Trucker Sucker

by rmdexter

Copyright© 2014 by rmdexter

Coming of Age Sex Story: A young hitchhiker gets picked up by a big rugged trucker.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/mt   Consensual   Gay   MaleDom   First   Oral Sex   Size   .

"GET READY, KID ... HERE IT COMES!" the big trucker said just as his huge cock started to go off inside my mouth. The first thick rope of cum shot forth powerfully, the sperm-laden wad of cock-juice shooting deep into my sucking mouth. His monstrous cock twitched and I felt a second creamy strand of his milky semen splash over my tonsils. His hips flexed back and forth as he continued to unload inside my vacuuming mouth, my head banging rhythmically against the headboard as he fucked my face mercilessly. My cheeks were working in and out like a bellows as I sucked ravenously at his rock-hard 11" prick, trying to draw out as much of his delicious man-juice that I could. I swallowed another thick salty wad as he flooded my mouth again and again. I couldn't believe the size of his load—and this was already the fifth one he'd fed me tonight. The silky nectar slid down my throat luxuriously and I sucked for more, already addicted to a taste I'd never experienced until just a few hours earlier. As another syrupy ribbon of semen slid warmly down my throat, I thought back on how my young life had changed in such a short time...

"Thank goodness this guy is stopping", I thought as the big transport pulled over to the side of the road. I'd only been standing with my thumb out for a few minutes, but I was anxious to get away before my mom and that asshole boyfriend of hers came looking for me. I rushed up to the rig, stepped on the running board and reached up to open the passenger door.

"Where you headed, Kid?" the trucker asked as I poked my head in the door.

I paused, awestruck as I looked across the cab at the man facing me. Being small and frail myself, I'd always been impressed by big men, but this guy was huge. I couldn't tell how tall he was sitting down, but he was definitely a big mountain of a man—and ruggedly handsome too. A well-worn ball-cap partially covered curly black hair that I could see he kept quite short. His face was strong-looking, with pronounced cheekbones and deep-set dark eyes that seemed to look into my very soul. It was the face of an experienced masculine man, and I guessed him to be around 40, but in great shape. A few days growth of beard gave him a sexy unkempt look that I found wickedly exciting for some reason. A faded plaid shirt fit tightly across his barrel-like chest and broad shoulders. A few buttons of the shirt were open at the neck, revealing a few tendrils of glistening hair between the two pronounced plates of his powerful-looking pecs. As my eyes roamed down over his big masculine form, I noticed the jeans he wore couldn't hide the impressive size of his long legs and thick tree-trunk-like thighs. I looked down to the floorboards and saw his big feet covered in a pair of rugged hiking boots.

I found myself gulping nervously as I looked at him, taking all of that in within seconds of opening the cab door. Like I said, I'd always been impressed by big men, but I'd never felt the way I felt right now. I was tingly and nervous, but I knew it wasn't from being afraid—it was more from some kind of unknown excitement I felt in his presence.

"I said, where you headed?" he repeated.

"It doesn't matter," I said as I climbed into the cab and dropped my knapsack between my legs. "Anywhere but here."

"How old are you, Kid?"

"18, sir."

"18? You're pretty small for 18."

"I've kinda been small my whole life, sir," I replied, my face turning red in shame. Something about being in the presence of his huge man made me feel woefully inadequate. On top of that, I was only 15, but I thought if I told him the truth, he might make me get out of the truck right there on the spot.

"How'd you get that shiner?" he asked, nodding towards my left eye as he pulled back out onto the freeway.

"My mom's boyfriend."

"No dad?"

"No sir, he passed away a couple of years back."

"Sorry to hear that. So what'd you do for this guy to want to hit a little fella like you?"

"He just got drunk again, like he and my mom do nearly every day. I ... I just have to get away from there. I don't care where I end up. I didn't do nothing, sir."

He paused for a second and looked me up and down, his intense gaze causing a shiver to run down my spine. "Sir ... I like when you call me that." He gave me a little wink that for some reason made me feel safe—that with this man nothing was ever going to hurt me. "What's your name, Kid?"

"Cody, sir."

"My name's Max, but you just keep calling me sir, okay?" He had a certain firmness to his voice that let me know he was in control here, which was fine with me.

