A Magical Evening

by Picture Plumber

Copyright© 2014 by Picture Plumber

Coming of Age Sex Story: Cindy, who is having a difficult time with her family, stumbles upon an unexpectedly wonderful evening with three friends. She gets home late and is rewarded with a spanking by her father.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   First   Petting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

I swear when I leave home I'm going to have a house with four bathrooms. If there are three of us living there, there's going to be six bathrooms. Right now, I live with my father and my brother Carl, in a four room apartment with only one bathroom, and it's hell.

Mom and dad broke up when I was eleven and Carl was nine. There was this terrific fight one night - worse than usual. I think he really did a number on her that night. I can remember lying in bed praying to God he wouldn't kill her. Daddy was drunk that night I guess. I don't really know exactly what happened -- neither of them would talk about it -- but mom had bruises the next day where I could see them. That was unusual. Usually they were in places that didn't show.

A couple of days later she was gone. There was a note for me that said she loved me but that she couldn't live there anymore. That it wasn't my fault so I shouldn't blame myself. I still have the note, tear stains and all. My tears. Carl got one too, and I suppose daddy did.

Anyway, he went into a terrible state that lasted for hours. Carl and I got out of the house. It's not good to be around him when he's in that kind of mood. When we came back the rage was burned out, and he was very quiet. This was definitely not normal for my father. We kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. He gathered us in for a "family talk".

"I suppose ye know by now what's happened." he began, "I don't know where she went, when she'll be back, or even if she'll be back. But 'til that happens, it's just the three of us, ye see? We must go on like nothing happened. We all must take up some of the slack. Cindy, that's going to mean more work for you. Carl too. I work all day, so there's not a lot I can do around here. We haven't got enough to pay a housekeeper. So that means Cindy, ye've got to help more with the house, laundry 'n' meals, things like that. Carl, you've got to help too. Ye must both keep up with schoolwork, I'll not let you slack off that.

So, I had to keep house. I had a pretty good idea what that meant.

It turned out that I was right. I was the housekeeper and surrogate mother to Carl as well. My own mother never was terribly good at controlling either of the men in our family, and without her practice I didn't do as well.

The bathroom was a real problem. We all had to be out of the house at the same time in the morning, so of course we all got up about the same time. So naturally, everybody wanted the bathroom at the same time. If I was showering, or even on the pot, it was nothing for one or the other of them to come barging in without even knocking, needing to shave, wash, brush teeth or whatever. My complaints got brushed aside with "We all have to get out of here, so you don't mind, do you? I'll just be a minute."

It didn't matter if I minded or not. I did mind more and more as I got older. When I got to be thirteen and began to change from a girl into a woman, I thought it would be nice if they would respect the fact that I needed privacy for personal things. Good luck! There was no lock on the door, and daddy never did find the time to install one, so anybody could just walk in anytime. And they did.

Carl got worse and worse. I certainly couldn't control him. "You're not my mother! I don't have to listen to you," he'd insist, and go on doing whatever it was he wanted. Daddy thought Carl could do no wrong, most of the time. If Carl did annoy him, he'd blow up and Carl would be in for a whipping. Daddy really believed in not sparing the rod as they say. Consequently Carl avoided daddy as much as he could.

I couldn't avoid Carl, unfortunately. He was there when I got home from school, or shortly after. I had to get home to fix dinner for us. If I didn't, daddy would be really pissed, and that was something to be avoided...

Yes, he would spank me too. He really seemed to think that was a suitable punishment for all transgressions. When I was little he would spank my bottom with his hand, and I just had to put up with it. I seemed to me, though, that by the time I was fifteen or sixteen that he might have found some other way to express his displeasure. Sometimes I think he enjoyed it, and went out of his way to look for opportunities.

Anyway, I was stuck with Carl all afternoon and sometimes all evening if daddy went out and I became baby sitter. It really got to be a problem as we got older. I started to fill out. I began to get breasts, and my body got softer while Carl, on the other hand, got bigger and stronger. I could only argue with him. I couldn't force him to behave anymore. He would blast his way into the bathroom while I was having my shower, stick his head into past the curtain and say something like, "Hey hey hey! Look at them tits. Sis, you're gettin' really stacked!" Then pull back his head before I could hit him. I didn't want to go chasing him, wet and naked, around the house, and afterward I didn't have time to kill him.

