Stormy Day at the Pool

by Dead Writer

Copyright© 2014 by Dead Writer

Coming of Age Story: Ever take shelter from a storm in a unisex bathroom at a neighborhood pool because it was too far to get home? What about sheltering with the opposite sex. Paul finds himself stuck in a bathroom with others from the pool and learns quite a bit, yet pays a hefty price.

Tags: mt/ft   mt/Fa   Teenagers   Fiction  

Man I love summer vacation! At least I have really loved it since I turned 11 and could go to the pool without needing to be with an adult. In order to do this I had to swim two lengths of the pool without stopping. The pool had lifeguards just in case I did something stupid and was drowning. My buddies from school were always to jealous because their neighborhoods didn't have pools or you had to be 14 because they did not want to pay lifeguards. My neighborhood was so big that we had two pools I could go to, so when one was closed or they were doing swim lessons or swim team practice, I could go to the other one. I wore out two bikes over the last 3 summers going from pool to pool.

This summer was no different! I finally talked my parents into getting me a 21-speed mountain bike as my current bike was just an old 5-speed. That bike got handed down to me when my aunt was cleaning out her garage. I had a cousin that begged non-stop for months to get it and then rode it twice before deciding it was not cool enough for him. Dang tires were so dry rotted when I got it that I had a blow out when I was riding it around in the driveway to adjust the seat height. By the time this summer had started I was already on my third set of tires for it and those were wearing through. As I said, I rode it a lot. Over the summer I would easily ride ten miles a day around the neighborhood and on side roads to go hang out with friends.

The pool closest to my house was closed for swim practice and I really enjoyed having the extra gears to get up and down the hills as I rode over to the other pool. It was the bigger one and still had a diving board over the deep end. My pool had it taken out because the ankle biters would try to jump from the diving board to the side. After a few of them broke their noses or knocked out teeth, the home owner's board ripped it out and cemented over where the base used to sit. It sucked a lot too because I was getting really good at getting a 2 — flip off that board. The other pool had a bit higher board with adjustable spring so you could just get the right bounce, but I never did. I only allowed myself a belly flop or two a summer from un-tucking too soon before giving up trying to get it right.

Today was a scorcher and they just repaved all of the roads in this part of the neighborhood. I was glad to hit the water to cool off. I couldn't get my bike locked up, take off my shirt, and drop my shoes fast enough. Once I cooled down I joined in a game of pool Frisbee. I wished they would let us use a real sized Frisbee instead of the cloth thing we had to use. Sure, when we used the normal Frisbees we would occasionally clock a kid in the head or get it stuck on the roof of the clubhouse, but so what? They still let the big kids throw tennis balls around. I got beaned in the head by one, that for a change was really an accident, and no one made them have to use Nerf balls or the water balls. I am pretty sure it was just because the big kids were in high school and hung out with the life guards all of the time. Maybe next year when I got to high school they would be cool toward me too.

I had not even been here fifteen minutes when they said it was time for the lifeguard break. This pool always took them half past the hour. The pool closest to my house was on the hour. My new bike definitely got me here faster than the old one. Normally when I left home at ten after I would get to the far pool just when the break had finished due to all of the hills I had to put my old bike up. My buddies were complaining that they all had to go home now. One just had enough time to cut the grass and clean up before his dad got home. Two were getting dragged off to their sibling's doctor's appointments. The last three were going across town to hang out with a friend that just got an X-Box One and PS4 for his birthday. I was supposed to go over too, but my mom was in a snit about something she said I did and chores I didn't do, but wouldn't tell me what they were. Dad said to just fly under her radar for a few days and all would be cool.

I joked with him that it was bad PMS. Dad got really serious, you know the kind of oh shit I said shot off my mouth so now my ass is going to hurt like hell from that belt serious. He told me it was not PMS, mom wasn't on the rag, and to not even thing about asking her what was wrong. Unless I just absolutely had to ask her something, I was to leave her alone and make myself scarce.