"Yes sir."

"That's a good boy, Cody. I think we're gonna get along just fine." We drove on with very little talk between us, the tires humming smoothly as Max maneuvered the big truck skillfully through traffic. It was late afternoon before Max spoke again.

"Well Kid, I was originally gonna drive until about midnight, but I'm starting to feel a little tired. There's a nice motel with a restaurant not too far up that I'm thinking of pulling into for the night."

I knew it was going to be getting dark soon and I was worried about trying to get another ride, but I guess I had no choice. "Uh, okay. Would you be able to let me off by the freeway, sir?"

"Look, it's going to be near impossible to get a lift this late at night, and the people who would pick you up at this time would likely be pretty scary, especially for a kid like you." He gave me a knowing look and I couldn't help but nod in agreement. "So why don't you grab a bite to eat with me, crash in my room, and then you can come along with me again tomorrow?"

I felt a rush of excitement at the possibility of being able to stay with him, but I dropped my head before I spoke, ashamed of my situation. "I ... I only have a few dollars. I don't even know if I have enough for a meal."

"That's okay, Kid. It'll be on me. Maybe we can work out some kind of deal." He paused for a second and looked at me intently. As I looked back at him, it seemed as if his gaze was zeroed in on my mouth for some reason. "Yeah, I think I've got something you can work on for me that should make us even."

My heart raced with excitement. Not only would I have the chance to maybe make some money, or at least pay for my meal, but I wouldn't have to leave Max either. "That ... that sounds great. I'll do whatever I can to help you out. Thank you, sir."

He gave me another one of those winks that made me tingle, and this time I noticed a look of real satisfaction on his face. About a half-hour later he pulled off onto a side road just as the light was starting to fade. We pulled into the "Old Log Inn" and Max parked his big truck at the side of the parking lot.

"Leave your knapsack here for now. We'll grab our stuff after we eat," he said as he climbed down out of the truck. I followed and my jaw dropped as I saw him come around from his side of the truck. He had to be at least 6'-6" tall and about 260 pounds of solid muscle. I gasped as I looked at his massive body, so powerful compared to my own petite form.

I followed him into the motel office where I heard him order a room with a king-size bed. "I think I'm gonna need that tonight, Chip," Max glanced at me over his shoulder as he spoke to the man behind the desk.

"No problem, Max," the man said as he looked over at me, a funny twinkle in his eye. "Just don't break the bed like you did last time you were here."

"I'll do my best not to," Max said with a smile as he took the room key the man handed him. "But I can't guarantee anything—you know what I mean."

"Oh, I know what you mean," Chip said with a shake of his head as we left the tiny office. Based on what they'd just said, I figured the last time Max had slept here that the bed he'd had couldn't take his weight. Maybe that's why he'd asked for a king-size this time. I was kind of surprised that he didn't ask if they had a cot that could be brought in for me to sleep on, but I wasn't in any position to complain—the floor was going to be just fine with me.

I followed Max over to the adjoining restaurant, my little legs having to take two steps for each of his long strides. The place had an old log cabin look that made it feel warm and homey.

"Bring us a couple of steaks with fries and salad, Shirley," Max said to the buxom blonde waitress as we took seats on opposite sides of a booth.

"I ... I can't eat that much, sir," I said.

"Well, you just eat what you can." He looked at me with that authoritative look in his eyes again. I knew I'd do my best to please him, but it sounded like an awful lot of food. "I want to see how you handle a big piece of meat." I wasn't sure what he meant but I saw Shirley smile when he said that. "Bring me a big mug of beer. What do you want to drink, kid?"

"Could I just have a glass of milk, sir?"

"Sure. A glass of milk for the little fella here. Thanks, Shirley," Max said before the busty woman turned and walked over to the bar.

"C'mon kid, we've been on the road for hours. Let's go take a piss before our food gets here," Max said as he slid out of the booth. I followed him to the washroom. The place had two urinals and one stall. Max stepped up to one urinal. I was unsure of what to do, but didn't want him to think I was a shy little kid by going into the stall, so I bucked up my courage and stepped up to the urinal next to him. As my nervous fingers fiddled with my fly, I heard a resonant metallic ZZZZIPPPPPPP as Max opened his jeans. The suggestive sound drew my eyes like a magnet and I found my gaze zeroing in on his fingers as he reached into his pants and drew out his dick.

