The Love Boat

by Ann Douglas

Copyright© 1997 by Ann Douglas. All rights reserved.

Erotica Sex Story: Dawn McIntyre should've known there had to be something wrong with the cruise ship tickets her ex-boyfriend had offered up in place of money he owed her, but she couldn't see what it might be. That was until she and her girlfriend, Kari, were on the high seas and discovered that it was a lesbian cruise

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   Fiction   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Voyeurism   .

"Rise and shine sleepy-head!" Dawn McIntyre called out as she pulled open the small window drape and flooded the tiny cabin with early morning sunlight. "It's another beautiful day out in the middle of nowhere."

"Screw you!" called out a female voice as an arm emerged from beneath the sheets just long enough to throw a pillow at Dawn.

"Come on, Kari, you can't still be tired." the 22-year-old said as she effortlessly avoided the pillow. "It's too beautiful a day to spend it in bed."

"That's easy for you to say." Kari said as the blonde emerged from under the sheet, her long hair half covering her face. "You weren't kept up half the night by the couple next door. They were still going at it hot and heavy at 3 A.M." she added as she pointed to the wall behind the bed's headboard. "I don't know how you managed to sleep through it all."

"Really? You should've woke me up." Dawn said as she crossed the room. "I'd have loved to listen to that."

"Pervert!" Kari called out before again disappearing under the sheet.

"Look who's talking." Dawn laughed as she again gave the end of the sheet a playful tug.

"Go away!" Kari repeated.

"Are you going to be this grumpy the rest of the week?" Dawn asked.

"Yes, and it's all your fault!" said the voice once again under the sheet.

"My fault?"

"Well I'm not the one who booked us on this cruise." Kari said as she again emerged from seclusion. "What was it you said again ... How can we lose? Four days on a cruise to nowhere. Fun, sun and all that goes with it. You just happened to leave out one little detail..."

"You know I'm really getting tired of hearing this." Dawn said in mock protest, cutting Kari off, knowing if she didn't she'd be hearing her long litany of complaints one more time.

At first, it'd seemed like such a great deal. Dawn had gone to see David Morgan, her old boyfriend, to collect some money he owed her. As usual, David pleaded poverty. When Dawn began to make a scene in the travel agency where David worked, he quickly offered to pay her in another way. He had a few extra tickets for a four day cruise to nowhere that was leaving Saturday morning.

The tickets were part of a charter that had been returned by two girls who now couldn't go. Non-refundable so they couldn't get their money back, the tickets were worth a lot more than what David owed her. So he proposed a deal. He'd sell her the tickets for less than half price and they'd call it even.

Dawn had resisted her first impulse to snatch up the deal. She had learned from hard experience that it was too easy to succumb to David's charms. The slight fluttering in her chest and the tingle between her legs as she looked into the handsome face of the 25-year-old, reminded her that whatever other problems they'd had in their relationship - David Morgan was one first class fuck. It was exactly that memory that caused her to think very carefully about his offer.

"Let me get this straight." she had said. "These tickets are already paid for, and you want me to pay for them a second time."

"Well I am giving you them for half price." David smiled — that damnable killer smile that she remembered so well.

With that, every warning light in Dawn's head went off. David only smiled like that when he thought he was getting over on someone.

"Well I'll tell you what, David dear." Dawn had smiled back. "I'll be more than willing to take those tickets off your hands — only as a fair exchange for what you owe me."

David appeared to be thinking it over for a few moments. From past experience, Dawn knew he was weighing the odds of getting anything more out of the deal.

"All right, you win." David said somewhat unexpectedly as he tossed the folder with the tickets over to her side of the small desk. "I guess you got me over a barrel."

Grabbing the tickets and quickly walking out of the travel agency, Dawn had been pretty pleased with herself. She'd figured she would never see that money again anyway so she might as well get something out of the deal. She and Kari were planning a little vacation anyway, and now they were going on a trip they could never have otherwise afforded.

The one little thing that David had failed to mention, was that the charter was for an all girl cruise. Not just an all girl - a lesbian cruise.

