Abduction Unnatural

by Dafafu

Copyright© 2014 by Dafafu

Erotica Sex Story: Two teachers who have been lusting after a sexy 16 year-old student and her voluptuous mother stage an abduction for sex.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fiction   .

Shirley was only 16 years old but had developed into an extremely beautiful, extremely shapely and extremely voluptuous school girl.

She was about 5' 5" tall with a fabulous figure. She had a beautiful face, sultry eyes, rosy cheeks and full succulent lips, with her blonde hair cascading down in gentle curves.

Shirley's full shapely smooth thighs, narrow waist and flat tummy increased her sex appeal. The most amazing but magnificent feature was her bosom. Only 16 but she had inherited her mother's big breasts, needing 40DD bras. Her breasts were very big, very round, very firm and thrust forward brazenly, pushing out whatever she wore, bra or blouse, by 6 inches at least.

No, there was not any girl in her school or in her town who could match Shirley's sexy beauty or voluptuous figure. Every where she went, all folks, men and women ogled her. The women - old women or young women or girls - envied her beauty and total sex appeal. The men - old men or young men or boys - got aroused at seeing her and craved for intimacy with such a beautiful and voluptuous girl.

At school every male, whether teachers or students, wanted to friend her. Invariably they wanted dates. Shirley knew that all they wanted with her was sex. She was a smart girl and although she remained friendly yet she did not accept any invitations for dates. The male teachers, both bachelors and married ones, were ready to break school and social ethics to befriend her hoping and craving for sex.

Shirley herself was totally aware of her beauty and sex appeal. Not only aware that men and boys wanted her for sex but she was also aware that her own body craved for sex, desperately craved for sex. This frightened her. She was constantly and uncontrollably aroused, that is sexually aroused.

Shirley avoided masturbation as far as possible but once in a while she was forced to masturbate because her body's sexual cravings tormented her to such an extent that she couldn't concentrate on her school work and her body became feverish. She wanted to maintain her excellence in studies. She did not want to be a beauty without brain! Sex can wait, she thought.

But how long, she worried. Her hope was that one day, after attaining academic success she will let her control down and would definitely wallow in sex. At the moment she was facing a tough battle; on one hand she wanted to study hard and on the other hand her body craved, desperately craved for wild sex. Could she control herself? One moment she told herself yes, but another moment she told herself no.

Shirley's mother, Liz was an almost exact replica of her daughter, only a little bit more plumb and womanly, but still very youthful looking. Like her daughter, Liz oozed sex appeal, her figure at 33 years being equally shapely and voluptuous. She too possessed uncontrollable desire for sex and her husband was fortunately very virile and equal to the task, and they loved to fuck frequently. Sometimes they mated several times a day, yet she craved secretly for men, virile men. but never let this be known to her husband.

Shirley's parents, Mike and Liz, were very aware of their daughter's beauty and sex appeal. They were constantly worried that she might be seduced. But they couldn't do anything beyond worry. Shirley had to grow up and had to go to school and finish her education, they thought.

As the school holidays approached Mike planned a long holiday to Spain. He applied for leave from work and had informed the neighbours and office friends that he would be taking his family for holiday when schools closed for the long summer vacation.

Meanwhile two of Shirley's teachers had been eyeing her and lusting for fun with the voluptuous school girl. They had also seen her mother and were amazed by, and interested in, her youthful beauty and voluptuous figure. And they hatched out a plan which they thought would benefit not only them but also Shirley and her parents.

When school holidays finally started they put their plan into motion.

One day Shirley and her parents went shopping. Shirley and her mother wore tight jeans and blouses that showed off their shapely figures. Mike was in his usual shirt and slack.

On their way home, Shirley and her parents were abducted by two big and ugly looking men. This was according to the plan of Shirley's teachers.

Mike, Liz and Shirley were understandably frightened. The abductors refused to answer their many questions except to warn them against any attempt to escape. The abductors took them to a luxurious bungalow situated in a lonely place.

