Galactic Murders

by Doc Oc

Copyright© 2014 by Doc Oc

Mystery Story: A twist on "Jack the Ripper"

Caution: This Mystery Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Heterosexual   Mystery   Pregnancy   .

Chapter 1

Saturday February 29 2792; my 32nd birthday and this morning my darling husband, Donald, decided that I needed some loving. And God did I get loved; he started by kissing my eyes then down my cheek to my lips and I felt his tongue swipe my lips demanding entrance. I opened my mouth and allowed it entrance, his caressed my breast and down to my hot slit; I was already sopping. I felt his mouth leave mine and begin its journey down my body nibbling and sucking its way to my tits. He took my nipples in and sucked on them till they were like stone and then gently bit them till I was screaming out, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck me, fuck me now."

He fingered my slit and stroked my bud till I was squirming on the bed and then he started kissing down my body rimming my navel and moving on to my wet twat. He sucked in my labia and chewed on them till I came in a mad rush squirting my juices on his face and into his mouth. He stroked my clit and then sucked it in to his mouth biting it gently and bringing me to another climax. As I squirted again he slid up my body and before I was done cumming he pushed his cock deep within my hot hole. I started cumming again and felt his tool pumping in and out keeping me on the edge of heaven; pulling out till just the head was in me then plunging back in to bury itself at my cervical door and back out short pumping to tease me and longer strokes to keep me going. I am at the edge of complete loss of control when I feel him swell and as he shoots his cum into me I feel the heat of it and cum so hard that I lift us both from the bed. Him still buried right up to and against my stretched cervix pulsing his seed into my womb. I'm thinking that he may have just gotten me pregnant again.

He pulls out of my pussy and I feel the wet track of his load ooze down the crack of my ass to soak into the sheet. He lifts off me and lays be my side stroking my belly and whispering "I love you" in my ear. I'm thinking I might want more when RRRIIINNNGGG! RRRIIINNNGGG! That damned phone, "Hello," "Sam?" "This is Samantha, who is this?" "Sam, it's Harold from the office and we need you here ASAP. A flyer is on its way to you now. This is urgent, there has been another murder; this time on New Australia." "I'm on my way," I said as I hang up the phone and jump up headed for the shower. "Sorry Dear, but duty calls."

I am Samantha Agatha Ellerina Neronia Wolf and I am the Chief Investigative Prosecutor for the Emperor's Justice Department. We have been investigating two murders that have left the local authorities baffled as to Who, How and Why. The 1st was on New Briton and the woman was completely dissected and layed out like on some coroner's exam table. The 2nd was on New Scotland and the woman was laid out exactly the same as on New Briton. Now we have a 3rd on New Australia so it's off to the port for transport to New Australia and a firsthand look at the crime scene; the locals are putting up a stasis field around it so as to maintain it in a pristine state. Awaiting my arrival in 5 months as I'm now boarding the liner Olympic for transit to New Australia.

Chapter 2

As I exited the shuttle I saw a young man with a sign saying WOLF so I walked up and spoke, "I'm CIP Wolf are you here for me?"

"Yes ma'am, I am Lloyd Brown, Prosecutor Hubbard's personal assistant," as he shows me his ID. "I am to take you to the hotel and get you checked in, then tomorrow morning take you to the crime scene."

"That will be fine Mr. Brown. I will get a good night's sleep then start early," I said.

He took me to The Plaza Suites and put my room on the local governments tab so that the Imperium would not be billed for anything. After getting to my room I called home to talk to my family and let them know I had arrived without incident and would be starting in the morning. I told my children I loved them then spoke to my husband privately for a couple of minutes before getting a shower and going to bed.

I awoke early as was my rote and called for breakfast; two eggs over easy, two sausages, two rashers of bacon, cottage fries, wheat toast and marmalade, coffee and juice. I was finishing when the phone beeped and it was the front desk informing me that a Mr. Brown was here to collect me. "I'll be right down," I said. I grabbed my bag and took the lift to the lobby to meet Lloyd and get a lift to the crime scene.

When we arrived at the crime scene there were a number of police officers there and after I looked it over Lloyd and the Chief Magistrate Robert Kline unlocked and released the stasis field so that the Medical Examiner; a Mr. Frank George and myself could go over the body and begin the investigation.

"Mr. George, do you notice anything odd about the incision to open the body?" I asked.