Since Kari had insisted on still going out Friday night, they hadn't gotten to the cruise ship until the last possible moment. They were just starting to pull in the gangway when their cab pulled up on the dock. It took a mad dash to make it just in time. "So I make one little mistake." Dawn grinned as she held her thumb and index finger a few inches apart. "What your problem is that you can't make the best of a situation. Try having a little fun for a change. We're on a cruise ship with discos, great food, almost anything you could ask for. But you'd rather stay in bed and complain about it. You won't find me sulking in my room."

"No kidding," Kari said as she finally sat up in bed. "You must've been out on that dance floor until 2 AM. I was surprised that blonde you were dancing with settled for a kiss on the cheek when she said goodnight."

"So would that have been so horrible." Dawn smiled. "It's not like we've never danced with other girls before or even kissed them."

"That was different!" Kari shot back.

" ... and who knows, maybe we're missing out on something." Dawn continued.

"That's gross!" Kari hissed.

Dawn laughed at her friend's expression.

"That's what you said back in high school when I showed you how to blow a guy and let him cum in your mouth without gagging." Dawn retorted. "I seem to recall you've since changed your mind about that."

"I can't believe you'd even consider such a thing." Kari said as she slid out of bed and walked naked to the bathroom.

Kari D'Antonio stood 5'6" and weighed 120 lbs. She had long light blonde hair that stretched down the length of her back, ending just above the crack of her ass. Blessed with a slim athletic figure, her pride was a set of small, round breasts that stood firm without the aid of a bra. In fact she had long since stopped wearing one back in her senior year of high school. A decision that had brought appreciative smiles to the male population and disapproving looks from most of the female half. "Hey, I'm not saying that I'm going to go up on deck, spread my legs and take on all comers." Dawn continued. "I just mean that maybe we should look at things with a more open mind."

"You're crazy, you know that!" Kari called out from within the small bathroom.

"One more comment like that and I won't tell you about the surprise."

"What surprise?" Kari asked as she stuck her head back into the main room.

"The ship has to make some sort of repair so they're pulling into San Cerino. It's going to take at least a day to make the repair so we can go sightseeing and shopping."

"In some little third world dump? No thanks." the 23-year-old said, disappearing back into the bathroom.

"Are you sure?" Dawn asked. "It's supposed to have some really great beaches."

"No thanks, I'd rather just stay here and relax." Kari concluded.

"Maybe you'll find some cute island boy to fuck your brains out." Dawn teased.

"I said I'm not interested."

"OK, suit yourself." Dawn finally said in desperation as she headed for the door.

She paused for a moment to check her appearance in the full length mirror on the back of the door. Dawn was an inch shorter than Kari and a little heavier. She wore her curly red hair very short, the edge of it hanging an inch above the collar of her blue shirt. Not as athletically built as her friend, Dawn had a slightly bigger bust that she felt more than made up for it.

"I think the lady doth protest too much." she thought as she closed the door behind her.

Locking the door behind her, Dawn paused as she heard the door to the cabin next door open. Curiosity made her wait long enough to see the couple that had kept Kari awake half the night. She smiled at the tall brunette in a white shirt and red shorts who stepped out the door. The brunette smiled back.

Right behind her came a taller blonde dressed in a similar outfit. She also smiled at Dawn and wished her a good morning before taking her lover's hand in her own and heading down the corridor.

Watching them until they disappeared around the corner, Dawn again asked herself the question that she hadn't been able to get out of her mind since they'd come aboard two days ago. "What was it like making love to another woman?"

Back in their cabin, Kari glanced at the small alarm clock on the dresser. It read 09:30.

"Shit, I'd better get my act in gear or else I'm really going to sleep the day away." she thought to herself.

Not that she had any idea what she was going to do today, but there had to be something to interest her on this boat.

Grabbing a set of underwear from her side of the dresser, she stepped back into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Kari took a moment to admire herself in the mirror as she reached back and tied up her long blonde hair. Sometimes she envied Dawn's short dark locks, tying up her hair all the time was sometimes a pain.

