Speed Demon

by Bastion Grammar Jr

Copyright© 2014 by Bastion Grammar Jr

Science Fiction Story: While attempting to avenge his sister's honor, Reece Cavenaugh ran into trouble. He was QUICK to get out of it, though.

Tags: Voyeurism  

I started this as a time stop story. I had intended on Reece being able to just stop time and have an end with it. A nice, small story filled with sex and revenge and...

It was in Part 02 that I began to run into difficulties. I couldn't explain 'time stop'. I couldn't even conceive of a way that it would be possible. I mean, if a person could stop time they'd be affecting the ENTIRE UNIVERSE (and 'the universe is big ... mind bogglingly big... '). So, I tried to think my way through it – how would I explain such a thing?

This is the story that came out. I hope you enjoy it.

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