Boning Jeannie

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2014 by realoldbill

Sex Story: A young and eager stud can't resist the temptation his sister's luscious friend provides

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Reluctant   First   Size   .

"Hey, Jeannie," he said as he opened the door, "come on in. Susie'll be back soon I'm sure." He grinned happily and licked his chops, it was like his prayers had been answered. He was just about to go upstairs, find his old magazines, put a sock on his cock and jerk off for an hour or so. He wasn't really hard, but he was riled, eager, overdue for a pipe draining, couldn't think of anything else, just pussy, especially young pussy, and here it was, just what he wanted, what he needed. Succulent was the word for her, barely ripe but good enough to eat.

He felt his big cock lurch and quiver. He had not enjoyed a girl close to his age all week, just a series of mature grass widows who had worn him out with their sexual demands after he mowed their lawns. His overfilled balls ached and here was a lovely young cunt, ready to lick and to plunder, fresh meat, a long-legged juvenile gash delivered to his door, to his hands, his tongue and his thick phallus.

She was just what his body craved, tight lips eager to be parted, and so cute in her short, little, low-cut blue sun dress with white polkadots which displayed her fine jugs like a pair of softballs. Jeannie was a living doll and almost a living Barbie doll, round assed and big-boobed. And young, oh boy was she young, just the way he liked them, young and innocent, sweet and dumb, he could hardly wait to make her scream, to bounce on her soft belly, to introduce her to male service, what she was meant for, doing what she was obviously built for.

He wanted to feel her feet on his butt, to get her knees up on his shoulders, to maul her jugs and bring her off until she begged for more with her legs spread and her back arched. He loved to heard them scream and beg, to feel his long shaft being squeezed, the head probing her cervix, in to the balls and then some.

The girl put a pout on her pretty face and stepped inside as Billy closed the door, his big, young cock already hardening, throbbing down his leg, begging for action, actually dripping as it filled.

Jeannie Jones was the hottest and prettiest of the JV cheerleaders and the only girl who was his horny little sister's rival as a freshman sex goddess. She also had enjoyed the attention that the best pair of knockers in the 8th and 9th grade got her for the last couple of years, a high and firm set that jiggled wonderfully when she walked or trotted, caused heart attacks when she ran and enjoyed being kneaded so he had been told.

His palms itched to be at them, his mouth watered. She never needed a bra although she almost always wore one since her sexy mother insisted, usually an uplift that gave her deeper cleavage and higher and harder tits. She was a Vickies catalogue on wheels, an innocent lovely waited to be plowed. And he had never had her or in the last year or so any girl her tender and illegal except his sister of course, who was a great and imaginative lay. Tender, that was the word for her, unused and ripe, ready to be plucked.

His cock surged and he felt wet and nervous, heart rate climbing quickly, his testicles swelling and filling his tensed scrotum. He licked his lips and smiled as he admired her sinuous body as it moved in her sexy little dress, jiggling and undulating.

"We were going to talk about the dance," she said as she turned to face him, and he stuck both hands under the thin straps of her new, very short and stretchy halter dress, the one deeply cut between her luscious melons, mauled her tits briefly with the heels of his big hands, spread the straps off her rounded shoulders and then pulled the dress right down to her narrow waist, popping the Velcro closings and making her round jugs jump up and down in her new strapless half bra as she squealed and writhed, wide-eyed, mouth gaping.

He smiled and grasped her breasts and crushed them both, digging his fingers into her young flesh as he spread her bra away from her. Her nipples appeared between his fingers as her new bra popped open and he squeezed them hard, a grin on his face.

"Don't, please don't," she begged, really frightened. She tried to push him away, and he grasped her breasts firmly and pulled her to him, lips parted as he kissed her.

