by Jakelyon

Copyright© 2014 by Jakelyon

Erotica Sex Story: Steve and Christa are back at it again. Christa has found a new way to climax and Steve is happy to help. Things get out of hand and go farther than either of them imagined.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   .

Dave started dating Taylor after their sexual encounter and I didn't get to see him as much. Anna would not return my calls so I guess she was not all that into me. I hung out at the pool and stared at all the mom tits. Teri was still being standoffish so no action was coming my way from that direction. Then a week or so after the sex fest in the woods, I got a call from Christa, "Come over today at 4:00PM, my parents will be out."

She hung up before I could say anything else and I was hoping she was planning another blow job session. The day passed slowly, I was horny as anything but wanted to save myself for what I was expecting to be a sexual festival at Christa's house. At 3:55 I jumped on my bike and headed over to Christa. As promised her parents were gone; the driveway was empty. I headed up to her door and she met me opening it before I could ring the bell.

"Hi, Steve, you got here right on time," she said in a soft sexy voice. Of course everything about her was sexy as she was wearing the same thin, white tank top and her erect nipples were poking out all nice and stiff. She also had on a pair of short cutoffs that showed off her long, tanned legs. I got a boner just looking at her. She moved in close, bringing her lips to mine, rubbing her slender, toned body up against me. Her hand found my cock and she started to stroke me though the rough denim of my cutoffs.

I grabbed her ass with both hands pulling her in closer to me as my tongue probed her mouth, my hands filled with her tight, round ass. We stumbled into her living room and fell back on the large formal couch that did not get much use as everyone was always in the family room. She ended up on top of me and pulled her tight tank top off so I could see her budding tits, and erect nipples. "Suck my nipples," she moaned and lowered her chest so I could take her nipples into my mouth.

Christa moaned as I suck her nipples, her eyes closed in pleasure. After a bit she slowly slid down my body, and she fumbled at the snap on my cutoffs and leaned back, sliding them down my legs, letting my hard cock pop up. She lowered her mouth to my swollen cock head and sucked me hard, bobbing her head, taking my stiff boner into her mouth. I held her head, letting my hands follow her mouth up and down on my erection as I grew ever closer to orgasm. "I'm going to blow, I moaned.

She just went deeper on my cock and sucked me tight. I could not hold back a second longer and I ejaculated in her mouth, my cock spewing long strings of sperm. This time she swallowed my load with no problem. Her hand stroking my tight ball sack as I came in her mouth.

When I had finished she stood up quick and slithered out of her shorts, so that she stood completely naked in front of me. She quickly got back on top of me, her mouth coming to mine, her probing tongue still tasting of my cum, swirling in my mouth. I slid my hand down between her legs, finding her wet slash, sliding my fingers in, probing her moistness. She moaned as I teased her cunt. Then she said, let me show you something and slid back on my torso, so she was right over my hard cock. Straddling me she grasped my thick erection and slowly began to rub it up and down her cunt, sliding me across her clit, and then up and down her wet gash, slowly masturbating herself.

"I watched my mom do this with my dad's cock last night"

My head filled with visions of her voluptuous mother naked and stroking my cock. Linda's big tits were filling my mind as her daughter rubbed my cock, it was a nice vision.

Christa spoke again saying, "She seemed to really like it, I think she came at least three times."

She increased the speed of her rubbing, forcing my cock head against her clit, rapidly moving back and forth until she arched her back and let out a low moan of pleasure. "Oh Steve, I'm cumming," she moaned, as she ground my cock into her stiff little clit.

She slowed down for a moment and then resumed her steady stimulation using my cock. Then she said, "Your cock head is so hard and soft at the same time. This feels so much better than just my fingers, mmm, my clit is so ready to cum again."

"Fuck, I'm cumming too," I moaned and I began to ejaculate, coating her fist with my cum load, her pussy growing more slippery with our combined juices. She came again within seconds of me, her nipples hard and erect as she climaxed, her clit jammed against my cock. As she climaxed she fell forward onto my chest.

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