Mike, Liz and Shirley were herded into a big room. Inside the room Shirley found two of her teachers, Mr. Allkock and Mr. Goodfuk, who pretended to be also victims of the abductors. They were, in fact, behind the abduction. The abductors went out and locked the room from outside.

"Hello, Shirley," Mr. Allkock greeted her.

"Hello, Sirs," Shirley greeted both her teachers.

Mike, Liz, Shirley and the two teachers gathered together and comforted each other over their predicament. They wondered why they had been abducted. Of course Allkock and Goodfuk pretended to be victims also.

"Do they want some ransom?" asked Mike.

Mr. Allkock said, "No, I don't think so."

Mr. Goodfuk supported him, "No, I too don't think it is for ransom."

Mr. Allkock continued, "If they wanted ransom they would not have abducted the whole family. It would have been more sensible to abduct Shirley alone and phone you for ransom. Moreover why should they abduct us teachers also?"

Mike and Liz agreed that Mr. Allkock's explanation made sense. They just couldn't figure out the real reason.

After two hours the ugly abductors opened the door. One of them said, "Folks, listen carefully. You are not here for ransom. No harm will come to you if you just follow our instructions. Otherwise we may have to hurt you and you will regret afterwards. Is that understood?"

Everyone kept silent.

The other ugly man said, "Just call me Two. My friend who spoke to you, you can call him One."

More silence.

One said, "We will now take you to the dining room for dinner. No funny tricks remember."

Mike, Liz, Shirley and the two teachers followed One. At the back of them followed Two.

The folks were led into a dining room. They were seated at a round table. Mike and Liz sat on either side of Shirley as if they wanted to protect their daughter. The two teachers sat facing them.

Liz noticed that once in a while Shirley's teachers looked at hers and Shirley's bulging bosoms. She dismissed it as being circumstantial. After all men did ogle them even in town! Their massive forward bulging breasts did attract the attention of men and boys. So if Mr. Allkock and Mr. Goodfuk did look at their chests you just can't blame them. After all they were only about 48 years old and very healthy looking. Liz did seem to like them. They looked handsome too.

Soon two women brought in the food and drinks and laid them on the table. Not simple dishes but very sumptuous ones. Many dishes. More than enough for all of them. At first everyone didn't feel like eating. But the delicious looking food stirred their hunger.

Mr. Allkock spoke, "If we don't eat, it is not going to help us. Let us eat and that can keep us alert."

Mr. Goodfuk supported him, "Yes, our predicament is not going to change if we don't eat. Let us eat." He directed his words towards Shirley and her parents.

Mike saw the logic in what the two teachers had said. "Yes, Mr. Allkock and Mr. Goodfuk are right. Let's eat. After all why waste good food." He encouraged his wife and daughter.

So, they started eating and found the food very tasty. During the meal Liz noticed again that the two teachers stole furtive glances at the chest of Shirley and herself again and again. But she couldn't blame them. Their big bosoms tended to have this effect on men and boys. In fact, Liz felt proud of her bosom and Shirley's bosom and she took the teachers' glances as compliment.

When they had finished eating, the same two women who had brought the food and drinks earlier brought them desserts. Each of them was given a dish of dessert. It was sweet and tasty. What Shirley, her mother and father didn't know was that their desserts alone had been spiked; just a dash of aphrodisiac.

After dinner they were shown to their bedrooms with attached bathrooms. The two teachers shared one room and Mike was asked to sleep in a room by himself. They were given their own wardrobes which had all sorts of fresh clothes, including pyjamas. Mike's room was locked from outside. He didn't know that the room of the teachers was not locked.

Shirley and her mother were shown into another bedroom with two separate beds. Their room also was locked from outside. They also had their own wardrobes with all sorts of women's wear.

After worrying for a while the men checked their wardrobes. some items in his wardrobe worried Mike:

the underwear shorts were very short ones made of practically transparent thin fabrics with the button-less fly openings;

the pyjamas were loose, thin and also very transparent;

the briefs were totally brief in front and back and also practically transparent.

