The Consequence of Loneliness

by Marduk

Copyright© 2014 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A lonely woman ignored by her husband seeks out a friendly gardener and finding herself caught in the rain accepts his offer of shelter and find herself willingly entertained - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Double Penetration   Hairy   Big Breasts   .

Alice didn't think she was unattractive, she tried to keep herself well groomed, after all she spend dollars getting her hair cut and permed and was a frequent browser in the women's clothing stores, but on the home front it was a mine field of hostility and she wondered why; she didn't know her husband loathed her.

For decades the home front had followed a line of 'toleration' it was as if two people were travelling in the same direction but on different tracks. There was no doubt her husband did what most husbands did and she could not fault him in regards drinking or smoking but then on the other hand he wasn't 'religious' and this seemed to be the chasm that had virtually existed from the moment the words 'I do' were said. The marriage plodded along, each member doing their own thing till the 'shit hit the fan' as one might say. The ding dong row with the eldest and instead of her husband backing her he had turned his venom against her and when he called her 'fucking useless' it was as though he hit her with his fist.

For days the atmosphere was so heavy it could have been cut with a knife and the knife was dug deeper when she called to say she was going for a walk only to be told she could do what she liked it was none of his business.

It was slightly overcast when she opened the door for her daily walk. She didn't bother to inform her husband that she was going out for he would either ignore her or repeat what he had said a day or two before that she could do as she liked it was none of his business. Each walk took about half and hour and she tried to vary it each time. This time because of the overcast sky she decided on the shorter walk, it would take her past a couple of lovely gardens, one in particular she admired and had briefly spoken to the gardener a Mr Niger, he was an African and originated from the Sudan. He was a pleasant man and although the conversations were brief she had enjoyed them, especially for his knowledge of his garden and this day she just hoped he would be there for she was desperate just to have a pleasant conversation with someone for since the family row her husband had spoken so few words that you could say he hadn't spoken to her at all.

Alice may have been desperate for something pleasant in regards companionship but she would have been horrified to know that her presence was also desired, but not just for a pleasant chit-chat but a woman to be fucked. She knew she had full breasts; after all she always had trouble finding a suitable bra to accommodate them. Her husband had never commented on her figure and she didn't consider that other men may, because of their size be lusting after her. She never knew of the conversation one evening at her gardener's residence between him, his brother and a cousin who lived there as well. She didn't know that they disgusted ways to seduce and fuck her for she also didn't know that she was their type of woman, heavy breasted, slightly plump and a nice round bottom. She also didn't know that it was a mark of honour in their custom, to fuck a white woman.

The sky was definite darker by the time she reached Mr. Niger's garden and to her relief he was there. He greeted her at the same time she said her 'Hello'. She giggled as the two greetings clashed. She just wanted to talk and he wanted to get her inside and fuck her. How was the question? It was then that the first rain drops fell. "Oh! Dear", she said. "I didn't bring a coat and I'll get soaked, my husband won't come and pick me up, he has no idea of where I am". She gave a shudder and the drops now became heavier. It was the opportunity that he wasn't going to miss. Even before he made his recommendation he was sporting a hard-on for as she gave a shudder her tits had wobbled because for the first time ever, she wasn't wearing a bra.

She was so naïve in relationship to sex that her decision to not wear a bra because one was being washed and the other was too uncomfortable was going to be the switch that would lead to her loneliness being fully explored. By the time Mr Niger had suggested that she come inside till the rain had stopped and her acceptance the clouds emptied their contents and it was as though a bucket of water had been poured over her. The distance from his gate to his front door would have been thirty feet but the rain was so heavy that by the time they reached the door, she in particular was soaked. Her ignorance in anything sexual meant she had never heard of a 'wet tee-shirt' competition or did she consider that her blouse was so wet that her tits were fully outlined, including her nipples that although not fully erected still made a noticeable indent.

Her loneliness had meant that most things she did by herself, now she had willing helpers and this delighted her and things moved so fast that she didn't really get the chance to digest what was happening. "Alice you are soaking", Mr. Niger said as he called for his brother to get a towel. The attention that was now poured upon her was so intent that it camouflaged and blanked out any opposition or a protest as her blouse was removed and her tits were now fully displayed.

Her husband never showed her any affection or gave her any compliments so all she did was gasp as her tits were cupped and fingers expertly massaged her nipples till they began to respond. Her slacks were held up by an elastic band, it took mere seconds to rip them down and as that triangle of hair appeared it totally hardened three already very interested cocks. Second it took to totally remove them, making her fully naked. Seconds more to get her into positions and seconds more to ram that hardened black piece of ivory to the full extent of her very hairy cunt, Alice bucked, her whole being vibrated as she suddenly realised what was happening. Carried, totally impaled on a thrusting cock she was pushed onto the bed and the fucking began, in and out that great cock went till something so rusted for so long gave forth a spark of response. It was as though a switch had been turned on and instead of struggling in horror, she found herself working in rhyme and not cries of fear coming from her mouth but dribbles of saliva.

She rose and fell but it was when the thrust that emptied the balls occurred did her cry echo and her backside lift off the bed. Slowly that cock withdrew but no sooner had it flopped out leaving a train of cum through that hair then another cock equal in length travelled in one thrust up her lubricated cunt. The first cock took time for her to adjust to the ravish but not the second, this time she rose and fell her gasps spraying saliva over her tits that were bouncing with every thrust, that was till her nipples now fully aroused were seized by a hungry mouth and they were sucked while her cunt was fucked.

By the time he blew Alice was in the domain of total pleasure, never before had she enjoyed a total organism, but now with every thrust she exploded, grabbing the individual giving her such delight something she had never known. 'More' she gasped and more she received for now the brother was hard again and although the hair at her groin was a mess of cum and it was running down the insides of her thigh that cunt was not satisfied and in that cock slipped again and again; Alice rose to received it working in rhyme to the ravishing she was getting.

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