"Oh my God," I thought to myself as the long cylinder of flesh seemed to unfurl from the confines of his pants. I watched mesmerized as he hauled it out and pointed it towards to porcelain receptacle before him. He was gripping it with just his fingers and I could clearly see the thick veiny shaft and immense mushroom head. It looked to be at least 7" long, and it was still totally soft. He gave it a testing stroke to limber it up and I gulped as he let loose, a powerful torrent of piss pounding into the urinal. I found myself spellbound as I simply stared in awe at the huge tube of manhood he held in his hand, the hot golden stream gushing forcefully from the tip like a fire hose.

"Aaahh, that feels good," Max said as I watched him shake off the final few drops. He turned slightly towards me, his fingers still moving back and forth along his huge cock. I heard myself gasp as it started to thicken and extend, the prominent veins in the thick shaft seeming to pulse with the hot blood coursing through them. He stroked his big hand slowly and insistently forward and I noticed a glistening drop of fluid ooze to the surface of the wet red eye.

"C'mon kid, you better hurry up and piss. There's gonna be a big piece of meat waiting for you when you're done." His words broke my trance-like state. I looked down and surprisingly noticed that I hadn't even unzipped yet. I flushed bright red. Max had a sly smile on his face as he stuffed his swelling prick back into his pants and zipped up before turning on his heel.

I shook my head as I wondered what was happening to me. I'd never felt like that around any guy before—geez, I was a virgin even when it came to girls. I didn't know what it was about him that made me feel all tingly and squeamish—all I knew was that I liked being around him and knew I'd do whatever it took to be near him.

When we returned, our drinks were waiting. I watched Max lift his beer and drink heartily, the muscles in his immense forearm rippling smoothly as he tipped the mug up. I took a drink of my milk, and as the cold liquid washed over my tongue, I realized how thirsty I was. I gulped noisily, savoring the silky-smooth flavor of the milk. I drank over half of my glass before putting it down.

"You've got a little running out of the corner of your mouth." Max had that sly smile on his face again as he gestured towards one corner of my mouth. I slipped my tongue out from between my lips, flicking it down to pick up the stray bit of milk that had escaped. "That's the way, that's a good boy, get it all." He paused for a second as I circled my lips with my tongue, cleaning myself like a little kitten. "You like the white stuff, eh kid?"

I'd never heard anybody refer to milk as 'the white stuff' before, but I found it interesting that he'd said that—maybe because I was realizing I found everything about this big rugged trucker interesting.

"Yes, I do."

"Yes, I do ... what?" he asked sternly. The dark look in his eyes told me I'd done something wrong—it only took a second for me to correct my mistake.

"Yes, I do, sir," I quickly responded.

"That's better," he said, giving me a warm smile that melted my heart. "I'm glad you like the white stuff. Just stick with me, Kid, and I'll make sure you get as much of the white stuff as you can swallow."

I was just about to ask if he did some trucking for a dairy or something when Shirley appeared with our dinners. She plunked the loaded plates down in front of us, the big platters almost overflowing with an abundance of food.

"Bring me another beer, Sweetheart," Max said to the waitress. "And bring another glass of the white stuff for the kid—he loves it." Shirley turned on her heel as we picked up our silverware. "Dig in, Kid, see if you like the taste of that meat on your tongue."

I was hungrier than I thought and the first bite seemed to just purr as it hit my taste buds. "Mmmmm, it tastes really good." This brought a smile to Max's face as we both ate ravenously, hungry from our lengthy time on the road.

"You liked that, eh Kid?" he asked as he pushed his empty plate to the middle of the table. I had left a fair bit, but I'd eaten more than I had anticipated. I wanted to try and please him, but I still came nowhere near to consuming the amount of food he'd inhaled.

"It was very good. Thank you, sir."

"I could tell from looking at that scrawny little body of yours when I saw you standing next to the highway that you looked like someone who needed a good feeding—someone who needed to dive right in to a big piece of meat. Yeah, you looked like someone who needed to be fed until that belly of yours was nice and full of the good stuff."