Or I'd be on the pot, and in he'd come. I'd squeal, "Carl! Get out of here!"

He grin that evil grin he gets sometimes and say, "Sorry. I'm late and I gotta brush my teeth." Then he'd dawdle. I had to pee, but I didn't want to do it with him in there watching me, but he would outwait me, and I'd have to go anyway, and he would stand there listening and grinning form ear to ear. He'd usually have some witty comment about Niagara Falls or something. He knew I wanted to dry myself after, so he'd stand there waiting. I hated to have to do that sort of thing with an audience, and he knew it. After I'd pulled up my pants he'd lose interest.

The sexual perversions of a fourteen year old boy are disgusting.

After my shape started developing, daddy decided that Carl had better move into the other bedroom with him. To this I agreed wholeheartedly. To have a room of my own was bliss beyond dreaming. I could decorate it (to a degree) to my own taste, but best of all, it was a place to retreat into privacy. Sometimes Carl would come in there too, but I could usually chase him back out. By the time I was fourteen, It was clear that I was going to be really built. I am only five foot three, one hundred and two pounds, but the weight is very well distributed. I would never be mistaken for a fashion model. My hair is light blonde, - I get that from my mother; daddy's is coal black – and very fine. I wear it shoulder length and straight. That way I don't have to fuss with it much, other than washing and brushing and pony-tailing it. Saves time.

When I was thirteen, I kept having to buy bigger bras. I outgrew them so fast that I never had more than three or four that fit at any one time. One time Carl got into my room while I was out grocery shopping and took a scissors and cut holes in the cups of all my bras, right in the middle. I didn't discover it until the next morning. I raised bloody hell about it, but all daddy did was to tell Carl never to do that again - we didn't have enough money to buy me underwear for him to ruin. I think daddy was amused by Carl's "prank".

I had no choice that day. I wore one of them, with my nipples sticking out. I tried to find a loose blouse to wear over it so it wouldn't show much, but I hadn't gotten any new clothes in a while and everything was sort of tight on me. I got a lot of looks that day as everybody checked out my chest with the two little sharp points poking out my blouse. I'd like to have died! I could kill that kid!

Daddy always seemed to be a lot stricter with me that with Carl too. I had a curfew, and heaven help me if I got in late, explanation or no. I was a girl, he explained, and Carl wasn't, as if that made all the difference. I didn't have much time to be out anyway, and when I did I hated to have to always watch the clock.

I'll never forget the night when I didn't watch it closely enough. I was at my friend Jennifer's house and her boyfriend showed up with another guy. Well, one thing led to another and we were getting kind of cuddly and it was really nice. I just plain lost track of time. We weren't doing anything really bad, but you know how guys are. We were watching TV and eating popcorn and George put his arm around me. It felt nice, and I didn't mind. I don't get much cuddling, and I really like it.

There's no keeping a guy from feeling around under those conditions, and George was no exception, but that's all that I was going to let happen. I decided I would let him feel my breast if he wanted to. I mean, I didn't say it was OK, I just didn't fight very hard when he tried. It was warm and cozy and I was really contented snuggling with him. I had my head against his chest and his arm was around me and he was rubbing my shoulder. He would take his hand and stroke my cheek once in a while, then drift his fingers along my collarbone to my shoulder and down my arm a little. I noticed that each time his fingers would drift a little lower on my chest. I guess he figured if he was sneaky I might not notice. I decided not to say anything yet.

Besides, it's really nice having a guy stroking you. I knew I'd have to stop him at some point before it got too serious, but I was enjoying it, so I let it go on. Anyway, I was curious about what he would do. I looked up at him, and he kissed me. He wasn't too terribly good at it, but I suppose I wasn't either. His hand held my cheek until I broke it off. His eyes were bright and his breathing heavy; I think I was really getting to him, and I rather liked the idea of that.

