. But she is not so unwilling and they have a lifelong affair. Will it go down the generations or not.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Father   Daughter   Grand Parent   First   .

As I watched my fourteen year old great granddaughter lounging in the sun I couldn't help but think back to that day I found her grandmother, my daughter, messing around with a man in my bedroom. I was supposed to be at work but had decided it was too nice a day to be at work. So I told John my assistant manager that as company boss I deemed it my responsibility to get as much sunshine as possible to keep me healthy. "Yes sir Mr Thomas," He smiled.

It's not like I hadn't done this before. The business was running well and I really didn't need to be there all the time anymore. It had taken the death of my beloved wife two years ago to bring that home to me. It had also given me a fourteen year old daughter to bring up.

As I entered the house I could hear sounds upstairs so crept up to see who it might be. The sound was coming from my bedroom and the door was open so I looked through the crack of the door to see my daughter Mary cavorting about on my bed with a man, not a boy but a man. I don't know how long they had been up here but she was down to her underwear and he was working hard to get those off of her.

"What the hell is going on?" I shouted, as I stepped into the room. "Who the fuck are you?"

Totally shocked the man stood up and stepped back while Mary grabbed hold of her top to cover herself with. I pointed at her, "You stay right there." I turned on the man, "And you, if you are still here in ten seconds I am going to rip off your head and shove it up your arse. Get out!"

As I heard the front door slam shut I turned on Mary. "You little slut. Who is he? How many other men have you had up here you little tart."

The look on her face was a mixture of fear and stubbornness but her voice told it's own story. "Daddy ... He ... Nobody else daddy, nobody."

She had pulled the top almost up to her chin by now which did nothing to hide the triangle between her legs. I reached out and grabbed the top pulling it from her grasp. "Look at you. Naked. Another minute and he would have been fucking you. Is that what you wanted, to be fucked you little whore?"

Mary had one serious problem. She was just too much like me. When her stubborn streak took over nothing would make her back down. She also had my temper. "Yes!" She screamed, "I wanted to be fucked like a whore. By a man not a stupid boy but by a man" She glared at me, red faced. Her breasts rising and falling rapidly as she thrust her chin out at me.

I just lost it, I swung my arm and hit across the face. She fell back stunned. I reached out for her wildly latching on to her panties and yanking them off. As she came round I was kneeling between her legs with a throbbing erection poised at the entrance to her cunt. She looked up at me but said nothing as I glared into her eyes wildly. I thrust into her, she screamed as I felt her hymen break. The shock of taking her virginity brought me back to some kind of reality but I was still thrusting into her, slowly now until I felt her relax a little, then the lust of years without sex and the anger in me just took over. I fucked my daughter and I fucked her hard. To my surprise she orgasmed and as she did she threw her arms around my neck pulling me to her.

"Ohh daddy I love you daddy." she cried.

Moments later I shot my seed into her. It had been so long that it was painful as it exploded from my cock into her hot virgin pussy. She felt it hit her insides and pulled me even closer to her. I could feel my come running out of her and onto the bed. The very bed she had been born in.

I pulled away from her, unable to look at her face and went downstairs for a strong drink. I should have felt disgusted with myself but I didn't. I should have felt sorry for what I had done but I didn't. I was confused. Very confused. I knew it was wrong, so very wrong but ... not.

Sometime later I heard the shower running and an image of the water running over that youthful body shot into my head, my cock began to stir. "Fuck!" I said. I got out of the chair and busied myself preparing dinner but try as I may the image remained. When Mary appeared dressed in a long t shirt and so obviously nothing underneath I couldn't look in the face, and to look at her body was just too much. I put her dinner on the table and took mine out onto the patio.

"Daddy..." she said softly as I walked away.

She wasn't going to let me go though and followed me, sitting opposite me on a sun chair, he t shirt riding up high enough for to see she wore no panties. "I'm sorry." I said sharply. Then softly added, "I really am sorry."