"Yes, it was done with precision not just a hack job. A scalpel was used and the incision is just the right depth so as to not cut into the internal organs. The person or persons doing these things has at least some rudimentary medical knowledge; whether that be a doctor or coroner or even a veterinarian I do not know," he said.

"And the dissection of the organs is that as precise also?" I asked.

"Yes ma'am it is. The organs are cut at exactly the correct point they would be as if this was an organ harvest or autopsy done in my lab. Even their placement is correct in its layout as it is done in a medical school," he replied.

"Thank you Doctor; would you please run a complete toxicology screen paying close attention to older drug combinations, those that are not commonly used anymore. And if you would please have her personal effects sent to my room, 1421 at The Plaza, so that I might go through them. Thank you, Mr. Brown if you would take me back to my hotel I have some calls to make."

Upon my return to my room I started comparing this murder to the other two and after eating lunch called my boss back on Imperious Prime to fill him in. I am informed of another possible victim. A young woman was murdered on New Hebrides more than a year before the New Briton killing.

Case #1: Julia A. Moore; 27 years old, 162cm tall, 56 kilos, blond/blue, 34C-26-36. Reasonably good looking, worked at Johansson and Sons imports as a clerk. Not married, no children. No boyfriend, no girlfriend. Parents deceased, only child. Nothing remarkable about her.

Case #2: Lydia Farnesworth; 25 years old, 165cm tall, 55 kilos, blond/green, 34B-26-35. Reasonably good looking, worked at Libby, Jacobs, Ross and Green imports as a clerk and secretary. Not married, no children. No boyfriend, no girlfriend. Parents deceased, only child. Nothing remarkable about her.

Case #3: Janice Glock; 24 years old, 166cm tall, 56 kilos, blond/blue, 34B-26-36. Reasonably good looking, worked at Hilt and Green imports as a clerk. Not married, no children. No boyfriend, no girlfriend. Parents deceased, only child. Nothing remarkable about her.

Case #4: Sheryl Pennyfeather; 26 years old, 164cm tall, 53 kilos, blond/hazel, 36B-27-36. Reasonably good looking, worked at Gordon and Associates imports as a clerk. Not married, no children. No boyfriend, no girlfriend. Parents deceased, only child. Nothing remarkable about her.

The things they have in common are:

General body type;

General age;


No community ties;

No family ties;

My 2nd call finally goes through and I get Harold on the line. "Harold, this is Samantha," "Hi Sam." "I need the passenger lists from the liners leaving New Briton and New Scotland following the murders there and I need the same lists for passengers arriving at those same places. I also need the background checks on staff and crew of those same liners. The inbound and outbound from here I can get locally."

"You think you're on to something?" he asks

"Just a hunch," I say, "I also need a list of all washouts from medical schools and veterinarian schools for the last 10 years. Also could you get a list of Doctors of both disciplines that have lost their licenses in the same time frame."

"Can do, how soon do you need this?" he asks.

"Yesterday," I tell him.

Chapter 3

It took a month to get all the documents together and sent to me. I also sent requests to the liner companies for manifests and weigh bills, but those would take another 3 or 4 weeks to arrive. I started going through the arrival and departure logs for New Briton for 6 weeks either side of the murder there. 2 arrivals and 2 departures: Victorious; 500 passengers arrived, 136 stayed after departure, 500 departed including 133 layovers from President Reagan, all births filled, No discrepancies. Britannic; 500 passengers arrived, 229 stayed after departure, 500 departed including 121 layovers from Victorious, all births filled, No discrepancies.

For New Scotland the same was found. 2 arrivals and 2 departures: Britannic and Duke of Edinburgh; Britannic 500 passengers arrived, 241 stayed after departure, 500 departed, all births filled including 214 layovers from President Roosevelt, No discrepancies. Duke of Edinburgh, 600 passengers arrived, 314 stayed after departure, 600 departed including 181 layovers from Britannic, all births filled, No discrepancies.

For New Australia it was the same 2 arrivals and 2 departures: Duke of Edinburgh and Victorious; Duke of Edinburgh, 600 passengers arrived, 262 stayed after departure, 600 departed including 181 layovers from Olympic, all births filled, No discrepancies. Victorious; 500 passengers arrived, 184 stayed after departure, 500 departed including 153 layovers from Duke of Edinburgh, all births filled, No discrepancies.

There are no passengers listed on any of the lists that are on the lists of doctors, vets or those that failed either discipline. There are no ties to any of the crew of the liners and records show that the woman worked in the cities where they were found murdered and they had not taken any holidays or been off planet in the last 5 years; and only Ms. Pennyfeather prior to that on holiday with her family.