George's right arm was draped over my shoulder, and he brought his other arm up and clasped his hands. This put his left wrist lying softly against my right breast. He let go of his hand and began tracing my collarbone with his right hand, back and forth. This made his wrist pass back and forth over my tit. It felt OK, and like I really didn't want him to stop yet, so I pretended to ignore the fact that his hand was drifting lower until his fingers were toying with the top seam of my bra through my sweater. The heel of his hand was sliding back and forth over my right nipple, sending interesting sensations inward from that quarter. Of course I've touched myself there lots of times, but it's, well, different when a guy does it. When I didn't object, he slipped his whole hand under my breast, weighing it. I think this was a new experience for him too, and he wasn't too sure about what to do. We sat there a bit while he explored me.

I glanced over at Jennifer and almost choked. Her boyfriend Billy had his hand right inside her blouse, and I think inside her bra. She wasn't trying to stop him; on the contrary, she seemed posed to help out as much as possible. She was sitting across his lap, supported by his arm around her back, leaning back sort of offering her chest to him. The top three buttons were open, and as I watched, he took out his hand and deliberately unbuttoned another one. Jenny had her eyes closed, and seemed to be loving it. Billy saw me looking and winked at me. Then, I'm pretty sure for my benefit, he opened her blouse right up completely exposing her bra. Jenny was wearing a lacy thing that was almost transparent.

Billy glanced over to make sure I was still watching, then he slipped the right strap down onto her arm, and worked his hand down inside the cup, under her breast, and lifted it right out. The cup went slack underneath when it lost its contents. I stared, fascinated, as he rolled Jennifer's nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Jenny squirmed on his lap, making little whimpery noises in the back of her throat. Billy looked at me like a fellow conspirator. Jenny's bra attached in the front, and he flipped open the clasp with practiced ease. He slid the blouse and bra back off her shoulder and down her arm - Jenny actually released her grip on Bill's neck to let him do it - and off over her wrist. Then the other arm, totally stripping her to the waist.

George was watching this performance out of the corner of his eye while he explored the shape of my upper body. I began to get concerned when my sweater became partly unbuttoned and I felt his fingers on the bare flesh between my breasts. I was distracted between what was going on with Jenny and what was happening to me. I wanted to watch, but George was bringing my attention back to what was happening over on our side. I kept telling myself, "you've got to stay in control here. Don't let it get out of hand."

I was forming the words, "please don't" in my mind when Billy decided he wanted a Coke and Jenny should get it for him. This was so bizarre; I mean, there they were, going at it so hot and heavy, and he just decided to break it off. In my experience, guys don't do that. I could tell Jenny didn't want to get up.

"Come on, get me a Coke, huh? Anybody else want one?"

It turned out George wanted one too. So Jenny got up, topless, and got two cold ones. I mean, without batting an eye, just swinging in the breeze. She gave one to Bill, and came over with the other. She teased George, "Hey guy, don't burn your hand in there." He had his hand thoroughly buried inside my sweater, squeezing my tit as he stared at Jen's bare ones in front of his. Jenny leaned over and gave him a quick kiss. Then she actually reached down and squeezed his hand through my sweater.

"Don't let him leave bruises. It's hard to explain." She grinned and I turned red as a beet. She giggled. "Look at Cynthia! I think she's going all modest all of a sudden. Just good advice honey. Look at me. No bruises at all." She showed them to us, turning from side to side, then lifting and separating them. Jenny isn't as big as I am, but there's enough of her. Even George was getting red. Jenny was having fun, but she was embarrassing both George and me. "Hey Cyn," she wheedled, "why don't you take your sweater off too? It's nice and comfy, and you friend won't have such a hard time." She giggled. "Or maybe he'll have a harder time, huh George? Come on sweetie, take off your sweater. If I can, so can you."

"Jenny. no!"

"Aw come on. At least unbutton. I bet you're wearing a cute bra. What's the use of wearing it if nobody ever gets to see it? Come on now, unbutton so we can see. Is it lacy? I'll bet it's lacy. George will help. Go on, just undo a couple more buttons. You've already got a good start, just do some more. Go ahead George."

"No! Jenny, don't do this to me. I mean, you can do what you like, but I don't want to be undressed in public."

