The Girl They Called Hot

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2014 by realoldbill

Sex Story: College is a new and wonderful experience with so many eager young men in one place

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   School   .

The girl they all called "Hot," stretched and smiled, feeling healthy and randy. It was early Sunday morning, her second Sunday away from home and at college, and she was lying between two fucked out hunks, her throbbing pussy eager for more action. They both had satisfied her more than once, and she had sucked them and exhausted them late last night.

She crawled off the foot of the bed, looked at the pair of big young men who lay snoring with their exhausted cocks lying limply, thoroughly satisfied from the evening's strenuous activities. Hot pulled on somebody's t-shirt and headed for the showers, feeling her full breasts bobbling and knowing her thighs and belly as well as her face were streaked with dried cum.

She hurried down the hall and since it was quite early decided to use the men's room on this floor rather than going down to the girl's bathroom below. Pleased that she had been right and was alone, she stripped and turned on the nearest showerhead and began to wash her voluptuous body, a process she almost always enjoyed and often managed to orgasm doing, and had since she was about twelve when she discovered how sensitive her nipples were.

Perhaps her high, pointed mounds were a bit large, the nipples thick and jutting, the areoles large and distinct, and her hips a tad wide, but her extra-long legs and soft mound made up for that and her ass was absolutely perfect, unsurpassed when she was taken from behind and had a big cock up her cunt, a wonderful shock absorber. She was nearly six feet tall and her legs were half of that length. Her waist line was about 26 inches, her chest 39 (when she wore a bra it was 40D) and her ass actually seemed to rotate when she walked and measured 38 inches or so depending on where you put the tape. She was a rapidly maturing wet dream of barely seventeen with a pug nose, blues eyes and a curly mop of short, blonde curls. And she just loved to fuck, her first college discovery.

"Nineteen," she thought to herself with a smile. "I've fucked 19 different boys and men this week. That must be a record for the first week for a freshman girl. Wow! Nineteen!" She tried to remember them all but they ran together in her mind, a series of multiple orgasms and stiff pricks. She ground the thick bar of soap around her jugs and down her bulging pudenda and gasped as she split her labia and nudged her upright clit.

She closed her eyes, dropped the soap and fingered herself deeply until she spasmed, one hand on the tiled wall and the other buried in her sucking quim. She sank to her knees, shaking all over, a smile on her full lips, the water pouring down over her as she struggled to her feet, getting her breath.

She was soaping her high, full breasts when she heard the door open. "Oh well," she thought, "maybe this will be the start of my second week."

"Hi," said a masculine voice at her ear, "need any help?" She felt his hand on her hip.

She turned to face him, rinsing off her breasts and exciting her turbid nipples in the process. "No, I'm about finished."

"Jim Morris," he said sticking out a hand as his cock flexed and filled. "You're the one they call Hot, aren't you? Freshman, right? That frat house gangbang, right?"

She nodded and laughed. "Gotta run." She pulled free, holding back her shoulders and giving him a good look. They were an incredible pair, high and firm, globular, the tits pointed upward and outward, obviously excited.

"Come on, you've got time. It's early and I woke up hard." He smacked his thick cock and it bounced around.

She looked down at his rising male member and saw that it was fat and long, still growing and already a monster, one of the upright kind. Here was number one, if she wanted it. It was nearly irresistible. She thought about her first, her brother's big rod. This one was a lot better and it was still growing.

"Maybe later, Jim," she said as she pulled away and picked up a towel from the stack, a bit frightened by the size of his weapon.

He followed her, eager and dripping.

As she worked on her curly hair he moved in behind her and spread her feet, laying his wide ram on her butt crack and then sliding it down and inward. "Can you feel it?" he asked as his massive horn slipped between her sleek thighs and rose before her to probe for her tight-lipped entrance and excite the clit under its tiny hood of flesh. "It wants you."

She reached down and caressed its massive head while his hands clasped both her generous boobs and squeezed firmly, her large nipples poking out between his fingers. She looked in the mirror and was even more excited. His cockhead was enormous, ruinous, impossible.

Hot squirmed away, turned and leaned back against a sink, her eyes riveted to his quivering penis. His young ram was now fully engorged and had risen, dripping lube and quivering, its split head pointed up at her cute nose. She trembled and licked her lips. It was as thick as the handle of her tennis racket. It was absolutely irresistible.

"Oh Jim, damn, it's beautiful. Don't hurt me." She quickly decided, turned back, dropped the towel, grasped the edge of the sink, spread her legs, bent her knees and looked into the mirror and then reached down between her legs to set the domed head of his incredible prick at her outer labia as she saw the good looking boy smile and grit his teeth, his hands firmly on her pelvis. His probe penetrated, spreading her open. She sobbed and hung her head as he pressed deeper, stretching her open. He grunted; she whimpered. She was skewered, that was the right word.

She gasped and arched when he rammed inward and upward, lifting her to her toes as he sank nine thick inches of man meat in her barely experienced cunt. She rippled on his wide shaft and snorted, shaking her head from side to side, pleasure filled, fully excited, feeling impaled. He was by far the biggest. It hurt so good.

A week ago she was Helene, not Hot, and she had only had sex with two boys and one of them had ejaculated before he could get his six-inch cock into her tight vagina and the other was her loving brother who had initiated her and used her several times. Now as she felt the heavily flanged head of Jim's rigid ram begin to retreat, dragging her flesh with it, and she actually whimpered again.

She had fucked nineteen different men, sucked most of them.

She had no idea how many times she had enjoyed coitus, probably fifty at least, but this was going to be number one of a new set of lovers, and he was awfully good. She trembled, knowing what was coming. The girl brought his hands up to her breasts as he began his second deep thrust, snorting with effort, tearing her open. She was very tight and her groin muscles were tensed and spasming.

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