The Virgin Princess
Chapter 2

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 2 - She had a huge crush on him at school but he treated her mean! Now they are both adults...will things be different....

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Fiction   Tear Jerker   Slow  

Ginny was in the kitchen the next morning, when she heard Karen's key in the door.

"You home, Gin?" she heard her call out.

"In the kitchen! The kettle's just boiled." Karen made herself tea, then sat at the table opposite her friend.

"I don't suppose I need to ask what sort of evening you had!" Ginny exclaimed.

"I think we underestimated Chris, Ginny: he's an absolute babe ... and what stamina! I was actually glad he had to go to work today!"

" ... Wow! I never thought I'd ever hear you say you were getting too much sex! So, is that it, or are you seeing him again?"

"Oh definitely ... and it was his idea! He's a bit like a drug, Gin ... you know you shouldn't, but you can't help yourself! Did you go out last night after all?"

" ... Hmm ... I went to Macey's ... I met up with someone I went to school with! It was quite a pleasant evening!"

"That's good! Are you still going to your mum and dad's today?"

"Yes! I'm going just as soon as I've had breakfast and got dressed!"

"Well, give your mum my love: I think I'm going to bed ... I need the rest!"

It took Ginny just over ninety minutes to drive from her home in North London to her parent's house, just to the south of Leicester. It was a journey that she made quite regularly: usually every six to eight weeks. Her parents had never really settled in London and they had moved back to Leicestershire, where there were lots of relatives and friends, a few years ago. Ginny's attitude was very different to that of her parents: as far as she was concerned, her future was with the Metropolitan Police, and she couldn't think of anything that would induce her to move back to the East Midlands. But there was something quite comforting about going home for these brief visits, either visiting for a day, or staying overnight.

"So how are you, Love?" her mother asked her as they sat down after her arrival. "Anything interesting happening, apart from your job?"

"It's funny you should ask that, Mum! I bumped into someone I used to go to Swan Lane with ... do you remember me telling you about Georgie Porter?"

"Wasn't he the boy who used to bully you?"

" ... Well, to be fair, he never really bullied me: but he did use to tease me a lot! Anyway, as I say, I bumped into him again, and he's really nice!"

Mrs Webster looked at Ginny in that way that mother's have of looking at their children ... as if they expect to be told something that they don't really want to hear!

"It sounds like you still like him, Love ... I always knew you had a bit of a thing for him when you were at school!"

" ... But how..." Ginny exclaimed, " ... I never said anything!"

" ... Love: I may be your mother, but I was a teenager once, too! Your dad might have been the first man I really loved ... but he wasn't the first boy I ever fantasised about! And I still remember all those Saturdays that you went out to watch your school team play! I always just assumed that it was an infatuation, and that you grew out of it as you got older! So will you be bumping into him again..."

Ginny laughed with her mother: Shirley Webster had always had a good relationship with her daughter; and there were very few things that Ginny had kept from her mother deliberately.

" ... He's got my number, Mum ... I hope there'll be some more 'bumping'!"

She had just finished eating with her parents, later that day, when her phone rang. Rather than talk in front of them, Ginny took the call in another room.

"Who do you suppose that was?" her father said, not taking his eyes off the evening news on the television.

" ... Oh, just an old friend, I expect!" her mother replied.

Karen was out when Georgie called to collect Ginny. It was her last evening off before she was due to begin her rotation onto nights with Karen. Her friend was making the most of it, too, as Chris' switch to nights with Harry was still some weeks away, and there would be little opportunity for them to meet up socially!

" ... That's another reason you shouldn't date a colleague!" Ginny had said, knowing how cranky her housemate could get when she couldn't satisfy her 'appetites'.

"Well, look at you, Princess!" Georgie had exclaimed when he arrived, "I don't want to criticise; but you've gone to a lot of trouble for a movie and a meal!"

"I can change if you like!" Ginny said, "It won't take me long!" She neglected to say that it had taken her several hours to choose what to wear, and then primp and preen herself until she was happy with how she looked. Georgie picked up on a certain tone in her voice, that said she wasn't entirely happy with his observations.

" ... Don't get me wrong, Princess, you look gorgeous! It's just that you make me want to forget about going out altogether!" Ginny was placated. She held out her hand:

" ... Come on: film, food; then ... flattery!"

They were going to an out-of-town multiplex, where there would be a bigger choice of films than the local three-screener. And for his own, personal reasons, he didn't want to go somewhere too close to home.

"Can I ask you a question, Princess?"

"I don't see why not!" she replied, as they were driving along, " ... Is it serious?"