To my surprise she smiled, "Don't be. Yes it was a shock and yes you hurt me, but I always knew the first time would hurt. That's why I wanted an experienced man and I am so glad it was you, I really am."

"How can you say that. I am your father and I raped you."

"Well sort of. You also gave me my first orgasm and it was awesome. And lets face it you didn't exactly hear me so 'no' or 'stop' did you?"

"That is not the point. I'm your father."

"Is that why you have a hard on? Because you're my father?" she laughed.

I had been trying to hide it with my plate of food but the bulge just kept making the plate slide to one side. I looked at her properly for the first time since she had come down and saw a broad smile on her face, he head tilted slightly to one side cheekily. I couldn't say anything and I couldn't help but smile at that cheeky look either.

"Do you love me daddy?" she asked.

I was shocked at the question. "Of course I do. What a silly..."

"And you will always love me wont you?" She interrupted.

"Yes of course. I may not like you sometimes but I will always love you."

"Do you believe that any other man will love me the way you do and for as long as you will no matter what I may do?"

"I doubt it." I said before I realised the trap she had set for me.

"Then you should be glad that the man who took my virginity will love me forever no matter what. Don't you think?"

"But we cant do this. You're my daughter not my wife."

She laughed, "Oh daddy. I don't want to be your wife. When I do start to look for a husband I want to be able to please him. I want to be the wife, the slut the temptress that all men want in a wife. You can teach me that. I want to do everything with you. I want you to teach me everything about sex, everything that men love about a woman physically and sexually. In a nutshell I want you to make me the perfect fuck. Then I will go and find a husband and know that if it doesn't last it wasn't because of my lack of, shall we say education about men."

"You can't be serious." I said quietly

"I have never been more serious. And judging by your erection what makes you think you really have a choice. Even if you say no what makes you think that you can keep your hands off me now that your body knows I want to fuck it. My body is yours to do with as you please whenever you please until the day I get married."

"I ... I ... need time to think." I said.

"Ok." she said chirpily settling into her chair.

"Well go and do something. I can't think straight with you showi ... sitting there like that."

"Ok daddy. I have some homework to do. I will be in my room."

The word 'homework' brought a picture of Mary in her school uniform to my mind and my cock got even harder. I paced up and down the kitchen, I walked through the garden I did everything I could to convince myself that it was wrong and that I would be able to resist my daughters young body, her eagerness to learn 'everything' as she put it. In the end I gave up. I knew that whatever happened now I would never be able to resist her. But I couldn't let her have it all her own way.

When she reappeared again I was sitting on the patio watching the sun go down. "Sit down." I said. She sat opposite me again, still dressed in her t shirt. What you are saying to me is that you want me to teach you how to be the perfect wife. Is that correct." I said, quite sternly.

"Yes daddy. I want to know everything I want to know how to be a perfect wife."

"Well there is more to being a 'perfect' wife than just fucking a mans brains out ten times a day. While that is good you also need to be able to cook and clean. Do the washing, tidy the home and, bring up children. Not that I have done very well in that department if you consider the reasons for this discussion. And we have to have complete honesty. No secrets. Everything must be open for discussion. Everything."

"Agreed." She said smiling.

I was slightly shocked at the speed of her reply. She hated cleaning and never done any washing, leaving it to me to pick her laundry off her bedroom floor. As for cooking I couldn't remember the last time she had cooked anything. "Good." I said, at a loss as the what else to say. After all it isn't every day you agree to fuck your daughter.

"What was sex like with mummy?"

Talk about going in the deep end. "What?"

"Well did you have great sex together?" She said quietly, smiling.

I knew she was testing my 'Everything must be up for discussion' policy so decided to be honest. "We had a good sex life. Varied shall we say."

"Did she suck you off?"

I tried to not show my shock, or my embarrassment. I decided to tell her everything. "Yes she did." I said, and proceeded to tell her how her mother loved sucking cock but hated anal. How she enjoyed teasing me to the point where I couldn't resist her and how she loved it when I would just take her on the floor, or in the kitchen or even in the garden. I told her everything.