So I was just sitting on the edge of the pool with my feet in the water waiting for the Life Guards to duck into the pool house for a second or swim away from me. I think it had to be something all of us kids practiced doing once we were old enough to be at the pool without an adult. I know I used to get caught a lot at first, but now I can slip into the water, drop down to the bottom of the deep end, come back up and be back sitting on the side of the pool before they noticed. I was not the quietest at doing it, but I didn't make any more noise than the kids kicking their feet to splash each other. I know the lifeguards could tell I had done it, but they only rarely caught me at it anymore. Most times when they did I only got a warning.

Today we had lucked out and got Julie as one of the lifeguards. She was always super cool. Her boss Todd was here too, but he was always on his cell with someone and a bit of a dick. I don't think he ever even got on the lifeguard chair. Julie always blew the whistle on time to let us back in the pool. Sometimes she would blow it earlier if Todd wasn't here and it was just kids here. One time I heard her telling another lifeguard that really all she wanted to do on her break was to swim a few laps to cool down, hit the bathroom, and then go back to getting more sun. She was one of those girls that had medium brown hair that always turned blond during the first weeks of summer break. Another great thing is that she is really tall and wears these cool tan-through one-piece suits.

Some of the guys brag about how they could see her nipples and bush through it, but I know they are lying. I heard her saying last summer how her stepmom had paid to have her get electrolysis hair removal for her legs, pits, and selected parts of her bush that stuck out at the sides of her suit. The rest she said she got waxed every week no matter if she needed it or not. I knew first hand that they could not have seen a nipple because they were so pale you could barely see them once she got a bit tan. That was because one day, purely by accident, I happened to walk by the pump room when she was putting some suntan lotion on her chest and stomach. She stood up straight just as I passed and I got to see her naked from her hips up. I could just barely tell there was something a pink in the middle of her small boobs. Julie just smiled at me and waved as I rushed off to hide my boner making a tent in my swimsuit. I know she left the door cracked on purpose a week later since it was just me, her, one lifeguard that had rushed off to get them some lunch and a bunch of moms with little kids in the baby pool. She was just barely inside the door, during the lifeguard break, with her suit pulled down to her hip bones again.

"Paul," she sort of whispered. "Can you do my back really fast? That guy Todd just hired really creeps me out. I know you already saw everything last week that I will let you see now. You didn't tell anyone, so as long as you are cool I really need the help."

I already had a boner that was tenting out my bathing suit and with my suit water soaked; the clear stuff that seems to leak out all of the time when I had a boner was going to be hidden. What the hell, she is cool and pretty hot. I know she won't tell anyone about it or she could get fired. It was not a big deal for kids to duck in the pump house to use the phone, so if any of the mothers did happen to see me go in, no one would think anything of it.

Julie stepped way back from the door so we could keep it open and no one would be able to see her. She was facing me with the bottle of suntan lotion and just smiled as I looked at her small boobs from less than a foot away. Firmly up on her chest, they looked like a quarter of a completely smooth tan baseball with just a small little bump in the middle. She didn't push me away as I got closer and was just able to make out the pink circle and nipple. When I stepped back again her boobs looked like those on a naked manikin from the junior's department at Sears.

Once she turned around I could see why she needed the lotion. Her skin had already peeled away from where she got burned down between the tops of her shoulders and middle of her back. The rest of the area was tan and I could tell where she was able to get lotion on some days from the finger shaped tan lines. I was just supposed to do that part of her back, but she did not say anything when I worked from her neck all the way down into her suit to get the top of her firm butt. Her watch beeped and she turned around quickly to take the lotion from me. As I watched she quickly did her chest and stomach before her hand quickly dipped down into her suit. I made believe that I saw down into her suit, but since I had no idea what it would look like down there, I am sure I didn't. She quickly put her arms into the suit to wrestle it up onto her shoulders and adjust it.

