Peeping Tom

by Shani 34

Copyright© 2014 by Shani 34

: A short story about a woman and the man next door entering an unusual arrangement when she can't pay the rent and he needs help with his sex life

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Fiction   Masturbation   Voyeurism   .

Mark and Shaun had been best friends since school. When Shaun got married, Mark was his best man. Shaun bought a house with a granny flat at the back, but was having problems paying his mortgage, and the financial pressure hurt their marriage and his wife left him for another man. By then Mark was engaged to be married to a lovely girl called Jane, and mentioned to Shaun that they were looking for a place to stay. Shaun suggested they should lease the main area of his house, while he moved into the flat behind the house.

The arrangement worked really well. Jane often cooked dinner for three and Shaun would join them for an evening drinking wine and watching videos on television.

Jane wondered what Shaun was doing for girlfriends, but she never met anyone he said was significant. Then one evening she heard someone walking down the path beside the main house to the flat, and soon after she heard Shaun and his visitor having sex. About an hour later the visitor left. Unable to suppress her curiosity, she peeped out of the front window as the visitor walked toward her car. Tall blonde in a very short PVC skirt and high heels! Pretty obviously a hooker! And she soon realised this was a regular event, different women each time, confirming that Shaun was using prostitutes to substitute for a wife or girlfriend.

She didn't begrudge Shaun having casual sex of this kind, but it worried her that, if she could him screwing, then almost certainly he could hear her when she and Mark had sex. They had a good sex life, and at first she was able to ignore Shaun living next door, but after hearing Shaun with his women, Jane grew self-conscious and tried to keep her responses to Mark toned down. But Mark was a good lover, and Jane had a good sex drive, so she had to accept that Shaun would hear them.

One evening a young blonde lady in very skimpy clothing came to the front door asking for Shaun, and Jane blushed as she explained that Shaun lived in the flat round the back. Jane had never, to her knowledge, talked to a prostitute before, and it excited her. Mark was working late, so Jane went to the back bedroom and got out her vibrator, and masturbated as she listened to Shaun and the young girl going at it.

These domestic arrangements worked well for over a year, until Mark lost his job. As their savings quickly dwindled, Mark realised he couldn't go on paying Shaun the rent each week. At first Shaun said he was content to let the debt grow until Mark found a job, but actually he was in financial problems himself. He had to cut his expenses, and the only luxury he had was his women, the ones he paid to visit him in his lonely bachelor flat. Something had to go, so he stopped calling them.

Over the next few weeks Jane noticed that Shaun seemed to have stopped seeing prostitutes, and guessed that it was because, without their rent money, he needed all his remaining earnings just to pay the mortgage. She felt sorry for him, but what could she do?

Then one day when Mark's car was gone from the drive so Shaun knew Jane was alone in the house, he knocked on her back door, and was standing looking sheepish when she opened the door.

"Jane, we need to talk."

"Sure, Shaun, Mark is out, did you want him here?"

"No, Jane, what I want to talk about is a bit sensitive, I think it's best if Mark isn't here. If you are offended by what I say then we can both just forget all about it."

She took him to the living room and they sat opposite each other on comfortable arm chairs. Not having expected company, Jane was in a tee shirt and jeans, her long hair down around her shoulders. She couldn't help feeling a bit scared. She wasn't worried about being alone with Shaun, she knew she could trust him. But knowing the situation they were all in she feared he might be about to tell her that she and Mark had to leave, so he could rent the place to people who could pay the rent. But if that was why he was here, why did he not talk to Mark instead of her? Or, to both of them?

Trying to buy time to settle her pounding heart she asked if he wanted a coffee. He asked if he could have a drink, a whiskey, and she fetched him one then sat down again, very nervous now, dreading what he could be about to say to her, without Mark knowing.

"I'm sure you know that I used to see prostitutes in my flat?"

"Yes Shaun, I have often heard them going past our house. Seen them sometimes too," she said, managing a smile as she remembered the outrageous costumes some of his whores wore.

"And you would have heard us having sex, I'm sure."

She nodded, looking down, not willing to look into his eyes, knowing he had often heard her with Mark.

"I'm sure you have noticed that since you stopped paying the rent I have had to stop seeing those women?"

"Yes, I had noticed. I'm really sorry Shaun."

"It's nobody's fault, Jane, it's just that Mark lost his job. But I can't afford both the mortgage and those ladies on my salary. And obviously I have to pay the mortgage so I have had to put a stop to the ladies."

"Oh dear." Jane's voice was strained, suddenly scared of what Shaun was about to suggest that he didn't want Mark to hear. Suggest? Or even, demand!

"I'm finding it very hard, Jane. I masturbate a lot, but it's not the same, doing it alone in my flat with nothing to look at but porn magazines."

Jane didn't dare say anything, she was holding her breath waiting to hear what Shaun wanted instead of rent money. If he demanded sex, would she give it to him? Maybe he would settle for a weekly blow job?

"So what are you trying to tell me, Shaun?"

"I want to watch you as I masturbate, Jane."

"Watch me?"

"I have fantasised about you a lot, from when Mark first introduced you to me I have lusted after you, dreamed of seeing you in your undies, of watching Mark make love to you. Now, without those ladies to distract me, I think of you all the time."

Neither spoke for a minute then Jane whispered, "So are you saying you want to fuck me in return for not evicting us for being behind on the rent?"

"Jane my dear of course I would like to fuck you, but no, I'm not demanding that in lieu of the rent money. I couldn't do that to you or to Mark. No, I just want you to help me with my sexual needs. You don't need to touch me, and I won't touch you, I just don't want to have to masturbate alone in my flat. I would like to masturbate while watching you."

She panted, never having imagined such a proposal. "Now?" Her voice was squeaky with her fear and confusion.

"Well, in a few minutes, yes. Let me explain exactly what I am after. You don't have to do this, Jane, but please understand, I don't think I can go on much longer living with you next door and me not getting any sexual relief."

"And you jerking off in front of me would be enough?"

"Well, not quite. I want to watch you through your windows."

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