by Bastion Grammar Jr

Copyright© 2014 by Bastion Grammar Jr

Science Fiction Story: Reece Cavenaugh has found he can move through different 'speed zones' but he's worked hard to keep it a secret. Unfortunately, there's a darker conspiracy afoot and he might not be able to stay out of the conflict.

Tags: mt/ft   Violent   School  

Author's Note

When I first started writing this (back in 'Speed Demon') I tried to shy away from a comic book feel. I was looking to write something that was a bit different from my previous works (because, at that point, I NEEDED to do 'something else'; Traveller just wasn't happening) and allowed me to be a little flippant and disrespectful.

Unfortunately, I'm a big, big, big comic book collector (DC more-so than Marvel) and have been most of my life. I will also admit that 'The Flash' is my favorite hero – so what better topic to take on than someone who can move at incredible speeds but put a little irreverent twist on it? Thus, was 'Speed Demon' born.

The story was first titled 'Faster' and the series was 'Adventures in Subjective Time'. As I got closer to finishing the story, that name just didn't feel right. It wasn't accurate and the series name was long and unwieldly. So I was looking for something different; a new, unique name. As I was mulling it over, I happened to be in the car with my daughter and was, as usual, speeding. Now my daughter just got her learner's permit and noticed I was not following the 'Speed Limit' so she said something to the effect of: 'Hey, Speed Racer! Demon on the gas pedal, huh?' Speed Racer? NO ... Speed Demon!

Except it turns out the name wasn't original, as I've come to find out. I guess that 'Speed Demon' is a character (villain?) in the Marvel Universe; I guess I should have known something that obvious would be taken. In the hopes of not being sued for copyright infringement and full disclosure: this isn't that. Hope that clears it up for you.

[By the way, I don't speak German and very, very little Spanish. Any errors with other languages are all courtesy of; still the best free translation program I've ever seen.]

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