"Public? What public. There's only us here. Me and my boyfriend, and we're going to be so busy pretty soon we won't even notice. And George, who's an interested party if I ever saw one. Is there lace in there George?"

He was a little embarrassed too. "I don't know." he pulled his hand out.

"I'm sorry. I embarrassed you, and I didn't mean to. I was just curious."

Billy got tired of being left out. He came up behind Jenny, put his arms around her and cupped her bare breasts. "How come you're so interested in Cynthia's tits? Why don't we get busy with these?"

"It just looked like George was having a hard time, and I thought I'd help out."

"Yeah, well you scared 'em. If you're gonna unbutton her, do it, don't just talk about. Like this." Billy reached down to my chest and flipped another button open. I was so surprised I just gaped. "Then when you want more, you do more." I was kind of laying back on George's lap, and the last two buttons were in easy reach. He reached. "See? That's all there is to it."

He did it all right. The front of my sweater gaped open several inches from top to bottom.

"See, I told you she'd wear something lacy. Look, isn't it pretty?" I couldn't even move when she pulled open the sweater to show everybody. I was wearing a low cross-your-heart with lace trim and quite a lot of me over the top. All I could think was, "at least it's clean".

"It's so pretty. Do you have matching panties?"

I finally found my voice. "Jenny!"

"OK, OK. Relax."

"Come with me, wench!" Billy put one arm around Jen's chest in front, and the other hand up between her legs from behind and picked her right up off the ground and carried her off.

He plopped her down on the couch and kneeled down over her. "How about you wench, do your panties match your top? Why don't we take them off and match them up to see?"

"You can't. They're under my Levi's."

"Oh dear, an insoluble problem." He flopped down on top of her and kissed her. And kissed and kissed. Jen wrapped her arms around him and kissed back. Billy was lying between her legs and she raised them and wrapped them around his waist. After a while he rose up on his arms and started taking off his shirt. "I feel the need to feel your tits against me," he said, then dove in for another long kiss. His hips moved against her straining pelvis, something they both evidently liked.

George and I were both getting excited again watching. I could feel the lump in his pants under my legs. He pulled me to him and kissed me, experimentally at first, then with increasing vigor. His hand began to once again explore under the cover of the kiss. He checked out the swell of my breasts where they bulged above my bra. Then when I didn't fight back, dipped his fingers into my cleavage where everything was loosest, and worked his hand around my breast under the bra.

The only sound to be heard was heavy breathing. I heard a zipper run across the room. Hmmm. George was trying to work my breast out of the bra, without too much success.

"Easy. That hurts."

Oh, I'm sorry."

"It's OK. Just don't pull so hard. That's not a steak."

He took his hand out and put it to my shoulder. He pressed the lose sweater top and my right bra strap down onto my arm. We kissed again, a long soulful one, and with everything looser, he got his hand down inside the cup and this time was able to free the breast from its confinement. when we came up for air, he examined it with his eyes and his fingers.

"Gee Cyn, it's really beautiful. I never saw anything, like so close up like this before. You're so great, and so beautiful. Do you mind, I mean really a lot?"

What could I say? This had already gone further than I had planned, but I didn't want to hurt his feelings. "No I don't mind really a lot, but I think we've gone far enough." I had to be careful. This could easily get totally out of control.

"your skin is so soft and smooth, especially on your..."

"On my breast?"

"Yeah, there. Do you ... like it at all? I mean, does it feel good ... or anything?"

"Yes George, it feels very good. Especially there. But we have to be careful. We can't let it get out of control."

"Spoil sport." I thought Jennifer was busy, but she's been listening to us.

"Mind your own business." I squinched around to look over at them. Good heavens! Jen's Levi's were on the floor next to the couch in a heap ... All she had on was a pair of nylon bikinis, and the way Billy was sniffing around she wouldn't have them on much longer.

"It's my house, so it's my business." she chortled. She suddenly twisted out of his grasp and ran around to the other side of the couch. She bluffing Billy by faking a run to one side then the other. Finally she ducked to one side and ran around in front of George and me. Billy caught up with her then and grabbed her around the waist. She struggled, but not too hard.

"Got ye now, me hearty. I think I'll make ye walk the plank. But before I do, I'll have to find where the treasure's buried. I've got yer map, now I have to explore.