The warm touch of the gentle sprinkle felt good against her flesh as she stepped into the tight shower stall. She filled her hands with liquid soap from the wall dispenser and began to soap up her body.

Kari stroked her breasts, bringing her pert nipples to a familiar hardness. As always, her own touch felt so good. Soapy hands glided down across her slim stomach, finding their way to the tightly trimmed blonde bush below. She continued down between her legs and then around to the cheeks of her ass, leaving a soapy trail of bubbles in her wake.

Kari let out a soft sigh as her fingers again rubbed against her mound, reminding her that it had been three weeks since she'd been with anyone. For her, that was a very long time. Six months had passed since she'd broke up with her last boyfriend. Roger had been a great fuck but outside of the bedroom, or any of the other numerous places they'd done it, he'd quickly become a first class bore. Running her long outstretched fingers across her firm mounds once again, giving them a playful squeeze, the lithe woman was reminded of how horny she'd felt lately.

At this moment, she deeply regretted breaking up with Roger. Not that she missed him personally, but she'd broke up with him without having someone else warming up in the bullpen. The sudden intrusion of a series of never ending winter storms had prevented her from meeting anyone new. At the rate she was going, pretty soon she was going to jump the first guy she met.

"God, I need a good fuck." she said to herself as she again glided her fingers down across her stomach and across the thin layer of blonde fuzz.

With a practiced skill she parted her vaginal lips, quickly finding the small stubby clit hidden within. Closing her eyes as she leaned back again the tiled wall, she pressed a slippery finger against it.

"Oh yes." she purred as a familiar tingle spread out from her cunt. "That feels so nice."

She slid a soapy finger up within herself, followed by a second and a third. It was a poor substitute for a hard cock, but it would have to do.

It wasn't long before she was furiously pumping her fingers in and out, sparking the tiny flame between her legs into a conflagration.

The warm water had turned to hot, filling the tiny room with steam. The heat of which paled next to that which radiated across her quaking body as her fingers caressed her love canal in an orgasmic frenzy.

Water running down her face, her lips formed a silent O. Kari felt her legs and arms go weak as repeated waves of delight rippled up and down her naked form.

Long silent moments, broken only by the splatter of the shower drops, passed as the blonde rested against the now warm tile. The water washing away the traces of her climax. She had wanted to masturbate for the last two days but had felt funny doing it while Dawn was around.

Shutting off the water, Kari chuckled. Imagine her being embarrassed about anything sexual. She, a girl who'd lost her cherry when she was 16 and would've needed much more than a scorecard to keep track of the men she'd been with since.

It didn't used to be that way. She and Dawn had been friends since grammar school. They'd double dated more than a few times, with all the closeness you can get when one couple is going at it in the front seat and the other is just as active in the back.

She didn't know why, but lately she was beginning to feel awkward around Dawn, at least where sex was concerned. It was silly really, and she promised to put it out of her mind.

Tossing her towel into the laundry basket, Kari quickly put on her bra and panties. Breakfast was served until 11:00. If she couldn't get laid on this trip, then at least she could enjoy some really great food.

The sweet sea air brought a sense of tranquility to Dawn as the small cruiser neared the dock. So far the vacation had been a lot of fun, but she was beginning to wonder if maybe she should've left Kari back in Brooklyn. She couldn't believe what a stick in the mud her friend had become. So what if Dawn danced the night away with a bunch of lesbians — who cared.

Normally, next to Kari, Dawn was Mother Theresa. Kari had always been the wild one, the one who pushed it to the edge and then just a little beyond. Sometimes to the point where even Dawn was embarrassed.

That night they went into Manhattan last January, just before the first winter storm, was a prime example. All of their friends were talking about Dante's Inferno, the hottest new club in the city. It was already appeared in both the Post and People as the newest in spot for all the beautiful people. Dawn had protested that they'd be wasting their time, that they'd make that long two hour bus and subway trip and then get turned away at the door. But Kari had insisted so away they went.

Dressed in their Friday night best, they'd taken the long ride to the upper East Side of Manhattan. There they'd waited on line in the cold for over an hour, only to reach the door and be found wanting by the tall muscular bouncer. "Come on Kari, let's go." Dawn said as she pulled her jacket tighter against the cold.

