Peppermint Anticipation
Chapter 1

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BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Peggy has been his online sub for over a year. Finally, she meets Sir in real life.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Slavery   Heterosexual   DomSub   MaleDom   Spanking   Light Bond   Humiliation   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Squirting   Enema   Cream Pie   BBW  

Peggy was beside herself with anticipation. Sir was coming to town today! She had met him playing an online role-playing game, Second Life, where she quickly and willingly had become part of his stable of submissive girls. The guy was amazing! For over a year she had chatted and had virtual sex with him online almost daily, making him a huge part of her fantasy life, coming to trust him and eventually divulging most of her deepest secrets to him, although he had revealed little of his real life to her.

She had sunk herself into Second Life as a nice alternative to her real life. Her mother had died young of breast cancer when Peggy was only seventeen. Following her mother's death, her father had sunk into an alcoholic depression, culminating with him dying in a drunken single vehicle car accident the day after she graduated high school. She had inherited the house and the insurance had paid it off, but didn't leave much more. On the advice of an accountant, she had sold it, to put some cash in the bank and avoid the maintenance and annual property taxes.

An average student never having any real aspirations for college, she had found work as a secretary at a real estate firm. It wasn't a great job, but it paid the bills, and the boss didn't care what she did on the computer if she wasn't busy, so she got in a lot of Second Life time at work, as well as at home.

The D/s (Dominant/submissive) theme is common in Second Life, and the game abounds with would-be Masters, but Sir was different. An unusual Dom, he eschewed the term "Master", insisting on just being called Sir instead, and had never collared any of his subbie girls. Sir insisted that a collar was too serious a commitment for an online game. He always told his girls, "You can WEAR a collar if you wish, but we both know it isn't mine". Of course, all of them did.

She was worried about one thing. He had never asked for a picture, and Peggy knew she didn't live up to the slim, svelte avatar she used in the game. Peggy was definitely overweight by forty or more pounds. The cute 23 year old was getting into the range of what most on the Internet term

"BBW". She wasn't fat, but definitely chubby, with a big ass, thick thighs and rounded tummy. She had admitted this to Sir in online chat, and he didn't seem to care.

She showered, including shaving both her legs and her pussy. She finished brushing out her light brown hair, which hung to the middle of her back, and began to get dressed. Sir had told her to dress casually so she slipped on a pair of pale blue bikini panties, comfortable but still new looking jeans, and her favorite pale green summer top that complemented her emerald eyes. No bra.

She rarely wore one as she had very small breasts for a big girl, not even really a B cup. More like a large A. Her nipples were extremely sensitive, though, to the point that she could orgasm from having them stimulated. Her little breasts, she thought, were actually one of her body's best features, as they were still firm and had almost no sag.

She had barely gotten her sandals on when the doorbell rang. Sir was here! She flew to the front door and opened it to reveal a tall, attractive thirty-something year old man in a dark pinstriped suit. He eyed her up and down and then said, "Peggy, I assume?". She nodded nervously.

His expression unchanged, he said, "I am Carl, Sir's driver. Come with me. I'll take you to Sir."

He turned and began to walk away. Quickly locking her door, Peggy followed him to a dark blue Lincoln sedan, where he held the rear door open until she was seated. He moved to the driver's seat, and the car started quietly and pulled smoothly away from the curb. The driver remained silent during the drive through heavy rush-hour traffic.

Peggy thought about how little she actually knew about Sir. She knew he was considerably older than her, in his "fifties" is all he had told her, and that he was in town to "teach a class". Beyond that, she knew him to be a great conversationalist as well as a Dom who was into the lifestyle for real, not just in Second Life. When they had made plans to actually meet, Sir had told her to expect "a taste of the real thing".

The car pulled up in front of the posh Worthington Hotel in downtown Fort Worth and her door was immediately opened by a uniformed valet. She got out of the car with a muted thanks and went to follow Carl, who was already striding away. He led her through the opulent lobby to a bank of elevators and pressed the call button. A set of doors opened immediately and they stepped into the car, where he pushed the button for the seventh floor.

