Y Is for Y.M.C.A

by BIC

Copyright© 2014 by BIC

Sex Story: Yvonne is a 15 year old virgin cock teaser who loves flashing and tempting guys and older men, but even more she loves doing dares. She enjoys taking things to the extreme. Has she gone too far this time?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Light Bond   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Yvonne always signed / initialed her notes to boys mischievously, cryptically and parenthetically; that is, she figuratively flashed with flair as she jotted down a 'Y', short of Yvonne, between to parentheses. That made (Y) her sexy signet and evocative avatar. It was most daring of her, but Yvonne was all about the dare!

Maybe a girl in the tenth grade should find more mature things to do. But Yvonne, still a virgin at 15, got her sexual kicks out of teasing older men and tormenting boys in her class.

Coquette would be the polite term to describe her. But boys with raised eyebrows and other body parts raised, called her a cock-teaser. Girls in her class called Yvonne a cock-sucking bitch, even though the target of that crude calumny was more cute than bitchy and the only thing she had yet to suck was her own fingers after a good-night finger fuck session under the sheets before bed time.

All Yvonne wanted was to have fun and flirting with older guys and boys was one way to do that. Dares that involved flashing her bare bottom and/or shaved pussy mound was a thrill too and was sort of like a drive-by flirt. She knew better than to be a streaker-slut like her older cousin Megan; but that's another story.

Young as she was, Yvonne was physically mature for her age and could easily pass for 17 or 18, which drew her deeper and deeper into on-line dare games which called for flashes on college campuses and even in Adult Only bars and Sex Shops. She never actually ordered liquor that night she rushed into a tavern on the other side of town. She just used the 'facilities', or in her case the ' full tit tease', because the dare that night was to 'mistakenly' go to the wrong washroom with her blouse unbuttoned. Her 38-C bra had, of course, been left at home. The double dare was to say, 'Opps, sorry' while shrugging her shoulders but not covering up her boobs. Yvonne took the double dare much to the delight of three men at the urinals and sink.

Many horny guys were in the Sensations Sex Shop when Yvonne arrived to try on a pair of nipple clamps. She insisted on sampling six different pairs right in front of every one before finally choosing a spring action clip. That was the double dare option; screw on tit clips was for a simple dare. As always, Yvonne carried out her dares without the aid of underwear. She took it one step further and asked each man there to give his opinion as she tried on the various sexy accessories. She even let her male admirers lift up and fondle each breast so they could get a better view of the nipple clamps before singing her praises.

Cute and cuddly was what Yvonne thought of herself as she dazzled and delighted men young and old ( including her male teacher ) with her daring-do. But dare to do, she didn't. Yvonne remained chaste, even though a number of boys in her class and many older boys chased after her to no avail. Yvonne was in it for the game not the gonads. Sex, she imagined, was a different kind of fun which, for sure, she would get around to in good time; but for now she was having tons of fun without the complications of sex.

All that was about to change when Yvonne got an e-mail from one of the Truth or Dare sites she surfed. It was a Triple-Bitch Dare from an anonymous darer. A T-B-D was the highest point score dare there was. As in Olympic Gymnastics and Skating, dares were scored according to degrees of difficulty, but also the T-B-D ranked degree of risk and level of unforeseen humiliation. It had everything which attracted Yvonne to daring.

Yet this particular dare went beyond nudity and exposure and left one open to much more. The simple dare was that you rent a room at the YWCA for the evening. Once inside the room, take a long, hot shower and leave all your clothes except your panties and bra in the bathroom. Then open the door to the hallway slightly open and get on the bed. Next you would have to gag yourself with your panties and use your bra to bind your hands behind your back. Then lie down on your back, raise your knees, spread your legs and close your eyes. Remain there for at least ten minutes. That was the simple dare.

Most girls would have to think twice before taking that simple dare. And only a silly girl or a sex-starved slut would take the double dare version. The DD of this dare was exactly the same as the simple type. The only difference being the 'Y' in question would have to be the YMCA, not the YWCA.

Carefully, Yvonne considered the consequences and calculated the risks. She could dress like a boy, braiding her long, blond hair and keeping the plaits hidden under a hoodie. She would wear an over-sized sweater to hide her bountiful bust line. And she would talk in a rough, deep voiced guttural way like she'd heard rap singers do. She could fake it.

As far as exposing herself to men who might pass by in the hallway, she intended to follow the dare to the letter and leave only an inch or two of space open when the door was left ajar. Her hands would be tied behind her and she would be gagged, but her legs would be free to kick or run if needed. And she would certainly be able to spit the panties out of her mouth and scream bloody murder if anyone came into her room with any untoward intent.

Yes! She would take the T-B-D as a DD. That night she informed the on-line dare master that she was going to attempt the full DD dare. The next day Yvonne entered the YMCA dressed as a boy and took a room on the second floor. Her dare was about to begin.

Maybe she should have been more alert and wary, but she did not notice the three girls her age in the Y lobby; they were seated in plush chairs and hiding behind open newspapers. They had overheard which room she had been given and as Yvonne climbed the stairs, they got on their cell phones and alerted a dozen guys, all high school jocks who had been frustrated by cock-teaser Yvonne who'd denied them friendly privileges. The guys were just around the corner from the Y and were ready when the call came.

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