The Good Wife: Alicia's Hot Itch

by rmdexter

Copyright© 2014 by rmdexter

Fan Fiction Sex Story: An erotic parody of the TV show, The Good Wife. Alicia Florrick has been unsatisfied for over a year since the scandal with her husband made the headlines. She finds relief close to home when she unexpectedly discovers how well-hung her teenage son is.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Fan Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   First   Oral Sex   .

Alicia Florrick had an itch—a nagging burning itch deep inside her mature unsatisfied cunt. She knew exactly how to take care of that itch—with a hard thick cock.

Alicia needed cock. She needed it bad. It had been about a year since the headlines had come out—her husband Peter, the State's Attorney, had been caught cheating on her. Not just cheating on her with anyone, with prostitutes. He'd also been charged with using his position of influence for corrupt means. He'd done jail time for that, but he'd been released when the evidence fell short and was now living in his own apartment—Alicia wasn't ready to forgive and forget just yet.

She'd had to go back to work after many years of being a mother and the loyal wife of a rising politician. And what good had being loyal done her? It had only served to get her face in the headlines as the wife whose powerful husband loved to suck the toes of hookers.

So she'd gone back to practicing law, and her old college flame Will Gardner had graciously given her a job. She'd done well, and was looking forward to a raise as she approached the end of her first year. Her first year, she thought. It has also been that long since she'd kicked Peter out of her bed once the scandal hit the papers. She'd been without cock for that long, and she could feel the itchiness deep inside her, an itchiness that her vibrator could never scratch.

She took a big sip from her glass. The warm vapors filled her senses, the full-bodied red wine helping to relieve the stress of the day. She took another drink and pulled her robe about her mature body. She'd come home, late as usual, and had been greeted by her bitchy mother-in-law, Jackie. The old skank always made her feel inadequate, but Alicia needed her help right now as she struggled to make ends meet on her own. Alicia had thanked Jackie for preparing dinner for her two teenagers, Zach and Grace, and then was happy to see the front door close behind the old bag.

Alicia still felt guilty about what had happened the week before—the family was going to celebrate Zach's 15th birthday together, but she'd been stuck in the office, arriving home just in time to say goodnight. She had hoped to make the day special for Zach, and vowed to make it up to him at some point.

So again today, she was left to eat alone, the kids going to their rooms to do their homework. As she ate, her first glass of red wine diminished quickly as it helped ease the pressures of another hectic day. She'd come to realize that every day at Lockhart/Gardner was like that. There was barely a chance to catch your breath and associates on the partner track were expected to bill as many hours as possible. She knew she was in competition with Cary Agos—the sharp young guy who'd come out of Harvard—but Alicia felt she'd been up to the challenge.

She thought back to the conversation she'd overheard earlier in the day. Cary and two other young male associates had been in the lunchroom talking. Alicia had stopped by the storage room next to it to retrieve some files. A door separated the two rooms and she noticed it was ajar, the muffled voices of the three young men drifting into the file room. She didn't take any notice of it until she clearly recognized her name being spoken. She crept closer to the door and listened, her curiosity piqued.

"She's a definite MILF, alright," she heard one guy say.

"Have you seen those legs? And those high heels she wears? For a woman in her 40s, she's absolutely gorgeous." This came from the second guy. Alicia was listening intently now, having recognized the term 'MILF'.

"Her legs are great." She recognized Cary's voice this time. "But so is everything else. And she's just so sexy. That face, those exotic eyes, and what about those CSLs?"

This comment brought a series of agreements and comments of approval from the other two. "CSLs," Alicia thought to herself, "What the heck was that?" All of a sudden, she heard the sound of the main lunchroom door being opened.

"Cary, can I see you in my office regarding the Chumhum deposition." It was Will Gardner's voice reaching her ears now.

"Sure, Will. I'll be right there," Cary replied, ending the conversation the three associates had been having about her.

She heard the chairs scraping against the floor as the young men left the room. She waited a couple of minutes and then made her way back to her desk. As she walked, she could feel the dampness in her panties, her mature body becoming aroused as she'd listened to the young men talking about her in such flattering terms. She had definitely heard the term MILF before and was thrilled to hear that they thought of her as one, but she had no idea what they meant by CSLs.