"Thank you, sir. It was very kind of you to do that for me." For some reason his words seemed to comfort me, as if he knew me better than I knew myself. And the smile he gave me after I thanked him felt like a warm blanket being thrown over me.

"So Kid, your mom and this guy—her boyfriend or whatever—are they gonna come looking for you?"

"No, they won't," I replied, shaking my head from side to side. "She drinks just as much as he does. They've both been hinting that they'd be better off without me there. No ... they won't be coming after me, sir."

"Hmm, I'm sorry about that situation." He paused and I could see the wheels going around inside his head. "Listen, I've been thinking for a while now about taking on ... oh ... let's call it an assistant. How would you feel about doing something like that? Sometimes you'll have to work on things that are going to be pretty hard for you. You'll end up tired and sore quite often at first, but I reckon you'll get used to it pretty quick. I can't pay you much, but at least you won't be out on the street, and I'll make sure you get fed regularly every day, starting with a bellyful first thing in the morning. What do you think?"

"I ... I'd love that, sir!" I replied, my heart swelling with gratitude for this big rugged man. When I ran away from home earlier, I never expected to get a chance like this so soon. "I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. I'll do whatever you like and if you give me something hard to work on, I guarantee that I'll try my best to make sure you're pleased."

"While I have you working on me ... er ... I mean working for me, in the heat of the moment I might call you some names that might not seem too nice, and I want to make sure you're okay with that."

"I understand. What kind of names, sir?"

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe something like Kid, or Boy. Maybe some names a little rougher than that."

"That's okay." I paused for a second as I felt my face flushing with what I was about to say. "I ... I kind of like it when you call me Kid."

I beamed as a big smile spread across his handsome face. "That's good. I'll have some other names for you soon enough—special names, just between me and you." He gave me another sly wink that sent another tingling shiver tripping down my spine.

"So when do I start my duties, sir? Tomorrow?"

Max sat back in the booth, a satisfied grin on his face as he looked at me across the table. "Well, you've had a nice meal, a couple of glasses of the white stuff you like so much, and now you're going to have a roof over your head tonight. I think you can start repaying me for that by starting in on your duties tonight."

I knew my meal and this motel room was costing him a few dollars he hadn't counted on, so I was only too happy to have the opportunity to make it up to him. "I'd love that, sir. Thank you. I'm ready to do whatever you want me to."

"That's great. That's just what I wanted to hear."

Shirley appeared with our bill. She leaned well over the table as she put it down in front of Max, her ample cleavage fully on display. "Max," she said as she gave him a flirty glance, her wide hips shifting provocatively from side to side, "just in case you get a little bored later, I've got the breakfast shift tomorrow, so I'm staying in room #3. Feel free to drop by any time."

Max looked over at me and gave me little wink, one that I knew Shirley couldn't see. "Well, that's real sweet of you, Shirley. I appreciate the offer, but I think I'm going to be just fine tonight. I've got a big job I want my little buddy here to start working on for me. I just hope what I give him to work on isn't more than he can swallow."

Shirley looked at me, a dark flinty glare in her eyes before turning back to Max and leaning right over the table, her big tits almost spilling out of the top of her uniform. "Well, like I said, if he has any trouble, I'm sure I can help you out with that. I think I did a pretty good job last time—I'd like to try again."

"Thanks, Shirley, I'll keep that in mind," Max replied before dismissing her with a wave of his hand. As she turned away, he reached into his pocket and threw some bills onto the table. "C'mon Kid, let's go check out our room."

I followed him back to the truck, my frail little form scurrying next to his massive striding frame as I endeavored to keep up. He reached behind his seat and retrieved a duffle bag while I climbed up to the passenger door and grabbed my knapsack.

"There now, we should have everything we need for the night." He locked up the rig and we headed for our motel room. Max flicked on the light switch which turned on one of the lamps on a bedside table. It was a standard motel room, dingy wallpaper and outdated carpeting. There was a crappy old desk with a TV sitting on top. I could see a door leading into the bathroom, and that was about it—except for the bed of course. I'd never seen a king-size bed in my life and I couldn't believe how big it was. It had a wooden headboard attached to the frame that made it look inviting. Max turned on the light on the other side of the bed, framing it in a warm amber glow.

