Little Sis Gets It

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2014 by realoldbill

Sex Story: Her sister's handsome boyfriend is at the door so it's her chance and she grabs it.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Size   .

I was changing my clothes when the doorbell rang, and I ran down wearing just an old Grateful Dead t-shirt, decent enough if I didn't bend over. It was my sister's hunky boyfriend so I invited him in to get out of the rain. I pulled the hem of my shirt down and smiled up at him, a plan forming in my evil brain. I was going to get laid.

"She here?" he asked smiling at me. He was really cute, one of her favorite studs.

"Nope," I told him. "Went to get her braces tightened. She won't be fit to be around for a week or so."

He looked really pained and said, "Damn."

"Anything I can do?" I asked sweetly, putting my hands behind me and rotating my hips from side to side, pushing my belly and little boobs hard against my shirt. I was well aware of how cute and sexy I was, and I had practiced that move in front of my mirror many times.

He licked his lips. "Naw, you're too young."

"Try me," I said, feeling my little clit get suddenly stiff. I felt my heart rate climb and my vagina tremble.

"You do blowjobs, do you?" He licked his lips, and I knew I had him. I was into my last hour as a virgin.

I smiled and nodded. "Sometimes." I wasn't going to tell him that I'd never done one and had only touched two pricks in my whole, entire life, one of them by accident in a backyard swimming pool and the other one in a dark closet for about two seconds.

"I'm really aching," he said, raking back my hair and tucking it behind my ear. "How old are you anyway?"

I stepped a bit closer and turned my face up, lips parted. "Old enough." I put my hand on his bulging groin and felt the heat and hardness of his swollen cock. Samantha had told me about his prick, praised it as the biggest and best she had ever seen, a real monster that never seemed to soften no matter how many times he came.

My sixteen-year-old sister was a slut as well as a fox, a would-be bimbo in my opinion. She had been sucking cocks since junior high and got her cherry popped when she was my age, fourteen; well, I'm almost fourteen, in a couple of months. I was still a virgin in every hole, and like I said, never had a penis in my mouth, but I was eager to learn, and Billy was really cute and nice as well as really well hung. This was the day. My labia actually fluttered.

He put his hand behind my head and kissed me good and hard, putting his tongue tip in my mouth and grabbing my bare butt with his other hand and grinding his fat root into my soft belly. He kneaded my buttocks and gnawed my lower lip, and I felt his big cock jump. It scared me I must admit. I began getting wet, getting ready.

"Let's go downstairs," I said when I got my mouth free. "Isn't that where Samantha usually takes you?"

"Uh huh. You been spying on us?"

"Once or twice. I saw you ram into her butt once. She really squealed so I came down and watched you hump her. Boy, you really gave it to her, like a jack- hammer."

"Yeah," he said as we went down the basement steps, "I remember doing that. We only did it once. She was really mad at me. But she loves to get it usually, doggy I mean, from the back."

"So do I." I grinned up at him.

It was kind of gloomy in the cellar, but I didn't turn on the lights over the ping-pong table. I just kissed him and pulled his shirt out of his pants. I didn't want him looking at me too closely since I still had some baby fat here and there and my boobs weren't much although they were a lot better this month, nice handfuls, and I was basically hairless down there. What I was was eager, hot to trot. I pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it somewhere.

"You in a hurry?" he asked as we got to the old sofa and sat.

"Yeah," I said nuzzling his bare chest and working on his belt buckle. "I'm hot."

He slipped his hand under my shirt and said, "You didn't tell me how old you are. Sam's sixteen and you're younger aren't you?"

"You talk too much," I said, clamping my mouth to his and sticking my tongue as far in as I could. His hand came up to my breast and he squeezed.

"That feels good," I told him as I backed my face away before kissing him again, open mouthed. And it did. I had dreamed of boys pawing me and sucking my tits. I felt my nipples getting hard.

"I'm pretty big you know."

"She told me. I'm ready and willing. I can take it, honest." I worked to keep my breathing normal, but I must admit I was frightened, maybe apprehensive is a better word. That's a good one isn't it? It was on last week's 8th grade spelling test.

He pulled my t-shirt over my head and clamped his mouth to my left tit as I pulled down his zipper and fumbled in his underwear. I found his balls, his swollen, hot scrotum. It was like he only had one testicle, and it was as big and hard as a baseball. I squeezed gently and he moaned and switched to the other breast where he nibbled as well as sucked. I knew the best was yet to come, but that was awfully good and my nipples hardened and poked out some.