Back at her desk, she quickly pulled up a search engine and typed in the three letters. All she got were listings for various soccer leagues and similar entries. None of that made any sense. She then remembered a website Kalinda had told her about, one that dealt with common everyday slang terms that people used—Urban Dictionary. She called up the site and once again typed, C—S—L, and then she punched enter. And up came her answer:

"CSL—cock sucking lips"

Alicia shuddered as she read, her pussy-lips twitching as she pictured those young men looking at her and what they were thinking. She tried to keep a professional look on her face, but inside, she was glowing, happy to think vibrant young men like that found her attractive, and apparently for more than just her sexy legs. They'd all agreed on Cary's opinion of her cock sucking lips. She pulled a compact and a tube of lipstick out of her purse and applied a nice fresh coat, pursing her lips in the mirror as she dismally thought about how long it had been since she'd had those pouty red lips wrapped around a thick hard cock.

And now she was home, alone once more. With her mother-in-law gone, she took a long leisurely shower, attempting to wash away the cares of the day. She pulled on an emerald green satin chemise, the slip-like garment ending high on her shapely thighs. The sexy little garment was trimmed at the neckline and hem with a thin strip of delicate white lace. She pulled on a matching pair of panties before donning her big terrycloth bathrobe. She liked to sleep in lingerie like that, but she didn't want her kids to see her.

She heated up the meal Jackie had prepared for her, the kids and their grandmother having eaten much earlier. As she re-filled her wine glass after eating, she thought of her kids, Zach and Grace. She worried about them constantly. The scandal had been difficult enough for her, but she always wondered how the two of them made it through each passing day. They'd had to give up their house for an apartment, change schools—and that was nothing compared to the finger-pointing and talking behind their back that she was sure they endured. They were good kids, she thought as she picked up her glass and made her way to Grace's room.

Her daughter's bedroom door was open a crack, the room in darkness. Alicia quietly opened the door a few more inches and peered in. She saw Grace asleep on her bed, her childhood teddy bears still keeping her company. Alicia watched her daughter for a few seconds, her pretty face innocently serene as she slept. Alicia closed the door, and headed down the hall to check in on Zach. As expected, she found his door closed, but she noticed light seeping out from beneath the gap at the bottom.

"Zach?" she called out quietly as she tapped at his door.

"Uh ... just a second, Mom," he called back, his voice sounding a little panicky.

Alicia waited, taking another sip of her wine.

"Okay, come on in."

Alicia entered her son's room and was surprised to see him sitting up in bed with his t-shirt on, the covers pulled up to his waist. She'd expected him to be in his customary spot, sitting in front of his computer.

"Zach, are you feeling okay?" she asked as she walked across the room towards him.

"Yes," he replied. "I just decided to go to bed a little earlier than usual and do some reading." Alicia couldn't help noticing her son's eyes had looked down at her legs as she walked across the room, his young eyes taking in one of her best features.

"Are you sure you're okay, honey," she asked as she sat on the edge of his bed. "You look a little flushed." She put her hand on his forehead before he had a chance to realize what she was doing.

"I'm fine, Mom," he replied, pulling back from her hand.

"Are you sure? You feel like you might have a bit of a fever?"

"Really Mom, I'm okay."

"Alright ... alright," she said as she sat back on his bed and looked at her curly-haired son, her heart going out to him. She took another sip of her wine before turning to set her glass on the desk near the foot of his bed. When she turned back, she saw Zach's eyes staring at her thighs, her robe having come open as she'd turned and stretched to set down her glass. She felt a wicked thrill go through her as her son looked between her legs. She wasn't sure why, but she found it tremendously arousing to see him looking at her like that. Maybe it had something to do with hearing what those young men had said about her earlier in the day. Whatever it was, she felt a little pulse deep in her cunt and knew her oily juices were starting to flow. Inspired by the illicit lewdness of what she was feeling, she purposely left her robe where it was, parted slightly to reveal her sexy chemise beneath. She let her legs part slightly, giving her son a good view of her smooth creamy inner thighs. She carried on talking, as if she'd never noticed that her robe had come partially undone. "Zach, I need to know how you feel about what's happened. Are you mad at your dad and me?"

