New Arcadia: Bruce's Story

by Jehoram

Copyright© 2014 by Jehoram

Erotica Sex Story: A sixteen year old boy describes what it's like to be trained by his parents, his elders and his fellow teenagers in the arts of sex in New Arcadia. After mastering his libido and indulging in every form of sex play short of intercourse, he is initiated in a bukkake ritual and chooses his cousin as his first fuckmate.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   mt/mt   Consensual   Gay   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Mother   Son   Cousins   Aunt   Nephew   Group Sex   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism   Teacher/Student   Menstrual Play   Nudism   .

"Boys pose a special problem in the new Eden. Nature's need for male reproductive availability ensures that their sexual responses are fully developed at puberty, and they are fully capable of achieving orgasms without the need for training. But it is this same proclivity which prevents them from fully achieving all the pleasures of which their bodies are capable. Our task, therefore, is to redirect their natural urges in ways that allow them to delay the immediate gratification of their needs and become better sexual partners as they mature."

-- Alfonse Gregorio, from Return to Eden

My mom said that you wanted to talk to me. I saw you talking to my sister Denise yesterday, the one who gave you that blowjob. How did you like that? She can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but she gives good head, I'll have to admit.

Well, my name is Bruce, and I'm sixteen. I'll be a junior in high school next year. What do you want to know about me? I'm on the debate team. Dad taught me to play tennis and I like it, but I'm not good enough to play on the team at school. Maybe next year. I get pretty good grades now. And a couple of weeks ago, I got my green wristband, so I'm an adult by our standards, and I can fuck people. I kind of prefer women with big jugs, but not just any big jugs. They have to be natural, so they can bounce and swing, like Mom's. I think the fake ones look gross. But if they don't have big jugs, that's OK, too, as long as they're natural. It doesn't really matter much to me anymore.

Mom tells me you're collecting information about New Arcadia for a study. I guess you'll change all the names, right? She says you want to know what it's like to grow up here. You really ought to talk to the other guys, too. I mean, I think my experience is typical, but maybe it's not. So I'll just tell the story.

Mom and Dad brought me here when I turned fourteen. We have this big RV. That's where Mom and Dad sleep when they're here. I used to sleep in the dorms, but now I have my own tent that I set up so I can have some privacy when I fuck. But I haven't used it very much, because the women usually take me to their bedrooms to fuck me. Beds are more comfortable anyway.

Anyway, back to when I was fourteen. I always had a boner back then. My cock has always been super-sensitive, and it doesn't take much to get it hard. The sight of a girl's jugs always gets me hard. Just touching it gets me hard. So on my first day here, I was hard by the time I got my clothes off and saw Mom naked for the first time. She's got big jugs, like I said.

Now, there are ways to control that, and I know about them now, but I didn't then. So Mom just let me jack off whenever I pleased. It was like that pretty much for the first few months I was coming here. Get hard, jack off, play with the others, get hard again, jack off. You can do that here. It's perfectly normal. I was jacking off seven or eight times a day. It's kind of hard not to, with all these naked women walking around. You've been hard since you got here, right? Hey, it's OK. I'll probably be hard again by the time we finish talking. I'm not hard now, because I just fucked my cousin Cory. I'll tell you about her later.

I met this guy Troy on my first day here. He's my best friend now. We used to play all these jacking off games. You should see how far he can shoot his jizz! I've only beaten him a couple of times at that. I could cum more often, though, and cum more jizz, and get hard again faster than he could. Sometimes, we'd sixty-nine and suck each other off, trying to cum at the same time.

But usually we'd be horsing around with the girls. I was always more into girls than boys. I got to know all of the girls that had red wristbands like I had. That meant that they couldn't fuck, but they enjoyed masturbating in front of us to get us hot, and they could wank us, and we could wank them. Some of them would even let us jizz on them! Man, those were good times! That's when I got the nickname Boner. I was getting boners all the time.

Mom and Dad would let me do what I pleased for the first few months, but they said that I could begin the Training anytime I was ready. I didn't know what they meant, so Dad explained that I needed to learn how to hold my erections for longer periods of time than five or ten minutes, if I wanted to be a really good lover and fuck lots of girls. I didn't want to do that. I mean, I wanted to fuck lots of girls, but I didn't want to put in the effort to really train myself.

