The Amorous Candystriper

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Fiona fancies a career in health services. She and her friend April discover that there are certain perks to be had in an all-male ward.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Voyeurism   Doctor/Nurse   Public Sex   Workplace   .

Note: Candystripers are health service volunteers and not prostitutes.

Fiona lifted her skirt once more for the head nurse's inspection of her tights. She knew head nurse Slagbottom was not happy with her abbreviated thong underneath the regulation white tights. Most of the other Candystripers wore more traditional knickers of a conservative nature hiding their assets under thick cotton.

"Miss Murphy, why are you wearing those red flimsies in a respectable hospital? This is not a train station for you to flaunt your wares for every pervert!"

The other girls all giggled at her discomfort safe in the knowledge that their bums were up to the official hospital rules for Candystriper etiquette for duty on the wards. Fiona didn't care because she knew her red undies were her own business just so long as she had the sheer white tights all the way up to her waist. She hoped the nasty head nurse would not put her undies on report because she needed a good reference for entrance into the skilled nursing program at the University.

"I can take them off, Mrs. Slagbottom, but I fear my privates will be on display if I bend over too far."

The girl next to Fiona stifled a giggle out of sight of the head nurse's irritated glare. Her name was April and she was the shortest girl in the class of Candystripers. April peeked at Fiona's shocking red thong and noticed her friend had recently shaved not leaving a single trace of stubble. She felt a bit guilty because she hated to shave "down there" and hoped the thick cotton knickers hid her bush from view.

The head nurse tapped Fiona's cheeks with her pointing stick making little indentations in her soft skin. Fiona winced at the intrusion and hoped it would not cause a ladder in her tights. They were so expensive and her parents were strapped to find enough cash to pay the basic bills. She wished there was some way she could find a job that would pay actual money and not just an opportunity to get trained for a real paying job down the line.

When the head nurse went down to the other end of the line, April whispered up into Fiona's ear,

"I think they look brilliant, Fiona, I bet all the male patients will be getting a stiff neck trying to look up your skirt."

Fiona patted the top of her friend's head. That was easy to do since she stood an easy head above her. They were in beds next to each other in the large barracks style room for the novice Intern Candystripers serving a ninety day service program for all student nurses. She was getting used to the snores coming from some of the girl's in the middle of the night and it gave April an opportunity to slide up under the covers with her for some "pretending to be a boy" nocturnal fun.

It was only right that Fiona deserved the right to be the boy in the relationship since she was much taller and liked making the more submissive April perform to satisfy her needs in true masculine fashion. Neither of them had actually gotten a real dick pushed inside them as yet but that was not at all unusual for eighteen year old females at that time and place. April had extensive experience in oral satisfaction because her older brother took pleasure in making her available to his visiting friends from the University. She was initially unhappy at her mouth being used as a receptacle for the randy boy's deposits but after seeing how much control she attained over their actions, April realized just how much power she possessed with the suction of her succulent lips.

Since she did not particularly like the taste of most of the boy's creamy loads, she generally kept it inside her mouth and then let it all drool out into her palm right in front of them to show them how much she had managed to drain from their now wilted tool. It was usually enough to make most boys hard as a rock yet again for a second journey past her accommodating lips. April never did anything of the sort with her brother because they were strictly brought up and it would be a dreadful sin. However, she did allow him to rub her bottom with her knickers on because, after all, he was her brother and it wasn't like having sex.

She tried to explain all this to Fiona but she could tell the young girl was dubious about the actual taking of a male shaft into her virgin lips. Especially, since she was a virgin in all of her openings and was most desirous changing all that as quickly as possible.

Fiona had decided to become a nurse because she had read a particularly interesting novel about a young girl who became a nurse to a handsome doctor with an invalid wife and a need for tender loving care from a willing female. She worked at his side all day long and whenever the opportunity arose, they consummated their love in odd places like closets, parking garages and even deserted lifts.

After reading that novel and riding her fingers on many an occasion in the privacy of her tiny bedroom, Fiona decided she needed a doctor of her own to make her bloom in proper feminine attitude. Preferably, it should be a handsome one with skills to take full advantage of every single orifice. It wouldn't even make any difference if he were to be married, because invalid wives and even, bitchy ones could be put aside with inevitable fate or by legal decree. It was only fair that she should get a doctor of her own to make her take it in every kinky position.

The Candystripers were assigned to the more mundane hospital tasks such as removing and distributing the bed-pans and changing sheets if there was an accident. But they also assisted with the more demanding tasks such as washing body parts and applying salves and lotions to hard to reach areas.

One of the wards that Fiona was assigned to was the one for "post-operative" recovery. The operations were many and quite varied. Since the use of private rooms was considered totally cost prohibitive under the current hospitalization scheme, the hospital manager had created segregated wards for females and males to prevent any problems with interaction between the patients.

Fiona liked working in the male-only wards better because the men were generally much more appreciative and less demanding than the women. A lot of the patients were older married men with problems associated with an aging physical condition. She had gotten into the habit of reading the charts just to get a thumbnail impression of the man in the bed and the severity of their problem.

Patient 3045 was a man about fifty and he had a worried look in his steel-grey eyes. She saw his name was Tom and that he had sustained a groin injury that required the removal of one of his testicles. The stitches were fresh but seemed in order. She was required to cleanse the affected area three times each day and after a few days, they were on "first-name" basis and she felt quite comfortable in lifting his oversized shaft and taking care of his needs like a dedicated Candystriper. Whilst in the midst of tending to his injury on his next to last day, she felt his shaft suddenly stiffen up into a hard pulsating rod. They both looked at it and then he blurted out,

"Sorry, Miss, I can't help it. It's your fingers and your skin. It is so lovely to the touch. It makes me feel like I need to check out my equipment. Would you mind terribly taking me on a "test run" just to make certain all systems are a go?"

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