"No, we're going dancing." Kari insisted.

Kari again stepped up to the tall gatekeeper and smiled at him. At the same time she let her jacket fall open, giving him a fine view of her barely covered breasts. The sudden exposure to the frigid air caused her nipples to instantly hardened and become even more visible through the thin material.

"No big deal," he laughed. "I've seen much better."

Kari felt insulted, it was the first time any guy had turned down a free look at her breasts. It had always worked in the clubs back home.

"What do you have to do to get in this place?" Kari thought out loud.

The burly bouncer took a second look at Kari's boobs and then ran his eyes up and down her body, taking in the whole package. He leaned forward and said in a voice low enough for only Kari and Dawn to hear.

"Well, you could always blow me." he whispered.

Dawn was sure that her friend was going to immediately tell him to fuck off. Instead she took a moment to look him over. He was tall, 6 foot, and around 220 lbs. The muscles that bulged from under his tight black T-shirt told of long hours in the gym. He was clean shaven with dark brown hair, short and curly.

"Wait here a minute." she said to Dawn as she handed her purse to her and then pealed off her leather jacket. "Let's go." she said to the bouncer.

He didn't even bat an eye in surprise. Instead he just turned to one of the other workers by the door and said to watch the gate.

"Go get her, Billy." his friend said.

Before Dawn could say a word in protest, Kari had grabbed the bouncer's thick arm and pulled him into the small alcove just off the doorway. Hidden from sight of everyone but her girlfriend and the new man at the door, Kari dropped to her knees and unzipped his black Levi's. Reaching inside his now open pants, she pulled down his briefs and exposed his hard cock to the frosty night air.

Kari didn't waste a second, taking his full 6 inches between her bright red lips. Both observers watched as her blonde head bobbed up and down for what seemed like only a minute or so. She became a blur of motion as his saliva covered cock kept sliding in and out of her mouth. The expression on Billy's face told it all. The girl had an oral technique that would make an 8th Ave. hooker proud. He tried to hold back, but he was fighting a losing battle against an expert.

A second later, a loud gasp escaped his lips, accompanied by a burst of whiteness inside Kari's mouth. She buried her head deep between his legs, swallowing all that he gushed out.

Another brief spurt and it was all over. The blonde let his now semi-flaccid cock slip from her mouth and stood up, straightening her skirt as she rose. Kari didn't say a word, she just ran her tongue across her now smeared lipstick, cleaning off the last remnant of her efforts.

Sprouting a wide grin from ear to ear, Kari took Dawn's hand and led her startled friend past the now open doorway and into Dante's Inferno.

"And she called me a pervert." Dawn laughed to herself, her smile reflecting her good mood. "That's my Kari. She could screw the football team and not care who knew, but let another woman look at her with a little desire."

Looking out at the pristine beach growing ever larger, Dawn thought it lucky that Kari hadn't been with her that first night onboard. Still worn out from club hopping the night before, Kari was out like a light before midnight. Dawn on the other hand, had taken a nap in the afternoon, knowing they were going out and was still wide awake at midnight. She'd decided a walk in the night air would help her sleep.

The cabin they occupied was one of the more inexpensive rooms on board, made more so by the fact that part of their deck was under renovation. Walking along the railing, enjoying the cool sea breeze, Dawn saw barely a soul. The disco was on the other side of the ship and most anyone who was up and about was there. Still she had seen three woman walking up ahead of her a few minutes before so she figured that while this section of the ship might be unoccupied, it was still open for a late night stroll.

"This is so beautiful." Dawn thought as she looked out at the full moon reflected in the endless ocean around her. "I never imaged anything could be both so empty and pretty at the same time."

Leaning on the railing, Dawn spent at least ten minutes just gazing up at the stars. They were so clear, and there was so many of them. Back home, with all the city lights to cloud the skies, they looked so much dimmer. Now she understood how people could fall in love on cruises.