With both hands Billy yanked her tiny, uplift bra down off her jiggling boobs, laughed, pulled her back to him and kissed her open mouthed and hard, tossed the lacy bra aside, tongued her deeply as her sundress slithered to the floor, and then stripped down her tiny underpants with both hands, enjoying the feel of her hard butt and warm flesh as she writhed and struggled.

He ignored her gulps, gasps and complaints, palmed her hairless mound and fingered her tight-lipped slit as she sobbed in his grip, gasping and trying to push him away as he kneaded her butt with one hand and bruised her lips with his, probing and kneading with his tongue, kissing her whole face as he got his middle fingers into her tight-lipped vagina, exploring, wiggling them around as he bit her neck.

"Don't, Billy, please don't, stop," the girl demanded, frightened and furious. She had never put anything bigger than a marker tip in her pussy, and then only an inch or so and now there was something in her, something poking and rubbing.

The young girl had a killer body and a happy personality, but he was only interested in her virgin cunt just then. He needed it, had to have it, knew it would feel great surrounding and milking his big cock. Cherry busting was his goal. Feeling his blunt and eager cockhead tearing into her, ripping her open, stretching her, that was his aim, friction, lots of friction, depth, all the way in and then all the way out, to see her pretty face when he tore her open, the shock and fear as his balls pressed her ass, as his thick ram divided her.

And since he was bigger, stronger, older and a lot more experienced, she did not have much of a chance. Jeannie thought of her rape dreams and favorite porn stories and knew they were about to come true, her poor little hymen was going to be torn apart, her precious maidenhead, her innocent body violated, her birth canal stretched unimaginably. It was going to hurt; she was going to bleed.

She could feel his hard thing on her hip. He was going to do, she was sure, and she trembled, both excited and scared as he licked her nipples. The idea was terrifying and she felt her vulva growing warm and wet. Her pussy trembled, tingling and spasming.

Billy thought of all the cherries he had ruined in girl his own age and tried to count them as he mauled her and kissed her deeply, kneaded her ass as well as her breasts and then gently bit a jutting nipple. He knew he had done a dozen just this year, a dozen squealing cuties, a dozen horrified virgins, mostly friends of his cute sister, some even sixteen, older than he was, and he had mounted several when he was both rutting partners were under age. Maybe twenty, he thought, and this will be 21.

She was begging, crying, and he laughed, kissing her again and tonguing her mouth as he grasped her buttocks and ground her belly against his swollen penis. He could see in her eyes that she could feel it, feel how big and hard it was, that she knew what was going to happen. He almost laughed.

She squirmed and fought him, but he flipped her over, face down on the floor and tore off her clothes from around her ankles, pulled off one shoe and then pounced on her, right there on the rug at the foot of the steps. "Yum, yum," he said loudly as grasped her hips and brought her bulging pussy to his sucking mouth, spreading her open with his thumbs as he lifted her hips and brought her up on her toes and fingers. She squirmed away, sobbing, crawling, crying.

"No, no," the girl squealed as she tried to squirm away. "Are you crazy? Leave me alone." She felt her little clit begin to emerge, excited. No boy had ever tongued her. "Don't, don't, I don't want to do it. Please, Billy, please."

She had watched it on the Internet, of course, and day dreamed about some handsome man eating her until she creamed, but this was real and it was frightening. Billy's look scared her as he grabbed her and pulled her groin to his face, shaking his head from side to side and licking up and down her inner thighs, poking her clit's hood with his nose. She scrambled to her knees and kicked him away.

Billy dragged her back down, turned her over and went down on her again, spreading her legs and munching and sucking and licking at her nearly hairless vulva as his hands groped for her young breasts and pinched her tiny nipples, stretching them upward and then mauling her jugs into distorted shapes and dragging out her fat nipples as her feet crossed and her back arched.

She closed her eyes and begged, sobbing and then crying for help as he tongued her deeply. He sought her clit and when his tongue found it made her really screech and buck, kicking her feet wildly and pounding the floor while he kneaded her body and sucked and licked the tiny stalk in his lips, under his tongue.