"Wha ... uh," he stammered as he reluctantly lifted his eyes from the inviting view of her warm mature thighs. "Uh ... no, I'm not mad at either of you. I ... I just don't understand Dad."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't understand how he could have gone with those ... those women?"

Alicia wondered where he was going with this and decided to see what he was thinking. She thought that deep down, a teenager like Zach would have been somewhat envious of his father for getting to bed attractive young hookers. "What do you mean? You've seen pictures of those women your father was with. Don't you think they're good looking?"

"They're not nearly as gorgeous as you, Mom!" he burst out, then shrunk back, like a boy that had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"Oh Zach, that's so nice of you to say." She shifted her rear end slightly on his bed, drawing one leg up slightly so her son had a clear view right up to her panty-covered cockpit. "I'm sure you're just saying that because I'm your mother." She rolled her head as if she had a stiff neck, but as she did, she subtly let the top of her robe open up more, her pert breasts coming into view. She knew they weren't big, but at a full 34B, they were still nicely shaped, and topped by large bullet-like nipples. When she stopped rolling her neck, she looked once more at her son, whose eyes were now feasting on her shapely tits, the stiff nipples poking noticeably through the thin satin fabric. Realizing she was now looking at him, Zach drew on his dwindling willpower and lifted his eyes to hers.

"No, it's not just because you're my mother. You are so much more beautiful than any of those women—I just don't understand how Dad would ever want to be away from you."

"Well, some men get to a certain age where a mature woman doesn't excite them like it used to. They need the attention of someone younger."

"I think Dad's crazy," Zach said, his eyes looking over his mother's enticing mature body. "I'd never do that if I was in his position."

"So, do you find older woman attractive, Zach?"

"Well, I ... I guess," he replied, his face turning red as his eyes dropped to his lap.

"There's no need to be embarrassed. A lot of young men have a thing for older women. I think it's kind of sweet actually," she paused as she put her hand under Zach's chin and lifted his face until he was looking right at her. She gave him a sultry look, her eyes hooded seductively as she tilted her head slightly to one side. "I think it's kind of sexy too."

"You do," he said excitedly, sitting slightly forward. His movement caused the covers to move slightly on each side of him. Alicia eyes immediately spotted the corner of what looked like a magazine that had been stuck under the covers beside him.

"So what are you reading?" she asked, reaching forward and pulling out the magazine.

"MOM! NO!" Zach shouted as he grabbed for the magazine.

"Now Zach, I'm your mother," Alicia replied, pushing his arms away. "You know after what happened we agreed there should be no secrets between anyone in this family, right?"

"Yes, I know," he agreed, dropping his head in shame.

"So let's see what you were trying to hide there." She turned the magazine over until she was looking at the glossy cover. A beautiful busty blonde woman in a black merry widow and thigh high nylons stared back at her. Alicia couldn't help but notice that the woman was about the same age as she was. Her eyes then went up to the top of the page as she read the title—MILF WORLD. She looked again at the cover, the mature model's pretty face turned towards the camera in an inviting 'come-hither' look. Her pussy twitched as she thought about her teenage son looking at a magazine like this.

"So I guess you do like older woman after all," Alicia said as she started to flip through the pages, her eyes looking at pictures of one gorgeous mature woman after another.

"Mom, please," Zach said as he furtively reached for the magazine.

"Zach, you know that after all the things that have happened in the last year, we decided that we were always going to be honest with each other." She paused and looked at her son lovingly. "I want you to know I'm not angry with you. I understand a little something about teenage boys." Her lips turned up in a sexy little smile as she watched him relax somewhat. He'd be shocked if he knew how many loads of teenage cum she'd jacked off and sucked out in her lifetime.

"Thanks for saying that, Mom, but could I have my magazine back now?" He was almost pleading with her now.

"What's the corner of this page turned down for?" Alicia asked as she flipped to a page that looked like it had been marked for reference.