With a sisterly kiss on the forehead she told me, "Paul you need to get back outside quickly. That creep is getting us lunch and should be back anytime now. If it is any consolation, I am in the same situation as you and don't have any way to get any relief either. I guess you need to go sneak a quick dip before I come out to get rid of your problem before someone notices. You are so sweet to do this for me. Maybe sometime I will let you do it again, you have really strong hands, and I would love to teach you how to give great massages. I know you can keep your mouth shut, so you will be really popular with the girls even if you turn into a goober as you grow up."

I quickly went out of the pool house and made sure to thank Julie for letting me use the phone. I did it loud enough that some of the mothers could hear me just in case they had gotten nosey. With as much as they had to work to try to keep up with their kids in the baby pool, I doubt they would have noticed me and Julie running around naked.

I had slipped quickly into the water to my waist to get rid of my boner before Julie came out.

Every time I am about to slip into the water to cool off I remember that day. I have to be sure my shorts are pretty dry by then or the cool water won't get rid of my instant boner. I did like to imagine the girls giving me strange looks, just before I slid into the water, were seeing my boner and thought it was because if them. I know that when I was arching my back to get into the water quietly my boner was pretty obvious for those few seconds.

I think Julie was actually messing with me today since she blew the whistle early while I was still under water. At least I didn't get caught, or did I?

About five minutes later Todd was at the side of the pool blowing his whistle loudly telling me to get out of the pool immediately. I figured that I was just busted and finally getting kicked out of the pool for fifteen minutes, the usually banishment for getting caught slipping into the pool during lifeguard break. I was not really paying much attention to anything as I looked down, at the pool deck, brooding about him being such a jerk about it. Why did he have to make sure all the adults there knew I was busted? With the way mom was acting lately, this was all I needed to have her go off on me as soon as she got home. I figured I would just go ride around for fifteen minutes and then come back to swim some more. I went over to far table the guys and I used to put our stuff. I was getting my shoe on when there was huge clap of thunder and the wind really picked up.

Great ... Busted and now I had to deal with a thunderstorm. But, hey, the other kids would be out now for as long as me. The storms never lasted more than a few minutes and then we had to wait at least ten after the last sound of thunder before we could get in the pool.

I just made it to the gate when the clouds opened up with huge rain drops. It was not really anything different than other quick summer storms, at least until the wind picked up and the rain was pelting down in big sheets that were blowing across in front of me. I knew better than to try to ride home in this. Everyone with a car, besides the lifeguards, were already loaded up and heading home. Without any other place to go, I tore off down the sidewalk toward the bathrooms at the clubhouse to get out of the rain.

I usually used the pool near my house so I would just ride like the wind to get home or hang out in big locker area outside the big men and women's bathrooms. Whoever built the clubhouse for this pool had the big changing rooms and multiple stall bathrooms inside the clubhouse. Dad said it was because we were supposed to have all these big swim and tennis things going on all the time, so the club house would be open all the time. After the first electric bill for the lights and AC, it was only opened at the start of the summer, 4th of July picnic and for the very rare tennis tournament.

At least the other kids, who lived to far away to run or bike home, were in the same predicament as me. None of us cared that we were in the bathroom with both boys and girls, we were out of the rain. Except for the kids that just turned 11 this year, the rest of us had done this before. There were normally five or six of us in each of the bathrooms. The rest normally just waited out the rain under the roof of the pump house or climbed up on the cement pool tables to be under the all plastic umbrellas. To keep them from being lightning targets, umbrellas cranked down halfway. If the guys were here, we would be under the one at our table.

