Taste Test

by Invid Fan

Copyright© 2014 by Invid Fan

Humor Sex Story: A strange, if cute, girl asks if she can sample Dan's semen. There can be only one answer.

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Humor   Oral Sex   .

"You want to..."

"Drink your sperm!"

Dan blinked at the girl before him. Then blinked again. You just did not hear girls ring your doorbell and say that. At least not outside of your own male teen head. And this was a real girl. Not one of his fantasies. At least ... he assumed she was. He had never seen her before. Not that unusual in a neighborhood this size, and she definitely looked to be a bit younger than him, perhaps not even in High School yet.

"Um ... why?" He looked over her head, which was easy to do, trying to see if there were spectators. See if he was being punked. Or set up for statutory rape charges.

"Well," she said, pulling an iPad out of her shoulder bag, "I read this, and it sounded really neat!" She flicked it on, finger swiftly navigating to her goal. Dan's eyes stayed on her. She was cute. Geeky cute. Red hair. He liked red hair. She had it short, almost as short as his. A cute face, large green eyes behind black glasses. Freshman, he was going to guess, but her short thin frame supported breasts which would put a number of college girls to shame. They were hidden behind a black t-shirt with stick figures on it, but he noticed them. Bluejeans hid her legs.

"Here!" She shoved the iPad at him. Dan took it, taking his eyes off her to see what the hell she was babbling about. It...

Well, it was a manga. A Japanese comic book. He could tell that, from the big eyes and general art style. Translated into English, although from the young appearance of some of the characters he guessed not by any publisher. It took a moment before his confused mind remembered the panels had to be read right to left. He flicked through the pages. It was about...

He paused. Went back a page. Zoomed.

"There's ... a store..."

"That sells semen!" The redhead nodded, almost violently, her finger coming up to push the bridge of her glasses back against her face. "Great, isn't it? It's about this girl who's addicted to the taste of sperm! She can't get enough! The store sells a lot, from different guys, but if you pay enough you can get it straight from the source!"


"I mean, can you believe it? I've read it over and over, and it just seems so incredible! I just have to try it!"

"You want to buy my sperm?" He shook his head at the idea. She laughed.

"No! Well, if you want me to, I do have money. Maybe later! I have to see if I like it first! I thought, maybe, you could give me a taste. Sort of a taste test. You know, let me sample you to see if I like it! Then we can work something out!" She held her hand out. Dan gave her back the iPad, still not accepting the reality of this. It had to be some...

"Why me?"

"Well..." Her face flushed, eyes dropping. That it took that question, and not the whole giving a stranger a blow job to embarrass her, just made him shake is head. Kids these days. She stayed quiet, putting the pad back in her bag and fiddling with something. Maybe he could scare her off. Call her bluff.


She looked up, eyes wide, breath catching.

"OK? You'll let me do it?"

"Sure. Why not. Come on in."

"Yes! Thank you!"

Dan stepped aside, eyes again sweeping the street. He had the house to himself that afternoon, and there was no reason anyone would care who he was inviting in, but still. There was definitely a feeling of guilt, of wrongness. He closed the door behind her, turning the lock on the knob. It was not to trap her, as turning the knob from the inside automatically unlocked it, but his mind now felt the gaze of the world lessen. Not vanish, just lessen.

She was standing behind him, waiting. Smiling. He rubbed his chin, wondering how exactly to handle this.

"What's your name?"

"Quinn!" He raised an eyebrow. She giggled. "Yeah, I know. My parents are weird."

"I'm Dan."

"I know." Again, she blushed. Had he seen her around school? He didn't think so. Not that he paid attention to freshmen. Well, it didn't matter. It was time to see what exactly was going on.

"OK, let's get this started. Strip."

"What?" Her eyes widened. Dan simply shrugged.

"Strip. I want to see you while you're sucking me." He leaned back against the door, arms folded across his chest.

Quinn bit her lip. Damn, she was cute. Maybe he shouldn't try to scare her off. If she was, in fact, older than he thought she was, maybe the two of them...

The shoulder bag dropped to the ground. Still biting her lip, Quinn grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up. He had been right: her breasts WERE big. Bigger than any girl he had dated, large pillowy masses held up by a white bra definitely designed for structural support and not sexiness. The black shirt fell to the ground, Quinn adjusting her now askew glasses. Without waiting, she kicked off her blue sneakers, undoing her belt. Her jeans dropped into a pile around her ankles, legs quickly kicking themselves free. And what nice legs they were, pale, muscular. Her panties were blue.

Dan forced his eyes up to hers. He saw embarrassed excitement. Her hands were behind her back. A moment later, her bra dropped to the floor.

Dan had always been a breast fan. The bigger, the better. His first crush had been on a girl in sixth grade who had "blossomed" overnight. Huge, to him, boobs pushing her sweaters out in a way almost obscene. It wasn't for another two years that he finally saw his first real pair. Nothing he had experienced in his seventeen years, though, compared to this. He had slept on pillows less fluffy and inviting.

"Now what," she asked, startling him. His eyes dropped, seeing her panties were gone, kicked away beside her jeans. All she wore were white ankle high socks and glasses.


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