Burgundy Lips
Chapter 3

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Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 3 - A young man is seduced by two older women.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction  

Yesterday's exertions left me exhausted so I had retired early, slept well and woke up feeling fit and ready to go again. Perhaps that was fortunate, as I had promised Elisabeth that I would visit Jutta today. I had a hearty breakfast to give me energy for the day and, as I was eating, I got the thought, 'What would my friends say, if they knew how I had spent yesterday afternoon?'

Well, I certainly wouldn't be telling any of them. But I do know one thing: I'll bet they have never enjoyed sex as I did yesterday. Putting aside the fact that Elisabeth was old and fat, she was very experienced and pleasured me as much as I had pleasured her. I wondered if I would have as much fun with Jutta today. I certainly hoped so.

I walked from the stairwell to Jutta's apartment and, just as I pressed her bell push, a door further down the corridor opened and out came Frau Schmidt. As soon as she saw me, she smiled at me, the sort of smile that said, 'I know what you are up to!' Frau Schmidt winked at me as she passed and I felt my face colouring up. I turned and watched her walking away from me. She had a lovely figure and such pretty legs. I didn't realise I was staring at her beautiful bum undulating its way down the passage until I was aware of Jutta standing at the open doorway, peeking out to see what had attracted my attention. When I finally turned my attention to her, she smiled benignly and welcomed me in.

"You like Heidi?" Jutta asked me, with no hint of disapproval.

"Well," I stammered as I felt my face go red, "I ... I ... I..."

"That's alright, Kurt. Yes, she's a very lovely woman. I watch her myself sometimes. Come in, come in. I may not have her body but I can give you lots of fun."

She turned me round, hugged me close, put her full, fleshy lips upon mine and gave me as sweet a kiss as I've ever had. Tender, but I felt there was the hint that passion might break out at any time. It felt nice to be cushioned against her big, soft bosom. Still maintaining that kiss, she stripped me of my shirt and pushed my shorts to my knees after negotiating around my stiffening prick. I, in turn, slipped her house robe off her shoulders and was just a little surprised that she was naked underneath. But then I was not wearing underwear either.

We had to break off to get rid of my shorts then she led me to her bedroom. Although she was not small by any means, she was at least 20 kilos less than Elisabeth was. After yesterday, I discovered that I liked extra flesh. It is so lovely and soft to lie upon.

She sat me down on the side of the bed. "Did you like Elisabeth's lipstick yesterday," she asked.

"Yes it was sexy, after I got used to the idea."

"I taught her to do it. Will you wear my lipstick today?"

I told her that I was very happy to oblige. Jutta's chosen colour was a bright scarlet and I watched her layering the lipstick on her own lips then she gave me the same treatment. "Now, Kurt, I want you to mark my breasts with your lips," here her voice changed to a conspiratorial whisper, "and I want you to mark them like you gave Elisabeth – the marks that don't wash off."

As soon as we were side by side on the bed, I took charge of her nearest tit and put my lipstick kiss on that one then the other. As I had done with Elisabeth yesterday, I set to work sucking up big love bites, alternating between her tits so the marks matched those of her friend.

Once she was marked to her satisfaction, she encouraged me to play with her breasts and suckle at her nipples. As I sucked her hard nubs, I held a lovely breast in both hands, squeezing and moulding the soft flesh quite roughly but Jutta seemed to be enjoying the treatment she was receiving: she was almost purring like a kitten.

When I switched to give the other breast a similar handling, she moved one of my hands down her body to her pussy, which felt hot and moist, ready for whatever I was going to do. I slipped a finger up and down her plump nether lips, straying now and then to her clitoris, which was sticking out as hard as her nipples. She seemed very sensitive down there and shuddered with each touch.

Jutta's breathing was becoming more laboured and she pushed my head down to her groin. As it had yesterday, the fascinating, exciting, smell of her pussy invaded my nostrils and my tongue reached out to taste her nectar, tickling her perineum and lapping all the way up her pussy lips. Her flavour was different from Elisabeth's, being light and thin-tasting: just as delicious in its own way so I continued to lap as I had started.

As I was servicing her pussy, I looked up to see Jutta lift a breast to her mouth and suck on the nipple. Her fingers were mauling the soft globe as her hips started to lift to meet my tongue. I took hold of her legs and looped her thighs over my shoulders, the better to spread her wide open. I briefly tongued her bum hole and her body jerked as she uttered a small cry. She obviously liked what I had just done so I switched my attention to that little hole, lapping over it and pushing the tip of my tongue inside. The taste was different but nice in its own way: I was enjoying myself and my prick was standing rock hard as I dry humped her leg.

Jutta must have sensed my growing urgency as she pulled my body further up hers until my erection nudged at her pussy. She pushed her hands between us and pulled her lower lips wide open as she welcomed my penetration. She groaned a little then gave out a long sigh as I buried myself deep within her body.

I bent my face to hers, spreading her legs even wider, and kissed her mouth. She took hold of my head and started licking the taste of herself off my face, pausing now and then to give me a tongue-thrusting kiss. Her lapping at my face finished, we concentrated on a frenzied kiss, our tongues fighting a friendly battle. I was aware of the taste of her lipstick mashing against my own. Yes, I liked this taste too, but I concentrated on banging into her pussy until I was groaning and humping in anticipation of my climax and finally called her name in the exquisite release as I felt spurt after spurt pumping into her depths. My lover wrapped her legs round my back and pulled me as far inside her as possible and she squealed her own shuddering orgasm.

She continued to use her legs to keep me inside her, every few seconds lifting her hips and squeezing my prick with her internal muscles. I never fully deflated because of this stimulation and when she presented her nipple to my mouth, I latched my lips round the hard nub and suckled like a baby, my tool started coming back to life.

"Mmmmmmm..." she hummed softly, giving my growing prick an extra squeeze, "something is coming back for more." Soon I was hard enough to begin sliding up and down inside her, slowly and gently, filling her depths as she encouraged me. Having come once, there was not so much urgency so I was happy to let my body and tool take up a regular slow rhythm. Jutta was obviously enjoying this because she was kept murmuring my name: she was almost purring like a cuddled kitten. Every few minutes she would give out a shuddering groan as another minor orgasm washed through her.

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