The Sins of the Peroxide Blonde

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: If only Rosie could have the same shade of hair color as Marilyn, then she would be a "hot" number with lots of sex appeal.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Rosie O'Grady had red hair. Her mother and her father thought it was beautiful because it reminded them of their birthplace Ireland. She was teased relentlessly in grade school because she was the only redhead in the entire class of thirty students. One boy had hair that looked a little bit red when the sun hit it just right but nobody made fun of him because he was pretty big and tough.

Sister Immaculata told her she was lucky to have red hair because it matched her face which was a "map of Ireland". Rosie certainly didn't think her face looked like a map and she thought the poor nun was losing her marbles. Despite her mother wanting her to keep her hair long, she made every effort to keep it short and straight. She was a fortunate girl because she lost her baby fat at a very early age. In fact, it was just before puberty and she sort of blossomed after that. The boys were captivated by her curves and shining eyes and bewitching smile. Still, Rosie thought her red hair was a big detraction and she knew she would most certainly change the color at the first opportunity. She didn't have the intestinal fortitude to do something that drastic while she was still in high school and so she bided her time and waited.

It was probably a good thing that she thought her hair was just too hideous to believe the boys who told her how pretty she looked to them. Rose was convinced they were just saying that to make her more willing to afford the little devils the use of her secret places for those "things" hidden between their nasty boy legs. Her skepticism managed to keep her pure and innocent right up through graduation from high school much to the astonishment of most of her female friends.

Rose's most favorite person in the whole wide world was Marilyn Monroe.

She knew the poor thing couldn't act for beans. Her speaking voice was a disaster and she really needed to watch the double desserts. But in her eyes, the famous Hollywood actress had the most beautiful hair she had ever seen. Rose wanted hair like Marilyn Monroe so bad that she searched for ways to change her hair color to look just like Marilyn's.

Besides, everyone she knew kept telling her how Marilyn had the elusive "sex appeal" that she desperately wanted used to describe Rosie O'Grady as well. In actuality, Rose had plenty of sex appeal with her hour-glass figure and her long shapely legs. Her boobs had developed nicely and were tipped with the most interesting nipples that looked ready to tackle the world. Down south where the grass grows greener, she was delicately formed and delectably designed. Even from the rear, the last part of her anatomy that went over the fence was enticingly heart-shaped and free of blemishes and imperfections. Whenever she bent over in the classroom or went up the stairs, the boys within reasonable viewing distance found their trousers becoming noticeably tighter and less roomy to hold their growing equipment. Thus, she was with sizable "sex appeal" of her own even with the unwanted red hair.

When she was eighteen, Rosie decided she would go to the secretarial school to learn the new-fangled dictation with the language all its own. She had to decide between "Gregg" and "Pittman" and she was so fearful of offending one of them that she decided to learn them both.

Going to the business school was so different that Rosie started to lose her fear of boys and started to flirt and talk to boys just like she was a regular girl wanting to get kissed and whatever follows. Her parents noticed the change in her and were relieved because they were beginning to think she was so anti-boy that she might either join a convent or take up with indecent girls with other leanings.

The girl who sat directly in front of her was from the island of Puerto Rico.

She didn't look very Puerto Rican because she had beautiful blonde, almost platinum, shaded hair. It was caught back in a "Pony-tail" that made her want to reach out and stroke gently just to feel the silvery strands in her hands. When Maria opened her mouth to talk, it was obvious she was from Puerto Rico. She had a thick accent that dripped with Caribbean casualness and sometimes accelerated into staccato needles of accentuation. Maria was a light-skinned girl, just as light as Rosie's Irish toned skin. She told Rosie that it was unusual for a girl from the islands, but that most of her extended family were either brown or even black. The friendly girl informed her that her silly twin brother Louis was exactly like her except he had hair that was somewhat red like Rosie's. When her new friend told her that, Rosie exclaimed,

"I hate my red hair. I wish I had hair just like yours. I want hair like Marilyn Monroe so bad that I can almost taste it."

Maria giggled and told her,

"My brother, he have the red hair when young but now is black because he use the bottle from the Pharmacia."

That interested Rosie because she suddenly started to wonder if Maria's hair wasn't obtained in much the same manner.

Eventually, she managed to squeeze out the truth from Maria and the embarrassed girl admitted her hair had been reddish as well and she had made "magic" with it with the use of the Hydrogen Peroxide bottle from the same place her brother bought the black hair dye. She admitted the first time she used it; it didn't look that nice because the red roots looked shamefully obvious. Then, after a couple of careful applications, she was satisfied with the result and only had to refresh it every other month.

Maria even allowed Rosie to touch her hair and see how soft and lovely it really did feel. Rosie's mind was made up and she begged her new friend to show her the way to make her hair look the way she always saw herself in her dreams. They were like a pair of conspirators planning the overthrow of a decadent regime in some third-world country.

When the moment of truth arrived, they were both in Maria's apartment at the big sink in the kitchen with Maria explaining how she had to make certain she had some sort of covering over her hair when she "dried it in" so that the hair would not get damaged. She had undressed down to her undies with a towel wrapped around her so when Louis, Maria's brother came home, she didn't feel uncomfortable kneeling on the chair bent over the sink for her hair to drain off. Of course, the towel protected her front but it didn't quite cover her backside which was open to Louis's ogling eyes. Maria saw the focus of her horny brother's attention and she only smiled and didn't say a word.

She asked her brother to come over and help hold Rosie's hair away from her eyes to keep the peroxide at a safe distance. It was necessary for him to come into contact with Rosie's hindquarters in order to do the job properly and the innocent girl got her first introduction to an actual live touch of male equipment nestled snugly into the crack of her flanks. She knew right away what it was and it made her heart beat much faster and she suddenly felt all soft and giving inside like she needed to distribute presents for Christmas. She really didn't know what Louis looked like because her eyes were shut tight out of fear of the bleaching agent in her hair. The combination of that fear was mixed now with her instinctive urges triggered by Louis's aroused shaft.

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