"Wow. I would love to have been a fly on the wall." she said. "I would love to try anal and I have dreams about sucking cock and I want to know what it taste like. What's deep throat like?"

We spent ages talking about all aspects of sex until I could keep my eyes open no longer. "Well I am off to bed. You can think things over and if you feel the same in the morning then we will make a fresh start."

"Ohh daddy. I want to taste your come."

"Baby once we start this it will be very difficult to stop. You have to be absolutely certain. Then and only then will we go down this crazy road." I kissed her on the forehead and went to bed. Hot, horny as fuck, and so uncertain of what the future would bring.

I woke the following morning with a soft very young body close to mine and a hand gently playing with my morning erection. I rolled onto my back and gazed into my daughters beautiful eyes. She smiled at me as she continued to play. She moved her face to mine and slowly kissed me. Not a daughter kiss but a woman's kiss. She kissed all the way down my body and slowly, very slowly took my erection into her mouth. I shuddered. I have to say it was probably the best my cock had ever felt as it entered a moist mouth and with a bit of advise and encouragement Mary had me ready to fill her mouth. I went to pull away but she stopped me.

"I want to do this daddy. I want to taste you." She said softly

I relaxed and gave myself over to her ever increasing expertise. The feeling as my seed erupted into her mouth was something I cannot and have never been able to describe it was just so totally out of this world. She gagged slightly at the first spurt and pulled her head back but quickly returned to her mist rations. Sucking me dry and swallowing as much as she could keep in her mouth.

As I started to soften she put her head on my shoulder and I wrapped her in my arms. We lay there for a few minutes just enjoying the feeling of togetherness.

Lifting her head she said, "Well I have had my breakfast so get up, have a shower and I will cook you bacon and eggs for yours. Your going to need all your strength for the coming days." We both laughed. The 'coming' days indeed I thought.

Fifteen minutes later I sat at the kitchen bar in shorts and t shirt with a surprisingly well cooked plate of bacon and eggs. "I am impressed." I said, as I dug into the much needed meal.

"I could always cook daddy. I just never had the need before."

"And is that how your going to dress every day?" I asked. She was dressed in one of my shirts with only the middle button done up. I had to admit she had a perfect body. Glorious tits rounded thighs and everything just perfect for turning a mans head.

"Well I want to be available for you whenever you want to use me."

"Use you?" I said questioningly.

"Well I don't just want to 'make love' daddy." She said with a smile, "I want to be used as well. I told you I want to know everything about it. You did say that mummy loved it when you just used to bend her over and fuck her from behind. It sounds awesome to me."

"Ok. Well I wasn't complaining. Any man would love to have you walking around their house looking that sexy."

"Really. Do you really think I look sexy?"

I didn't answer I just stood up so she could see my erection fighting to get out of my shorts. Her breathing changed noticeably. The very sight of my erection had turned her on and that in turn had got me even harder. I dropped my shorts and pulled her into the lounge. "I think today is going to be a day of firsts." I said, "You first butt fuck, followed by your first deep throat and we think of a few other firsts to see us through the day."

I sat her on the arm of the armchair and pushed her slowly back. With her laying like this I could fuck her pussy and her arse and for the very first time I look into her eyes as I did it. I pulled her legs up put them either side of her head. Then I went down on her. Using my tongue on her already sodden pussy hole, sliding down to her puckered little bum hole and back to her pussy. I drove her so mad, the minute I rammed my cock into her pussy she squirmed in orgasm. Seeing her face in the throws of orgasm really made me feel like a dirty horny old man and I loved it.

As I fucked her I slid a finger into her cunt and down to her tight bum hole, sliding the finger in and then out. I repeated this movement several times obviously driving her even more insane. The I took my cock out of her pussy and brushed it lightly her bum crack. Her eyes opened and I felt her bum tensed up slightly. "Relax." I said softly.

She took a deep breath and relaxed. Slowly I pushed into her tight arse. The moment it popped in I stopped. I waited for to open her eyes and she smiled at me I slid the rest of my throbbing cock into her. The deeper I got the more she smiled and the more she relaxed. As I slowly started to thrust into her she moaned.

