Rubber Training

by Jakelyon

Copyright© 2014 by Jakelyon

Erotica Sex Story: Steve gets some unexpected help with learning to use a condom.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   .

I was afraid to call Christa the next day. She had seemed pretty pissed and worried, and I was afraid she would still be really mad at me. I hoped she had not told her mother, and I hoped she was not pregnant. I had not meant to fuck her, it was just an accident, and she had done it anyway.

The phone rang and I heard my mother answer, "HI LInda, sure he is right here. Let me get him for you."

Fear shot through me, she knows I thought. Then I wondered why she had not told my mom. I walked slowly to the phone and said, "Hello"

"Hello Steven, I think we need to talk. I told your mom I needed some help moving boxes from my basement, but I think we both know what this is really about. I need you to get your ass over here as soon as possible."

"Ok Mrs. Olsen, I will come right over. I am happy to help."

"Are you OK," my mom asked. "You look worried about something."

I feigned a better mood, and smiling at her I said, "Nothing at all, I was just thinking about something else. I am going to head over there and help her now."

"OK, well call me if you are going to be past lunch and I will bring a bag lunch over to you."

"Sounds good," I said and I was out the door. I decided to walk as it would take longer to get there. Even walking it did not take long at all for me to arrive at their door. Christa met me at the door and I could tell she had been crying. She did not say anything, but pointed me to the living room where her mother was sitting on the very couch I had deflowered Christa yesterday.

She wasted no time and said, "Hello Steven it appears we have some talking to do. My daughter is telling me you had your way with her yesterday and now we may have a problem."

Christa sat across from me, her head down and hands in her lap. Apparently she had told a tale to her mother and I was now the villain. I didn't say anything to her; I figured at this point there was not much to say.

Her mother continued talking, "Based on when her last period was, and her age I don't think you two have anything to worry about but we will see about that in a few weeks. What I am more concerned about is your lack of proper birth control. That is something you both need to be responsible for if you are going to do this type of thing."

Christa tried to break in at this point, "But mom is wasn't my fault. He wanted to do it, not me."

Mrs Olsen looked at her daughter and I took a moment to enjoy the view of Mrs. Olsen's big tits, forced against her tight t-shirt. Mrs. Olsen was not wearing a bra this morning either, and the nipples, which were the size of my thumb tips, were poked out nicely against the thin t-shirt fabric.

"Christa don't think I buy your little act for a moment. I know how much you masturbate, and I know how much you have been fooling around with Steven. You no doubt led him right where you wanted him to go with your sexual desire. Boys are dumb when it comes to sex. Even now when he does not know how much trouble he is or isn't in he is staring at my tits, thinking about how they look, and how much he wants to fuck me."

She stared at me as she said this and I grew red with embarrassment. My cock was erect in my shorts and was thinking about fucking her. Then she said, "Steven go ahead and drop your pants and lets see your hard cock. Christa, run into my room and grab the box of rubbers from the bottom drawer of my dresser."

I only had time to stammer out a dull witted sounding, "What".

"Oh come on don't play coy, you know what I said. I am going to show you to what you need to do to protect yourselves."

Christa returned with the box of condoms. I had never actually see one before, only hear about them in whispers from other guys. The box was light blue and said Trojan on it. Mrs. Olsen said again, "drop your pants Steven it is time to show Christa and you what you need to do."

I stood up and dropped my shorts and underwear to the floor, my cock was soft and just hung there. I was so embarrassed. Mrs. Olsen just laughed as she moved closer to me and reach out her hand, grasping my soft cock, slowly squeezing it.

"You can feel my breasts if it will help speed this up."

She didn't have to tell me twice and I grabbed her big tits and working my fingers over the large, erect nipples as she stimulated me. My cock was steel hard in seconds and she smiled as she said, "See I figured that would get things moving." Mrs. Olsen sat up for a moment putting her big tits out of my reach and said, "Now Christa what you need to do is get him hard, like he is now, and then roll the condom on to his erection, rolling it down as far as you can."

Christa took my cock and rolled the condom down, covering my cock with the thin rubbery device. Her mother continued, "Now when he cums the condom catches his jizz, instead of your pussy. Now let me finish him and you can practice removing it."

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