Continuing her walk, Dawn heard giggling from just around the corner. Ever curious, she slowed to a quiet step, and carefully peeked around the corner. Later she doubted the three women who had passed her earlier would've heard her approach if she'd been wearing work boots. Dawn's attention was immediately drawn to the woman in the center of the trio. In her mid forties, she had noticed her earlier that evening at dinner, sitting at a nearby table. A short heavy-set woman, Dawn had pointed her out to Kari and remarked that the older woman bore a striking resemblance to Miss Laufer, their 5th grade social studies teacher. Kari had agreed that there was some similarity, but there was no way that it could be her. After all, Miss Laufer had to be at least in her sixties by now. Still, her image had stayed with Dawn well enough for her to be still remembered.

Of course the similarity with their former teacher ended there because there was no way the red haired young woman could ever envision Alice Laufer in the scene before her. The brunette's royal blue dress was down around her waist, exposing the largest set of breasts Dawn had ever seen. The had to be at least a 44DD. Even her nipples were immense, the areolas stretching over three inches across. Of course at the moment, she could only see one of them. The back of a blonde head hid the other as one of her companions traced wet circles around it with her tongue.

Dawn had given only the briefest of glances to the woman's two companions when they passed her before. Still she noted that they had to be closer to her own age than "Miss Laufer's". The third girl looked slightly Hispanic in the lowered shipboard lighting and was busily playing with the free breast with both hands.

"Oh shit!" Dawn exclaimed in a hushed breath. "This is fucking outrageous."

As quietly as she could, Dawn stood by the corner and watched the three women go at it. She'd seen a few girl/girl scenes in the porn flicks one of her old boyfriend's liked to watch, but never imagined she'd get to see one for real. It was so quiet that Dawn could hear the beating of her own heart, a thunderous noise drowned out only by the rise and fall of her breasts as she took each new breath.

It wasn't long before the action grew more intimate. "Miss Laufer" stretched own on a deck chair as the blonde pushed the rest of that blue dress up so that it also rested around her waist. Then spreading Laufer's legs and pushing aside her panties, "Blondie" proceeded to perform an oral ballet on her womanhood. Dawn couldn't help but note she showed more enthusiasm for the action than any guy she had ever slept with. Continuing to lash out with her tongue, the blonde pulled out her own not unimpressive breasts and began to play with them with her free hand.

While this was all going on, the darker skinned woman had completely stripped off her light beige dress and what little underwear she'd worn beneath it. Then, straddling the reclining woman, she lowered herself until her own cunt was pressed tightly against "Miss Laufer's" mouth. An action that seemed to greatly meet her approval as the older woman reached up and spread her hands against the young woman's ass cheeks. Pulling her hands and the soft flesh they contained toward her, "Miss Laufer's" applied her tongue in the opposite direction with a devotion that even exceeded that which she was receiving between her own legs.

Transfixed, Dawn really wasn't sure how long she stood there watching. Eventually her fear of discovery overwhelmed her sense of erotic excitement. All she remembered was that it was almost three in the morning when she quietly tip-toed past a still sleeping Kari.

As the small motor launch was being fastened to the dock, Dawn again wondered what Kari's reaction to that little scene would have been. Or how she would've acted if she knew that when Dawn had been dancing with Crystal last night, her ears had been constantly filled with whispered encouragements.

Encouragements so graphic that if they'd come from a guy she'd just met, he'd be leaving the dance floor holding his cock and balls in agony. Thankfully, her friend also failed to notice just how many times Crystal's hand strayed to parts of Dawn's anatomy that would've again brought a physical assault to a guy.

Finally, when Crystal had given her that relatively chaste kiss on the cheek goodnight, it had come with an invitation to come back to her cabin and make their own music together. Dawn was still undecided as to if she might have accepted the offer had Kari not been there with her. Still, the memory of the offer put a wide smile on her face.

So lost was the red haired woman in her brief recollections, she didn't notice that her smile was being returned by a tall very pretty Chinese woman sitting across from her.

Breakfast had been excellent, Kari had to admit. It'd been a long time since she'd eaten that good. A few more days of meals like that and she'd really have to pay for them at the gym when she got home.