The young girl's clitoris was like a small penis and very sensitive. Billy's huge cock was throbbing and knew he had to hurry. The girl felt an orgasm building in her gut, a tearing pleasure she had often induced with her toys. She whimpered and begged. He didn't even hear her for the sound of blood in his ears, as his huge cock filled and rose, thick and hard, the woman pleaser, the virgin destroyer.

"Ah, ah, ah," Jeannie gasped as she felt his tongue actually enter her vagina and then lick up to suck at her tiny clit again. Her whole body trembled and her tight little channel seemed to flood.

Billy drilled deeper and shook his head from side to side, slobbering and feeling his penis hardening, seeking her G-spot or some other highly sensitive region with both his fingers and tongue, finger fucking her rapidly. He had spent a lot of time in older women's snatches, listening to them scream.

"Ohgodohgodohgod," she moaned as she put her hands on the back of the boy's head and mashed his face into her throbbing gash, getting ready to cream again. Billy's hands squeezed the girl's big tits and kneaded them like bread dough and got her hardening nipples between his fingers, pinching until she squealed in pain. He knew he had her and felt himself getting rigid and ready, bubbling out pre-cum, knowing it was wrong but knowing her had to bone her. He was ready, eager, merciless. She was meat, luscious meat. He devoured her. She climaxed for the second time under him, soaking his face.

"You were," Billy said as he kissed his way up her warm and wiggling body, "the prettiest girl in the whole damn middle school. You know that?" he asked just before clamping his mouth to her left breast.

"You're crazy, ow!" she cried as her nipped her erect tit and mauled the other young breast roughly, twisting her excited nipple. Jeannie had fought off a lot of adolescent males at make-out parties in dark basements, but she had never faced anybody as big, strong or as eager as her friend's brother.

She knew what he wanted, what he was going to do and a part of her stood aside and watched, excited, eager to feel him in her. The fact that she was now naked except for her sneaker didn't seem to penetrate her mind as Billy nuzzled and kissed her neck, and she felt his hot, hard penis slide up the inside of her thigh although he was still dressed. It felt like a piece of pipe, a very big and very hard piece of pipe, its head like a golf ball. Fear gripped her as he bent and licked her clit again. She closed her eyes and trembled, enjoying the almost painful pleasure. He got her super-sensitive stalk between his lips and sucked, stretching it upward.

"Oh, Jeannie, Jeannie," he cried, after two more hard flicks on her clit, "I've wanted you since the first time I saw you. Spread your legs and let me do it. I'll make you scream it will feel so good. My cock's a foot long and hard as steel." He kissed her roughly and got his tongue in her mouth as his groping hand found her hairless mound and poked at her slit again with his middle fingers, spreading her open and hooking them upward within her, seeking that special spot.

"No no no," she gasped, pushing him aside as he tried to disrobe, scrambling away and hurrying up the stairs. Billy followed her quickly, tossed aside his t-shirt, caught her in the hall and dragged her into his room, kicking the door closed.

"You have a beautiful ass, girl," he said as he tossed her up on his bed and started undressing. "Perfect, absolutely perfect. And I'm sure Susie and the rest of the girls envy your jugs. What size are they anyway?" he asked as he pulled down his jeans and underpants. His big prick jumped up as if it were on springs, bounced off his belly and stood straight out quivering and dripping, still filling and rising, actually looking a foot long and wrist thick, knotted with blood veins, the head turning purple. The girl had never seen its like, not even in cartoons or porn sites. It was impossible.

"Yah! Ohgawd, oh please, please, don't," she screamed as she saw the fierce rod jutting out of the boy's hairy groin, rearing up like some prehistoric monster, already bubbling pre-ejaculate. She had seen many on the internet, dozens and dozens, but none as huge or frightening as this blood-filled, purple-headed creature, this approaching monster. It would kill her, she was sure, tear her apart.

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