The Bridal Party

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2014 by realoldbill

Sex Story: A young man takes advantage of a situation with a great deal of pleasure

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   First   Size   .

There were four luscious bridesmaids in the house this evening, the night before my sister's wedding. One, the beautiful maid of honor, who was too old and fat to interest me, was in her bed and sound asleep, two were wide awake in my bed chatting and the fourth and youngest and cutest was in the basement under me, gasping and creaming as I plowed her juicy silt and brought her to her third climax in ten minutes.

She was supposed to be sleeping on the living room couch and had been a true virgin, not even aware of such a thing as a G-spot, but I convinced her, that my pull-out bed was much more comfortable. Once I got her down there, I kissed her, petted her and stripped off her flimsy baby-doll pjs, and then went down on her, and she went crazy as I sucked her clit and licked her slit until she creamed. I poked at her pussy with my tongue, actually getting up inside her before kissing her absolutely everywhere. My sister had taught me well.

Then I crawled up her trembling body, ignored her begging and her protests, kissed her tear stained cheeks, nibbled her young tits and drove my beautifully curved and rigid rod into her dripping pussy. She climaxed almost at once as I ripped through her hymen and then another orgasm rolled through her barely ripe body when I mounted higher and buried her engorged clit in my pubic hair. I could actually feel it vibrating as I crushed it again and again. I was both well-practiced and well endowed; the girl had been a true virgin, a bleeder, my third this summer. I was quickly six inches in with a couple more to go, smiling down at her stricken face. Her shocked look was priceless.

She was sobbing and gasping, beating on the bed with her fists and kicking her feet as I enjoyed her. When I rubbed her cervix and she squealed loudly, I stuffed her panties into her mouth and moved both her long, slim legs to the side, putting one foot on the floor as I pistoned into her, plowing a whole new area of her quim and producing wonderful groans of pleasure, both mine as well as hers.

"Don't! Don't, don't!" the girl sobbed after pulling the bottom part of her new nightie from her mouth. "It hurts! Oh it hurts; it hurts so bad."

I pulled free, rolled the young girl over on the face and was right back into her dripping slot before she could figure out what was happening. I grabbed her pony tail, arched her back and gave her a long series of half-foot rams before I settled back into my steady routine of ten thrusts and a rest, holding my dick fully buried until it jerked and then ten more and then ten more and ten more.

The girl sobbed and went limp.

I pulled it out, still hard as steel, rolled her over, climbed up the limp girl, laid my thick, blood=stained cock between her bare breasts and asked, "Had enough, Laurie?"

She nodded and sobbed as I moved my soggy ram up and down her shallow cleavage. She had been the youngest and most innocent of the four girls my sister asked to take part in her wedding, and now she had been deflowered and filled with a boy's semen.

She ached and could feel thick fluids flowing out of her vulva. Her legs trembled and her nipples were sore. I grasped her young breasts, squeezed and demanded as I thumbed her little nipples, "Go up to my room and tell the girls that I'm waiting for them down here. OK? I'll give you more later. You did good, real good." I bent and kissed her like a brother.

She nodded and I rolled off of her and kissed her gently again and handed her the rest of her pink baby- doll. She looked at the huge bloody cock that hung between my muscular legs, amazed that it had been in her, and hurried away, stumbling up the steps.

I washed my softening rod and waited in the dark, wondering if the blue pill I had sneaked from my father's bottle was kicking in, but I did not have to wait long. Young Laura's beautiful sister, her fine set of big boobs bobbling freely under her lacy little nightgown, came down to the basement, barefoot, angry and nearly naked.

I assume that she and her bedmate had been pleasuring each other when her pretty little sister came to say to say she had been raped by the bride's brother. She was hot.

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