"Oh god I never imagined it would feel this good." She said.

I reached down and took her hand, guiding it to her clitoris. She went red with embarrassment but slowly started to masturbate herself. The faster I thrust into her the faster her fingers went. "Oh daddy your ... I ... we're going to make me come. Daddy my bum is going to aaarrrrggggghhhhhh fuck me daddy fuck me hard ohh daddy do it yeeeeeess." her fingers were going as fast as my hips and she was just completely lost in orgasm.

"Oh baby I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come." I cried.

"Yes daddy fill me up daddy fill your baby girls bum with your juice daddy fill me ohhhhhhh" And that's what did I pumped so much come into her it, even at the angle she was at it flooded out of her hot cock filled bum hole.

As my orgasm subsided I pulled out of her hole and moved to her head on the opposite arm of the chair. Her hand still fucking her cunt I slipped my cock straight from her arse into her mouth. Using her hand and her mouth she cleaned me off completely. Finally her other hand stopped its work on her pussy and my cock flopped from her mouth. I sat on the floor in front of the chair.

"That was absolutely wonderful." I said. "The best ever."

"Really" Mary said questioningly.

"Really." I replied facing her, "I told you. Your mother didn't like anal and she would never have dreamt of putting my cock in her mouth afterwards."

"Oh daddy I loved it." Mary said throwing her arms round my neck. "The look on your face as you cam was just ... so wonderful."

"Well I have to admit your face was a picture. Coming in both holes is a wondrous thing I am told. I am proud of you. Just remember if you meet a guy and do these things with him on the first night he will not be around for long. Always let them lead you in the direction they want you to go."

For the next eighteen months we did everything. I taught her, not only everything I knew, but things that we would read or hear about. We fucked everywhere. In the house in the garden in the local woods and in the middle of a cornfield on more than one occasion. We slept in the same room and she did all the cooking and cleaning as she had promised.

On occasion she would bring a guy home and take him up to her room. Once he had gone she would tell me everything that happened with great pride in her achievements.

Then one day she came home and said, "Daddy, don't be angry. I have found the man I am going to marry."

"Why would I be angry baby?" I asked.

"Well, we did say that we would have to stop once I married. Please don't be angry with me."

"How could I be angry? Do I know him? Do you love him?"

"His name is Harry and he works for you."

"What, Harry Palmer do you mean?"

"Yes. He is a nice guy and we have been dating for a little and ... well he has asked me to marry him."

"Hmmmm. 'A nice guy'. Are you sure this is what you want?"

"I wont say I love him because I don't think I do. I may do one day but Harry can make me as happy as any man who isn't you and I know he loves me. He isn't the most exciting of men and he isn't exactly varied sexually but that's ok. I can cope with it."

"If your absolutely sure it's what you want baby then how can I say no. I hope you will be really happy together."

We continued fucking, making love and having sex right up until the morning of her marriage. And then she was married, and it all stopped. About nine months later she gave birth to Maisy, my granddaughter.

Once she married I moved to my current home on the coast overlooking the sea where she would bring her family on their annual holiday and we would celebrate Maisy's birthday. But we never had sex again. Maisy was the spitting image of her mother and grandmother with exactly the same temperament, and the same stubborn streak.

"Are you sure you don't mind daddy?" Mary asked, "We will be there but not on her birthday. It will probably be a couple of weeks after depending on how the visit goes in America."

"No of course I don't mind. But will Maisy be happy spending her fifteenth birthday with granddad?"

"Yes she said she is looking forward to it. You know how much she loves seeing you."

"Well if your sure then that's fine I will meet her at the station."

"Okay. Bye. Love you." And she was gone.

I couldn't complain really. Harry had done really well. Both for himself and for the company since I made him a partner. Then after I decided to go part time retired he took over the everyday running of the business. He had upgraded everything really. Gone computerised and streamlined production. And the visit to America I knew was in the hope of getting a really lucrative contract so I was happy to take care of Maisy. And they would join us a couple of weeks later.

