Right Under Your Nose
Chapter 29

Copyright© 2014 by Sid Emmet

BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 29 - John decides to turn over a new leaf and his best friend Anna wants to help. What happens next surprises them both. Sometimes what you most need is right under your nose. A slow starting romantic love story with some D/s thrown in for good measure.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Fiction   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Spanking   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism  

She was so achingly beautiful it made me catch my breath. Her hair was messed up and scrunched by the blindfold, her skin normally pale, was glowing pink. Her little nipples were standing so stiff it made mine ache in sympathy. But it was her pussy that riveted my gaze. Dark pink, and open, I could see moisture glinting in the moonlight all the way down her thighs. She was panting, but otherwise silent. Her hands were reflexively clutching the bedspread, but the rest of her body was still. I could smell her, her spicy musk from four feet away. Just her smell was enough to kickstart my erection and before I even climbed up on the bed, I was ready to go again. But I knew she was sore, and didn't want to cause her any unjust pain, so I has to be satisfied with the most amazing blowjob I'd ever had. Sigh.

As I kneeled up on the bed, I saw her whole body tense. She was wound tight, and the anticipation was clearly getting to her. Since this was supposed to be a reward, I decided not to tease her this time. Not much anyway. I leaned forward and put my hands on her feet, feeling the bindings that held her wrists. She tensed and a little whine escaped from her throat, which turned into a quiet, wavering 'ooOooOoOoo' as I slid my hands up her legs, over her knees and then down her thighs. The quiet rasping of my skin on hers changing as they slid of slick, wet skin. She'd started a litany of 'ogodogodogod' as my hands reached past the midway point of her thighs and I could feel the intense heat increase as they got closer to her overheated pussy. I paused, about inch away, my fingers curled up over the hollows of her hips, my thumbs resting where the crease of her butt would be if she hadn't rolled her legs back as my hands settled. Her knees were now almost touching her nipples and she was breathing much harder. I figured that was about as much foreplay as she needed, and I leaned forward and blew lightly on her clit. She shuddered and a convulsive "Uuughh" escaped her slack mouth. I leaned in and started with a slow lick from her perineum up to just below her prominent clit. She groaned again and I could feel her pussy pulse as my tongue slid over it. I rolled my hands outside her hips and cradled her tiny butt, and then licked her again with the flat of my tongue, this time I didn't pull off but went back down and stuck it inside her. She shrieked a little and pulsed again, this time more of her juices pooled on my tongue and the taste went straight to my lizard brain. Restraint was suddenly gone, and I wanted every drop. I went nuts trying to lick every millimeter I could reach, I nibbled on her clit, I sucked, slipped a finger inside her, and another rested on her anus. She came almost immediately and didn't stop for some time. She'd pinned her own legs to her chest, and when she came, they'd rocket fowards and lever her hips up off the bed. I was unprepared the first time, so I ended up licking her ass, which seemed to set her off even harder. The next few times, I managed to follow her pelvis as it jerked up and down, and after her biggest cum yet, when she relaxed and flopped back down on the bed, my middle finger popped through her sphincter up to the first knuckle and she immediately leapt right back into another big orgasm. She even squirted, soaking my beard and neck. Her screams and reduced to whimpers, and it sounded almost like she was crying, so I backed off and flopped over next to her.

"Sparrow? You ok love?" I could feel the sweat on her neck, and the tears running down her cheeks. I was seriously worried that I'd gone to far, but she nodded her head frantically, and rasped out "can you get me out of all this stuff?"

I whipped off her blindfold and tried to undo the bindings, but her calisthenics had locked the knots down tight. I scrambled around for my pants, and found the leatherman I always kept in the front pocket. Told her to stay still, and cut through the old ties. Her legs flopped down flat on the bed, and her eyes where still closed. I tossed the leatherman towards the bedside table and rolled back to her side. Limply, she rolled up and draped all over me, boneless and half-comatose.