"NO MOM!" Zach cried out as he tried to pull the magazine from his mother's grasp. She turned away from him as she opened the page in question.

"Oh my," she whispered under her breath as she saw a couple pictures of herself looking back at her. The page was titled "POLITICAL MILFS" and the two pictures of her took up the whole page. In one she was wearing a strapless red evening gown, her thimble-sized nipples thrusting prominently through the dress. It was a full-length shot and had been taken from the side as she'd been walking. The teasing split at the side of the dress showed the full length of one lean toned leg from her upper thigh down to a pair of red strappy high heels. She remembered when she'd worn this outfit—it had been the last function she'd attended with Peter before the scandal hit the papers. She remembered how chilly it had been in the convention center that night, and the photographer who'd taken the picture had obviously noted how stiff her nipples had become.

The second picture was a shot from the waist up. She was wearing a tight white t-shirt with the words "Chicago Tourism" emblazoned on the front. She remembered when she'd worn that as well. It had been taken at a charity softball game shortly before the other picture had been taken. It had started out as a gorgeous sunny Saturday, only to see some unexpected dark clouds blow in over Lake Michigan. They'd been caught in a quick downpour, the participants laughing as they raced across the field to take refuge beneath one of the park's covered pavilions as the unexpected rain came down in a hurry. She wondered if it was the same photographer who'd taken this shot too, as once again, with her white t-shirt having gotten soaking wet in the quick deluge, you could clearly see the outline of a lacy white bra beneath, and her long hard nipples projecting stiffly beneath that.

"Zach, why is this page marked like this?" she asked, pointing to the turned over corner. He looked at her blankly, his eyes wide with guilt. She felt her pussy-juice start to flow as she looked at her young son, knowing exactly why he'd marked that page. "We just talked about honesty and no secrets again, right?"

"Y ... yes," he mumbled.

"Now I want you to answer me honestly, Zach—why is this page marked like this?" Alicia held the page with the pictures of herself up towards him, so there could be absolutely no mistake about which page she was referring to.

"I ... I like to look at it," he confessed, dropping his eyes to his lap. She could see how embarrassed he was, and her heart went out to him.

"Zach, it's alright," she said in a calm soothing voice as she reached down and touched his knee through his covers.

"Are you sure, Mom? You're not mad at me?"

"No, I'm not mad at you at all. A woman my age loves to know that young men still find her attractive."

"Mom, I think you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen!" he blurted out.

"Oh Zach, you're so sweet," Alicia said, happy to see the relieved look on her son's face. "It's kind of warm in here. Is it okay if I take my robe off? It won't embarrass you to see your old mom in her sleeping clothes, will it?"

"No, go ahead," he replied hurriedly.

She set the magazine down, leaving it open to the page with her pictures. Standing beside his bed, she slowly undid the sash of the robe as his eyes peered at her intently. She pulled the front open and sensually rolled her shoulders as she peeled off the robe before letting it fall seductively to the floor. She smiled as Zach swallowed anxiously, his Adam's apple bobbing in his throat as his hungry young eyes looked her up and down. She stretched, extending her arms up which caused the sexy slip-like chemise to rise high on her toned thighs, the lacy hem stopping just below her panty-covered pussy.

"That feels better." She sat back down on the bed and picked up the magazine again, nonchalantly bringing one leg up with her foot kind of beneath her while her knee pointed to the wall on the other side of him. Pretending to be interested in the magazine, she extended her other leg out towards the floor, giving her son a clear view up between her legs. She noticed Zach gulp again, his eyes drawn magnetically to the inviting V of her spread thighs.

"You look like you're getting hot too," Alicia said as she looked at her son's flushed face, his skin now glistening with a fine sheen of perspiration. 'I bet his heart's beating like a jack-rabbit', she thought to herself as his eyes never left the creamy whiteness of her inner thighs. "Why don't you take your t-shirt off?" He did as she suggested, and Alicia smiled to herself as he tossed the t-shirt aside, his young body coming into view. He still had some filling out to do, but she knew that would come as he grew older.

"So Zach, when you're looking at these pictures of me, what do you do?"

"Well, I uh ... I guess I look at them and think about how pretty you are."