"Hi gramps." Maisy said throwing her arms around my neck and hugging me like she hadn't seen me for years.

"Hi Maisy girl. You seem very excited. Was it a good trip?"

"Oh nothing out of the usual. I'm just happy to see you." I picked up her case and she looped her arm through mine as we walked to the car.

As we travelled I asked how she was doing at school and all the usual questions about her mum and dad then we were at my place. She grabbed her case and ran upstairs to get changed. "Do you want something to eat?" I shouted after her.

"Tea and a sandwich by the pool would be nice gramps." She replied.

I heard the splash as she dived into the heated pool as I took the supplies out. I sat and watched her swimming and couldn't help but admire her figure. She was as beautiful as her mother with the same shape though I could see that her boobs were already nearly as big as her mothers had been at her age. When she got out of the pool I took a deep breath. Her wet bikini was almost transparent.

"So what would you like to do for your birthday tomorrow?" I asked

"Oh nothing gramps." She said with a strange smile, "I have everything I could ever want right here." She bent down and put her hand on mine. The movement of her breasts caught my eye and try as I may I could help but look. "Why don't you put some trunks on and have a swim with me?"

I wasn't too sure that was a good idea but it would have seemed strange if I had said no so I returned five minutes later with the thickest pair of trunks I could find in the hope that if my cock did decide to misbehave the thick material would restrain it.

As I jumped in straight in Maisy was standing at the side of the pool. "Do you ever go skinny dipping gramps?" She asked as I surfaced.

I was a bit shocked. "Well, when I am on my own sometimes."

"Oh great." she replied and promptly removed he bikini and dived naked into the pool.

"Maisy!" I said even more shocked

As she dived over my head I marvelled at the beauty of her body. Youthful firm breasts with more growing to do and her pubic triangle just a thin covering of fine hair. A little puppy fat to her hips just made her even more beautiful. I was instantly tortured by the huge erection pressing against the rough cloth of my trunks. I moved to the side of the pool with my back to her in the hope that wouldn't see my arousal.

When she surfaced she was laughing. "Come on gramps get them off. They don't it anyway." She swam up behind me and rubbed her body against me.

"Maisy! What do you think your doing?" I said in my sternest voice.

"I'm teasing my favouretest man the whole wide world. The man who is going to take my virginity on my fifteenth birthday." With that she swam backwards.

I was too shocked to say anything. To do anything. This couldn't be happening again. Had Mary told her anything or was this some sick joke while her mother was away.

She swam up beside me. "I'm sorry gramps I didn't mean it to come out quite like that. I was just going to seduce you while you slept but ... well you know what a big mouth I have."

"What on earth do you mean? Seduce me. I'm your grandfather for gods sake."

"Yes I know you are and I can't think of any man who I would rather give my virginity to than a man who I know loves me completely like you do."

"Does your mother know about this?" I said angrily

"No! Why should she?"

"Because ... because ... Oh I don't know just because it's the silliest thing I have ever heard of."

"So you don't love me then?" She said, I could tell by her tone she was teasing me.

"You know I do. But you're my granddaughter. Your mother would kill me."

"I doubt that." she said, as she pulled herself out of the pool. Gorgeous buttocks I thought. "When mum put me on the pill she told me if I truly wanted to know and enjoy everything about sex to find an older man to show me. She said I would learn more about sexual pleasure in a week than a silly boy could teach me in a lifetime. So when she said that I would be coming here while she was in the States I made my decision. That older man is going to be you. Like it or not."

"And what, young lady makes you think that I will go along with it?"

"That stiff cock your pushing against the wall gramps." She said laughing loudly.

Try as I may not to join in I couldn't hold it off. "Oh fuck it." I said and jumped out of the pool. My arousal was very plain to see. Not just a hard on but a throbbing hard on. Twitching this way and that as blood pumped through it. My embarrassment covered by my laughter.