As the rain started to let up a bit, I watched from the open door as one by one, the pool umbrellas got ripped right off their poles and were blown away. The few kids who had been up on the tables scrambled to grab what had not gotten blown away before running toward the bathrooms too. I don't know about the other bathroom, but ours was full enough that there wasn't much room to move around. When we didn't see anyone else running over, we pushed the door mostly closed. It didn't stay that way when the wind picked up even more and was blowing rain in so hard it was starting to flood the room. Two girls, another boy, and I started getting pelted by hail as we fought to get the door closed all the way. We let go when it latched. I had moved away from it just before the wind blew it open so hard it knocked back one of the girls that had just helped close it. I don't know if it was the door hitting her head or her head hitting the wall that knocked her out. I do know it was her slamming Chris into wall that knocked Chris out for sure.

As hail between the size of peas and gumballs pelted us from behind, I worked with the other kids to help get Chris pulled out from under the bigger girl. I would have helped with the bigger girl, but she had on a string bikini that was getting pulled out of place as the other girls tried to pull her off Chris. Some of the other kids were trying to get the door closed again without much success; they were just not heavy enough together to fight the wind. Once we had Chris and the big girl safely out of the way of the door, I turned around to help the others get it closed again.

My growth spurt just before school let out for the summer gave me just enough height to be able to reach over Terry, a girl who would be in eighth grade next year, to push onto the upper part of the door. I did not even think about how being right up behind her could end up having me molded tightly up against her body if she slipped trying to get traction on the wet bathroom floor. With my shirt rolled up in my towel, the soft skin of her exposed back against my chest and her butt pushing up into me for leverage gave me a steel pole in my trunks.

When did she get a butt? Oh crap, is she going to slap the shit out of me because my dick is now trying to be a hotdog down inside her buns?

It seemed like we were at an impasse with the wind, even with some of the smaller girls squeezing in under us to get where they could try to help.

There were three different times that we almost had it closed when the wind let off a bit. It felt really nice to me when it made me and Terry to push tighter. When the door would slam mostly shut my weight pushed my hips forward into Terry's butt. The wind kicking back up caused my sweaty hands to slide up the door, making me push into Terry's butt. Her shifting around got her butt moving up and down against my boner. If this happened to many more times I was going to shoot off in my trunks.

We had the door closed just to where it was going to latch and needed to push a bit harder to get the deadbolt locked. One of the little girls was holding it ready to flip it as soon as we got the door closed enough.

"On three," a girl said out loudly. "One, two, three, push!"

I pushed in against the door with my hands and when Terry pushed her butt into my boner I pushed in my hips as well. Having shoes on was just enough to keep my feet from slipping so that we could close the door. One more hard push got it to where a girl managed to finally get the deadbolt locked We all kept pushing in to keep weight on it as it felt like it was going to break loose. I was concentrating on keeping my arms locked on the door as I moved my feet in toward the door a bit more.

I was looking down when I realized that when I moved had my hips forward, I had spread Terry's feet out wide enough that I was standing between her legs. I felt my balls mashed in between her legs and my boner completely sandwiched between her butt cheeks. She wiggled her butt around to get more comfortable as she kept pushing as well. Out of the blue she lifted her head backwards to look at me. She wiggling her hips and having an odd look on her face. I just leaned in more toward the door so I could shrug my shoulders and then nod at the door. I actually breathed a sigh of relief when she moved her heels against the front of my shoes so she was able to straighten up enough that my boner was not jammed down as hard between her butt cheeks.

Having a tiny gap between us was enough for my boner to go down while we all held the door for another minute to be sure it was going to hold for now. As I started carefully trying to to stand up straight, Terry backed her butt into me again and then twisted to the side so she could stand. I saw her look down at my trunks closely. My boner was gone now and when I looked at her face again she had a very worried look. The wind really howled around outside and the stuff hitting the door was starting to sound like someone speed drumming on the door. Terry scooted and moved us over to the wall in front of the toilet.

She had me over with my back to the corner as she moved up to get where she could talk directly in my ear.

