Futa Beach

by Chimera

Copyright Rachael Ross & Anonymous

Erotica Sex Story: Jeff's problems with porn addiction continue when he finds himself transformed into one of his favorite hentai characters, the amazing Ami Omigoshi, but that isn't the weird part.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Reluctant   Shemale   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Size   Transformation   .


With a grunt, I fell face first onto the ... sand? Definitely. Fine white sand, more like snow, really, except it sort of itched and wasn't cold at all. It felt sorta hot, actually. But the brightness dazzled me at first and the first question that popped into my head was...

"What the fuck?"

I'd landed on a pair of big, fluffy pillows, or so it seemed, or maybe a couple friendly beach balls that someone had conveniently left laying around just in case someone tripped. On closer examination, however, I quickly realized that I'd landed on something else altogether. I had tits! Huge, firm, soft, pale boobs that ached beneath the weight of my body.

And what a body! I pushed myself up from the sand, sort of rolling over and onto my decidedly cushiony bottom. Not far away, lazy waves washed onto the shore with a pleasant swoosh. A cool breeze carried the scent of salt and brine to tickle my nose. Seagulls reeled above my head, occasionally dropping to earth to snatch at something edible. I paid that picturesque vista not the slightest attention. I looked like a girl, and a very sexy one at that!

My new breasts were barely contained beneath the skimpiest one piece bathing suit I'd ever seen, outside of a hentai comic, at least. Thin black straps went over my shoulders and across my long, fat nipples without a prayer of covering my pink areolas. They were tight, too, the straps, I mean. Pulled taut like rubber bands all the way down to where they met in the hopes of covering my clean shaven pussy. I knew I had a pussy because I could see my coral labia folding around the crotch of my swimsuit, if crotch it could be called. The stretchy material dipped between my cheeks and across my rosy anus, turning upward and splitting apart at the small of my back to arrive once more at my shoulders.

"I must be dreaming!" I decided, but the words spilled from my lips with a sexy, breathless, definitely girlish giggle that would have made my dick ache with desire ... If I had a dick.

Why was I giggling anyway? This wasn't very funny, and while I'd had plenty of weird dreams in my life, none of them involved being a girl. I mean, I had hips! Real ones that looked entirely too inviting as I began tentatively explore my body's delicious curves. My waist was tiny and if I didn't have such small, delicate hands, I probably could have wrapped my fingers completely around my tummy. And my belly button was pierced, I noticed, although it wasn't easy to tell as I had to turn and bend, and crane my neck to see past my enormous breasts. Jesus! They were huge! Like the size of basketballs or something, and as unlikely as it sounds, they didn't seem to be very heavy. I mean, the extra weight did take some getting used to, but compared to the rest of me, those gorgeous knockers should have pulled me right back to where I started -- face down on the sand.

Or maybe not. What did I know about being a girl? Fuck! This was insane, especially when I finally managed to look at my belly button piercing. It was a golden ring with a small, golden tag attached to it. Like a dog tag, sorta, and I had to squint to read the letters, but when I finally did, I blinked hard and fast.

"SLUT!" I read aloud, unable to stop from giggling again.

I knew that tag! Hell, I knew that swimsuit I wore, too. One of my favorite hentai characters, Ami Omigoshi, had amazing tits, a perfect ass, toned legs, and an irrepressible laugh every time she opened her mouth. I looked at my fingernails: Pink. I looked at my sexy toes and they were painted pink as well, her favorite color. I didn't need a mirror to know that my shaggy hair would be pink and my eyes lavender, and my ripe, pouting lips painted red. Ami was hot! I'd always thought so and I must have collected every single picture of her that had ever been drawn. Not to mention all three of her videos! That girl loved to fuck, trust me.

Okay, so I was dreaming that I was Ami Omigoshi, a make-believe girl who loved sex more than anything else in the world. I could sorta live with that. I mean, look at me! What a body! How many times had I jerked off trying to imagine what it would be like to spend some quality time in Ami's loving arms? Or at least, deep inside her cock hungry pussy! She had a wet, sloppy, made-for-cock mouth, too. And I definitely wouldn't mind stretching her tight asshole with my swollen cock until I blasted a load of hot jizz into her buttery rectum.

Unfortunately, I didn't have a cock! And that depressing thought made me giggle.