With her face cradled against the hollow of my neck, she whispered "If that's a reward, I will be a veryvery good girl from now on." I heard the smile in her hoarse voice, and held her tight against me. "So you're ok?" I was still a little worried. "Oh I'm far beyond ok. I didn't know I could ever be this ok." Her voice was recovering, but she still sounded drugged. "Good," I said, "I wanted to make sure I give you the right incentives." She looked up at me, a little dazed, "I'll do anything you ask, Sir. I'll do it with a smile if that's the reward" She smiled at me, and tucked herself back in. Within moments I could tell she was asleep.

We lay there for awhile, my cock was still an iron bar, and didn't seem to get the message that the night was over, and except for that, I would've been happy to sleep where we were, but it was cool in the house, and knew we'd be happier under the blankets. As I shifted and tried to roll away, Anna clung on and made unhappy noises. I kissed the top of her head, and told her "Baby, we got to get under the blankets if we're going to sleep. Let me get you settled..." And I managed to get the covers up over us as I spooned behind her. She felt my cock poke her in the back, and clumsily she reached around to grab it.

"Sir, why are you still hard?"

"Because I have the most sexy slave in the world, and I can still smell her on my beard." I kissed the back of her neck. "Your scent will always make me hard."

"Well, Sir, excuse my impertinence, but why are you trying to sleep with a huge hardon when you've got a naked sex slave pressed up against you. Isn't that against the code of Masters or something?" I could her her smiling and she started stroking and pushing her butt back up against me.

"I figured my slave was done for the night, and it certainly wouldn't be the first time I've fallen asleep with a hardon."

"Fuck that. As long as I'm around, you don't get to have unattended erections anymore. Anytime it gets hard you need to find me and put it in me somewhere until you're all relaxed."

I couldn't resist the opportunity "Is that an order from my slave?" I asked with a little edge to my voice. She tensed and went still. In a quiet voice "Um ... no sir? Just a very emphatic suggestion?" I couldn't help but laugh so I popped her lightly on the hip. "Glad to hear it. I'd hate to think of the trouble you'd be in if you started giving orders." She'd started wiggling again "The suggestion still stands Sir." She scooted her hips up and slipped my cock between her thighs. Now she was rubbing her pussy all over the top and I could feel the moisture coat both of us. She bent away from my and lined us up and started backing on to me. She had about 2" inside when she groaned, and it wasn't a sexy groan.

"Sore?" I asked through clenched teeth, the sensations and the slowness of the insertion were making it very hard not to snap my hips and bury myself. It was an exquisite torture.

"Ummhmmm. I don't care though..." She said as she tried to get more of my into her.

"I do. Stop right now." I said in my command voice. She stopped but whined a little as I started backing out. "I won't have you hurt yourself, not like this."

"Do you have any lube, Sir?"

"Um ... yes. In the nightstand." I had a few ideas, but I was curious to see what she had in mind so I resolved to let it play out. I figure anything that happened was going to end well for me anyway. Once she'd found the lube she slid back and her slick hand wrapped around me. I groan as she squeezed the base of my cock. She purred.

"I love this, Sir. You're so hard and hot in my hand." She slowly stroked me, her hand making a little corkscrew flourish across the head that made my legs twitch. She was still facing away from me and as she stroked she slipped me between the cheeks of her ass and started rubbing, her hips following the motion of her hand. Her skin was so hot and silky that I groaned again. Having just cum less than an hour ago meant that I was in no danger of going off again, but the sensations were making my head spin. I started stroking her back, and reached around to squeeze a breast, Ann groaned low in her throat. "Yes, please touch me. Pet me." She whimpered. She straightened up a little, and moved her hips away from me, but she kept a solid grip on my erection. Then she held me straight out from my body and shifted back. She'd stopped stroking, but now was moving her hips in little circles and then I felt it. She was rubbing the head of my cock all over her ass, and as I slid over her asshole she'd push back a little harder each time. As much as I wanted this, I'd never had anal sex before, I was worried that she was pushing herself too far.

"Ann?" I said in a warning tone.

She panted "S ... Sir? I want this Sir. Please ... I want to give you my ass ... Please Sir. No one else has ever had me there, and I want you to have all of me..." She pushed back hard and I felt her start to flower open. She grunted, and pulled away.

"More lube please Sir." She panted.

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