"So you don't do anything else?" Alicia punctuated her words by extending her leg further out on the floor, increasing the gap between her smooth ivory thighs. She could feel her pussy getting wetter as she toyed with her son. She could already smell her flowing juices, and wondered if he could too. "Remember Zach, no secrets."

He dropped his eyes back to his lap, afraid to look her in the eye as he confessed. "Well I ... I..."

"Do you play with yourself?" Alicia interrupted, her words helping to alleviate the squirming guilt her son was feeling.

"Yes," he gasped out, relieved at not having to say the words himself.

"That's okay, Zach, relax. I'm not angry with you. I find it kind of flattering, actually." She rolled her head around her shoulders again, noticing her son's eyes immediately focusing on her pert breasts, the nipples feeling wickedly sinful as they slid stiffly against the shimmering green satin of the chemise. "Tell me, how often do you do it?"

"Um ... well ... uh..." he muttered. He was stalling, but after seeing the pictures of herself in the magazine he'd been trying to hide, she sensed he was dying to confess about his obsession with her. She could feel her juices soaking into her panties just thinking about it. It seemed that he needed a little incentive to get what he was feeling off his chest.

"Zach, do you want me to leave?" she asked, leaning slightly forward, thrusting the perfectly-shaped spheres of her 34Bs towards him. His eyes flicked down to her dark cleavage, framed teasingly by the lacy edge of the chemise. He gulped anxiously again.

"No. Please don't go," he said nervously, a note of panic in his voice.

"Alright then, as long as we keep being honest with each other," she said warmly as she sat back slightly and dropped her hand to her leg, her blood-red nails tracing slowly up her inner thigh. "So tell me, how many times a day do you play with yourself?"

His eyes never left her teasing fingertips as she drew them provocatively over the smooth white skin of her thighs. He finally spoke, his voice quivering with embarrassment, "Usually about five or six times a day."

'Oh my God, ' Alicia thought to herself as a shudder of excitement ran through her body. She felt her pussy creaming as she pictured her son jerking off and cumming five or six times a day.

"I'm sorry, Mom," Zach replied, dropping his head in shame.

'Oh, he's so cute, ' she thought to herself. 'He thinks I'm upset with him.' Being upset with him was the furthest thing from the truth. She actually envied his youthful libido. She remembered being like that herself when she was his age, her fingers constantly seeking out her itchy wet cunt.

"Don't worry, Zach, I'm not upset with you." He looked up at her, calmer now. "Most grown men would envy you. For most guys, it's just one time and then they're done."

"Really? I ... I've never been like that." He looked over her mature body once more. "It always takes a few times before I feel like taking a break."

'Oh sweet Jesus, ' Alicia thought as another shiver of desire tripped down her spine. In her rising excitement, she felt a little gush of pussy-juice spit forth from her greasy snatch. Thank goodness I'm wearing panties, she thought, or I'd be spraying all over his covers. She thought about his desire to masturbate so often, and wondered when he could even find the time to do it that many times. Getting through her job and everyday life barely left her a spare minute to enjoy a cup of coffee, let alone pleasure herself. "So I have to know, that many times a day—when do you actually do it?"

"Well, I'd say an average day starts with one time when I wake up, and then I find around lunchtime at school I need to do it again. So I go into one of the boy's washrooms and do it in a stall there. Then usually as soon as we get home from school, and then again after dinner. So that's usually four by that time, and then I usually find a chance for one more during the evening, and then again when I go to bed."

'Oh man, I've got myself a little cum machine right here in this house, ' Alicia thought as she looked at her son with admiration. She felt her heart rate escalating as he talked, and she felt herself flushing with illicit desire as she pictured him masturbating that many times.

"So when you do it at all school, and those times at home, do you think about Becca and some other girls from school?" She knew the trampy Becca often flirted with Zach and led him on, but she was pretty sure nothing had ever happened between the two of them. She figured that since Becca was a year or two older than him, Zach had a crush on her.

"No ... I ... I don't." He hung his head again and Alicia felt another rush of perverted lust go through her before she asked the next question, sure of what his answer would be.