Huh? Fuck! Ami hardly ever said anything in her videos. She just giggled a lot and I guess that was part of the package, although I wasn't sure why my subconscious would include a silly habit like that in my dreams. It didn't matter. Just looking at myself was making me horny as hell. If this was a dream, and I couldn't think of any good reason why it wouldn't be, then I was determined to make it a wet one!

I let myself fall onto that comfortable sand, laying on my back with an endless azure sky above me. The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold. The sun's warmth was tempered by that cool breeze, and as I began caressing my tits, I couldn't imagine a better dream than this. Well, probably I could if I really tried, but for the moment ... Tits! My nipples were as large as my thumbs and still growing as I began to play with them. I remembered Ami drawn as a cowgirl, connected to a milking machine, and her nipples had been ridiculously huge. I loved those pictures and began tugging on my nipples, really pinching them hard, in an effort to get that same effect.

Maybe I could suck them?!

Of course I could, I thought with another breathless giggle. My tits were amazing! I let go of my nipples and squeezed those immense globes of female flesh, pushing my breasts upward. My nipples, by now very nearly two inches long, seemed to have a mind of their own as they bent toward my open mouth. I extended my small, pink tongue and began lapping at the rubbery nub of my left nipple. Ohhhh ... That felt good! My pussy quickly began to juice, although I didn't immediately understand what was going on down there. I almost thought I was peeing myself, but no ... I was just getting turned on and my pussy was getting herself ready for some serious dick action. Except, there wasn't any dick to be had, thank goodness.

Maybe Ami got off on fucking strange men in strange places, but I was one thousand percent into girls! I might be wearing her body, but at least I was still Jeff on the inside. All I wanted to do was play with Ami, spill a fresh wad of boy cream into my pajamas, and wake up all hot and sticky when my alarm clock went off. That was the plan and by the time I'd pulled my right nipple into my mouth, sucking and nibbling and tonguing it to burning life, I actually felt pretty good about my strange dream.

And then it got even better! Or so I thought.

"Ohhhh..." a female voice teased. "What have we got here?"

"It looks like a girl," someone answered, another young woman with a squeaky, high-pitched voice.

"Mmmph?" I froze with my mouth still full of bloated nipple, my hands still overflowing with Ami's huge breasts, and legs spread wide in a wanton display of lust. I'd shrugged my swimsuit off my shoulders, but the bottom of the lycra V was still in place. It didn't cover much more than my buzzing clitoris, however, and the glistening petals of my steaming sex were on full display to anyone passing by. Except, there hadn't been anyone else around ... until now.

"She looks like a slut," the first girl decided. "Ask her what she's doing here."

"What are you doing here, slut?" her friend asked.

With sun behind them, I couldn't really make out any details. They looked to be about the same age as me, like 18 years old, and definitely attractive. I mean, even with their faces in shadow, I could definitely appreciate their long legs, generous hips, and large breasts. When I let go of my tits and used my hands to shield my eyes, I could see them better. The one on the left was a little taller, and her hair was blue, unlike her golden haired friend. They wore swimsuits, string bikini tops that were entirely too small for their tits, and dental floss thongs that didn't seem to be of any use at all. They were both incredibly beautiful in the same hentai exaggerated way that Ami was ... or I was, I should say. We were all perfect, or perhaps just caricatures of perfection, I wasn't sure.

"Who are you?" I wondered, smiling back at them. Except, they weren't actually smiling at me. But this was my dream and so I felt a certain sense of ownership.

"Tell her this is our beach," the first girl, the blue haired one, said. She seemed sorta snooty to me and I figured her for a cheerleader or something.

"I'm right here!" I told her, giggling, but she looked at the ocean instead.

"This is our beach," the blonde informed me, hands on hips and making it sound more like an accusation. "Girls like you aren't supposed to be here!"

"Why not?" I wondered. "I kind of like it here."

I felt pretty confident of myself, obviously. I mean, Ami Omigoshi wasn't the sort of girl to be kicked off the beach by anyone! In fact, I felt a little surprised that these two girls were wasting so much time with all that talking. It was my dream and plainly my subconscious had brought these two bimbos in for some hot lesbian action! I wasn't interested in some lifeguard showing up with a monster cock, although that was precisely the sort of situation in which Ami thrived. Bring in a couple uber-sexy hentai lesbians, even if the blue one was a serious dyke, and I'd be right at home! Lesbians are hot!