They stepped out into the plushly carpeted hallway and Carl turned to the right. Peggy noticed right away that this was unlike any hotel hallway she had been in before. All the room doors seemed entirely too far apart. They came to a stop near the end of the long hallway, and Carl pressed a button next to one of the doors. Peggy could not hear any sound of a doorbell, but in just a few seconds the door opened, revealing a tall gentleman talking heatedly on a cell phone. He was dressed in tan slacks, a pullover blue and white golf shirt and leather loafers that bespoke money and casual elegance. He motioned them in and closed the door. He stood about 6 feet tall, and looked to be trim and healthy, with dark eyes and salt-and-pepper brown hair, neatly styled.

"Damn it, I said tomorrow, and that's final. If you aren't up to the task I'll get someone who is."

He thumbed the phone off and looked at them for the first time. "Sorry about that. It's always something."

Carl stepped a couple of paces to the side and indicated Peggy. "Sir, Peggy" was all he said.

Sir locked eyes with her in appraisal and she felt her breath catch. She had never seen a more spectacular man. He simply oozed confidence and was strikingly handsome. He stepped closer, and let his eyes travel slowly up and down her body. Nothing in his expression gave away anything he was thinking, but he seemed to fill up the room with his presence. Peggy's palms were sweating, and she swallowed nervously.

Sir walked slowly around her, taking her in from all angles, as Carl stood by impassively. He smiled, pleasantly surprised inwardly. He wasn't a big fan of skinny girls OR big tits. She was ideal. Peggy had warned him in chat about her looks, and while he hadn't told her, he was secretly thrilled with her appearance. Finally he stepped back in front of her, caught her eye and said,

"Peppermint. Say it."

"Pep-peppermint?" she stammered.

"Peppermint. That is your safe word tonight. I will be pushing your limits. If at any time you are unwilling to proceed, simply say 'peppermint' and the evening will be over. I will call Carl to come and take you home. Do you understand? A simple yes or no will suffice."

Peggy's mind was whirling but she managed to say, "Yes, Sir".

"Excellent. Strip."

Shocked, she stammered, "I, uh" and before she could make another sound, Sir's hand was fisted in her hair, tipping her head back as he leaned into her, bringing his face barely an inch from her own.

Softly he said, "Did I ask you to speak? Was it a difficult instruction to understand?"

"No Sir," Peggy whimpered.

"Then either lose the clothes, or say 'peppermint' and quit wasting my time." He released her hair and took a step back expectantly.

Blushing brightly, she undid her jeans and eased them down over her ample ass, working them off over her sandals. She straightened, looking for a place to put them, but Carl simply held out his hand.

She gave them to him and quickly removed her top and her panties despite her embarrassment, handing each item to Carl, who neatly folded everything into a bundle. She stood up straight, fighting the urge to cover herself. Her nipples were rock-hard, and she could feel herself getting wet. Sir took her arm and led her next to an elegant leather overstuffed chair. A flat round cushion about two feet in diameter lay on the floor in front of the chair.

"Kneel on the cushion, facing the chair. Remain silent," Sir said.

Peggy smiled inwardly. This, she knew how to do from all their play in Second Life. She had practiced it for hours in real life as well. She gracefully sank into the "nadu" position on the cushion. Adapted from the Gor series of books by John Norman, it was a common slave posture.

Buttocks on heels, knees shoulder width apart, back straight and chest thrust forward, head held high and palms up on each thigh. With practice, a sub could maintain the pose for quite some time.

It became restful.

She heard Sir move behind her and tell Carl, "Telephone standby until 1am. If I haven't called by then take the rest of the night off."

"Yes, Sir," Carl replied. She heard the door open and then close. Peggy shuddered in anticipation.

Without a word to her, Sir stepped into an adjacent room, pulling the door closed behind him.

Peggy took a moment to look around the hotel suite. The place was HUGE. There was a conference/dining table with room for 12 people, a full kitchenette, an expansive wet bar with six stools, and a seating area with sofa and two oversized chairs, one of which she was kneeling in front of. A huge flat screen TV dominated the wall in front of the sofa. In addition to the door that Sir had disappeared behind, a door on the other side of the room led into what appeared to be a fully equipped executive office. Another door opened into an elegantly appointed bathroom. Peggy couldn't even imagine what a suite like this must cost. It was bigger than her apartment. Way bigger. She quickly resumed her face-forward position. It wouldn't do to have Sir catch her gawking.