"Then who do you think about?"

He paused for a second before slowly raising his head and looking her in the eye. "You, Mom. I always think about you."

"Like with this magazine?" she asked, holding the pictures of herself up for him to see.

"Yes. I actually keep that magazine in my knapsack and take it into the bathroom at school with me."

She almost came right there on the spot as she pictured the lewd image of her teenage son riskily jacking off in a washroom stall while looking at those photos of her. Her eyes went to his naked chest and she started to wonder what his penis was like. Zach was still pretty scrawny, like most teenage boys, but she hoped he wasn't scrawny everywhere. Her husband Peter had been pretty well-endowed, with about 8" of thick solid cock. She felt herself praying that her son had taken after his father in that regard. She had to find out.

"So is that what you were doing when I came in?" she asked, handing the magazine back to him.

"Well ... uh," he stuttered, shifting uncomfortably on the bed as he reached forward to take the magazine she was thrusting towards him. As he did, the covers he'd pulled up around his waist slid down slightly to his hips. Alicia's eyes spotted something black at his side, peeking out boldly against his white sheets.

"What's this?" she asked as she reached out, her red-tipped fingernails plucking the black item from beneath the covers.

"NO!" he gasped in guilty anguish as she looked at the object she was holding in her hands. She recognized it immediately—it was the black panties she'd worn yesterday. He must have taken them from her laundry hamper. Keeping a calm expression on her face, she smiled inwardly at having caught her son panty-handed.

"Are these the panties I was wearing yesterday?"

His face was as red as an enflamed cock-head as he slowly replied, "Yes."

"And what's this?" she asked as she turned the panties inside out, exposing a mottled clump of milky goo clinging to the silky black fabric. "Did you just jack off into these?"

Zach slowly nodded. Alicia looked at the wad of semen sticking to soft material. 'My God, look at the size of that load. It's massive, ' she thought to herself. She found herself instinctively licking her lips as she looked at the pearly wad of seed. She sniffed, the manly scent of semen filtering sensually into her nostrils. She felt like purring with satisfaction as the familiar smell filled her senses. She'd been so long without a mouthful of cum that she almost groaned in frustration. She loved the taste of semen, loved having her mouth filled with warm creamy cock-juice, loved the feel of the silky fluid sliding luxuriously down her throat. As she looked at the pearly mass of semen and breathed in the musky scent of her son's load, she started to feel intoxicated, like an addict on the verge of getting a fix. She felt her willpower fading and didn't know if she could resist the temptation to taste it.

Zach had been so embarrassed at having been caught by his mother, first with his favorite magazine with the pictures of her in it—pictures that he'd jacked off to more times than he could count—and now, she'd spotted the panties of hers he'd stolen as well. He'd originally thought she'd be furious with him, but as he watched his mother, Zach felt his anxiety start to slip away. He'd noticed her shiver a couple of times when they'd been talking, and he could have sworn they looked like shivers of excitement. And now, once she'd spotted the load of jizz he'd pumped into her panties just moments before she'd come into his room, he'd actually seen her subconsciously lick her lips as she'd looked at his milky cum, as if she was hungry for it. He realized his mom was becoming aroused. Watching her tongue slide out and sensually circle those beautiful lips of hers sent an electrifying jolt right to his groin. Under her earlier questioning, he'd lost his hard-on. Now he could feel it coming back, stiffening quickly with the fury of youth.

"Is that what you fantasize about, Zach? Filling my pussy so full of cum that it gushes out of me and makes a mess in my panties?" He felt another surge go through him as he listened to his mother's provocative narrative, his cock continuing to rise. She didn't even wait for him to answer as she continued speaking. "Do you picture me doing anything else with a nice big creamy load like this?" she asked as she moved the cum-laden panties in a slow circle in front of her face, her sultry eyes alive with lust.

"Yes," Zach replied, looking at his mother's pouty red lips, the enticing gash slightly parted as the tip of her tongue toyed invitingly at the wet opening.