"Well, I think so! Do you consider yourself to be a good police officer; and that no one is above the law?"

Ginny was quiet. She wasn't exactly sure where this was going; or whether she really wanted to find out ... but there was really no way back!

"Yes; to both parts," she said, quite emphatically, "Why do you ask?"

" ... Well..." he deliberately tried to drag out the answer, " ... If you believe in law and order ... don't you think it's a crime that one woman should be so beautiful!"

First, she just stared, wide-eyed at him ... then she started to laugh! And not just a little girly giggle, or a quick guffaw: but a full-on, fruity belly laugh; that made him pull over and stop the car, because he wanted to laugh so much as well! Ginny took a tissue out of her bag to dab her eyes.

"Oh, Georgie Porter!" she finally said, holding her aching belly, " ... You really are a bad, bad boy!"

At the multiplex they picked a romantic comedy that had been featured heavily on TV for a few weeks. They had to queue, but they both agreed that it was worth the wait! Then he took her to a nice little Italian restaurant that he knew, where he had reserved a table for as late as possible: so that they wouldn't have to rush to get there after the film; but not so late that they would have to eat then rush off because the restaurant wanted to close up!

"This is lovely! Have you been here often: they seem to know you?" Ginny asked.

" ... Quite a lot: I bring all my women here ... I get a discount as a regular customer!" Ginny reached across the table and put both of her hands on his, while looking deeply into his eyes.

"Aren't you ever serious?"

"Sorry! It's that old habit again! I think it's a defensive mechanism: when you're insecure and you discover that you can say stupid things and make people laugh; you start saying stupid things all the time!"

"Are you insecure, Georgie?"

"A little, I suppose: but I do have a serious side, too ... believe it or not. We don't actually know very much about each other, do we Princess! I know you were the pretty red-headed girl that I used to tease, because I thought it made me look clever in front of my friends, and I didn't stop to think how much it might be hurting you!"

"And you were the popular boy whose friend everyone wanted to be. Who was cute, and funny ... and also very annoying at times ... but who I was still desperate to be noticed by! And if being teased meant you noticed me, I was happy ... no, not happy ... I was willing to accept the teasing!" Georgie looked at her quite thoughtfully, then:

"I'm going to tell you something, Princess: something a lot of those kids who followed me around at school like sheep never knew; my mother abandoned me when I was a baby! I lived in foster homes until I was sixteen ... some good; some not so good! There were also some really nice people who wanted to make my life better; but I kicked against them, until it got to the point where they had to send me back to the children's home. It took me a long while to work out that it was my fault that no one wanted to give me a permanent home!" Ginny could feel the lump rising in her throat: which had nothing to do with the meal that she'd just eaten.

"Is that the reason that you didn't stay on at school?"

" ... Pretty much! I was legally old enough to leave school and earn money; so that's what I did! No more children's home, and no more foster parents ... just me! It wasn't easy, and I made mistakes; but I learned a lot about people, and values, too!"

"And what about ... er ... relationships?" Ginny asked him. Was he worth pursuing, or were the scars too deep now? He held her hands and smiled, and the warmth flowed through her body ... like stepping out of the house on a hot summers day!

"There have been women, Ginny: unfortunately quite a few; and some of those were really nice as well! But even when I thought that maybe one of them was the one who could give me what I'd missed while I was growing up, something would always hold me back! I don't think that I was ever mean to anyone: at least not deliberately; but I'd usually end up saying something really stupid ... I'm sure that you know what I mean, Princess!"

She braced herself mentally, then asked: " ... And me?"

" ... Well, I think: physically and mentally; you could kick my backside if you wanted to!"

" ... And that's good?" He nodded.

"I think it's about time someone did!" Georgie paid for the meal and they walked back to the car.

"You know that this is my last free night for a couple of weeks, Mr Porter! Are you going to make me spend it alone ... or do I have to kick your backside!"

" ... Okay ... no need for handcuffs ... I'll come quietly!" Ginny laughed.

" ... Well, you can if you want ... but there's no one there to hear you if you don't!"

Once inside the house, they went straight to the bedroom.

" ... This is my 'manor', Sonny Jim! I don't want you to give me any trouble!" Ginny said, "Now, stand up!" Georgie smiled and went to speak. Ginny gave him one those no-nonsense looks that she used sometimes in her job. " ... Quiet, please: I don't want to hear a word out of you, unless I ask you a question!"