"Oh gramps I am sorry." She said and went off into another fit of giggles. "Can I see it. Go on gramps let me see it."

I stood looking at her with my hands on my hips. She moved over to me and pulled the lace undone then slipped her fingers inside and pushed my trunks down till they dropped to the floor. All the time looking me straight in the face smiling. Once my trunks hit the floor she slowly moved her gaze downwards.

"Oh fuck me gramps. Its ... wow it's ... so ... fucking huge."

"Well what do you expect when you flaunt your body at me like that." I laughed, "I may be your granddad but I am still a man you know."

"Can I touch it." She asked, gaze still fixed on my throbbing member

"Well I get the feeling if I said no you would do it anyway so do what you like. But let me sit down first before my legs collapse"

"Here, sit here." She said, pointing at one of the sun beds. "Can I really do whatever I want?"

"Why? What did you have in mind?"

"I want to suck you off." She said excitedly, gripping my shaft in her soft hands.

I nearly choked. "What do you know about sucking a guy off?"

"Nothing. Your going to teach me. I want to deep throat you and make you come so I can taste it, and then I want to swallow." She said all this without even looking at me.

"Where on earth do you get these ideas from young woman?"

"Just girl talk gramps. From school. And mum is really cool when it comes to talking about sex stuff."

"Is she indeed. Well you better show me what you think you know then I suppose."

What she knew was put it in your mouth and bob up and down. I instructed her on the finer arts of sucking cock and she was a really quick learner. Once she got the rhythm and touch right I urged her to take me deeper and deeper into her throat. Told her how to control the gag reflex and breath around a mouth full of stiff cock and then, it popped right into her throat. Her face was now buried in my pubic mound and I was finding it exceptionally hard not to come right then and there. Telling her to note the changes in my breathing and the feel and taste of my cock she realised I was about to come. Her eyes looked up at me while her head and mouth continued there wonderful work.

"Ready?" I asked, "First time may be a bit of a shock but stick with it if you can."

She nodded and I just let my muscles totally relax as I shot my load into my granddaughters mouth. At the first blast her head shot back but not enough to pull me from her mouth. In fact it spurred her on to greater efforts and after the second blast she rammed me right down her throat until I put my hand on her head signalling that I was now deplete of all juices.

She pulled her head out of my groin and ran her tongue around her mouth licking up all the spunk that had dribbled out. "Wow, gramps that was fucking awesome. It taste a bit salty but tinged with something else. Can I do it again?" She asked making a grab for my now flaccid cock.

"You will have to wait a little while so my cock can recover. It's not had that amount of attention for a very long time."

"Is that why there was so much of it." She laughed, "I thought I was going to drown at one point."

"Yes probably. Now lets swap places." I said.

She looked a little bemused but swapped places with me. I pulled her to the edge of the sun bed so her feet were on the floor and I spread her legs wide. I knelt between her spread legs and got my first real look at that young virgin cunt. Never fucked never kissed and certainly never had a tongue rammed up it.

I started by kissing and tasting those wonderful nipples and once she was aroused I went lower and lower. Kissing her all the way down. When I kissed her pussy lips she jumped slightly and let out a moan of pleasure. As I slid my tongue between those tight lips she spread her legs wide and put her hand on my head.

"Oh fuck gramps. What are you doing to me?"

For half an hour I teased her hot bud until she was writhing in agonising pleasure, begging for release.

"No more gramps please, I can't take anymore please."

Her juices were flowing freely so I ran a finger down her bum cheeks till I found her tight little anus and gently slid a finger in. She screamed and writhed even more. Now, as I slowly finger fucked her arse I doubled my efforts on her clit. I didn't need to guess when her orgasm arrived it was plain for anyone to see. Her hands gripped the frame of the sun bed till her knuckles were white and she suddenly arched her back, almost knocking my teeth out.

"Oh oh oh oooh ohhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuck" she screamed and then it faded into a silent scream of pleasure as her hips thrust up and down making it almost impossible to keep my tongue on her clit, but of course my finger up her arse was giving her a really good seeing to now. Then her whole body lifted up, resting on her head and feet she went rigid as a board. Now I sucked her clit as far into my mouth as possible, sucking it so hard it hurt my lips while wagging my tongue on it like a thirsty dog.

