The Two Detectives

by wheelchairman85

Copyright© 2014 by wheelchairman85

Historical Story: Short story set in the late 1950s its about two police detectives who get sent out on a stakeout and get into a big gun fight.

Tags: Fiction   Historical  

Police Detectives George Smith and his partner Police detective Charlie Foley wait outside of their boss's office. After they had been sitting for a while Charlie to his friend and he Said "George did the police chief tell you why he wanted to see us"? George looked at his friend and he shook his head no, after a short nerve racking and irritating wait they were finally able to speak the chief of police. After some small the Police chief got down to business.

"Gentleman your probably wondering why I asked to speak to you well I will tell you right now there is a gang of bank robbers they are heavily armed and they have been robbing banks left and right. There hideout has been located and you are going to stake out their hideout." When the Police chief finished speaking Charlie spoke up "Sir if this gang is so dangerous then we are going to need more firepower than the S&W Model 10.38 caliber revolvers that we carry as our duty weapons".

The police Chief looked at the detectives and he said to them and he said detective Foley you are right you will need more firepower so go down to the Armory and sign out any weapons and extra ammunition that you think you will need for the stake out". So the detectives left the Police Chief's office. Then they got on the Elevator and went down to the basement where the Police Department Armory was located. When they got to the basement and the elevator doors opened that saw the head gunsmith David hard at work.

After some small talk with David they went to one of the many gun vaults that were in the Armory and they each picked out an M1 Carbine and they grabbed all the ammunition that they could carry. Then they went to the garage picked up their car put their carbines and extra ammunition into the trunk of the vehicle and with Charlie behind the wheel they headed out on their stakeout.

After a long boring drive they arrived at a location that was near the Bank Robbers hideout, they got their carbines extra ammunition and surveillance gear out of the trunk set it up and started watching the robber's hideout. They had been watching the robbers activities for a while now when a very loud noise caught the detectives attention. Charlie bumped George's elbow and he said "George did you hear that?" George looked at Charlie and he said to him "Yes Charlie I most certainly heard that one of us is going to have to go down this hill and find out what that noise was and I'm going to go. So George started down the hill Charlie looked back over his shoulder and he said quietly "Good Luck George you will need it." George turned back looked at his friend and he said "Thanks Charlie I will be back as soon as I can".

So with his S&W Model 10 in his hand he crawled as close as possible to their hideout and he observed their activities for a little while. When he had finished gathering enough intelligence he crawled back to the detective partner Charlie with all of the intelligence that he was able to gather. Charlie looked at George and he asked "George what where you able to find out?" George swallowed hard and he said "Charlie it's not good not good at all. The bank robbers are getting ready to leave if they are not apprehended they are going to continue their bank robbing spree we have to stop them". So the two detectives grabbed their M1 Carbines and got ready for the very ugly firefight that was going to come their way." When the robbers where finishing their final preparations before leaving their hideout the Detectives raised their Carbines and they shouted together " FREEZE POLICE OFFICERS PUT YOUR WEAPONS DOWN AND PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR RIGHT NOW!"

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