"You can take your shoes off, Kid. We're in for the night."

"Oh," I said in surprise. "I thought there was something you wanted me to do with the truck, or with your cargo?"

"No. Your duties are going to be right here with me. Now take off your shoes." I did as he asked, hearing the commanding tone in his voice. "That's good. Now I said you'd be like my assistant, I guess a more accurate term for what I'm looking would be 'personal attendant'."

"I ... I'm not sure I understand, sir?"

"Trucking's a pretty stressful job. So while I take care of the business, you'd kind of be taking care of me. You'd be helping so I can do my job properly, with no tension or stress. Sometimes when you're driving the tension just builds up until it feels like you're carrying a heavy load. I'm gonna need you to help me get rid of that load. Do you think you can do that?"

I had no idea at this point what he would want me to do, but I understood what he was saying. I imagined how nerve-wracking and stressful it would be driving on those crazy freeways every day. "Yes sir. I'll try to help as much as I can."

"That's my boy. Now today's been pretty hectic, so I feel like I've got more than one load that I need help with. Do you think you're up for helping me get rid of a number of loads?"

"Yes sir." I wondered what he meant, but I knew I was willing to do anything to help him.

"Good boy. I think it's time to get started. Why don't you take my boots off for me?" Max sat on the side of the bed, him massive 6'-6" form causing the bedsprings to creak in protest. I knelt before him as he stuck out his foot. I undid the laces of his boots one at a time and set them aside, his socks as well. His warm masculine scent filtered into my senses—it wasn't offensive—just the earthy scent of a man who works hard every day. I didn't know why, but I felt my nerves tingling as I breathed in the manly aroma.

"That's good, now my shirt," he said as he tossed his ball cap onto his duffel bag. I went to stand up after taking his shoes off but he reached out and put his big meaty hands on my shoulders. "No, just stay down there to take my shirt off." He spread his big thighs to allow me access to the buttons at the front of his shirt. I inched forward on my knees and reached for the first button in the middle of his chest. My hands were shaking, unsure of what I was doing. I'd never been this close to a man in my life, especially one as gargantuan as Max.

"Just relax, Kid. You're doing fine. Just undo those buttons one at a time." His soft lulling voice and warm smile eased my anxiety. I undid the first button and then the next one. His powerful pecs came into view, a fine trail of black chest hair in the middle leading further down towards his abdomen. I opened another two buttons and his shirt slid open to each side, revealing his nipples. For some reason, I found myself breathing rapidly as I looked at the little buds, the pebbly surface topped by stiff little nipples. I opened two more buttons and then all that remained was what was tucked into his pants.

"Pull it out."

"Wh ... what?" I asked, wondering what he meant.

"Pull the rest of my shirt out of my pants."

"Oh," I said under my breath as I pulled the tails of his shirt out of his jeans and undid the final button. I eased it open to each side and slid my hands up to push it off his shoulders. I gasped as the shirt dropped to the bed behind him, his huge barrel-like chest coming into view. His shoulders were huge and muscular, leading into beefy arms that any football player would be proud of. His pecs were spectacularly prominent, powerful plates that drew your attention to his impressive chest. My eyes seemed to follow the enticing trail of black chest hair—a small clump in the middle of his chest led to a narrowing little trail that disappeared beneath the waistband of his jeans. I gazed from his chest downwards, taking in the rippling muscles of his six-pack. As I looked at his powerful masculine body, my mouth felt dry, and I found myself licking my lips.

"That's good, Kid," Max said as he tossed his shirt on top of his duffel bag and then leaned back, supporting his body with his arms straight behind him. "Now that my shirts out of the way, I think it's time for you to give me a bath."

My eyes flicked to the bathroom. I hadn't been in there yet, but I figured there was a standard tub and shower in there. I definitely knew how to run a bath. I started to get up.

"Un-uh," he said as his powerful hands pushed me back to my knees.

"I ... I thought you wanted a bath, sir?" I asked, totally confused.

"I do," he said as he leaned back once more and looked at me sternly. "But you're going to do it with your tongue."

