You Have to Be a Football Hero

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2014 by realoldbill

Sex Story: Our hero, the third string QB, gets a lot more than he expected

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Size   School   .

A lot of people were surprised that I made the team since I was young, fourteen, and kind of scrawny, 5-10, 145 pounds, but I was quick and had a good arm, and I was smart. I have to admit that. I'm carrying a 4.0 GPA and I'm in three advanced courses as a freshman. Anyhow, I made the team, got a uniform with number 12 on it, Brady's number, and got ready to do a lot of bench sitting.

In our first regular season game after three scrimmages in which I guess I was in for maybe ten plays, all simple hand-offs, our senior QB, last-year's All-star, got knocked silly on the first series and was toted off to the hospital, more or less unconscious, babbling they told me later.

Bobby Harrison, the tall junior, was doing a good job as his sub until he ran that sweep and got sandwiched. I actually heard his leg snap, and they hauled him away whimpering and crying. That left me. I don't remember much of the game, but I got lucky, passed for two TDs and ran a keeper for another, and we won with seconds to play.

When I came outside after showering there was Melissa Johnson, captain of the cheerleaders, and the hottest blonde anybody knew. She was, she said as she took my arm and held it firmly against her jutting breast, waiting for me. Her smile would melt steel and her body was enough to give an oak tree an erection.

She kind of dragged me off behind the gym where there was an alcove and some scrubby bushes, hugged me and rubbed her luscious body on me as she worked on my belt and said, "I'm your reward, Billy. Three scores gets you three girls, understand. Juney tomorrow and little Julia on Sunday. You be nice to her, real nice. She might be cherry." By then she had my pants open and falling to my ankles and her hand on my swelling cock, the first person other than me to touch the big thing.

She backed off a bit, blinked and looked at me and shook her head. "Isn't possible," she gasped as my pole filled and rose like a derrick or something. I still had my boxers on, but there it was, pointing at the sky and dripping, almost as thick as a beer can, the head turning purple and helmet-shaped, glistening.

My erections, I guess I should explain, are kind of peculiar, I mean not fully unusual but a bit strange in that they don't just stick out or curve like a banana. My cock, which is now about eight-plus inches long but hard to measure except on the underside, when it is ready for action, the thing stands upright, straight up, pointed at the roof, and it's thick, a real handful, and incredibly hard, like wood, honest it is. When I push it down, it jumps back up like it has a spring inside.

"Don't hurt me," she begged as she lifted one long leg up on my hipbone, pressed my ram downward with both hands, tilted up her belly and impaled herself on it, closing her eyes and gritting her teeth as I grasped her buttocks and sank six inches or so of thick meat up into her.

She whimpered as her other leg came up and she crossed her ankles behind me and mashed her breasts to my chest, her arms around my neck. I leaned back to the wall, locked my hands behind her, and she started bouncing, gasping as she did, and on the third or fourth up and down or in and out, the rest of my ram seated itself in her, and she had nearly nine inches of rigid prick tearing her open and throbbing like crazy, right to the balls she was, fully sundered and well mounted. I've never really measured the thing when it's ready to ejaculate, but I know it's big, bigger than when it is just hard.

She moaned and climaxed almost at once, gasping and shuddering as her vagina spasmed on my pulsing ram and became hotter and slicker, actually rippling and vibrating. I think my brain kind of shut down, and I really don't remember much. I was awfully glad she was not a big girl, just about my size I'd guess, and wonderfully warm and wet. It was going up in and down and out and up and in and again and again and again, and I was groaning and grunting and she was sobbing and whimpering.

I turned us around, pushed her up against the brick wall and enjoyed myself with both hands kneading her butt and most of her weight on the wall. That's how I lost my cherry, balls deep in a beautiful blonde who was almost four years older than I was.

I pummeled and pronged and mauled her until my thighs were cramping and my back was sore, and she was begging and mewling in words I couldn't understand, and then I thrust really deep, held it there with the girl arched back on it squealing like crazy. And I pumped out my semen, five or six ejaculations as she sobbed, "No, no, don't, don't." I think I whimpered; I usually do when I come; a combination of pleasure and relief. It roared out furnace hot, burning my rigid cock.

I eased her down to get her feet on the ground and then extracted my huge shaft very slowly. When it emerged, popped out really, dripping, it jumped right back up, bouncing off my belly, ready for action, all slimy but still hard.

Gasping for breath, her hands on my chest, she stared at it and shook her head, 'No, no more, I can't."

I smiled and turned her around so she faced the wall, kicked her feet apart and screwed the big, sloping head of my dripping prick into her slot which was, by then, bubbling out various fluids. It slicked in easily and filled her completely, lifting her right off her boots.

I pistoned out what I had put in her, got my paws up on her jutting boobs and humped her until she crumpled down on her knees in the grass, hands still on the wall, but head down in the dirt. I gave it to her, hard and fast, knees bent, on my toes, until I came again, gritting my teeth and pumping out my thick jism while I stretched out her tits and ignored her sobs. I had never felt so good.

A few more thrusts and I started to relax and eased it out, pulled up my pants and helped the luscious girl to her feet. She collapsed in my arms, sobbing and kissing my mouth, her tongue busy lapping as my cock began to soften. "Wonderful," she sobbed. "Juney will come pick you up about two, OK? Tomorrow." She stumbled away, kind of weak in the knees, semen oozing down her legs.

I just stood there, getting my breath and trying to make sense of it, feeling my big cock pulsing, wanting more. I wasn't a virgin anymore, and I was going to get another piece of prime pussy Saturday and the next day too. I headed home. I wouldn't have to jerk off this night.

I slept well, did my chores, got most of my homework out of the way and about two that afternoon a dark blue Jaguar F-type roadster pulled into our driveway and a long-legged beauty in skintight jeans hopped out and came to the front door. I hurried down to meet her, and she led me to her car, babbling about something.

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