A full thirty minutes passed before Peggy heard the door that Sir had passed through open. Heart racing, she maintained her pose, eyes locked on the chair in front of her. Her nipples crinkled again, and her pussy flooded. She heard the tinkle of ice in a glass as Sir moved to the wet bar and prepared himself a drink. She didn't hear him walk up behind her, and started as he reached around from behind and caressed her cheek. Moaning softly, Peggy leaned into his hand, which he all too quickly removed.

Still standing behind her, he finally spoke. "Are your nipples hard?"

Hard? They were like diamonds. "Yes Sir," she said weakly.

"Is your pussy wet?"

It was a swamp, trickling down her thighs. "Yes Sir. Very wet."


Peggy thought for a moment. "Sir, because I don't know what's going to happen next, and it scares me. And it excites me."

Sir finally stepped around her into her view, and sprawled more than sat in the chair. His ass was scooted forward to the edge, legs wide apart. And he was gloriously NAKED! He had a full, all-over dark tan, and his flaccid cock hung heavy and thick, about four inches long, over an impressively large scrotum and two prominent balls. His pubic hair was completely shaved.

"Oh my God, he's magnificent!" Peggy thought. While he wasn't bodybuilder-sculpted, his body still showed signs of frequent exercise. He had definite muscle definition, and a flat abdomen. Her mouth watered.

"When you're through checking out my cock, my face is up here," he said.

Peggy blushed furiously and lifted her face to his piercing gaze. "God, I could get lost in those eyes," she thought.

Sir said, "anticipation is a big part of tonight's game session, so in that interest it's only fair to let you know what to expect. From this point on, you are no longer Peggy. Your name is Slave.

Tell me your name."

"Slave," she whispered, heart pounding.

"I can't hear you."

"Sir, I am Slave," Peggy said more forcefully.

"Slave, tonight you are mine to do with as I wish. And I have decided that what I wish is to use you in ways that will push every limit you have. Tonight, you exist only for my pleasure. Do you understand that, Slave?"

"Yes, Sir," Slave replied, a thrill running through her as she sank into the mindset.

"Tonight, you may not have an orgasm without first asking for and receiving permission. Are we clear?"

"Yes, Sir".

"You have told me in chat that you are an anal virgin, and in fact have a strong aversion to anal play, so before the night is over, unless you use your safe word, I will fuck your ass., and I won't be gentle about it. I will pop that anal cherry, and you will beg to cum. You will learn that your asshole is made for fucking, and I will fuck it."

Slave gasped. Her asshole involuntarily clenched. Her clit was throbbing, her secretions dripping down onto the cushion.

Sir continued, "you have told me that in real life, you are a very modest girl. So, tonight, you will be publicly humiliated. You will be naked in front a stranger, and you will suck his cock and swallow his cum. I will deny you orgasms, taking you to the very edge over and over without allowing you to cum. I will piss in your mouth and you will willingly allow it. I will require things of you that you don't want to do, and have never done before. I will cum in every one of your holes. You will be powerless to stop it from happening unless you use your safe word. Use it now. Say 'peppermint' and end this evening."

Her eyes were wide and her body trembling, but Slave forced herself to remained silent. She had never blushed brighter in her life.

Sir waited a full minute, the leaned forward and caressed the top of her head. "Good girl," he said softly, leaning back and drawing her face to his crotch. Slave had to catch herself with her hands on the floor to keep from toppling forward.

"Take it in your mouth. Do not use your hands, do not suck, don't use your tongue, just take it all in your mouth. Swallow if you must, but otherwise remain still and hold it quietly."

Slave took his cock in to the root and did her best to comply with his instructions. His cock began to slowly swell until it was prodding at the back of her throat. Slave loved sucking cock, and was actually quite good at it, although she didn't get a lot of opportunity. Most guys just weren't turned on by chubby girls. She relaxed, breathing through her nose as the organ in her mouth started to grow, becoming longer, thicker and stiffer. Sir began leaking copious amounts of pre-cum and she reveled in its taste. She couldn't wait for a mouthful of the real thing straight from the tap.