From my position on my knees between his big spread thighs, I looked up at the huge man towering over me. The look in his eyes told me he wasn't fooling around, that he was expecting me to do as he asked. I had butterflies in my stomach as I thought about what he was asking, but deep down, I knew I couldn't resist anything he asked—I was willing to please him in any way I could. He could see my resistance fading as my eyes dropped to his magnificent chest, my tongue running out to wet my lips once more.

"That's my boy," he said in that soft lulling voice of his. He reached forward and slipped his big hand around my head. "Why don't you start right here?" He drew my head to his broad chest, my lips touching the warm skin in the middle of his pec. Once he had me where he wanted, he put his hand back on the bed behind him and left me to my duties. His skin felt wickedly sinful under my lips, and I felt myself get all tingly again as I kissed his chest. I slipped my tongue out and ran it over the smooth skin, then drew it back into my mouth and swallowed. I could smell and taste him, the manly flavor of him settling on my taste buds. I thought I would have been repulsed, but instead, I found myself wanting more. I feathered my tongue out against his chest once more, and then started to lick in longer broad strokes.

"That's it. I knew you'd like that, Kid. Yeah, I needed a nice warm bath like this. It's the perfect thing to take away the tensions of the day. Just keep doing that and eventually, I'll be giving you that nice big load we talked about."

I made my way across his chest until my lips and tongue encountered his pert little nipple. I ran my tongue over it slowly and then closed my lips around the protruding bud and sucked.

"Yeah, that's it," he said softly. "Suck that tit." I did as he asked, feeling the pebbly nipple stiffen and come alive in my mouth. It felt tremendously excitingly and I found my eyes closing in pleasure as I sucked. I finally released his nipple and licked my way across his chest, being sure my tongue swept over every square inch.

"I could tell you had a pretty little mouth on you," Max said as my lips closed over his other nipple and I gave it the same loving treatment as the first one. When that one was nice and stiff, I licked my way further up his chest to his broad shoulders. I dragged my tongue over his pronounced muscles, my heart fluttering with excitement as I licked from one side to the other. I was overwhelmed by the new emotions flooding through me as I used my tongue to bathe this big giant of a man. I'd never felt like this before in my life. I could feel the blood pounding in my veins and my cock stiffening in my jeans as I drew my tongue across his smooth salty skin.

"I need that mouth of yours right here," he said as he raised one arm and pulled my face into his armpit. The masculine scent filtered into my nostrils sensually and I felt my dick twitch as it continued to harden. I eagerly dove into the warm moistness of his armpit. My tongue feathered out from between my lips and into the silky damp hair. With his big mitt gripping my head, he pulled my lips even deeper, my tongue rolling languidly across the tender skin under his arm.

"Mmmmmm," I heard myself purr as I savored the masculine taste of his sweat. He let go and I pressed my lips as deep as they could go, my tongue swirling in slow teasing circles in the hot damp pit. I loved the taste of him—the pure manly taste that I'd never experienced before. I spent about 5 minutes licking and sucking at his armpit before he gripped my head and pulled me over from one armpit to the other.

"That's the way, Kid, get right in there," he said as I enthusiastically gave its partner the same treatment. I licked and sucked at the hot moistness until all that was left was the remnants of my glistening saliva. Satisfied with my work, he pulled my head to the underside of his abs.

"Keep going, you're not done yet." He sat back once more as I slid my tongue sensually over the defined muscles of his V-shaped torso. I could feel his chiseled abs rippling under his skin as I licked down over his gorgeous body. I licked from one side to the other, my lips following the scintillating contours of his six-pack as I used my tongue to bathe him. I kept getting lower until the tip of my tongue feathered deftly across his lower abdomen and I stopped to probe deep into his navel.

"That's great, but let's cut this bath short for a little while," Max said as he pushed me back from his body. My face was flushed and I knew he could see the lustful desire in my eyes as I looked up at him, wanting to continue what he'd asked me to do. "Don't worry, Kid, I'll let you finish the job soon enough." He had a wickedly sinful grin on his face when he said that. "Take your clothes off, it's time to get you started on a little cocksucking."

