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Erotica Sex Story: The story of a young woman who had no knowledge of sex is introduced into that world and finds that not only does she enjoy it but it also can be financially rewarding.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Mother   Father   Grand Parent   Uncle   Group Sex   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Double Penetration   .

What was it that turned a very conservative and highly moral woman into a very popular and successful prostitute could have been a number of reasons, but as she put down the phone and wrote the address of her latest client she pondered that very question and the events that lead to her present situation.

She had come from a conservative household where a strong moral code, especially regarding sexual behaviour had been installed in her from a very early age. Her mother and grandmother always dressed, barely showing any skin and regarded the sexual act as a form of punishment that they had to bear for the sake of 'reproduction', she was taught never to enjoy it but to tolerate it for its sole purpose and then to avoid it at all cost. Her mother and grandmother had stressed it was a vile act.

As for her father and the other males in the family they seemed to support the women's views and she never witnessed any sign of affection from any of the men, so she advanced into adult life without an knowledge of a man, in reality she hadn't even been kissed apart from the peck on the cheek that she had been told was acceptable, but only from a relative; the thought of a boy actually kissing her was an alien as the 'man from Mars'.

When her girl friend who she worked with suggested that they take their holiday together she was very concerned and despite being twenty years of age had to ask permission from her parents. She was grilled but finally she was given permission because the girl she was going with was found to be from a family of high standard – boy was she in for a surprise.

The motel room they were staying at was very close to the beach and they could sit outside their room and survey the coming and going of the people who passed, especially in her friend's case – the men. "You know what I want this holiday to be Belinda" her friend said.

"An enjoyable one Heather", Belinda required as she poured another glass of a fruit juice. Her friend smiled as she followed two well built men with the turn of her head. "Yes enjoyable but also one that is a continuous fuck. The most men I have accommodated in one session is three, I have wondered how many men I could fuck in an evening and this holiday my dear Belinda I intend to find out". The glass of fruit juice fell from Belinda's grip and her gasp was one of sheer horror. Her friend was also surprised at the reaction and then asked the question that revealed Belinda's total ignorance of sex and men. "Ever been fucked Belinda?" she asked

"I ... I ... I have never been with a man and ... and I have never f ... fucked. I ... I really don't know what it means, the word 'fucked".

Her friend nearly fell off the chair. For several seconds she didn't know what to say for Belinda was attractive, had a very nice set of tits and nice bottom and she knew had a growth of hair between her legs that she knew, at least the men she had been with, appreciated. "You haven't ever been sexually involved with a man", she asked, pure shock registered in her voice. Belinda was totally embarrassed; all she did was shake her head. "Well my dear we are going to fix that", her friend said as she got up. "Your first lesson is about to begin", she continued with a smile. "Lets change into our swimming gear, grab the towels and head for the beach and survey what it has to offer and I don't mean the water, I mean the men".

"Fuck Belinda you can't wear that; that costume went out with the dark ages", her friend cried in horror as Belinda produced her swimmers. "It ... it is all I have Heather", came the embarrassed reply.

"Never mind I have a spare" with that Heather produced a twin to what she had laid out, a bikini that left nothing to the imagination. No woman was as confused as Belinda for when she eventually put on the few patches of cloth that barely covered a fraction of her tits and cut into the crease of her bottom so that in reality both cheeks were bare and long strains of dark hair were showing for the bikini bottom didn't totally cover the forest at her groin. "Now that is more like it" Heather said as she picked up the towels. "Let's go and catch ourselves some hulk of a man who my dear can tell you and show you what a fuck is". Belinda was still voicing a protest as Heather led her out and towards the beach.

The beach was occupied but not crowded and Heather picked a sunny section, she put down her towel and lay back, Belinda followed her examples and in that position, Heather in particular observed the passing procession of men. "Hm!' Heather muttered. "We will have to give a definite green light", she smiling concluded as she removed her bikini top, revealing two very mature, large and attractive tits and with a good bit of encouragement Belinda followed suit much too Heather satisfaction. "Now we wait", she said as she rested on her elbows.

Men are men and two attractive women, topless at that were going to attractive attention and it wasn't long before Heather's battle plan was bringing results. There were six men a smorgasbord of multiculturalism, two were as black as coal, two were from the Indian Sub Continent and the others were Anglo-Saxon. Just a single word 'Hello!' was the ignition key that was to turn Belinda's world upside down. "How about we go back to our motel for coffee", Heather smiling said with a grin at Belinda after the usual introduction had been given. No six men could agree more. Slowly Heather replaced her top, making sure that the men were given a good indication of what sort of coffee Heather had in mind.

Coffee was the last thing on anybodies mind. Belinda was in the world of the unknown. It only two seconds for Heather to be totally nude and seconds more to be sucking the first available cock, "Go on Belinda", Heather said as she pulled away from the sucked cock with saliva running down her chin. "Suck your first cock and just do as I do. Be fair with her, she is new to the game of fucking", she concluded for the next utterance was a slurping sound.

Never before had Belinda had her tits massaged or her nipples pulled, never before had she experience roving fingers explore and penetrating her cunt and never before has she experience such pleasure. Her gasps rivalled Heather who was now riding a cock, while sucking another and manually working another. Pushed onto the bed, her legs pulled apart and 'wham' her first cock. Belinda rose off the bed like a rack rabbit, only to be pulled back and a cock forced into her open mouth. Every thrust of that plunging cock made her backside rise and fall but it was nothing to the plunge and the gush of cum, this time she almost lifted off the mattress for at the same time the sucked cock exploded and she struggled and gasped for air as cum and saliva poured from her open mouth.

A time out or a lapse in activity was not what Heather wanted, she wanted a marathon fuck and what she wanted was what was also on the agenda for Belinda. As one man got off another got on, not for a minute did her legs close. Her face was covered in cum from exploding cocks, her tits were covered as well and the hair between her legs was the colour of the seeds of men. It was only after two hours of solid fucking and with exhaustion taking its toll on all the men did the women finally untangle themselves and stagger into the shower. "I'm absolutely fucked", Heather said but with a smile as she washed the remains of men from almost every part of her anatomy. "What about you Belinda, how have you enjoyed your first cock, or I correct that your first cocks, plural for they all went through you?" Belinda was silent as the soap and water washed away the traces of her first encounter with the cocks of men. "Fucking wonderful", she gasped. "I ... I never knew what it was like, but Heather if what I just did was fucking I want to do it again. I have never felt so 'on top of the world'. Heather guided her out of the shower and after drying themselves walked naked back into the room. "Well how about some refreshment before we start round two?" Heather said as she produced light refreshment from the mini fridge.

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