It seemed to last for ages. Her body pulsing in time with her orgasm until slowly she came back to earth, and her body relaxed back onto the sun bed. "Stop, please gramps please stop your going to kill me. I can't take anymore." She moaned.

I smiled, very happy with my efforts and the glazed look on her face told me that she was completely exhausted. She curled up on the bed with a smile on her face and fell asleep. I covered her with a towel and just watched as she slept.

As I lived in the middle of nowhere we weren't over looked so I didn't bother putting any clothes on. I had a swim and then I made a cold buffet for when she woke up. Helping myself to a plate of food I took it back out to the pool just as she started to stir. "Welcome back to earth sleepy head." I said, with a smile.

She opened her eyes and looked at me smiling. "What the hell did you do to me. I was ... totally ... lost. I was gone, really gone. It was ... awesome. I want more." She said as she sat up.

"Well I suggest you get something to eat first. Then we can continue with your ... err ... education."

She gave a wry smile and then walked as sexily as she could into the house, returning a few moments later with a plate stocked so high she had to hold the food in place. "God this sex stuff makes me really hungry." She laughed.

We sat and talked for ages about nothing and everything from her mother to boys to her dad and school. The night drew in and still we talked and then as midnight approached she stood up. "I'm going for a shower." She said softly reaching her hand out to me in invitation to join her.

In the shower we kissed, man and woman, for the first time and we explored each others bodies. Still wet we staggered into my bedroom and fell on the bed. She took my erection into her mouth and I pulled her legs over so she straddled me. Now in the sixty nine position we spent some time pleasuring each other.

In the hall downstairs I had a chime clock and as it started to ring Maisy turned round and face me. "Help me gramps. I know it will hurt a little but I want you to pierce me on the twelfth stroke of midnight just like I have always dreamed it would happen."

I smiled and positioned her juiced up virgin hole over my rampant cock as the chimes rang down I waited. With three to go I counted down, lifting her up and guiding her down. "3... 2... 1" On the final stroke I pulled her all the way down, breaking through her hymen in one go. As I felt it break I stopped, waited. She opened her eyes, tears rolling down her cheeks, smiling, she nodded for me to continue.

Slowly I filled her eager hole and then slowly lifted her. I continued this until she took over the rhythm. She opened her eyes and looked into mine. "I love you gramps. I want to make you come inside me. I want you to fill me up gramps."

I did fill her up. Several times in fact. In as many different positions as I could think of. I was still filling her up as dawn broke and I have to say my cock had never ever been so pleasurably sore in all my life. Not even with her mother. Maisy was completely insatiable. Finally we both dropped off to sleep. Maisy curled up in my arms. My now totally exhausted cock nestled comfortably between her bum cheeks.

It was almost lunch time when I woke. Maisy was gone so I had a quick shower, donned some boxers and went downstairs. "You can get those off." she said, as I entered the kitchen. "Your timing is perfect. Mum said you like a full English for breakfast, and after last night I thought you deserved one." She pointed to a chair for me to sit in and served up one of the largest plates of egg bacon sausage and beans I had ever had, all nicely crowned with a perfectly cooked fried slice. I'm not sure if I was drooling at the sight or because it struck me how ravenously hungry I was, but whichever, I removed the boxers and tucked into breakfast with gusto.

Half an hour later, completely stuffed and with a cup of coffee in hand I sat out by the pool while Maisy cleaned up the kitchen. I was being spoilt, and I loved it.

"I hope your feeling refreshed after last night." She said.

"Well I would say I feel much better but I doubt I will ever feel as good as I did last night." I laughed. "If you mean am I fit and ready to go, I could probably get a hard on, or two."

She smiled at that and sat opposite me, naked and her pussy glistening with her own juices. "Good." She said, I still have one virgin hole to deflower. If you feel up to it." She had a cheeky, challenging smile on her face as she said it.