"I know what that was that was pushed in to my butt and I am not mad about it, ok? But I got to ask something super embarrassing. Do you promise not to lie to me," she asked me looking dead serious and I nodded. "It was there for a long time and then I felt it shrinking even though it was still touching me. I got my period Paul. Mom told me that after the white stuff comes out that it gets soft. That is how I would know a guy squirted out his sperms inside me. You have to tell me if you squirted your sperms when you were against me. I felt it getting all hot and throbbing like when mom said the sperms are coming out. I don't want to get pregnant Paul. A book I read said you don't have to put the stuff in down there and we don't even have to be naked. The sperm things are some sort of magic homing missiles that will find a girl's egg event through clothes, especially when the girl is really wet and ready to do it with a boy. Feeling your muscles on my back, your strong legs against mine and then it pushed into my butt made me get all wet like that down there. There was not anything but your trunks between us Paul, not when it went soft.

Turning her back to me I saw that her bikini bottom had gotten twisted around when we were working to get the door closed. It was now bunched up over on her left butt cheek. I was looking right at her but crack and bare right butt check. She hooked her fingers under the edge and pulled it back in place as she looked over her shoulder at me before turning back around. I did not get to see much in front when she used her fingers to make a quick adjustment there too.

Looking her in the eyes I said, "I almost had it happen a bunch of times, but it never happened. I don't know why it just went soft on its' own. It does that sometimes when it wants to."

Biting her lip she said, "I want to believe you Paul, but, god this is so embarrassing, I got to see there is no white stuff in your trunks. I have to be sure. I don't want to get pregnant and if I don't see, I will worry till I get my period."

I looked to see that the other boy had his back to the door where he was bracing it with a couple girls. The rest of the others were checking on Chris and the one that had been knocked out. Both girls were out cold, so the ones around them were trying all sorts of things to wake them up. Seeing how they were not able to see me easily with Terry in front of me or were not paying attention to me, I unsnapped my trunks and pulled down the zipper. My dick seemed to want to hide from the cool air and I felt my balls crawl up inside me. I reached in to show her there was no white stuff and then milked out some of the clear stuff to prove it to her before I zipped up and snapped my trunks.

"See all that is there is stuff that makes it slippery for a boy to do it in a girl. You will learn all about that in the 'Foundations for Living' class next fall in the eighth grade. If we had to fight the door more I am sure I would have shot off in my trunks," I told her.

Pulling close to my ear against she said, "As much as I was slipping on the floor and it was pushing into me it could of have made me pregnant. Right at the last it pushed in right at the place where it goes inside to make babies. It felt kind of neat. I didn't want it to move back to where it was back pushed into my butt."

I had gotten hard listening to her telling me I had actually pushed my dick against a girl's pussy. We were both looking down now to see it was pushing out, painfully, right toward that V between her legs. Slowly she moved closer toward it and me. Terry seemed to be fighting herself to get brave enough let my boner touch her pussy just as there were lots of bright flashes under the door followed by many nearly instant claps of thunder.

The room was filled with screams as the thunder shook the walls. It made Terry jump forward into me. Luckily my trunks had my boner aiming mostly up. When she pushed against my dick, it adjusted to push up between us. She hugged onto me tightly and started to shake. I pulled her over to be on the side of me where my arm was against the wall. It was not so much to keep her from pushing so wonderfully against my boner, but because Abby had squeezed in between us to clutch onto me as well.

Terry didn't know Abby except from seeing her at the pool. I leaned over to explain I had babysat her when her parents had to go to some dinner and no one else was available. Since then I have been the first one they call. She is sort of like a little sister to me, but does not tell anyone I babysit her because she knows my buddies would tease me about it. Boys aren't supposed to babysit.

So here I was freaking out about the loud thunder, the deeper sound of larger hail hitting hard against the door and wind really howling outside. Terry was here on one side pushing her hot crotch into my leg and small tit into my arm. Abby was completely wrapped around my other side as I was rubbing her back over her bathing suit. I never even realized that I had moved my hand down insider her bathing suit to rub her bare back until one of the other girls said something.