Of course, the training wasn't just about how to keep from jizzing. It was also about how to please women and other men, so they had me learn how to finger-fuck and suck cock and eat pussy and all that stuff. They have people here who are instructors. We call them Guides. Mom is one of them, and she gave my some of my first lessons in giving head and finger-fucking. She showed me where her G-spot was and how it felt, and she let me lick her pussy until she came. The trouble was that I'd get really turned on by this, and if anybody touched my dick, I'd jizz right then and there.

It was my cousin Cory who kind of straightened me out on that. Cory was a virgin then. One day I was eating her out. I got her off OK, and then she wanted to blow me in return. Well, the moment she got her lips on my cock, I jizzed. She got real mad at me then. She said that I wasn't ever going to be a decent lover until I could control that. I still remember her glowering at me with those violet eyes of hers. She doesn't have big tits. In fact, she hardly has any tits at all. But she knew that I liked girls with big tits, and she asked, "If a girl with no tits gets you off so fast, how in the world do you expect to make it with a girl with real tits?" I didn't have an answer to that!

Well, she said later that she was sorry and didn't mean it, but I knew she was right. And so I decided to get serious with my training. So I went to Mom, and she started a series of exercises with me. She'd get me hard, and I'd have to keep it there for fifteen minutes without touching it, just learning what it felt like to be that hard. Then she told me to make it go down, just by thinking about it. That was harder. I mean, how do you think about not having sex, especially when you're looking at a bit-titted woman sitting right in front of you? But after a while, I could do that, too. And I got so I could hold my erections longer and longer, even when girls teased me.

I wish I could say how many hours of practice I had with Mom and Marcie and Beryl and some of the other Guides. I am really, really grateful to them now for what I can do. Especially Cory. Although she isn't a Guide, she spent hours and hours with me, tickling my cock and make it dribble pre-cum but not allowing me to actually jizz. Even after she got her green band and was fucking every adult in sight, she would spend some time with me every weekend training me.

And Beryl organized some sessions where I and some other boys would be trained in groups. The idea was that we could help each other stay in the Zone. You know about the Zone, right? Her theory was that since we'd been playing with each other's dicks so long, we'd know when the other guy was getting ready to shoot, and he would know when I was getting ready to shoot, and we'd help each other hold off for whatever time we were trying to reach. It was at one of those sessions that I met Louise.

I guess I should tell you about Louise. She came to New Arcadia about a year after I did. She wasn't a kid, though. She was a grown woman with sexual experience on the Outside. I had a crush on her from the moment I first saw her. What I noticed first were her tits. They weren't very big but I liked how they hung kind of low, like big tits do, and they swung whenever she walked or even turned around. And one of them was a bit bigger than the other. I mean, most women are like that, but it showed more on her. She had really long nipples, too. And she had blond curly hair and blue eyes and a wonderful smile and a hairy pussy that she kept trimmed so you could see her labia. I could jizz just looking at her.

And she really enjoyed being around me. I found out later that it wasn't just me. She liked all boys my age, the ones with skinny dicks and little ball-sacks and no hair on their pubes, and it really turned her on to tease us. That's why she was helping Beryl with the sessions. She would hold her finger out under my hard cock and I'd relax it until it just touched. Then she'd hold it just over it and I'd get it hard again. And we'd do that over and over. It's a kind of stupid trick, but they say that if you can do it inside a woman's vagina, it will really improve your love-making. Herb can do it, but none of the other guys can, as far as I know.

Anyway, the session would always end with me cumming. Sometimes Louise would give me a blowjob and suck the cum right out of my dick, and other times she'd jack me off onto those amazing tits of hers, and let me lick it off and suck on her nipples. She has really long nipples. Oh, yeah, I already said that. She said she loved to see me "spooge" ... that's how she put it ... and she loved the taste of it. After that, I'd sometimes eat her out, and her pussy tasted really good, and she'd always get off on that. And then we'd just talk for a while. I was really getting a crush on her, as I said, because she was the first woman that seemed to appreciate me for who I was, and didn't treat me like a kid.