"Why don't you join me?" I suggested with a precocious giggle, patting the sand beside me. "I didn't bring any suntan lotion, but I can find something to rub all over your, uh ... back."

"You really don't know where you are, do you?" the blue girl said, then turned to her companion. "She really doesn't know."

"No," the blonde agreed. "I don't think she does."

"Uhhh ... Why?" I asked, feeling just a hint of nervousness. This wasn't going the way it should have, in my opinion. "Where am I?"

"Tell her," Blue said.

"This is Futa Beach," Blondie told me. "Our beach! Get it?"

That news made me frown, but only because I'd heard the term futa before. I'd even come across some futa hentai, like who hasn't? But it wasn't something that I'd ever found very appealing. I mean, girls with dicks? That was just too weird, even for me. Tentacle sex? Sure! Cowgirls, bunnygirls, catgirls, incest, BDSM, and even a little bestiality was okay, but dick girls? The very idea made my red-blooded, homophobic balls shrivel with paranoia! I liked my tits to come with a nice, honey-dripping pussy, you know?

"Futa Beach?" I said dumbly, and then giggled as I realized they were just fucking with me.

"Ask her what's so funny," Blue commanded, crossing her arms over her titanic tits. They were as large as mine, seriously, but her nipples were smaller.

"What's so funny?" Blondie demanded, frowning.

"Maybe you two bimbos didn't get the memo, but this is my dream," I reminded them.

"Huh?" The two girls looked at each other with a genuine mixture of confused amusement.

"And besides, if this is Futa Beach," I continued, "Then how come you guys don't have dicks? You leave them at home or something?"

"Maybe she's drunk," Blondie murmured, but loud enough that I could hear every word she said. "Do you think she's dangerous?"

"Only to herself maybe," Blue decided. She looked at me, raising her voice, "So that's the way you want it, huh?"

"I guess so," I replied, somewhat airily. In fact, I was feeling a little disappointed by then; my dream had started out so well, too!

"Well, this is our beach," the girl said, reaching down to snake her fingers inside the pouch of her thong. "And we never go anywhere without our cocks!"

Right on cue, both of them smiled and pulled their thongs aside. As if by magic, a pair of incredibly long, impossibly fat cocks sprang outward as if they'd been trapped and hidden from view for the last ten minutes. If I needed any more proof that I had to be dreaming, that was it! Such things didn't happen in real life, obviously, and cocks that size didn't exist anywhere except in the perverted world of Japanese porn! Blue's penis must have been two feet long, I kid you not, and maybe that's why she seemed to be the dominant one. Blondie sported a mere eighteen inches of semi-flaccid futanari cock, but they both had balls the size of cantaloupes!

"Okay," I muttered. "This isn't funny anymore. Time to wake up, Jeff. Come on, buddy, let's wake up now."

I pinched myself, repeatedly, drawing funny looks from the two girls staring down at me. Well, they weren't girls; they were futanari! Blue held her cock with both hands, pulling the foreskin back to reveal the smooth, pinkish glans hidden inside. As she grew more aroused, her erection grew as well. How her slender female body could have supported such a massive tool, I had no idea. Obviously, the normal rules of physics didn't apply and as if to prove it, Blondie's cock had grown long and stiff enough that it pointed past her belly and between her oversized tits! She pushed her breasts together, squeezing her pale pillows around the head of her prick until it disappeared completely.

"Y-Y-You guys stay away from me!" I said, although I just had to giggle for some reason. Stupid Ami.

"Awww ... What's the matter?" Blondie teased. "Haven't you ever been fucked before?"

"I call dibs on her ass," Blue said, approaching slowly with a seductive wiggle of her hips.

Her tits jiggled enticingly and the woman was incredibly attractive, don't get me wrong, but her huge balls were swinging happily, bouncing of her tanned, toned thighs with every step. Likewise, Blondie approached me as well, smiling almost shyly as she continued to massage her penis between those magnificent tits that she held with both hands. Fully aroused, her relatively modest prick had lengthened by at least a foot. And Blue ... Her cock looked as if it belonged on a horse! It was longer than my arm and if it hadn't been stiff as steel, the poor girl would have been dragging it behind her like a tail. But it was rock solid with lust and I could already see her piss sole beginning to dilate as precum began to steadily leak from the tip.

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