Snow on the Roof
Chapter 6

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Sex Story: Chapter 6 - Hair turning gray on a man does not mean he is losing his interest in having sex. Fortunately there are older women who also maintain a similar interest

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic  

Tom was just walking back into the condo building after purchasing a paper when he met Rachel and her husband as they were walking out of the building. Rachel introduced Tom to her husband as the man who gave her the training on investments. Her husband thanked Tom for doing it but he didn’t seem to want to engage in conversation with Tom and said they needed to be going. Rachel just rolled her eyes and gave Tom a nice smile. As they left him, Tom turned and watched Rachel and her fine ass walk away which presented an interesting picture.

That night in taking Diane out to dinner was not a disaster but it was close to it. The problem started when Diane suggested the go to a new Italian restaurant that had just opened which had good reviews. Tom agreed to go there although he was not a fan of olive oil which he found was liberally used in these restaurants.

Diane was nicely dressed in an outfit that emphasized the big rack she had.

After valet parking the car, they entered the restaurant. Tom could tell immediately by the interior decorations and the way the staff was dressed that this was an upscale restaurant. While there were a large number of diners there but he had no problem in securing a table.

In following the hostess to their table, Tom was surprised to see that Rachel and her husband were already there dining. When Rachel saw Tom walking with Diane she gave a look that said a lot. The old saying of “If looks could kill” would apply to the look Rachel was giving to Diane or Tom. He wasn’t sure who she was looking at.

Tom thought about it but decided that there was absolutely nothing wrong with him dating Diane and Rachel needed to get over it.

Things just went from bad to worse when he started talking to Diane after they had ordered drinks. To say that Diane leaned left in her thinking would not be correct. She just didn’t lean left, she leaned far far left and with Tom leaning right that would cause a major conflict in any relationship. He thought that the saying of opposites attract just wouldn’t apply here with Diane and him.

The conversation continued to go downhill when Diane’s made a comment after her second drink. The conversation in some way had gotten around to the subject of sex, probably because of last night’s incident. She said that she didn’t believe that oral sex was right in either doing or receiving. Further that she believed that people should not engage in sex outside of marriage.

Weighing all this and even though she had a large set of breasts that interested him, Tom decided to cut his losses. Taking Diane home he told her with tongue in cheek, that he had a wonderful time but declined her offer to come in for coffee. It seemed to him she was looking for romance and a long term commitment which was something Tom wasn’t looking for, at least not with her.

With Rachel not available Tom spent the week by golfing three times and he went out on a party boat to do some fishing. Since Ray and Linda were due back in about a week he also did some shopping and purchased a nice gift for them because of them letting him use their condo.

Sunday afternoon he was watching a NBA game on the television when he heard the doorbell chime. Opening the door he saw Rachel standing there and as usual she looked quite sexy.

“I just dropped him off at the airport, can I come in?”

“Sure, can I get you something to drink?”

“A diet soda would be nice.”

He joined her sitting on the sofa and engaged in some small talk conversation. He could however sense something was bothering Rachel.

“Okay Rachel, I think I know you well enough to know that there is something wrong. Out with it, what is bothering you?

“Oh nothing at all... , I was just wondering if you gave your lady friend who I saw you with at the restaurant any of your special instruction?”

“Rachel, don’t get your panties in wad because what happens between me and my lady friends is something I won’t discuss with you. Am I wrong but are you jealous that I took another woman out? I don’t mean to sound angry but do you expect me not to see other ladies because you will let me get into your panties every other week?”

Now she had to weigh what she was feeling against what he had just said. She responded, “Maybe I am a little jealous and I know I shouldn’t be. Oh Tom, I am so sorry.”

He put his arms around her and hugged her and kissed the top of her head.

“Do you want to go to bed?”

“It’s much too early to go to sleep.’

“Who said anything about sleep?”

“Oh Tom... , yes I do.”

In the bedroom they made love, rested and watched some television and made love again. It seemed that they couldn’t get enough of each other. She was just one woman who wanted to make love at every opportunity. Besides making love he enjoyed teasing her and it seemed she enjoyed him doing it.

Rachel spent every day and night with Tom which caused the time to fly by. Tom received an e-mail confirming that Ray and Linda were due back the next day. Tom told Rachel he was going to head over to Orlando to see the attractions that were there and then he would go to Mel and Lana Simmons condo on the east coast and stay there for about two weeks before he started to head back north. He said he was planning to stop and spend some time with a friend in Clearwater.

Rachel said she wasn’t sure how long she would stay in Florida before she too headed back north. It depended she said on the weather up north. She did say as she stroked his shaft that when she was back north she was not going to be available at night but her afternoons as well as herself were going to be wide open for Tom.

Tom knew the invitation she just gave him and told her he would like to spend the afternoons with her.

After re-stocking the refrigerator and writing a thank you note as well as a check for his expenses at the club, Tom left those items along with the keys to the condo next to the gift he had purchased for Ray and Linda. Leaving the condo Tom headed to Orlando. On driving to that destination he had time to think about the relationships he had with Carrie and Rachel. He knew for sure that they were two exciting women who enjoyed making love.

In Orlando he acted like an average tourist. He visited Disney World, Universal Studios and golfed twice at two nice courses. He had a nice but lonely time.

He was at the Simmons’s condo in the morning where they briefed him on the condo and gave him information on things to do in the area. Tom gave Mel and Lana a ride to the airport stopping on the way back to do some shopping.

During the week he continued to play tourist. He golfed two times and drove down to Key West to see what that area had to offer. Key West he thought was a little too touristy in his opinion especially when the passengers were around and roaming the streets from a big cruise ship that was in port.

Late Sunday afternoon it was starting to turn dark when he heard a buzzer indicating someone was calling him from the building’s lobby.

He responded to the buzzer asking who was there and heard a muffled response, “Pizza delivery.’

“I didn’t order a pizza.”

“This pizza is marked paid and it says it’s a gift.”

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