I have not found any connection between the women themselves or to any known criminals or their associates. None of the passengers or crew on the liners has been in all three places at the time the murders took place. We are grasping at straws and are falling on our asses as we have absolutely nothing to go on. We know because of the way the murders were committed that they were done by the same person/persons but; NOW WHAT?

Chapter 4

Nearly 3 months have passed and a week ago this past Monday I received the ships manifests and weigh bills. And just like all the rest of it; there is nothing here not one blessed discrepancy in any of the data.

I have just been informed that there has been another murder this one on New Ireland and that the Emperor has dispatched an Imperial cutter to get me there as soon as possible.

The shuttle has collected me and my data packs and as soon as it docked the cutter was under way to New Ireland; expected arrival 8 weeks verses 4 months via liner.

I awake from stasis with the typical dry mouth and while getting a juice the Captain informs me that the cutter is to remain at my disposal until such time as this madman is captured. The Captain must have pushed the red line hard as we arrived in 6 weeks and 1 day; must be some kind of speed record but I'm here and now it's time to get this bastard. The prior arrival was the Olympic from New Australia; the same liner I arrived there on. So that tells me the murderer was on the Olympic as the liner before was the Britannic out of New Scotland. So my suspect list just got narrowed from thousands down to 500 passengers and 175 crewmen of the Olympic. Finally things are looking up; only 675 people to run checks on. I start with those passengers that got on at New Australia; 153 persons and the 175 crewmen. All the crew check out and so I start looking into the backgrounds of the 153 passengers.

Zip, Nada, Zilch, Squat, Goose Egg, not one of the passengers can be the murderer; each and every one has come up clean even under truth scans. Where did I go wrong? What am I missing? Where is the murderer? Who is the murderer? Questions, questions and more questions and not an answer in sight.

5 weeks have past and the Olympic is scheduled to depart Friday after next so I only have 2 more weeks before my perp is gone again to murder another unsuspecting woman on another planet. I start looking into the liners themselves and Olympic is bound for New Spain but; the Duke of Edinburgh which arrives in 6 weeks is bound for New Wales. This starts me to thinking that my murderer will be in the layover group headed to New Wales.

As I go through the liners logs again it suddenly jumps right out at me. There are weight discrepancies between arrivals and departures at each planet where a murder took place. 131 kilos is the difference.

A) The Ronald Reagan 131 kilos lighter leaving New Briton, unaccounted for;

B) The Britannic 131 kilos heavier leaving New Briton, unaccounted for;

C) The Britannic 131 kilos heavier arriving New Scotland, unaccounted for;

D) The Britannic 131 kilos lighter leaving New Scotland, unaccounted for;

E) The Franklin D. Roosevelt no weight discrepancy;

F) The Duke of Edinburgh 131 kilos heavier leaving New Scotland, unaccounted for;

G) The Duke of Edinburgh 131 kilos heavier arriving New Australia, unaccounted for;

H) The Duke of Edinburgh 131 kilos lighter leaving New Australia, unaccounted for;

I) The Olympic 131 kilos heavier leaving New Australia, unaccounted for;

J) The Olympic 131 kilos heavier arriving New Ireland, unaccounted for;

I contact Harold; "Harold, this is Samantha, contact the President Lines on New America about where the Ronald Reagan stopped before arriving at New Briton and then contact the authorities there and find out if they have any murders like ours. Also contact the authorities on all other planets to see if there have been murders there as well."

"What's up? he asked. And I quickly explained to him what I had found and what I feared was happening in the Imperium and quite possibly in the New Americas Consortium as well. "Oh shit," is all he said.

Now how do I find my 'stow-away'; given 20 to 25 kilos for his bag that puts my killer at about 105 to 110 kilos, that means he's a big man; not outstanding but larger than average. I am trying to wrap my head around the fact that a 'stow-away' is riding around on space liners killing people at various stops and jumping the next ship out to wherever he wants to go and kills again when he gets there.

It's late so I lay down to sleep with a nagging suspicion going through my head that I'm forgetting something. I suddenly jump up wide awake as I realize what I was forgetting; 'DEAD-HEADS'. Company employees going to another assignment or Government personnel going from one station to another and the liners helping them save a few credits by only charging for baggage.

Back to the records:

1) The Ronald Reagan, 'dead-head'-- Douglas Fairbanks

2) The Britannic, 'dead-head'-- John Barrymore

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