L Is for Laundromat

by BIC

Copyright© 2014 by BIC

Sex Story: Linda takes a commonly done dare but is tricked by her friend so it becomes most daring.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Humiliation   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Water Sports   Exhibitionism   Double Penetration   .

Linda scrounged around the bathroom and bedroom of her tiny apartment looking for soiled clothes, bed linen and towels she might wash. It was 2 a.m. Linda was not a fanatical clean-freak, or a wanna-wash-washer woman, nor was she fond of doing chores in the middle of the night. What Linda was, however, was a devoted dare-devil, a desperate taker and giver of dares.

The 19 year old medical secretary had been taking and giving dares in person and on-line for years, ever since she was a high school freshman. In those early days they were sort of childish stunts reflective of the social milieu of classroom and extracurricular activity. She performed such dares as not wearing panties under short, tight skirts. That would escalate on her next dare turn, perhaps the following week, to spreading and flashing a male teacher when she was so garbed (or lacking garb.)

Always concerned that the dare game not be halted by physical violence or authoritarian clamp-down, she and her fellow dare-devils allowed the dare-doer some leeway; for instance, a flash would be for just a second or two. Riskier dares would have an escape clause aspect, such as a plausible explanation at the ready to excuse whatever outlandish behaviour was demanded by the dare.

The easiest way to get double-dares done was to mix and match them by doing daring-do with a fellow dare-devil, thus assuring a MAD ( Mutually Accountable Discipline ) fail-safe. This approach was code-named 'pair-baring' as the dares often involved nudity.

Most of the time the dares were within the pale, but sometimes they were of a darker complexion. Like the time Linda was dared to pick up a strange man in a bar, lure him into the alley in back, then quite honestly inform him that she was on a dare which called for her to give a stranger a blow job... ( wait for it ) ... While in the nude. And would he please help her out. She also insisted she had to record the dare with her cell camera, but his face would not appear in any of the seven pix she took.

Linda was rather scared as she managed that one. She had hung about the bar for two hours before she picked her accomplice; she had noted his manners and dress and figured (1 ) he would likely do it and (2) not rape her. She was right and ended up

getting his phone number, although she had enough sense not to give him hers. Linda enjoyed the thrill of that so much that two weeks later she dared a fellow female dare-devil to do likewise, only this time giving head wasn't the dare, getting her pussy fucked was.

Not that all dares in person or on-line were all about sex. Some were just plain whacky, embarrassing in their oddity not nudity. Once, at a bar, Linda drank 3 shots of gin in under 30 seconds and followed it with a full pint of beer. She took a cab home that night. And one time she had to consume over a quart of water, then go shopping wearing a white thong under a sheer beige summer dress. The double dare, which she carried out, involved having a whiz while window shopping. Going to the loo was not an option; she had to piss herself and soak that thong while standing in line at the food court.

So when Linda got a call from Samantha, one of her favourite dare-buddies, just before 2 a.m. and told to get together any soiled clothes and go to the 24-hour Laundromat on Ballard Street to do her washing, she was sleepy, a bit pissed off but generally up for it. The dare called for her to carry no purse, just enough coin to pay for soap, a wash and two cycles on the industrial drier.

Linda owed Sam after the dare she'd made her friend do the week before. Samantha had succeeded in pulling off the blow-a-stranger-while-nude dare which Linda had done, but her dare for Sam was a double-D and called for two strangers simultaneously, one cock in her mouth and one in her pussy. The reason Linda owed Sam big-time was those guys took it further by making off with Samantha's clothes and her money after fucking her both ways against the middle, so to speak.

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