One hand went to her upper chest. "Aha," says he, "I see the twin peaks in the distance. We'll have to find a way through the mountain pass. His fingers began walking down Jenny's chest, up her left tit to the nipple 'No way thought here", then back and up the right one, 'Still no pass'. "Aha, thar she blows!" The fingers marched down between her breasts triumphantly.

"Now a day's march across the barren plains." The fingers marched south down Jen's belly.

"Billy, you're so silly!" She giggled. No thought of escaping now.

"Look sharp now, 'tis the sinkhole of no return, Beware! Beware." The fingers slipped about her navel, barely escaping.

"A close call, that was. Oho, a magical mist descends, covering the terrain from view. Look to your compass lively now, or you'll be well and truly lost."

Jenny giggled. "That tickles" as the fingers groped their way down the front of her panties, stopping at the bulge at the bottom. "Aha me hearties. I think we've found the burial mound. Now lass, what's the magic word to clear away the shroud that covers the entrance to the treasure cave? Be quick about it lass, for we must be into the cave to find the treasure. What no word? then it will go hard on you. So we'll just sit here until we think of it ourselves."

All this is happening right in front of George and me. Was that an accident? Billy's fingers crumple into a kneeling position, then his hand is flat on Jenny's mound. She squirmed and tried to get away again as he wormed his fingers down between her legs a bit, but the right arm still around her waist held on tight. As I watched, her leg muscles loosened a little to let his fingers in a little more. She wants him to do that, I realized. She likes it.

George had let go of my breast and had his hand in my lap while he watched. I put mine on top of it and pressed down hard, getting a little relief from the tension building in me.

"Aha, I think I know the magic" Billy proclaims. The fingers stood up again, and marched to the beginning of the great plain of skin. "Now, the magic chant: Spastic Plastic. Anacrostic with the drastic elastic!"

With this bit of absurdity, his fingers marched to one hip, buried themselves under the elastic, and began marching south again, carrying the elastic with them. When they got to the hip, they disengaged, marched back up to the belly and across to the other hip and repeated the performance.

Jennifer was losing her panties. Did I really want to stay for this? This is not the sort of thing nice ladies do or watch. What did that make me, with my eyes glued to the drama? What would they think of me if I sat here while it played through to the end? What if somebody found out?

In the end, I decided by not deciding. With one tit hanging out, I wasn't exactly in a position to criticize. Besides, it wasn't me doing it. My heart was pounding and I felt very warm all over. Actually, I felt pretty good. It was exciting sitting on a boy's lap with his hand doing interesting things to an interesting part of me, watching one of my best girlfriends getting her panties taken off by her boyfriend.

She was about to lose them. The fingers marched down her belly for the coup de gras.

"Beware the wild beasts in the forest me hearties. I can hardly see my way through the tall grass." the grass in this case was brunette and curly.

"Help me lads, I'm falling..." All the way to the floor, panties and all. "Now I've got to climb all the way back."

That didn't take long. Billy was on his knees at Jen's side, one arm around her waist, the other hand walking up her inner leg. When it got to the top, it grabbed. "The treasure!"

Squeal! Giggle! Wrestle.

This was fun. I never did anything like it before. Oh sure, I've been in some wrestling contests with guys in cars and like that, and I've been felt up any number of times, but it was always a furtive, almost combative sort of thing. He was out to get me, and I was out to ward him off. Like all girls, I've learned ways to keep a guy's hands off of things I don't want him to touch. But this was different. It was so free and open and for fun. I'm wasn't grimly fighting for my virginity while at the same time trying not to annoy a guy. I really didn't know sex could be like this. I thought it was all grim reality, bodies panting seriously in the dark. But there I was, on a guy's lap with my top all apart and liking it, while Jen was obviously having a ball, running around in the buff sort of trying to escape from Bill.