She'd spent the next few hours exploring the ship, getting lost more than once in the seemingly endless corridors. After a while she didn't even seem to notice the absence of men, save for the occasional crew member. In fact, it was a pleasant change from the wolf whistles and "hey babys" she normally got when she walked down a street in her native Bensonhurst.

By noon, Kari was actually beginning to have a good time. Changing into her bathing suit, she decided to check out the pool. She enjoyed laying in the warm sun, working on her tan and listening to the sounds of old time doo-wop filtering through the headphones of her Walkman. She noticed more than a few woman sitting alongside her had removed their tops but she wasn't comfortable taking hers off in their company. If she really thought about it, it would be funny. She'd been letting guys take off her bra with amazing regularity since the 10th grade, but here she was embarrassed to expose her breasts in front of a bunch of women.

"I'm thirsty." she thought to herself as she took off her Walkman and sat up in the lounge chair.

Moving over to the pool bar, Kari took a seat on one of the empty stools on the far end. Waiting for the bartender to finish up on the other end, Kari looked across the deck and realized that she was now one of the only women still wearing a top. If anything, she was drawing more attention to herself by wearing one. As she watched, two of the closest women to the bar took off their tops as well.

"Oh what the hell." Kari finally concluded. "When in Rome..."

Undoing the clasp holding her bikini top together, Kari let it fall open. She quickly took it off and stuffed it into her small carry bag. Again glancing around her, she admitted how silly she had been about keeping it on. Not only didn't any of the women even glance in her direction, but her exposure wasn't even drawing attention of the male bartender.

"I don't know if I should be relieved or insulted." she laughingly thought.

"Good afternoon." the tall, good looking bartender said as he stepped down to Kari and put a large glass filled with some sort of tropical drink in front of her.

"Hi." Kari smiled, a little disappointed that even standing a foot away, he didn't seem to even notice her creamy mounds.

She considered the idea that perhaps with so many exposed breasts all around him, he simply got bored of looking. Then she quickly dismissed that notion, refusing to believe any normal male could ever grow tired of looking at her gems.

"Maybe he's gay too." Kari considered, thinking that might explain a lot.

Then she noticed the drink he'd put in front of her.

"I'm sorry, I didn't order this." she said.

"Compliments of the lady." the bearded blonde smiled as he indicated the small grouping of women down at the end.

Kari followed his gaze to a girl who looked to about her own age. Almost automatically, she raised the glass up in a toasting motion, a gesture of thanks she had given guys in a hundred bars. "Oh oh, that might've been a mistake." Kari thought as the girl left her companions and started to head down toward her.

She was tall, at least 5'9" with short curly black hair that was only about an inch in length. Very muscular, her skin was a light coco cream, except for the dark wide nipples that capped a pair of large balloon like breasts.

Yet it was her face that drew Kari's attention. There was something about it. What it was she couldn't explain. Handsome was the word that suddenly popped into her head. It was a description she had never applied to a woman before. The more she thought about it as the distance between them grew shorter, the more appropriate it became. Looking to be in her mid to late 20's, she had the kind of looks that seemed more befitting a teenage boy.

"Thanks for the drink." Kari said as the woman eased into the stool next to her.

"It was my pleasure, Kari." came the reply in a soft yet strong voice.

The use of her name put a look of confusion on Kari's face. Did she know this woman?

"No, we don't know each other." she smiled. "I heard your girlfriend use your name at the bar last night."

"My girlfriend... ?" Kari said, her voice now reflecting that same confusion. "Oh you mean Dawn. She's not my girlfriend... , I mean she's my girlfriend but she's not my..."

"Not your lover." the young woman said, finishing Kari's sentence. "I figured that, but it's nice to have it confirmed." she smilingly added.

"And you are?"

"Peggy" she replied as she signaled the bartender to refill her own drink.

An awkward silence seemed to hang in the air while the bartender came over and replaced Peggy's half empty glass with a fresh one. Then with a warm smile, she asked.

"So how are you enjoying the cruise so far?"

Kari replied that it wasn't what she had expected, something of an understatement to say the least. When Peggy seemed a little confused by the answer, Kari explained how they had wound up on the cruise.