"But I ... I never—"

"No buts. You may have never sucked a cock before, but you're definitely going to now. We both know you like what you're doing. That hardon is a dead giveaway." He nodded to my midsection and I looked down to see the pronounced bulge in my jeans. "Now get those clothes off." He never raised his voice but I knew from his tone not to defy him. I jumped to my feet and pulled off my t-shirt and jeans. "Underwear too." With my face turning crimson, I reluctantly pulled down my underwear and stepped out of them, my embarrassingly hard cock sticking rigidly up.

"Not a bad pecker for a little guy. Now, get back on your knees and take my pants off for me." He stood next to the bed as I obediently dropped to my knees. His huge frame towered over me as I reached up and undid the button of his jeans. With my heart racing, I slid down the zipper and reached for the waistband. I started to pull downwards, my eyes drawn to the opening of his pants. The tantalizing trail of hair leading from his chest to his abdomen ended in a patch of trimmed pubic hair. It was cut nice and close. He wasn't wearing any underwear and I could see the thick base of his member. As I lowered his pants even more, I gulped as the broad root came into view, the rest of his prick still covered by his left pant leg. I could feel the pressure of his immense dick straining against the denim fabric as it fought to be released from its confinement. I pulled down forcefully and the material caught for just a second on the broad flared helmet before I jerked downwards and his jeans puddled around his ankles. His enormous cock burst forth, the enflamed crimson crown brushing against my cheek as it sprung up and slapped noisily against his stomach.

"Oh my God," I said under my breath as I looked at the magnificent cylinder of flesh rising up from between his legs. It pointed upwards at about a 45-degree angle, the long thick shaft and engorged mushroom head bobbing menacingly with each powerful beat of his heart. I had never seen anything so huge—or beautiful—in my entire life. It was ramrod straight, with a series of prominent bluish veins tracing all around the turgid shaft like a roadmap of China. The engorged helmet was enormous and angry looking, with a thick rope-like corona separating the pulsing tip from the blood-feeding shaft. My eyes zeroed in on the gleaming red eye at the very tip as a drop of pre-cum pulsed to the surface and started to distend downwards, the dewy drop dangling enticingly as it swayed seductively back and forth.

"Lick that up before it drops," Max said as he nodded towards the shiny drop of fluid. I moved closer on my knees and lifted my face up towards his monstrous prick. He took his throbbing prick in hand and pushed it down until it was pointed right towards my mouth. I watched the mesmerizing drop of pre-cum increase in size as more oozed forth, the shiny strand distending even lower. I could see that in another second or two, the thinning web would snap and the warm fluid would fall to the floor. Not wanting to disappoint Max, I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue beneath the dangling strand until I felt it settle right in the middle of my tongue.

"That's a good boy," Max said as I watched him milk his fingers slowly forward, more pre-cum oozing forth to pool on my tongue. It grew in size until he flicked his prick-head downwards, snapping the stringy web so it fell right into my mouth. "Swallow," he instructed.

I closed my lips and drew the warm puddle of fluid deep into my mouth and swallowed. "Mmmmm," I heard myself moan in pleasure as his silky juice slid down my throat. I didn't think my cock could have gotten any harder but I felt it stiffen even more as I swirled my tongue around the insides of my mouth searching for every savory drop.

"You like that, eh Kid?" he asked as he sat back down on the edge of the bed and spread his tree-trunk-like thighs far apart.

"Yes sir."

"That's good, because you're going to be getting a steady dose of that from now on." He had his big hand wrapped around his cock and kept it pointed right at me. "Okay, put your mouth on in and start sucking—I'll feed you some of that juice straight from the source."

"Sir, can I ... can I just ask, how big is it?"

"It's 11" long and 7—" around."

I shivered as I looked at his mouthwatering stallion-like member, knowing I was in the presence of the most magnificent cock imaginable.

"I guess you like it big, eh Kid. You can jerk off while you're sucking it if you want, but if you cum, just make sure you catch it in your hand."

"Yes sir."