Sure I knew I had to be careful. This could easily lead to a heavier scene than I was prepared for. Jenny was obviously about to get herself laid, but I guess this was nothing new to her, and she knew what she was doing. George seems to be having a good time exploring my body, and I wasn't too inclined to spoil that if he didn't pass the limit of fun and start getting serious. There was plenty in it for me too. I was getting a lot of cuddling, which I liked a lot, his touch was doing nice things to my head, and I was being treated in a very adult way, which I also liked. I was perfectly capable of deciding for myself how far to let this go, and everybody seemed to agree with that.

Watching Jenny getting stripped and running around naked got everybody hot. She was sitting on top of Bill at the moment. He was on his back on the couch, and she was straddled across his knees, sitting on his legs. Her back was in the way for me to see exactly what she was doing, but it seemed to have something to do with Bill's lower body.

George still had his hand in my lap, with mine on top of it. I'm sure he was aware of where it was, and I expected him to make a move as soon as he got up his courage. The question is, what was I going to let him do? Should I let him fool around down there? What if he tried to open my Levi's?

Jenny had obviously settled these questions for herself. but I wasn't ready for the sort of thing she's up to. I could do whatever I liked, and she wouldn't be upset, that's for sure. I was pretty sure she had Billy's pants open and his thing out and was working away at something. I wished I could see. I was curious to know what she was doing, and how. Just to know.

George pulled me in for another passionate kiss. Maybe he thought if he could get me hot enough I wouldn't object. Maybe he was right. Being held by a man is not the worst experience in the world. I shivered and broke off the kiss. He was vocalizing little moaning noises.

"Oh, you kiss so good. I love the way you kiss" It's nice to know, that I'm not doing something wrong at least. He pulled me down to him again. I really paid attention to the kiss this time. I met his tongue halfway, tip to tip. I only frenched once before, just to try it, and I didn't like it at all. The guy sort of slobbered in my mouth, and it really wasn't pleasant. Since then, I've always kept my mouth closed. But George did it differently, with finesse, I guess. I don't mind playing tippy-tongue with him. God, I could feel myself getting all sloppy wet down below.

While I concentrated on the kiss, I become aware of something else going on down below. Aware of a hand working its way down between my legs. OK, decision time. What do I do?

I was having trouble making simple decisions. The problem was, I knew it was time to call a halt, but my belly was so warm and I was so wet and ready, and I really wanted to be touched down there very badly ... I decided to wait and see what he would do. I mean, there was nothing too terribly wrong with having his hand outside my Levi's, was there? All he did is move it a little. And it felt so good.

Once again I broke off the kiss. I looked over to see how Jen was doing. Goodness! They were doing it! Jenny was astride Billy's lap, slowly rising and falling on her knees. It looked like she had it right in her. Were they really fucking? George saw me looking and turned to watch too. Jenny was oblivious. She had her back to us and was pumping away. As she rose a little higher one time, I saw there really was something sticking up between them. Then she sat back down and it disappeared from view under her. They were really doing it.!

George got agitated. He had his hand in my crotch, rubbing me, trying to feel my shape through the thick denim. I opened my legs to help without really thinking about it. It seemed the natural thing to do.

No thought of kissing now. We were both too frankly interested in what was going on over on the couch ... There we were, fellow conspirators, watching a forbidden scene play itself out right before our eyes. Our eyes met, and he winked at me. We both knew. Instant communication, no secrets. I liked what I was seeing and so did he. I liked having his hand between my legs, and so did he. He liked my breasts, and I enjoyed showing them to him. If this is what sex is really like. I think it's terrific.

Jenny was jumping like mad now. Suddenly she froze, shuddering, and let out a long rising moan. Oh my God, she came! I watched Jennifer come with a guy. I suddenly felt a sympathetic shudder of my own.

She came to life again, for Billy this time. I guess he was waiting for her, because it was only a moment before his hips were bobbing up and down under her, faster and faster, until he too went "Oh, oh, oh, oooooh!" and sort of wilted. I made a guy do that once, with my hand. He insisted on it. I never went out with him again.

Jen collapsed forward onto Bill's chest. Now I could actually see his penis sticking right into her. George was trying to get my zipper down, but as far as I was concerned, that was his problem, I had to see what would happen next on the couch.