"Oh, so you and your friend are the two." Peggy said in surprise. "They told us that we had been infiltrated."

The look of confusion on Kari's face was priceless, made more so by Peggy's laughter a moment later.

"I was joking." she laughed. "I'm sorry, but it was too good an opportunity to pass up."

"A joke?" Kari repeated.

"I just love pulling that line on 'straights', especially women who think we all 'know' each other and belong to some kind of 'secret lesbian society'."

"I guess it is kind of funny." Kari said, trying to be nice. After all, she had bought her a drink.

"So what kind of work do you do?" Peggy asked as she took a sip of her own drink.

Kari told her what little there was of interest about her job and listened intently as Peggy told her about her own. Working at her uncle's bakery didn't seem very impressive when matched against Peggy's job as a associate at a midtown law office. Yet she didn't seem to look down on her at all, as many people seemed to do when they found out she didn't have a career — just a job.

In fact, try as she could, the blonde couldn't catch the dark haired woman sneaking any looks at her breasts. In a similar encounter, she doubted that a guy sitting across from her could've been so circumspect. As they talked, she felt more and more comfortable in the situation.

An hour and more than a few drinks later, they were chatting like high school girlfriends.

"I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life." Dawn thought as she walked along the pristine white sand.

The warm surf felt so comforting as it washed up and over her bare feet. A half dozen summers spent at Brighton and Coney Island beaches paled beside the natural splendor around her. Spread out in the distance were small groups of women from the cruise ship as well as a few solitary strollers like herself. They had all spaced themselves far enough apart to let everyone else enjoy this Eden like paradise in semi-privacy.

"I wish I'd brought my camera." Kari thought as she walked up and away from the breaking waves. "I'd love to put a photograph of this view on my bedroom wall."

Eager to get a better view of the vista before her, Dawn headed up what appeared to be a trail between the large shrubs bordering the beach. Beyond them was an outcropping of high boulders that provided an great observation point. As she climbed the small incline, she wished Kari was here to see all of this.

Reaching the summit, Dawn was rewarded with a truly spectacular panorama. She couldn't think of any image that could've been further from her native Brooklyn. Lost in private thoughts, the redhead didn't notice at first the soft sounds behind her.

In fact, she was so taken by surprise when she realized she wasn't alone on the summit that only a quick grab at one of the bushes kept her from falling down the hill.

"Shit!" Dawn gasped as she landed on her ass.

For the moment, she thought they had heard her. She needn't have worried. After watching for a few more moments, she doubted they would've heard a bullhorn.

It was almost a replay of the scene she had witnessed the other night. Only the players were different. Laying on the soft grass was a tall blonde with outstretched legs. Nestled between those legs was an older redhead with breasts that had to be at least three times the size of the blonde's. Finishing the tableau was another smaller blonde, this one with platinum hair, who was kneeling behind the older redhead. Her hands were holding her cheeks spread apart and her tongue was furiously working away at the center of her pussy.

Carefully, silently, Dawn traced her way back down the trail. Reaching the bottom, she paused and took a long look upward. Like the other night, she wished she had spent more time watching them.

"I see you met Connie and her friends." said a soft melodious voice from behind her.

Dawn turned around to find a pretty Chinese woman standing behind her. She was wearing a sleeveless light pink T-shirt and white shorts. Taking a second look she remembered seeing her on the launch that brought them to the beach.

"Connie?" she asked.

"The redhead up on the hill." the dark haired woman explained. "She likes to get naked every chance she gets."

"A friend of yours" Dawn asked.

"Not really." she answered. "I met her the first night aboard. She didn't wait five minutes before inviting me to join one of her little parties later that night."

"Did you?" Dawn asked without thinking. "I'm sorry, that's none of my business." she added.

"No, it's okay. After all I brought it up." she replied. "No, I didn't join her. Group scenes aren't my style. I much prefer one on one."

"I see." Dawn said, suddenly feeling a little self conscious talking so openly about such a personal subject.

"My names Helen by the way." the Chinese woman said as she extended her hand.