"Submission is all about an exchange of power," he lectured her, ignoring the pleasure her warm, wet mouth was giving him with practiced ease. "As a submissive, you give up your power to me, your Dominant, but you still retain the ultimate power. Your safe word is sacrosanct, and you hold that power over me. You can stop this at any time by saying 'peppermint'. Do you want to say 'peppermint' now?"

Slave was silent, shaking her head slightly, but mostly concentrating on the feel of the cock in her mouth and down her throat. His aroma assaulted her nostrils, the scent of his shower gel and expensive cologne overcome by his slight masculine musk. She had never been more turned on in her life. His fat cock had to be at least seven inches long, and was thicker than she had every experienced in her life. It was a struggle to keep from gagging, but she kept breathing through her nose to overcome the urge. Slave's lips remained gamely around his thick root, her nose firmly pressed against his pubic bone as he filled her throat.

Sir continued. "Sometime before the night is over, you will disobey me. When you do, you will be punished, harder than you ever believed possible. Say 'peppermint' while you have the chance."

Slave's pussy throbbed once, twice convulsively, and before she even realized it was going to hit, she had an orgasm, waves of intense pleasure coursing through her body. She struggled to hold herself still as she mewled around his cock, her body trembling.

"Fuck!" her panicked mind screamed as her traitorous body convulsed inside and she tried to fight it down. "It's only seconds since he said I had to ask for permission..." Her mind whirled as the orgasm subsided.

Sir's thoughts were taking a different direction. "Impressive. No stimulation at all below the neck, and she's cumming. This girl could be taught to orgasm on command." His cock lurched at the thought.

Slave's eyes flooded and tears began to run down her cheeks as she attempted to regain her composure. She had barely gotten here, and she had disappointed Sir! With steely determination, she kept from sobbing, still holding his now throbbing cock in her mouth and down her throat.

Sir watched her closely as she came down. Finally he spoke as she regained her composure. "Slave, I'll let that one slide. Your mouth was full from following my instructions, so you were hardly able to ask permission. You followed your orders as best as you were able, and I'm proud of you".

Slave beamed inwardly. Sir wasn't mad at her!

Sir continued. "Suck my cock. Slowly. Use all your best techniques, but give me the SLOWEST blowjob that ever existed. I want to remember everything you do three times when I feel it once.


Slave slowly drew back on his cock. Painstakingly slowly, her tongue tracing slow circles on the underside. On her way up, she realized that her estimate was incorrect. Sir was slightly under 8" long, not 7". She took a full two minutes to reach his fat mushroom crown, running her tongue over and over it again for another minute, then took a chance and PLUNGED down until half his cock was in her mouth. His pre-cum was now a salty, tangy river.

Slave sucked hard, in slow pulsing intensity. Hard. Soft, Hard. Soft. She continued that for about a minute, then plunged back down, engulfing his full length. She sucked hard and swirled her tongue on the underside, taking a full minute to slowly draw back to the head of his cock. Just as her tongue swirled over his piss slit, he grunted and shot a huge first rope of tangy cum into her mouth. His hands met the back of her head, forcing her down on his huge cock, and he shot streamer after streamer of hot cum down her throat.

Finally, he stopped thrusting into her her mouth and lay back in the comfortable overstuffed chair with a contented sigh. Slave opened her mouth, making sure that Sir saw the large puddle of cum coating her tongue, then closed her mouth and audibly swallowed. She opened her mouth again to show that her tongue was now clean. Not having further instructions, Slave leaned forward, and once more took Sir's cock to the root, not moving, not using her tongue, just feeling it subside in her mouth.

Sir gently pushed her away. "Enough," he said. "I want you to crawl slowly into the bathroom, and set the water in the sink to a comfortable warm temperature." Slave moved away and complied with his order, throwing an extra ass wiggle in here and there, keeping her knees wide apart to show off her pussy from behind. She wanted Sir to be pleased.

Sir was more than pleased. "I knew I was going to like this girl," he thought. His cell phone chirped. He glanced at it, saw the number, and swiped his thumb to accept the call.

"Sir? I am having to pay my two best technicians overtime, but I can have it to you by 7am in the morning."

"Excellent. Make it happen." He disconnected the call.

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