But then I learned that she was falling in love with this other guy George. He'd come to New Arcadia about the same time she did, and it was obvious to everybody that they were in love with each other. That was hard for me to deal with. I mean, I liked George, he was a nice guy, but every time I saw him, I felt sick.

Louise learned about my crush on her when I stopped going to the training sessions. She cornered me on the Green and asked me what was wrong. Before long, I was spilling everything, and telling her how much I loved her and how jealous I was of George, and I was crying, and she was holding me and stroking the back of my head.

When I was done, we sat there for a long time on the lawn and she explained how she loved George as a person that she wanted to spend her life with, but she loved me as a friend and as somebody she could play with, and that there were all these different levels and kinds of love. She said that she wanted to marry George if he asked her, but that she wanted me to fuck her when I was old enough, and that I could do it anytime I wanted to, and that George would be down with it, and that we'd always be friends that way. Then she kissed me and got up and left, and I sat there for a while alone, thinking and kind of playing with my dick, but I couldn't get it very hard.

I think she went and talked to Cory, because Cory came by a little while later, and we talked some more. Now Cory and I had played around and gotten each other off before, like Mom and I had played around and gotten each other off. It was fun and nothing personal, not like the feelings I had for Louise. I was still feeling down, because the woman I loved had told me that she didn't love me. But Cory told me the same stuff Louise did about how love and lust were two different things, and that you could have both of them with different people. And she said two things that really made me feel better. She said that she'd always lusted for me, and she thought I was a good person, and would be a good catch for any sane girl. And she said that when I came of age, she would be honored if I chose her as my first fuckmate.

Now that was something! Cory had just been initiated, in a double ceremony with another girl named Ivy. I think they had this Lesbian thing going. I went to their initiation and jizzed on them both, along with all the other guys, and then they hugged each other to smear the jizz around on their fronts, and you could tell that they got off on that, rubbing their titties against each other. But they both chose guys as their first fuckmates. So I guess they weren't all that Lesbian after all.

I figured that now that she was fucking adults, she wouldn't have time for us red-band kids anymore. But she said that she wanted to continue working with me and training me. It was then that I got it through my thick skull that she really liked me and cared about me as a person. It was more than just friendship and less than marriage-type love. Which wouldn't have been possible anyway, since we were first cousins. And I realized that I had two women who loved me that way.

And I was suddenly happy again. Cory noticed it, and we hugged, and it turned to wanking each other. My dick started getting hard again, finally. I wanted her to blow me, but she said no, and she made me lie on my back. Then she got on top of me and ground her titties into my chest and pressed her mons against my dick, and I could feel the bottom of my cock sliding against her inner cunt lips, which were really wet. We humped each other like that until I came and my jizz shot out onto her belly. It was the closest I'd ever come to actually fucking somebody. I don't think she came, but she hugged me anyway and said, "That's a promissory."

My own initiation happened a half a year later. I noticed that some of the Guides seemed to be paying more attention to me. Aunt Candy and another Guide named Brenda, who has the biggest jugs in camp, would play with me from time to time and ask me to pleasure them. I guess I did OK, because Herb and Marcie came up to me one day and told me that I was ready to be initiated. Then they grabbed my dick and gave it something that more than a simple Gregorio grope.

We agreed to hold the initiation the following weekend. I was told not to jizz at all on the day of the rite, so I'd have lots of cum for the ceremony and be able to recharge quickly. But Mom got me hard a few times anyway, to increase the jizz, and to make it easier for her to shave my pubes. They do that to every kid for their initiation. It means that it's the last time they'll ever be considered a child. Then Dad took some red dye and painted my cock and balls a bright red. When I looked at myself in the mirror, the bald pubes and the dye made my dick look a lot bigger, which I guess was the idea.

They usually hold these initiations right after the Saturday night dance. I didn't go to the dance, though. That was when Mom shaved me, and when Dad painted my junk. When that was done, someone came and told us that the dance was over, and I was led out, and they told me to lie on a cot that was there. Every single man had a hard cock. I mean, fully hard with pre-cum dribbling off it, not half-mast! Then all the men gathered around me and jizzed on me, and a couple of the women did, too. I'd seen women jizz before, of course. It's not like man-jizz, though. It looks more like pee, but it's not pee.

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