"Hello Helen." Dawn said as she accepted her hand. "Dawn." she added.

"The name suits you." Helen smiled.

To her surprise, Dawn felt a great warmth from Helen's smile.

"There's a even more beautiful spot just up the beach." Helen said. "I'd love to show it to you."

The tone of her voice and the expression on her face gave Dawn little illusion about what Helen had in mind, so she was sure to give it serious thought. Which she did for all of thirty seconds.

"I'd like that." Helen smiled back. This time there was no Kari around to worry about.

It took about ten minutes of walking until Helen and Dawn reached what the dark haired woman had described as a small piece of heaven. Set back about a thousand yards from the beach, they had to climb a much steeper embankment to reach it. Dawn hoped that this grotto that Helen had described was worth all this trouble.

"Oh God!" the redhead exclaimed as she cleared the last barrier of bushes and stepped out into paradise. "I take back everything I was thinking."

"I told you it was the most perfect spot on the island." Helen smiled.

Spread out before them was a small pool of crystal water only about two hundred feet wide and about four feet deep. A framework of plants and flowers adding all the colors of the rainbow surrounded it. On the far left of the pool was a waterfall, the source of the crystal water, which only paused here on the way to the endless sea. The sounds of a multitude of birds mixed with the soft rush of the water. It almost seemed like a crime to intrude on such a perfect place.

"A friend of mine is a photographer and did a photo shoot here a few years back." Helen said as she walked barefoot along the water's edge. " When we made port here I knew I had to come and see it for myself. As good as he is, his pictures didn't do it justice."

"I don't think any picture could do this justice." Dawn said, totally wrapped up in the beauty around her.

"I promised myself that if I ever did get here, I'd swim in this pool." Helen said as she tested the waters with her foot. "Care to join me?"

"But I didn't bring a suit." Dawn answered automatically.

"That's okay." Helen smiled back. "Neither did I."

With that, the tall golden-skilled woman grabbed the edges of her shirt and pulled it up and over her head. She wore no bra beneath it and two soft globes bounced free in the warm afternoon air. Her mounds were about the same size as Dawn's, the only real difference being the dark brown of her nipples.

Without a word and seemingly oblivious to Dawn's presence, Helen quickly laid her shorts and panties next to her shirt on the pristine sand. Then, without a glance in Dawn's direction, she waded into the water.

At it's full depth, the pool of water rose to the mid-point of her breasts. As she glided along its length, she remarked on how warm the water was.

Dawn watched for a minute as Helen dove beneath the surface, her ass exposed above the water for a brief moment. Then she disappeared from view, to reappear on the other side of the pool. Droplets of clear water covered her skin as she stretched out and floated free, glistening like diamonds in the sun's golden glow.

No further invitation had passed from Helen's lips since she had stripped. Dawn knew that the decision to join her was still up to her. She'd lost track of all the hours she'd spent since coming on this cruise thinking about the touch of another woman. In truth, those thoughts went back much further than she cared to admit.

"Oh what the hell." the 22-year-old finally answered herself.

Quickly she stripped off her own clothes and dove into the water, sending a splash onto the edge that drenched her clothes. She barely took note, saying to herself that she'd worry about that later.

Dawn allowed herself a few moments to just float in the warm water. She didn't want to take the time to think about what she was doing. There would never be a more perfect moment to satisfy her desire and she didn't want to give her conscience a chance to try and find a reason why she shouldn't.

"I'm glad you joined me." Helen smiled as she swam up next to Dawn.

Turning around so that their naked bodies were practically touching, Dawn looked deep into the soft eyes of the older woman. They were so different and at the same time so familiar. They reflected desires that she had seen so many times in her own.

"Would it be okay if I kissed you?" Dawn blurted out.

"I was hoping that you'd want to." Helen replied with a soft, inviting smile.

The soft press of Helen's lips against her own sent a sudden warmth throughout Dawn's body. It wasn't the first time she'd kissed another girl but it was the first time it'd been done it with lust in her heart. She opened her mouth just enough for the tip of her tongue to brush against Helen's own, causing that warmth to ignite into a blaze.

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