She's My Wingman
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When Bruce meets Sara, there seems to be no limits to their quest for debauchery.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Reluctant   Cheating   Slut Wife   Wimp Husband   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   DomSub   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Interracial   Voyeurism   Double Penetration   Size   BBW   Big Breasts  

Some may be impressed that two days after meeting our new office worker, I would be fucking her 38DD tits up in the storage room. Even I was impressed when just six months later this same woman was giving me head in her marital bed while her 16 year old son fucked her from behind, all to the sounds of her 15 year old daughter in her bed down the hall getting fucked by her new step-father; the same daughter whose cherry I stole a week earlier.

To explain all this, I would first have to tell you about Sara. Sara started with the company right out of high school as the receptionist eight years ago. A tall slender blonde, she could have easily been a model with the right connections. For some reason, we hit it off right away. We soon became the ultimate friends with benefits. Although either of us could step up and be the other's wingman, it was much more common for us to share our prey. Someone asked once why we didn't commit to a real relationship. Her response was right on the mark, "It could never work. I don't have big saggy boobs, plus I could not bear to steal him away from the sweetest woman on earth".

Ironically, Sara and my wife are good friends. We hang out together a lot. My kids love their Aunt Sara. My wife feels safe knowing that Sara would never try to steal me away and on some strange level, keeps me out of trouble. She actually enjoys hearing Sara tell of our escapades. I know that seems weird but it works.

Sara had come to my office that morning to tell me about the 'new girl' who was starting today. "I'll show her around once she gets her paper work done." She leans in, "She's not much to look at but she has huge floppies. I think you will be impressed." With that she looks from me, to my computer screen, back to me, curls her lip, comes in as if to kiss or even bite me, then reaches down, grabs my crouch, stands, turns while flipping her long hair back, stops, looks back at me, then walks from the room. I can't help but laugh; she is such a goof.

A short time later, Sara comes back along with Keri, the new employee. "And this is the office of Bruce. No one can really tell you what he does but it must be important because he has his own office with his name on the door and everything." She leans in to Keri with her hand up to her mouth as if to whisper, "I think he just sits back here all day and plays with himself." When Keri shows a bit of surprise at this last remark, Sara looks straight at her, "I'm talking computer games. What were you thinking?" You could see Keri's cheeks redden, obviously flustered.

Sara continues in a sped up voice, "This is Keri, mother of two teens, Jerry and Sam – short for Samantha, named after her dad's grandmother. Keri recently remarried last June to a lovely man named Jim who recently graduated with a degree in something called bi-chemistry." Sara pauses as Keri corrects her, "That's biochemistry.

Sara stopps to look at here for a few seconds, then turns back towards me, "Whatever ... Besides robbing from the cradle, Keri likes country music," <Sara makes a yuck face> "romantic movies, and long walks with her new husband."

As I shake hands with Keri, I try not to let on that Sara is behind her making rude hand gestures regarding her large breasts. While dressed in a nice business suit complete with slacks, blouse, and jacket, it is hard not to notice the cleavage on display, especially when she leans over to get a better look at my computer monitor, making small talk about the graphics I am currently working on.

When she catches me staring straight into her cleavage, her cheeks turn a slighter shade of red, but she smiles. Sara points out latter that leaning over was just her checking out my 'package'. Her face was inches from my crotch so I couldn't really argue with her.

Sara was right about her not winning any beauty contests. She had this mousy brown hair parted in the middle. Her nose was wide and made me think of a bull my dad had when I was a kid. It had this big ring running between it's nostrils. I could picture her with such a ring. But, given that, Sara was also right about this woman being built like a brick shit house. She had some major lung capacity on her. She had these huge boobs, relatively small waist, and a big ass that stuck out in the back.

Just before lunch, Sara came back to find out what I thought. "She comes with options", I told her.

"We gotta' do something with that. I could use some mommy time." Sara places her hands down by her crotch holding an imaginary head to her crotch, makes a quick look around to make sure no one can see us, then sticks out her tongue and rolls her eyes back as she rocks her pelvis to and fro. "I bet she could give some good head. What do you think?"

"You could be right." I felt the need to correct myself, "You are usually right." She smiled at that and winked at me.

"From the pictures on her desk, it would appear her son is the golden boy. Apparently he is an ... athlete." She stressed the word 'athlete' to give it some sense of honor. "The daughter seems more like her brother's shadow; in the pictures but never the star." She leans back on my desk in mock contemplation as she looks to some far off horizon, "Sort of sad really." She then snaps back up sliding to the edge of the desk, looks at me while batting her eyelashes, "Let's go eat. It's your turn to buy."

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