Jacking Off

by Jakelyon

Copyright© 2014 by Jakelyon

Erotica Sex Story: Dave and Steve head off to the woods to jack off using a stack of borrowed Playboys. Little do they know they are being watched by two inquisitive girls. Everyone gets educated.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Masturbation   Voyeurism   .

Dave showed up at my house a few days later and showed me the contents of the bag he was carrying. A nice stack of playboys. He borrowed them from his dad's stash in their garage. "You want to head out to the fort and check these out?"

"Yeah, let me finish up breakfast," I said ... Dave sat and chatted with my mom for a few minutes and then we grabbed our bikes and headed out to the woods. The woods was a five or six acre patch of trees near my house that had not yet been developed. We had our own paths through the tangled underbrush, and had build a nice and private fort for our use. We got their quickly and Dave unpacked his bag handing me a June 1972 issue. The centerfold was a brunette with big, firm tits and she looked sexy as hell laying in a bubble filled bathtub. She had a cute smile, a flat stomach and nice tan lines that highlighted her well-shaped, pale tits.

My cock was rock hard and I looked over at Dave. He already had his hard pecker out and was fisting it as fast as he could pound away. He was a hot blond centerfold who also had big tits, no surprise there, and was focused on her body. He and I often jerked off together, neither one of us was the slightest bit homo, but we were horny as hell all the time.

He looked over at me and said, "What are you waiting for? Oh, and don't cum on the pages I got to put these back or my Dad will freak out."

I dropped my shorts and let my hard cock out. I gripped the fat head of my cock and started to jerk off while thinking about fucking the hot, dark haired centerfold. It didn't take long for me to get close to cumming and I heard Dave grunting through his first orgasm and heard the splattering of his cum on the dry leaves in our hideout.

I was just about to cum when I heard a rustle in the brush just off to my left. I stopped jacking off, knowing that someone must be there. I was very attuned to the animals of this area, and when Dave and I were in the fort they were not around. I slowly turned and looked at Dave he had heard it too. I quickly pulled my shorts up, and looked at the spot where the noise had come from.

"Aren't you going to cum too, I heard a girl's voice come from the brush.

"Who are you, and why are you spying on us?"

"We aren't spying we come up here all the time. You're in our fort," the voice of the mystery girl answered.

"It's our fort," I said again. "Dave and I built it years ago. Now come out of there."

With a little giggle two girls came out of the brush. I recognized them at once, Anna Jones and Taylor Shields from school. Both girls were the same year in school as us and both of them were pretty, popular and to this point unreachable for Dave and me.

"Well aren't you going to finish," said Anna again. "We want to watch you spurt your stuff."

Anna was a tall, redhead with a perfect body, firm, smallish tits, a tight ass, and a smoking hot face made her a pretty complete walking wet dream for any guy. She normally only hung out with guys older, guys who could drive. Taylor, her friend, was a short blond with big tits, maybe the biggest in school. She usually dated older guys as well and the word was she liked sex and put out easy. Not that Dave or I would know.

Anna's words made me turn red with embarrassment. I didn't have an answer for her question. She kept pushing as she said, "Seriously, no big deal, we were enjoying the show"

Suddenly I went for it as I answered, "OK but you need to show me your tits while I do it. I need some inspiration."

She considered this for a moment before she said, "No way, you have your magazine girls."

"Not the same," I said, "Show me your tits, both of you, or the show stops here."

Anna looked at me silently again and then glanced at Taylor. Then she pulled her t-shirt over her head, she was not wearing a bra so her small, firm tits capped with light pink nipples were immediately in view. My cock started to swell again and I gripped it, motioning to Taylor to keep her bargain. Taylor slowly pulled her own t-shirt up and over. She had really big tits, way more than a handful, and she released them from her front clasp bra. Her nipples were large, and dark. I stared at them as I started to jack off again. I could hear Anna's breathing became faster as she watched me masturbate in front of her.

"Do it too," I said to her. "Touch yourself, come for me."

She unsnapped her shorts and slid her hand down inside her panties. I could see the look on her face change as she found her erect clit and started to move her hand back and forth stimulating herself.

"Are you wet Anna? Does looking at my cock my you pussy get wet."

"Yes," she moaned in pleasure as she continued to masturbate for me.

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