It was wild. I watched Bill slowly get soft, like a deflating balloon. Pretty soon he just popped right out of her, and it just laid there, limp. I could see her pussy. It looked open, sort of gaping, with white stuff dripping out. The two of them clung together for the longest time, then Jenny kissed him, and sat up. She swung her leg over and got off the couch, then knelt next to it even with Bill's lap. She toyed with his penis, then gently kissed it. Wow! She looked over at me and grinned. She had such a beautiful look on her face, like complete peace and satisfaction. I loved it. She picked up his limp organ to show to me. "See?", then dropped it again. 'I did that' her eyes said.

Jen got up, a little unsteadily, and came over. She smelled like sex. She sat on the arm of the chair, leaned over and kissed George. "Did you enjoy it?"

"Yeah, I did." he responded. Then to my surprise, she kissed me. A real kiss, not just a peck on the lips.

"How about you?"

I went, "Oh wow. I never like, saw that before. You were great. Did it feel really good?"

"I bet you didn't like it nearly as much as I did. You haven't lived, Cyn, 'til you experience it." Her eyes discovered my open zipper, with George's hand partly wedged inside. "Well, maybe you're closer than I thought." She leaned over again, put her arm around George's back, and thoroughly kissed him. I stared at her bare breasts inches from my face. What was she up to?

She stopped kissing first. "Something you should know. A woman is never as willing as when she just has." Her eyes twinkled devilishly. "And you Cindy. We can't forget about you."

Jen got up and crossed to the other arm next to me and put her arm around me. "A woman gets the better of it, 'cause a man can only do it once or twice, but we can make it over and over."

I could smell the femaleness of her. Jen's breast rested lightly against my cheek. I was aware of the thin patina of sweat on her skin, and the heavy odor of sex from her legs. She made no effort to hide her body. She sat with her legs ajar; George could look right up them with no trouble.

"You'll find out that your body is a wonderful thing Cindy. It can give you a great deal of pleasure. When you find a man who pleases you, hang on to him. But you shouldn't have trouble with that. You have a beautiful body. May I?"

She puts her hand under my exposed breast. When I didn't complain, she weighed it in her hand. "Sometimes I wish mine were like this. That would be so perfect. You don't mind a woman touching you, do you? Some women get very upset."

What she was doing felt good, and I was so full of new experiences that night that when I thought about it, no, I didn't mind. I was ready for whatever happened. Besides, Jen was so open and unassuming with me, how could I get uptight with her?

"No, I really don't mind. I mean, I wouldn't like with just anybody, but I don't mind if you..."

"I'm glad. I like guys, you know. I'm not into women, not that way. But you should never refuse a truly loving experience. The best thing in the world is having someone you love close to you. There's nothing you can do wrong with someone you truly love. Oh, Cindy, your skin is so smooth, this nipple is so perfect."

I don't know about you, but I like people saying nice things about me And I liked the tingle that coursed through me from her touch...

"Bodies are such wonderful things. They can give pleasure to you and to others at the same time. Please, may I see the rest," With one sweep of her hand, Jen pushed my sweater and the other strap from my left shoulder, then, with practiced hands, undid the clasp between the bra cups. George moaned as she peeled back the cups.

"These are just in the way. Let me slide them down your arms." I helped as she took them off. "Oh Cindy, they're so great. I wish they were mine." She held one breast in each hand. "George, look, here feel them. Aren't they terrific? You take this one. Watch, do this. That'll make the nipple stand up. See? Yeah, like that, gently."

Jenny demonstrated on one, George learned on the other. I tried to understand the fire in my body.

"Don't fight it, Cyn. It's beautiful, you'll see. Relax and let it flow over you. Let yourself enjoy it. You do this yourself, right? Everybody does. It's even better when somebody else ... Lay back a little. George, let her lay back. Now, let your hand trail down. Rub a little with your fingertips. that's it. That's right. You can touch her navel, it's OK. Now back up and over. Right. Graze the nipple with your palm on the way by. Trace where they join her chest with your finger. Now down between them. No, like this, see. Now back up to the nipple. Take it between your thumb and finger and sort of twirl, like this. Bill, come over here, you're missing it. Come see the greatest pair of tits. Keep it up, George, she loves it."