"Get cheeky with me my girl and it wont be a cocking it gets but a spanking."

"Oooo now that sounds like fun." She laughed and turned her bum towards me. Dodging out of the way as I took a swipe at it, which brought more laughter. She pulled something out from under the cushion on the sun bed and reached out to me. I held out my hand and standing up she said, "I will be waiting for you." She dropped a bottle of baby oil into my hand and walked into the house.

I waited only a couple of minutes as my cock was getting hard at the thought and then I followed her into the house. As I entered the lounge she was bent over the back of the settee, her perfectly rounded bum open to my gaze. "No preliminaries granddad. Be gentle. But I just want you to take me."

The thought of just fucking my granddaughters arse without foreplay, like raping her was a huge turn on for me and judging by the pussy juice running down her legs for her also. Probably another of her dreams. I didn't disappoint her. I oiled my erection and fingered some oil into her bum hole. The feeling of power that came over me, of control was enormous and drove my arousal to new heights. Once I managed to get two fingers in her arse I positioned my cock at the entrance and slowly pushed in. To begin with her muscles resisted but then I felt her relax and then I was in that virgin eager dirt box. I waited for a second till I felt her relax and then slowly slid all the way in. I started slowly but as she started to push back on me I speeded up.

"Ohhh fucking hell I'm gonna come." She moaned, "Oh yessss. Fill me gramps come in my dirty bum hole oooohhhhhh fuckkkkkkk."

As she orgasmed her bum muscles gripped my cock like they would never let it go and I moaned loud and long as I shot my load into that wonderful virgin arse. Finally as my cock went limp I pulled it, her muscles still gripped it and came out like a piece of elastic stretching and then snapping out. I collapsed to the floor, my back to the settee, exhausted.

Maisy didn't move. "Are you ok?" I asked softly

"No." She replied, "I am still coming, it wont stop. I love it, god I love being fucked by you gramps it's so fucking awesome." she said. Finally flopping down on the floor beside me.

For the next two and half years Maisy would spend most of her school holidays with me. Her mum never questioned why, she just joined us in the summer for her usual annual break Maisy was a real tease. She loved being used and would often put a really short skirt on and a thin top without any underwear and we would walk along the sea front or go into a bar and she would 'accidentally' flash her body at any man that wanted to look, all the time describing to me how it made her feel turning on all those men. She never wore underclothes, or any clothes most of the time at home. She said she always wanted to be ready any time I wanted to fuck her. She was always wet and always horny. We did make love at times but most of the time it was me just fucking 'my little girl slut' as she called herself.

Then she told me she had found a guy who she wanted to marry. "I wish you all the happiness in the world." I said

"But I want to give you present before we stop fucking." She said quietly.

"Go on." I replied cautiously

"I want to give you my wedding night. I know we said once I was married it would have to stop but I really want a wedding night to remember and if I know Eddie he will be pissed out of his scull and totally useless."

I have to admit the thought of fucking my granddaughter on her wedding night suited my now obviously perverted mind. "Ok." I said, "But only if he really is incapable."

"Great." She said joyfully, "And he will be believe me."

And she was absolutely right. The wedding went well the reception just as well. The bride and groom had booked rooms for themselves and family in the same hotel as the reception so I had a room next door to bridal suite. By one in the morning almost everybody had left. Mary had decided to go home so the only people left were me and the bride and groom. The groom was totally out it, unconscious.

I stood and looked at him and then back at Maisy. "How did you know?"

"He never drinks so I knew he wouldn't last too long. The last time I saw him like this he slept for eighteen hours. With a shrug of he shoulders her dress dropped to the floor and she was naked, in front of her husband. We hadn't fucked for three months due to one thing or another and my cock was so hard it was painful. I quickly stripped off and went to lead her into my adjoining room but she stopped.

What she did next was so hot I almost came where I stood. She straddled her husband. Her wet throbbing pussy only inches from his face. "Fuck me granddad. Fuck your little bitch slut."

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