Mansi and Jiya

by Mansi

Copyright© 2014 by Mansi

Erotica Sex Story: Mansi and Jiya are two filthy scat lesbians

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Lesbian   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Water Sports   Scatology   .

They were warm and firm and had a smooth silky texture, exactly as she had expected. Two of them were thicker than her wrist and they lay in neat heart shaped curves on her breasts. The remaining four were slightly thinner but longer and they made beautiful curves around the heart. Even in her intense state of arousal, Mansi could not help smiling. This was Jiya's speciality. No one else could do it with such perfection. Jiya's mountain of an arse was still only a few feet above her face with her hands pulling the cheeks apart and exposing the dark brown source of delicious filth. The enticing opening was still showing pulsating spasms with a very small piece of that lovely candy dangling as if fighting gravity to stay within the temple of filth, Jiya's shithole. Jiya squeezed her dirt hole for one final time and pinched off the candy which fell straight into Mansi's open mouth.

"Uhmmmm..." was all that Mansi could say as she devoured the delicious crap. She closed her eyes. She wanted to detach herself from the world. She didn't want any distractions. Her only connection with the life was taste of shit in her mouth.

Jiya stood up and turned around inspecting the work that she had just done. She was an artist, an sculpture critiquing her own work. Was the thickness uniform? Was the texture perfect? Was the color of her shit good enough for such an art work? Could she have rotated her ass a little faster while the shit fell on Mansi to do a better shape? Could she have kept the logs inside her for a longer duration? She was making mental notes of all these finer things. She took a finger in her mouth, lubricated it with her saliva and pushed it effortlessly in her behind. When she pulled it out, her finger had a near uniform coat of brownish-yellow paste and a little morsel of the same stuff at the finger. She took the finger in her mouth and for a moment was lost in the taste and pleasure. Her eyes closed, she savoured the delicious taste. It tasted exactly as she had wanted it to. She would record today's recipe for future use.

For Jiya, shitting was an art, a life-long journey in perversion and depravity that she had relentlessly pursued since she was first introduced to scat by her aunt. Since then there was no turning back. She had experimented with all kinds of foods, different amounts of water and piss, holding her turds in her for different durations, even what time of the day you shitted made a difference. Years of hard-work had paid off and today she was the considered a goddess of shit lovers. Anyone who'd eaten from her would be hooked onto her shit. It wasn't only the amazing taste or the aroma or the copious quantity of shit she produced that made a difference. It was her commitment and devotion to the art of defecating. It was her deep love. When she shitted, she did it with tremendous love and devotion. She treated every turd as her child. She'd carefully lay them in neat shapes, caress them, kiss them, lick them. Her turds were labour of love for her. Like her baby. She'd very slowly slice them in small pieces and feed her lesbian lovers. Like a mother feeding her loving baby some delicious candy. Sometimes, she directly defecated in her lovers' mouth and in such cases, she'd take ages to prepare her lovers to receive her filth. She'd kiss them passionately, spit a generous amount of saliva in their oral cavities and then line the walls of mouth with her fingers. At times, she'd use her pussy juices to prepare the waiting mouths. The better prepared a mouth is, the better the shit would taste.

Jiya was an accomplished eater too. But she would indulge into eating only from exclusive sources, those that could produce truly delectable sausages. Her personal preference was an output from a vegetarian, high fibre diet from girls in their late twenties who could hold their stuff for several days. She didn't like to eat from skinny women. Her food would come from wholesome females with large but shapely bums. She could spend her life loving and nursing the holes and waiting for the gate of filth to open. She always like fresh shit, usually with a glass of fresh warm urine, sometimes with a puke dessert.

"Hey love" Jiya cooed in Mansi's ears "see what I made for you"

Mansi opened lust laden eyes and saw the shit logs on her breasts and then looked into Jiya's eyes. She was overwhelmed with emotion.

"Are they all mine?"

"Yes love, they are all for you. And I will make more for you" said Jiya, running her fingers through Mansi's hair.

"You made them all for me. Jiya, say that you made them only for me"

"Who else I would prepare them for love. They were especially prepared for you. I prepared them exactly the way you like. Doll, I have been eating the stuff that you love and I baked them in my anal oven for two whole days. Only for you darling, only for you. You know how difficult it is to hold them in after stuffing so much. Whenever, I was about to give up, I thought of you and your love made me endure it"

"Ohhh ... Jiya, they are precious Jiya, I love you sooo ... much. Thank you". Mansi took a deep breath and the aroma of fresh shit captivated her completely.

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