by Bastion Grammar Jr

Copyright© 2014 by Bastion Grammar Jr

Science Fiction: Betrayed by the people he trusted most in the world, broken, killed and resurrected, Reece Cavenaugh is determined to find his way back to being the person he once was. Unfortunately, the Order of Judas might just have some say in that.

Tags: Science Fiction   Sci-fi Fantasy

A brief, serious word:

One of the things I wanted to portray in this story is that there are repercussions to everything we do and everything that happens to us. We are, at the very least, the sum of our experiences. As such, I'm going to attempt to portray certain psychological concepts as I know them. I am a layman. I have absolutely no training in psychology or psychiatry. I don't have any friends or relatives who are trained in psychology or psychiatry with whom I can consult. What I present is probably going to be very simplistic and may stretch the bounds of reality (especially if you're a psychiatrist or psychologist reading this or someone who suffers from a similar affliction) but hopefully not break it; I did do some research into this but it was in no way exhaustive; the concepts I'm attempting to portray are extremely complex and my intention is not to belittle the pain and trauma that anyone has gone through. It's just a story.

[Yes, I know I'm being vague but I don't want to give anything away!]

I have also been reminded that this story is being hosted on SOL – a site that is primarily for erotica. There has been very little of that in the two stories thus far. My viewpoint has always been that I will write sex into a story when it comes naturally to the story. I toyed with it in Speedtrayal during their tryst in Ms. Diltmore's classroom but decided it certainly wasn't right; it would be forced and stretch the bounds of disbelief. The sex will come – I'm definitely building towards it – but it has a little way to go yet. These ARE young teens just edging into adulthood. Give them time.

If you're looking for a stroke story, though ... boy have you come to the wrong story...

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