"OK, let's do it," he said, standing and getting off his pants and shoes and then his underpants. His big cock jumped up and smacked him on the belly, and I guess I squealed. He smiled down at me and stroked the enormous thing. It was ugly and beautiful at the same time, like a Hummer. And it was not just long and hard and big around, it was curved upward, banana like, aimed right at me and dripping.

"You still willing?" he asked, holding his huge cock in one hand and pushing me down on the sofa.

I spread my legs and gritted my teeth. I was really scared. His thing looked like one of those Little League aluminum bats. I knew how big my hole was from some finger-poking, and I was absolutely sure he was never going to be able to get that thing in me. No way!

Billy knelt between my legs, put his hands on my lean hips and ducked his head down to my hairless little pussy. "It sure is small and pretty," he said, spreading my lips with his fingers and slipping his tongue inside.

I whinnied. I can't think of another word for the sound I made.

"You taste good," he said as he licked upward and flicked his tongue across my erect clit. I have no idea how big most girl's love buttons are, but mine is like a miniature penis and when it was erect, which it was then, it might have been all of a half-inch tall. But sensitive, wow, it was really tender and just touching set my blood boiling. He sucked it between his lips, stroked it with his tongue, and I arched up and climaxed, gasping and mewling, jumping around, digging my fingers into his shoulders. It was a lot better than any I had generated on my own.

"Wow," he said, as he set the mushroom head of his blood-hard horn at the wet entrance of my untried sex, "I guess you were hot."

He pushed. Nothing. I was closed up tight. He grunted and pushed some more. He grabbed his prick and tried to push it into me. No luck. He rubbed it up and down my slot, nudging my clit and then tried. Still nothing, locked up tight.

"Let me get it wet," I suggested, lying there and trying not to think about how that gigantic rod was going to feel in my little pussy. He was trying to put a Great Dane through a kitty door, a sausage in a keyhole.

"It's wet, slick and hot and hard. Can't you feel it?" he rubbed it up and down my tight-lipped slit again, changed the angle slightly, pushed again and the domed glans spread my outer labia and stretched me open. "Here we go." He grinned as he looked down at me. "Hope you're ready."

I spread my legs even wider, grabbing my thighs and pulling them apart. It slipped out, rubbing right across my clit as it did, and I gasped. He cussed.

Billy snorted, grabbed it with his right hand and shoved it in, backed up and pushed some more, moved all the way out and rammed it at me with a grunt of effort. "Damn," he said again and flopped down beside me, his cock arched over his belly, red and throbbing.

I cuddled in his arms and stroked his thick horn, feeling the slick pre-cum coating its helmeted head. "Hold it up," I suggested as I rose, swung a long leg over his waist and got up on my knees. Billy grabbed the base of his massive member and held it upright, its eager head almost touching my puffy lips. He was oozing out some kind of goo.

I eased myself down, closed my eyes, concentrated and screwed his cock into me, rotating right and left. It hurt and I shuddered, but I didn't cry out as I felt my flesh parting. It was in and my pussy lips closed behind its head ridge. I had him. I laughed nervously and gritted my teeth. It really hurt, worse than doing the splits. He was tearing me open.

"Shit," he said, smacking my ass, "you're a fucking virgin. I can feel it."

"Not my fault," I said illogically, and I tried to push myself down on his spear and deflower myself. It didn't work. "Pull me down, Billy, Please, do it; do it; do it."

He grabbed me at the waist, and I braced myself for pain, but instead of yanking me down on his huge manhood, he lifted me off and deposited me down beside him. "I'm not going you do it. Sam would kill me."

I wiggled down his muscular body, sniffing away my tears of disappointment and licked the head of his big cock and then managed to get it into my mouth and circle it with my tongue despite the fact that I couldn't get my fingers all the way around the throbbing shaft. He put both hands on my head and moaned. "Oh damn, kid," he sobbed, and I wondered if he had forgotten my name, "that's wonderful, real good." I took him a bit deeper and gagged.

He pulled it out and I licked his immense ballsack and then stroked the length of his massive manhood with my tongue, all the way to the jerking head. "Let me try again," I begged.

"Get on your hands and knees," he said with a sigh, sounding impatient.

He got up behind me on the old sofa, held my hips and got his ram up into me again. "This might hurt," he said, sliding it in and out a couple of times. He thrust hard, moving me forward a foot or so, and then he rammed again and again and again as I ducked my head down and shuddered.

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