S Is for Sigma Sorority

by BIC

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Sex Story: College freshman co-ed, Ashley fails brilliantly in her first attempt at pledging Sigma Sorority. If at first you don't succeed...

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Spanking   Light Bond   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   School   .

Sigma Theta Chi was in jeopardy of losing its charter at Carleton University because of all the initiation stunts they forced pledges to undergo last term. Most of the pledge tasks took place on campus or in frat houses nearby. But one in particular took the college high jinx very public by mistake.

The pledge in question, a 17 year old freshman by the name of Ashley, had misunderstood her pledge instructions which had been e-mailed to her. She was supposed to go to the student lounge at midnight, sneak into a men's washroom, strip naked in the handicap toilet stall, leave the stall door slightly ajar, sit on the toilet and wait for some guy to use the facilities. She was to keep her hands behind her head in sexy fashion and say the following to the first guy to enter cubicle:

"Hi, my name is Ashley and I'm pledging Sigma Theta Chi sorority and I must give ten guys blow jobs to fulfill my pledge. You are number one. Will you please help me with my initiation."

Ashley was to give him a blow job and then remain in the cubicle awaiting lucky guy number two saying her lines as above but changing the number to 2, then 3 etc. until she had given ten blow jobs. Not a big deal by today's sorority standards.

Fraternity brothers from Iota Nu Delta were in on the Sigma game and ten of their members were eagerly waiting at the college student lounge. They were more than happy to help initiate another young pledge into Sigma Theta Chi, the sorority which had often reciprocated in similar fashion when the frat needed to humiliate a male freshman pledge.

But the boys of Iota Nu Delta were disappointed this time. Ashley had misunderstood her e-mail instructions. She got the initiation task right and pulled it off much to the delight of ten men. The problem was Ashley's e-mail had read:

" ... Ashley, you are going to be very humiliated and make ten guys happy tonight. So, to the lounge you must go at midnight, sneak into a men's washroom, strip ... etc."

New to campus, Ashley was unfamiliar with all the buildings and campus facilities; she was not aware there was a student lounge. So she assumed that ' The Lounge ' was the name of a night club.

This was Ashley's first time away from home, Toronto, and she knew nothing of Ottawa. So she googled to find this lounge by copying part of her e-mail instructions' but she made a typo and hitting a second 't' instead of a comma, so she wrote the words ' sotto the lounge Ottawa' into the search engine space and came up with Sotto Lounge a very swanky bar and lounge on Dalhousie Street.

She was only 17 years old and under Ontario's drinking age, but she figured she could easily convince the club staff to let her in if she promised not to drink. That's how naïve she was. That night Ashley showed up at the exclusive night club and presented her ID ( she wanted to be completely honest ) and explained how she wasn't there to drink, just to fulfill a sorority initiation. The bouncer looked askance at her and her dubious excuse, but he asked her what sort of initiation she had planned. Ashley saw no reason to lie. So she said, " I have to strip naked in the men's washroom and give ten blow jobs." Ashley was relieved when the bouncer just smiled, nodded and waved her in.

The rest, as they say, is history and Tabloid Front page news, as it turned out. Lucky Sotto patron # 6 turned out to be an Ottawa Sun reporter who took the time to cleverly interview this pretty, naked girl sitting on a toilet sucking his cock. Naïve Ashley told him she was a Sigma pledge and even confessed to being only 18 and a freshman and she even believed the man when he told her he'd been sent to the lounge by her sorority to verify that she was completing her pledge. So she did as he asked and posed with her big blue eyes looking up into his cell phone camera as he took six photos of her sucking on his cock.

The racy rag decided it could publish one of those photos if they 'black-barred' Ashley's face at the eyes and, as they only had her first name and she was over 16, the age of consent in Canada, the paper's lawyers gave them the okay to publish both the photo and the reporter's story under the headline, " Sorority Life Sucks at Carleton U."

And that's what got Sigma Theta Chi on the endangered species list. That made the Sigma sisters really pissed off and they insisted Ashley re-do her initiation, seeing it was her typo that got the sorority in trouble. They were going to be under strict scrutiny for some time, so the Sigma executive decided Ashley would have to do her pledge task in a different way.

One week after the lounge mix-up Ashley was given her second and last chance to pass her sorority initiation. Ashley reached the address she was seeking, a large house in the Glebe near the university grounds. On the front porch were several cases of empty beer bottles piled up and ready for return to the beer store for refund and restocking. The frat brothers of Omicron Mu Gamma were notorious for hell week humiliation, panty raids and toga parties. The frat's raunchy rep was the buzz of Carleton University.

Ashley checked herself out in the window of a car out front; her dirty blond hair was in a ponytail, she wore no make-up except for some lip balm. What couldn't be seen was the fact that her pussy mound had been shaven and waxed smooth just a few hours before leaving her with a perfectly bald pussy. Ashley took a deep breath, smiled and knocked on the door.

When a young man answered the door, Ashley bowed her head slightly and offered up the ribbon tied shoe box and letter of introduction her Sigma sisters had prepared. The boy, who couldn't have been more than 20, was taken by Ashley's good looks as much as by her strange behaviour, but he was also intrigued by the Greek lettering on the envelope before him. Sigma was a well-known sorority on campus and got into trouble almost as often as OMG, his own frat. He asked the young girl at the door what this was all about, but she didn't look up. She just shook her head and put her finger to her lips, signalling that she was not allowed to speak.

The lad accepted the shoe box offering and invited her in. Ashley smiled and, without waiting to be asked, walked into the main room where two frat brothers were seated on a couch before a wide- screen TV. Ashley ignored everyone and sat on the rug with legs folded beneath her, her head now bowed. She listened but spoke not a word as things unfolded just as the sorority sisters had planned.

Her greeter at the door was Fred and his two frat mates were Rene and James. All three were in their third year at Carleton and had been members of the frat for two years. So they knew that this was hell week for freshmen and initiation weekend for fraternities and sororities on campus. So they quickly surmised that this girl squatting in their living room must be a pledge and the box and envelope she gave them was part of her initiation. Fred was thinking this girl must be an ace in her studies because it was clear she'd skipped a few grades to get in to university so young.

James wanted to know what gave and Fred said it was clear this girl had pledged to silence for her initiation so they'd have to see what was written. They gathered around and opened the envelope. Inside was a note which read...

Dear Omicron Mu Gamma Brothers, Please read this letter aloud so our pledge, Ashley, may discover and understand her fate.

GREETINGS from the sisters of Sigma. We bring you a gift of a young pledge who is in desperate need of initiation this weekend. Ashley is to be initiated by AT LEAST 12 fraternity brothers. Please arrange to have that many guys participating in her initiation this weekend. Call up your friends, if you need to, and tell them you have a sorority pledge who needs humiliating.

Ashley has taken a vow of silence for the duration of her pledge. This means she may not utter any words. She may moan and cry and make noises of both pleasure and pain, of course, but she may not utter words ... such as 'no'. In fact, no matter what you demand of her, she will not say 'no'. The toys in this box are to be used on her in this fashion. Please open the box now.

As you can see there is a large plastic bag. Please give this to Ashley and tell her to remove all her clothes and place them in this bag. Please do that now before reading any more.

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