"You fucking pervert," Gretchen yelled out as she jumped at me. She was trying to pul my arm out of Abby's suit while trying to pull Abby away from me. "It is bad enough you were humping Terry's naked ass where we had to watch. Now you are felling up Abby right here in front of us? I am going to call the cops as soon as the storm goes away and I can get to my phone you bastard."

Fucking bitch! Abby was almost calmed down enough to get go of her death grip on me too. Now she is hysterical!

Gretchen had her arms around Abby's waist trying to pull her loose from me. Abby is a very good girl, very smart and a big scaredy-cat, but a really sweet girl. I never expected her to let go of me, turn, break free of Gretchen's hold, hit her in the stomach and the hit her with a punch that knocked Gretchen out cold. Now we had three girls that were unconscious.

The others watched Abby cautiously as she reached up to pull down her pink and light blue one-piece suit to her waist. I saw the boy staring, but I don't know why. Abby was still as flat chested as she had been three weeks ago when I last babysat for her. The first time I babysat her, there was a storm while she was taking a bath. I found my lap filled with a little naked girl shaking in fear. I rubbed her back until she calmed down and she ended up falling asleep in my arms. I tried to get up to take her to bed, but it was still storming. She woke up enough that she got scared all over again and I had to rub her back to calm her down. I almost shit in my pants when her mom came into the den holding Abby's night shirt. There her little girl was naked in my lap with her little bare pussy down there somewhere over my dick.

"I should have warned you about Abby and storms," her mom said prying Abby's arms loose from around me to slide on the night shirt. "She will be really embarrassed tomorrow when she wakes up remembers she was asleep naked in your lap. Storms frighten her just enough to forget about her modesty. Her dad and I will really have fun teasing her about it for weeks. We had a huge knock-down drag-out fight about her having a boy babysit her tonight. Her big argument was that you might see in her panties."

I relaxed and told her, "Well she does have you there. I never saw her wearing panties."

She told me that Abby was not about to let go anytime too soon and I might as well just carry her to bed. When I stood up and put my arm under her butt to support her I looked at her mom in shock as I realized my hand was on Abby's bare butt. Her mom just laughed and told me she would just tease Abby about that too in the morning.

Abby's dad walked me home and we had a long chat. He said that Abby would be embarrassed for weeks knowing that I had her naked on my lap for most of the night and then touched her bare butt. He actually shook my hand. He told me that he too had a big argument with his wife on the way to dinner about having a boy not much older than Abby babysitting her. Turns out he was hoping Abby's mom was going to be asleep by the time he got back home. He didn't want to have to spend all night apologizing and then going to sleep down on the couch.

When no one else said anything about it, Abby pulled back tight around me and I started rubbing her back again. She took a lot longer to calm down even after the storm seemed to be passing. I asked if she was ok now and she gave me a big hug before pulling away. I thought it was for her to pull up her suit again. Instead she pushed it all the way off.I heard the hiss of her pee before she was even all the way on the toilet. She really had to go too. A quick wipe and she flushed.

Turning to the other boy as she got her feet into her bathing suit she said, "What? I don't have anything to see anyway. My crack is so far to the back that I look like a doll down there and I had to pee so bad I didn't care who saw me. If I tried to hold it any longer I was going to go in my suit."

Without another word she pulled up her bathing suit to her waist and hugged herself back to my side.

The girl that slammed into Chris started to stir now and slowly got to her feet. She was still dazed so she started putting her hands on people for balance as she headed for the toilet. I thought she was going to throw up at first. Terry moved to one side to get the girl's arm and I was told to grab the other. We helped steady her.

Letting out a very loud fart she announced, in a slurred voice, that she had to poop now. She did not care who helped her, she was not going to poop all inside her bathing suit. A little shocking, given his reaction before, the other boy came over and took the girl's arm from me.

"Paul you got to do it man, she is my step sister and I just can't see her like that no matter how much I have wanted to see naked for years," he told me as he turned so his back was mostly to her.

