The Big Game

by Cantbuymy

Copyright© 2014 by Cantbuymy

Romantic Story: This is an interracial flash story about a black woman and a white man and just a reference of a white woman with a black man. There is no sex to speak of. It is a love story about getting bit by the love bug. More cute than anything else. It is from another site I post on but I wanted to put something up while I work on 4 or 5 other projects.

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Romantic   Fiction   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Well tonight is the big game. It is for the City Championship and bragging rights for the rest of the year or longer in some cases. It is also my last High School football game and I want to make it a good one.

We are playing North High and we are the Mighty Vikings -- Go Thor! We have been the mortal enemies of North High for as long as I can remember; as long as anyone can remember. The North High team is from the black neighborhood and this was the first time in a long time that we got to play them in a championship. Needless to say those of us part of "Thor's Hammer" are all white.

Now don't get all weird on me here. North High was started by the brother of the man who started the Vikings. They are really the North High Norsemen, and their name is the Vandals. Evidently the brothers, way back who the hell knows when, both wanted the same group represented, as in Vikings, but they had this fight so we have two teams that are actually Vikings and Vandals so they are really the same; but you know how family is, so it is all weird now and we are mortal enemies of the same team that we are. Go figure!

Damn this is a tough game. Those black dudes think they are hot but Thor's Hammer is putting the hurt to them. Unfortunately the Hammer seems to have a few cracks in it too.

"Speaking of cracks, did you see those cheerleaders for North? Damn man those are some hot black girls and those moves -- shit -- they move like -- wow -- they are just hot. I think I want me some hot chocolate tonight." Josh says to himself. Damn those black girls can move. Funny I never thought I wanted to be with a black girl and I have had plenty of opportunities but that one, she makes me forget why I am here.

[Tanya: "I better not let Ralph know what I am thinking. That white boy is looking pretty fine. He moves well and has the tight little booty. I wonder if he always moves so good? Hey girls, don't you just love those football uniforms. I would not mind being out there slapping some of that fine white ass. -- I know, I know, no race mixing but there is one out there, I would fight Ralph for a piece of that sweet white chocolate. If Ralph ever found out he would kick my ass. He thinks I am his personal property. When he is around he thinks he owns me. But girl, let me tell you that is one fine white boy out there."]

"Josh who the hell are you looking at?" Helen demands. "You are my boyfriend so keep your eyes off those black slut cheerleaders, do you understand me? If I catch you looking over there you will not be taking me anywhere tonight. Frank is looking pretty good himself so don't think you are the only football playing Viking!"

Helen did not like Josh looking at other girls and especially she did not like him looking at these black girls.

"I knew we were through when Helen said that. First she had already been with Frank and we know that it is bro's before ho's, so she is history. But I also know that she is going to catch me looking at the sweet chocolate moving across the field. That one, the one in the short skirt, ok they all have short skirts. That one black girl that is five foot two and weighs about one twenty five, that is the one I am talking about. She has a nice shape to her legs, not skinny but not too big either. A small waist and about B cups, makes the entire package perfect. Chocolate and cream is a perfect match for me." Josh thought.

Damn that is one tough game. If not for the two point conversion at the end, rather than a one point kick, we would have been tied, now we are the champions. "Go Thor's Hammer!"

I see this one big black dude with my chocolate shake over there and can she shake. Since we won it will be our treat for their team at the "Malt Shop," a theme hamburger shop. I can't wait to see if I can separate big black from little black.

[Tanya: "Damn Ralph is going to be pissed all night. No action for me, he is going to watch me like a hawk. But we do get free burgers, fries, and malt because we lost. I might even try some vanilla tonight. What do you think girls, see anything in vanilla you like; I know that I sure do. If we had won Ralph would have been in a good mood but it would have been soul food and we would have to buy for the white team. That one white boy keeps looking at us Ronnie. What do you make of him? Which one of us is making him way too tight in those pants? -- Girl you can say that again. How do you know he does not like a little chocolate, he sure looks like he likes it right now. -- Now don't you go worrying about Ralph, he does what I want him to do, that is his lot in life, to keep me happy."]

At the "Malt Shop" I saw her walking around all high and mighty in that sexy cheerleading uniform. She has long black legs, a nice high butt, and that hair, those curls that fall down over and around her face. By this time I am wearing my letterman's sweater the Varsity V on it. I am going away to college and getting out of this place, I want to be a big fish in a bigger pond and I need more than this. I am at the top of my game.

I see her walking back to the girl's bathroom. I head in that direction as if I am going to go into the boy's room. As we come close to each other I grab her arm, spin her around and pull her into me. I feel those big wet black lips on mine. She is fighting to pull away but not too hard. I slip her some tongue but she does not open her mouth. I grab that fine black ass and move her into me; I want her to know what I have. I feel the fire and the shock of our first touch. I have never done this with anyone in my life. I let her go and I swagger away to the boy's room.

[Tanya: "Girl did you see what that white boy did to me? He kissed me and grabbed my ass. If Ralph would have seen that it would have been all over. -- Don't I know it; Ralph thinks I am his personal property and he don't share me with anyone. Shit he even tried to slip me some tongue when he grabbed my ass. I have never even thought of kissing a white boy before and he does kiss pretty good; and damn girl."]

Yes, I got me some black lip and some black ass to touch. I think I like those big lips. I have never tasted black lips before, they were sweet. I think I will order the chocolate malt. If I can just keep away from that big black dude that watches her all the time, must be a boyfriend, I am going to get me some lip and a little black tit too. I am the man tonight.

"Josh what are you thinking of boy? I saw you with that black chick and so did Helen. She is so pissed at you. She wants me to do her. -- Ok she did not put it that way but she did grab my cock and she told me to drive her home tonight. You know the rules man we have to stay at least an hour at these events or it is bad sportsmanship." Frank told me.

"I know, I know, Frank, I have never gone for the black ones but this girl, damn I am going to eat chocolate tonight. I can't get her out of my head, both heads Frank. -- No Frank, I don't think she is some slut. -- No Frank, I don't want you trying to find out if she is or she isn't. -- Fuck that shit about bro's before ho's dude. You get anywhere near her and you are going to find out what pain is; do I make myself clear Frank. Take Helen home, fuck her brains out, I don't give a shit, but leave my little sweet chocolate alone." Josh said.

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