"What else do you picture me doing?" she asked as she looked at him wide-eyed with her head tilted slightly to one side, an enticing portrait of the cock-hardening allure of sinful innocence. She could see her son's eyes following the semen-filled panties hypnotically as she once again moved them in a slow teasing circle mere inches from her wet lips, her nostrils twitching as the fragrance of his manly essence wafted intoxicatingly onto her taste buds.

"I ... I picture you licking it all up," Zach replied as if in a trance, his eyes never wavering from the swaying panties in her hand.

"Like this?" Alicia asked, her bewitchingly dark eyes intently watching her son while her tongue slipped out from between her parted lips.

Zach couldn't believe his eyes. His sexy mother—a lawyer no less—stuck her tongue out and sensually feathered the wet tip into the pearly gob if semen he'd shot into the crotch of her panties just minutes before she'd entered his room. He felt his throbbing member stiffen even more as she swirled her tongue through the generous wad of jizz before flicking it backward and pulling a thick shiny strand of his precious seed back into her mouth.

"Mmmmmm." She purred like a kitten as she savored the sensation of his manly discharge sliding down her throat. That first taste of the warm juice she loved so much only fanned the perverted flames of desire burning inside her. With another lustful moan, she pressed her lips to the gooey fabric and sucked, her lips and tongue drawing out every creamy morsel of his youthful semen.

'Oh fuck, ' Zach thought as his mother's eyes closed in blissful contentment as he watched her swallow, his potent swimmers finding a nice warm home in the pit of her stomach. His cock lurched violently beneath the covers, his hard-on reaching flagpole status as it rose up against the sheets.

Alicia opened her eyes and couldn't help but notice the tent-like protuberance thrusting up from her son's lap. She felt a chill of wicked incestuous lust run down her spine, realizing that it seemed as if her son had inherited at least one good feature from her husband. That pulsing bulge beneath his sheets looked big—she just had to see how big. As she looked at the cum-stained panties in her hand, a nasty little idea came to her perverted mind.

"Well Zach, since you've been such a good boy by being so honest with me, I've got a little treat for you." He simply stared at her, his heart racing in his chest as he waited in anticipation of what she had to say. "Since you seem to like my panties so much, how about I give you the ones I'm wearing right now?"

His eyes dropped to her spread thighs which she parted even more. He gulped as he looked at the crotch of her panties, the front panel stained darker with her flowing juices.

"I thought you'd like that idea." Alicia shimmied her hips as she drew her panties down her long sexy legs. She held them out before him, his eyes never leaving the tantalizingly seductive garment. "There's one condition," she said slowly as she teasingly swung her soaked panties mere inches from his hungry eyes.

Zach could smell her—he could smell his own mother's warm earthy scent. He felt a stimulating rush as he breathed in the heady fragrance, his already turgid dick pulsing with each beat of his racing heart.

Alicia could see that her son was all but hypnotized by the lewd offer of her panties. She knew at this point he was basically speechless with anticipation. She decided to let him know what her condition was without even waiting for him to respond. "My one condition is that if I give you these panties, you let me watch you do it."

Zach gulped anxiously as he eagerly nodded his head.

"That's my boy," Alicia said seductively as she handed him the sodden panties and reached for his covers. "Now, let's just get these out of the way." She slowly pulled the covers down, having to lift them upwards to get them over the stiff lance of his erection.

"Oh my God," she moaned in shock as his rigid pisser came into view. Now it was her turn to gulp as she beheld the huge truncheon thrusting upwards from his shaved crotch. She stared mesmerized as the throbbing boner pulsed and bobbed with each beat of his racing heart. She realized that her son had done more than just take after his dad when it came to being well-hung—he absolutely had him beat. Her son's prick easily surpassed her husband's impressive 8" by at least a good inch, maybe two. And not only that, looking at the solid girth of the beefy member had her trembling with both anticipation and fear—the damn thing was easily as big around as her wrist. As her hungry eyes travelled up the pulsing veiny shaft to the fist-sized purple knob, she felt her breath come in short little gasps as she realized that right here in her very house, and just within a few feet of her marital bed, was the most beautiful cunt-splitter she had ever seen.

"It looks like you need some relief," she whispered breathlessly as she stared at his prodigious hard-on. "Why don't you see how nice and warm those panties are?"