"C'mon Boy, get your mouth on it," he accompanied his command by stroking his hand forwards, another drop of shimmering fluid oozing to the surface. Kneeling between his big spread thighs, I quickly leaned forwards and pressed my lips to the spongy tissues of his glans, my tongue slipping out to lick at the juices seeping from the wet red eye. His cock was incredibly hot, the pebbly tissues almost searing my lips. I let my lips start to spread open as I leaned further forwards, my lips following the flaring contours of the broad crimson crown. As my lips stretched and stretched over the spongy surface of his glans, I couldn't believe how excited I was becoming. My body was tingling all over as I spread my lips open further and further. Just as I felt they were about to tear at the corners of my mouth, they slipped over the thick corona and his massive knob filled my mouth, my lips clamping down beyond the rope-like ridge. As I felt the heat of the enormous crown filling my mouth, I felt the delicious contractions start in my midsection as I started to cum—without even touching my cock!

"Mmmmhhnn ... mmmmhhnnnnn," I groaned into his enflamed glans as I took my pulsing dick in one hand and pointed it towards the palm of my other hand. The semen sped up the shaft of my throbbing pecker and spurted forth, my cupping hand catching my warm cum as instructed. I swirled my tongue all around the massive invader filling my mouth and it fired my torched libido even more. The wickedly nasty sensations caused by what I was doing had my dick shooting wad after wad into my cupping hand. I kept sucking as the final tingling sensations coursed through me, my hand covered with my milky semen.

"Well well," Max said as he looked down at me, a big smile on his face. "I guess you really like that. You came as soon as you had the head in your mouth. Let's see what you've got in your hand there."

I held up my hand, a massive puddle of cum cupped in the palm of my hand while milky ribbons hung off my fingers.

"That's quite a load you've got there. I want you to spread that all over the head of my cock and then lick it off."

I paused for a second, but the stern look on his face convinced me to do as he said. I slipped my mouth off his turgid prick and brought my cum-covered hand to the throbbing cock-head, lathering the lemon-sized crown with my semen. I could feel the intense heat of the enflamed tip warming my hand as I rubbed my silvery goo all over the sensitive glans, the milky discharge clinging erotically to the spongy skin.

"Lick your fingers." With most of my cum clinging to the tip of his throbbing pecker, I brought my fingers to my mouth and licked them clean as he watched, a smile of satisfaction on his face. I'd never tasted my own cum before, but knowing this is what Max wanted me to do, I found the taste of it illicitly exciting. "That's good. Now get that knob back in your mouth like you just had it and let me feel your tongue lap up all that cum. I'm pretty close with this first load and I'm just gonna jack it off right into your mouth while you suck on the head."

I shivered with excitement as I listened to him, feeling my prick twitch again already as the boiling blood rushed through my veins back to where it was needed. I leaned forward, my eyes focusing on the pulsing head of his cock, the whole surface glistening with my silvery cum. I spread my lips wide open and moved closer as he fed it right into my welcoming mouth. The massive knob bumped against my lips and I stretched them as far open as I could until I felt them slip back over the thick rope-like corona, trapping the cum-covered helmet within my mouth. I held still where I was, my lips stretched wide open, the enormous mushroom head filling my mouth. Remembering what he'd asked, I pressed my tongue against the inverted V on the underside of the knob and started to roll my tongue all around the cummy surface.

"That's my boy," Max said as I watched him start to slide his hand forwards. "Just keep your mouth right there and work on that cockhead." His circling fingers got closer and I felt them bump gently against my lips before he started his backstroke. I swirled my tongue over the pebbly tissues on top of his glans, drawing my pearly cum back into my mouth. I swallowed my own seed and as the warm nectar slid down my throat, I felt my cock pulse with need again. I'd never had a second hard-on this fast in my life, but as I continued to suck and lick at the enormous crown of Max's rock-hard erection, I couldn't help but reach down and start stroking my own pecker.

"Oh fuck, yeah," Max said as his big mitt started to work more vigorously, his hand bumping rhythmically against my straining lips."Gonna give you a nice big mouthful, Kid. Yeah, a big load of medicine—just like the doctor ordered."

As he pumped, I could feel his warm silky pre-cum oozing onto my welcoming tongue from the gaping red eye at the very tip. I sucked on the massive spongy knob, trying to draw more of the intoxicating fluid into my mouth.

"Oh yeah, that's a good little cocksucker. Keep sucking ... just like that ... oh fuck, that's good. It's not gonna be much longer and I'll fill that belly of yours. I want you to swallow it all—get every single drop."

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