Figuring out the odd clips holding the crisscross straps behind her neck, I pulled them forward and tried to pull the suit inside out to get it down.

"Hurry. I grew too much since I bought it on Spring Break. You have to put your hands inside to work it down," she told me.

Gretchen woke during this and was there watching everything closely. Abby was between us and had turned facing her. I could not see Abby's face, but Gretchen was looking a bit scared. The rest of the girls, except Chris, were kind of hovering around closer to this side of the room than over by the sink. I don't know if it was to get a look at the girl naked out of curiosity or because they wanted to see if I was going to cop a feel of this girl's bare tit or pussy.

I stopped noticing everyone around me as I worked my fingers around inside the girl's suit with my thumbs on the outside trying to get it pushed down. I know that I had to touch her boobs a bunch of times as I tried to get the top of her suit over them without trying to feel her up. It was hard to do it with my head turned to the side so I was not looking down at her chest. Terry turned around and helped me out by pulling the girl's suit over her boobs and telling me to work the suit on down on that side. With Terry's help I got the suit to the girl's waist. I did have to run my hands over her butt as I got the suit down in the back where she should be able to poop but no one see her pussy. That was not what she wanted.

"Come on already, you have to get it all the way off or I can't spread my legs enough to get things done, my butt is too big now and I got to pull my cheeks apart so it is not a huge mess," she told me quietly.

I helped her get her suit the rest of the way off as I tried to keep looking at her feet. Her step-brother moved off to look away as the girl got that arm around my neck. I thought I was done now that the girl was getting settled on the toilet, at least until she started to fall sideways. I rushed over to help her sit back up. Terry was unable to do anything from the little bit of space on that side of the toilet, so we helped the girl lean back against the tank and off against the wall. The girl locked her arm around my waist and would not even let me turn around to give her some privacy.

From the way the light was hitting the girl, I was seeing her nipples clearly on her boobs to down between her spread legs where I saw a stream of yellow piss start to come out in little squirts. The girl groaned before she spread her legs wider so that she could get hand down to spread her slit way open. The arm around my waist pushed me around where I was mostly blocking her body from the others. From where she had moved me I could see it was very pink down inside her pussy and she had this bump at the top that had been hidden under the hairs before. When she started to pee again it was more of a solid stream of pee like when I went to the bathroom. She was looking at me as she pulled her crack open wider, but there was not enough light to see anything other than the chunky stream of poop coming out of her butt. She let her pussy go and reached up to rub her tits a little. I had only glanced at them before so now I was taking a closer look. They were bigger than Julie's. The main difference I could see was they were cone shaped with a smaller dark red cone at the top of each boob. She rubbed them some more and I saw them puff up. A bit more playing made a little tiny nipple grow out of the center. Then she sat up quickly.

I worried that she was going to puke now since her hands were going around the sides of the toilet. Instead she pulled down hard. After grunting for a few seconds there was a loud fart and then tons and tons out poop splashing loudly into the water. She seemed steadier now and reached back to flush. It took three rounds of pooping and flushing before she was done. At least I did not have to help her wipe her butt or pat the front dry. Terry and I stood on both sides of her as she got squeezed into her bathing suit again. Terry redid the clips back.

By the time the girl was able to stagger back over toward where she had been lying against the wall earlier, the storm seemed to have died down outside. There may have been a fan in here originally, but there was nothing removing the stench. We all agreed we would risk the hail and wind just to air out the bathroom.

Outside there were leaves, tree branches and a lot of hail the size of golf balls. The sky was this nasty greenish-blue color and the clouds were really churning overhead. I was asked if I could be the brave one to go down to see if there was anyone in the other bathroom still. Right as I walked two steps toward the other bathroom there was a flash of lightning and then there was immediate clap of thunder off to the side. Looking over I saw that a tree right beside the pool was split in two and on fire. I hurried down to the other bathroom to find that their door had been ripped from the hinges and blown inside. I did think there as anyone in there until I heard crying.