Zach lifted his mother's damp silky panties to his face. He breathed deep, her womanly aroma firing his libido as it sifted into his brain. Like it had done so many times in the past when he'd sniffed his mother's panties, his hand slid unconsciously into his crotch and circled his throbbing fuck-stick in a warm loving corridor.

"Mmmmmm," he moaned as he pressed the sodden panties against his nose, his hand stroking firmly up the rigid shaft.

Alicia watched enviously as his hand moved upwards, a drop of shining pre-cum filling the wet red eye of the broad mushroom head. He started into a smooth jacking rhythm as he pushed the crotch of her wet stained panties right into his mouth. She could hear the wet sucking sounds he was making as his lips and tongue lewdly swiped at the sticky garment. She looked at his massive dong, the enflamed crimson crown getting darker with each firm stroke of his sliding hand. That itch in her pussy had gotten worse and worse, the warm slick tissues inside her crying out for attention, their slippery tears now all but dripping from the beckoning pink tissues of her labia. That itch really needed to be scratched, and she knew if she didn't get her hands on that beautiful dick soon, she would go insane.

"Would you like me to do that for you?" she asked teasingly as she tilted her head and looked at him doe-eyed once more, giving him the alluring look of pure innocence. He simply nodded, his mouth still full of her drenched panties.

"Alright, then just sit back," Alicia said as she moved forward to sit closer at his side while she pushed him back until he was lying against the stacked-up pillows in front of the headboard of his bed. "Just keep sucking on my panties like that. It's so exciting to see you do that. Maybe if you're a good boy, I'll give them to you every day as soon as I get home from work. Would you like that?"

"Ohhhnn," Zach groaned in pleasure as he nodded, his lips and tongue working over the cunt-soaked gusset.

"Yes, you'll have a nice fresh supply of that pussy-juice every day, and you can jerk off into them as much as you want. Now, let me see if I can help you out with this." Zach drew his hand away from his prick while Alicia reached forward, her fingers pausing for a second as she watched his long solid erection bobbing rhythmically as it pointed rigidly upwards, the intense flowing blood causing it to pulse and throb menacingly. Unable to resist any longer, she reached forward and slid her delicate slender fingers around the broad shaven base.

"Oh God," she moaned under her breath as she wrapped her fingers as far around the tree-trunk-like shaft as she could get them. His cock was so thick that there was still a noticeable gap between the tips of her fingers and the base of the palm of her hand. She marveled at the intense heat and hardness of it as her hand gripped firmly onto the blood-engorged lance. She almost swooned with pleasure as another creamy bolus of pussy-juice oozed out of her steaming box. As a shiver of lustful desire ran down her spine, she slowly started to pump her circling hand upwards.

Zach was overwhelmed with excitement, having only dreamed of having his mother's delicate matronly hands working on his hard cock. As her slim fingers gripped tightly onto the thick pulsing shaft and started to slide upwards, it was just too much for him to endure. "Oh Mom," he gasped out as he pulled the panties out of his mouth, "I ... I'M GONNA CUMMMMMMMMM..."

Alicia had barely moved her hand more than a few inches before her son started to twitch as a spine-tingling orgasm roared through him. The dark crimson crown seemed to bulge angrily and then a milky gob filled the wet red eye for a split-second before a long thick rope jettisoned forth.

"Aaahhh," she gasped as she watched the milky strand shoot skyward, reaching almost to the ceiling before reaching its zenith and falling onto his bare chest with a resounding "SPLAT". She continued to pump away at his spitting cock as strand after strand of silvery cum shot geyser-like into the air. Her son was flexing and shaking as the delicious contractions rolled through his midsection as he unloaded, rope upon rope of pearly semen ejaculating from his pulsing dong.

Zach looked down as his mother's loving hands stroked rhythmically up and down, her slim gripping fingers working to pull every drop of cum out of him that they could. She pumped and pumped as he continued to unload, spurt after spurt of pearly seed spitting from his pulsing cock. He felt a final shuddering twinge go through him before collapsing against the sheets, his first climax at his mother's hands leaving him blissfully content.

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