The understatement of the century. I let my head drop back, stretching the skin down my front, where two pairs of busy hands were making it completely impossible to put together a coherent thought. I guess Bill came over. I sort of heard something like "They're great!", and there were six hands on my torso. Somebody moved my arms up and interlocked them under my head.

There were fingers under my arms, on my belly, in my navel, on my arms, and on my breasts. Especially on my breasts. My nipples blossomed under their touch, my breasts radiated. I arched my back to them, here, take them, do anything with them, just don't stop what you're doing.

They had no intention of stopping. I felt everything at my waist go loose, and looked down through a fuzzy haze to discover somebody - George or Billy or Jenny had undone my belt and unbuttoned my waistband. My Levi's gaped open in a white vee. Alarm bells might have gone off, but if they did, they were drowned in the roaring noise from my breasts.

I think I heard someone say, "wait, see what she does." But my nipples were aflame, and moisture seeped from me below, and I couldn't concentrate. Some time later there were fewer hands on me, and a strong arm lifted my waist while other hands peeled my pants out from under me. Then my panties too. I looked down, and everything looked the same, but my bare fanny rested on George's lap now.

The hands visited my belly more often now. They grew bolder, till one hand began to twine in my hair. I felt long fingernails. Oh, It's OK, it's just Jenny. I told her she could touch me. And I needed to be touched down there. I needed it so badly ... Somebody tugged my Levi's and my panties off over my feet. I felt the sweet, cool air on my pussy. Please, somebody, help me. I'm so close. Help me over. Just a little more.

That wonderful hand on my mound moved. I spread myself, I had to, I'd have died otherwise. The fingers found my vulva, opened the petals. Then CONTACT! OH God that feels good. I want it, I want it! Yes, yes, touch me there. More, more more. Please, don't stop, do it to me. Do it. I opened my legs and my mind and let the sensation flow through me. It is magic that they do.

I could hardly speak. "Yes, yes, don't stop don't stop do that do that do it OH my God oh my God I'm I'm Agghhhooooo!"

I went limp. It never was like that before. Little sparkles were dancing behind my eyelids. My body shuddered with electricity. Oh wow! What a feeling. There weren't words.


Somebody far away was calling me. "Hmmm?" I respond.

"Cindy? You OK?"

Oh boy was I OK. "Aghh. Oh yes. Oh my yes. Oh am I OK. I have never in my life been so OK."

"I guess it was pretty good, huh?"

"Oooooh. That doesn't begin to describe it."

"Can you get up? Poor George is sort of squashed under you."

"I guess I can get up. Hold me down so I don't float away." I proceeded to float off of poor George's lap. Three pirouettes and I landed on the couch giggling uncontrollable. My ribs hurt from it. "Jennifer, what did you do to me?"

A beautiful nude wafted over to my couch. She kissed me. "What I did to you was nothing like what you did to yourself. It's mostly in your head, you know. You do it to yourself."

My lips tingled from the kiss. They all three were gathered around me. I was radiating. Look at my woman's body that just did such a wonderful thing. Look at this female thing before you, alive with the afterglow of pure satisfied rut. This woman who just came so exquisitely. Look at how female I am. It's wonderful!

Oh poor George. Everybody's had something but George. I could reach him, so I unzipped his pants and reached inside. He let me, saying nothing at all. No trouble finding his penis, it's full, and takes up all the space. It was so stiff I couldn't get it out through his fly, so I had to undo his belt and a button. One little push and his pants fell to the floor, and I could see the tip of his organ peeking out over the top of his shorts. The underwear was even easier to get out of the way, and there it was; his beautiful penis. George had been circumcised, and the tip of it was soft and smooth. I took him in both hands and drew him closer. He hadn't said a word.

I cupped my hand under the little sac that contained his testicles. I squeezed them gently - careful there. I could feel motion inside the sac; the balls pulsing with blood guessed. It felt so odd. My other hand stroked the shaft, long tight strokes that pulled the loose skin forward and back over the rigidity inside. George was vocalizing incoherently with his head tipped back. What should I do? Should I kiss it? What would it feel like against my lips? The end was so soft against my fingers. I sat forward on the couch, spread my legs and drew him in between them. Jen and Billy were sitting either side.

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