"Hey it's Paul. Are you ok," I said into the bathroom. "We managed to just get the door closed before it got bad. It looks like is just a small break in the storm and a lot more is coming. It is already starting to rain again. We will have to bolt the door to the other bathroom to keep the rain out soon. If you are going to come over there then you have to hurry."

First, a boy I did not know came out holding a t-shirt in front of him. When he got closer I saw that that was all he had to cover himself. He dropped the shirt and helped me move the door from where the other kids must have wedged it to keep as safe as possible. Behind it I saw Shelly and Gail.

Gail was fifteen, but would be a junior next year because she skipped ahead a grade when she moved here. She was slow to come out from behind the door until there was another bolt of lightning. It was close enough that I could hear it sizzle through the air and the hair on my arms rose up. The clap of thunder made Gail and Shelly jump up. It was then that I saw that Gail was naked too. I never knew her boobs were the size of half softballs with huge soda can pink areas that had nipples as fat as my thumb. Between her legs was a huge forest of hair that looked as if she never trimmed it at all.

Shelly was the bigger surprise. Her bikini always looked like she had big boobs with fat nipples. Now that she was only wearing a very loose lace thong, I could see that her boobs looked like 1/3 of a tennis ball with these inch long pencil eraser nipples. She did not have any of the pink area around them at all, just the long fat nipple. Her thong did nothing to hide that her pussy was almost hairless. I saw a little puffball of hair at the top of her crack, but that was all.

One more clap of thunder was all it took to have Shelly there with her arms wrapped around me. Her nipples pushed hard into my chest and my reawakened boner pushed right in between her legs. She started crying into my shoulder as I tried to get us walking back to the other bathroom. Getting hit with a few dozen hail stones the size of marbles got her moving quickly. In that short distance she had let go of the thong, which had to be her mom's or sister's, because it fell down her legs and was taken away by the wind. I got them into the bathroom and asked if a couple of the girls with shoes on could help me really fast before it got worse.

As much as Abby hated storms and Gretchen was a bitch, the both came running right out to help me. The area inside the pool fence was covered with all sorts of sticks and debris. Part of a tree was lying over top of one gate that was bent at an odd angle. Fortunately the lockers were still on one piece. They used to need a quarter to use them, but people just kept the keys and it cost more to get new keys than make them free. Attached to the side was a master key attached to a steel cable to open any of the lockers. Everyone knew not to actually put anything in there you did not want to risk losing. Mostly it was where people put their clothes so they did not get wet in the rain or just to keep them out of the way. I grabbed the key and started opening the lockers one by one to see what was there.

Luckily I found six still dry towels, a few t-shirts, and various pairs of shorts. It was not a lot, but better than nothing. I then rushed over to the pump house door to see if they had anything in there we could get out of the lost and found. When I got there the door was open, but the room did not look like the storm had blown it open. I ducked in and grabbed the whole lost and found box before telling Gretchen to slam the pump house door hard or else we would not be using this pool anymore this summer. We rushed back out toward the bathroom just as lightning lit up everything around us and thunder cracked behind us.

Chris was back on her feet and being supported by her friend Shelly. She told us that lightning just hit something in the pool. We managed to get inside the bathroom with all of the stuff just as the wind picked up again. Having the girl that got knocked out and Gail to help now, we managed to get the dead bolt closed before the storm really kicked up outside. Rummaging through the stuff I handed the naked boy a pair of pink shorts that looked like they might just fit him. He started to complain until one of the girls asked him how big his dick got when he had a boner. I doubted he was much older than 11. He still had a little two to three inch long dick when rock hard.

Gail both rummaged through the boxes and clothes until she found a t-shirt that sort of fit. She also found a pair of shorts that were too tight at her waist, but covered her up. Shelly just took a towel and wrapped it around her waist, but stayed topless.

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