He was up for the game! She helped him out of his jacket, then started to unbutton his shirt: all the while never taking her eyes off of his face. With his shirt on the chair with his jacket, she raked her fingernails lightly over his chest, then her mouth found one of his nipples. She took it between her teeth ... not enough to really hurt him; but just enough to produce a low moan.

Undoing his jeans, she pushed them down over his hips and then past his knees. There was definitely some activity in his shorts! Georgie then found himself being walked backwards to the bed, and a firm push sent him falling onto it. Ginny tugged at his shoes and socks, and then his trousers were completely off, too.

" ... When do I get a turn?" he asked.

" ... Quiet! Did I say you could speak!" Georgie shook his head ... but he kept smiling. Soon his boxer shorts were on floor. Ginny stood at the foot of the bed, licking her lips as she looked down at his ever-hardening erection.

" ... This is very serious," she exclaimed, " ... there are harsh penalties for carrying a concealed weapon!"

Georgie was trying really hard to stop himself laughing: but he ached in anticipation of getting his hands on Ginny's sweet body!

"I'll be back in a few minutes," she said, " ... then we shall be ready for a few games! ... And don't you dare start without me!"

He was now so hard that it was actually painful! He could hear her moving around in the background, in the bathroom, but he tried desperately not to imagine what she might be doing: because it would only make his own predicament worse.

" ... Okay, I'm ready!" she said from the bedroom doorway. Georgie looked up, took in what he was seeing, then a huge laugh burst out of his mouth!

" ... Priceless! Absolutely bloody priceless!" Ginny was now dressed in a representation of her school sports outfit: white tennis shoes, knee-length white socks, a wine-red short skirt, and a polo shirt. She'd even tied her hair into two bunches!

" ... You haven't..." he asked her, incredulously. She smiled and nodded eagerly, then lifted the hem of her short skirt...

" ... The navy-blue knickers!" Georgie said, " ... Now I get to do what I always wanted to in 4B!"

Ginny lay exhausted in Georgie's arms: both their bodies glistening with sweat from the exertions of their love-making.

"Thank you so much! That was worth all the years of teasing!"

"And thank you!" he replied, " ... Do you always make your lovers work that hard!"

" ... Oh ... don't think you've finished for the night, Georgie Porter ... I'm not done with you yet!"

" ... Help! Help! Police brutality!" he called out, feebly. Ginny giggled.

"It's no use, Lover ... I told you: no one can hear you!"

They kissed goodbye at the front door, then Georgie walked exaggeratedly awkwardly to his car. It was unlikely that they would be doing that again for some weeks ... but at the moment, Georgie wasn't sure that he really minded! He'd always thought that he was quite a good lover: but that red-headed fireball had certainly taught him a few things that he didn't know! He had quite a good memory, and he could vividly remember her as being the shy little mouse type, who would never be as bold as she had been last night! She was really starting to get under his skin, and it was a sensation that he was definitely beginning to enjoy!

It was Ginny's first day of night duty, so she went back to her room, stripped off the soiled bedding, remade the bed, then climbed into it. After they had finally stopped in the early hours, she had fallen soundly asleep: but she knew that the changeover shifts were always more tiring than you thought; so she wanted to get in a few more hours before she had to get washed, dressed, then fed before she and Karen reported for work. In fact, she expected her friend home some time soon, to do exactly the same thing that she was doing now!

After a good sleep, Ginny awoke refreshed. She was still tired, but she was happy. Leaving her own room she walked to her friend's and stuck her head around Karen's door.

"Come on, Kaz! Duty calls!" Her friend said several rather rude things, then covered her head with her pillow! Ginny headed for the shower, and while she was in there, Karen came into the bathroom.

"Room for me!" she called out.

"Okay ... I'm nearly done!" Karen stepped into the bath, and they shuffled up close together, so that the water from the large shower head cascaded onto both of them. "A good night?" Ginny asked. Karen grinned.

" ... Four times, I think: how about you?" Ginny laughed.

"Only three ... I think the poor love was in shock this morning, though!" Karen was now feeling much more awake: "Attagirl, Gin!" As they dried themselves off they chatted.

"I don't think I've ever known you to be with a guy for this long before, Kaz! For you, it almost amounts to the dreaded 'R' word!" Karen laughed.

" ... I know! I usually either scare them off, or get bored with them by now ... but I don't know ... Chris is different somehow! I think I'm actually going to miss him while we're on nights!"

"Steady on, Love!" Ginny exclaimed: " ... Never mind the 'R': this is sounding suspiciously like the 'L' word!" Karen laughed raucously.

" ... No! Don't, Gin! Now you're scaring me!"

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