But there were also decent attire.

Mike thought that the warm weather probably required such items. He wore a set of decent pyjamas and went to bed.

But unknown to him the aphrodisiac was taking effect. He was getting aroused. His cock was getting erect and becoming swollen. His thoughts turned to sex and sexy women and he wanted to fuck. The women nearest to him were his wife and daughter, both voluptuously built, he knew. But they were not in his room. Even if they were there with him he couldn't fuck both women, could he? No, he couldn't! Shirley was his daughter. He kept tossing about in bed, tormented by his sexual arousal. How he wished his wife was with him.

Shirley and her mother were also surprised by the items in their wardrobes. They found

transparent baby dolls;

very short semi-transparent tube dresses;

semi-transparent low waist tight pants;

very short transparent blouses with exceptionally deep U necks;

transparent short open blouses as they couldn't be buttoned up in front;

very flaring micro-mini skirts;

fish-net stockings and fish-net arm sleeves;

and thongs that were very narrow in front but nothing at the back and gossamer thin in transparency.

Fortunately, they also found some decent attire.

Liz said, "These sexy clothing must belong to the lady occupant of this house." Shirley agreed.

They got into decent pyjamas and went to their beds.

Unknown to them, the aphrodisiac they had consumed with their desserts was taking effect, stirring their sexual urges. Both Shirley and Liz were sexually aroused, very aroused but they tried their best not to let each other know about it.

Liz longed for her husband. Why didn't they put her and her husband in one bedroom? If they had done that they could fuck and her husband could satisfy her wild craving for sex. There were also Mr. Allkock and Mr. Goodfuk, Shirley's teachers. They were stout, rugged, and handsome. They must be virile too. But it was wrong to think of them for sex, thought Liz. After all they were Shirley's teachers. However, she had to admit to herself that they were attractive men.

Shirley knew that it was usual for her to get sexually aroused, but now it seemed that her sexual arousal was more intense than usual. She did not know that it was because of the aphrodisiac in her dessert. All she could think of was that with her mother in the same bedroom she couldn't even masturbate. So, she lay tossing about in bed, by her sexual need which normally she would satisfy with her fingers. How she wished she had a boyfriend, as handsome perhaps as Mr. Allkock and Mr. Goodfuk. Why her own father was equally handsome and muscular besides being very handsome. The only trouble was that she couldn't think of him as a boyfriend material because he was her father.

"Why, Shirley? Can't you sleep?"

"No, mom." She couldn't tell her mother about her sexual arousal could she? Or about what she was thinking about Mr. Allkock, Mr. Goodfuk and her father.

So, she lied, "Just worried, mom."

Liz too was tossing about in bed, unable to satisfy her need for fucking. She too couldn't tell about her thoughts of Mr. Allkock, Mr. Goodfuck and her husband.

So, she also lied, "Yes, Shirley. I'm worried too. Hope our abductors will not harm us."

Mr. Allkock and Mr. Goodfuk knew that the aphrodisiac in the desserts should have taken effect by then in Mike, Liz and Shirley.

Mr. Allkock said smiling to Mr. Goodfuk, "Shall we move in now? In their aroused state Shirley and her mother shouldn't offer us much resistance."

Mr. Goodfuk cautioned, "No, buddy. Don't be hasty. We have planned this for some time now. We shouldn't spoil it by any impulsive action."

"Then when should we make a move."

"We should move slowly, according to our plan. Let's go and speak to our men and women. Let's tell them what to do tomorrow."

The two agreed. Quietly they went out of the room and told One, Two and the two women, Susie and Daisy, what they should do the next day. They agreed to do as they wanted because they were being well paid by Mr. Allkock and Mr. Goodfuk.

Next day morning the men and women took them all to the dining table for breakfast.

Mike had brushed his teeth, had had a good bath and was dressed in new slacks and shirt that he had found in the wardrobe.

Liz and Shirley too did their things in the bathroom, bathed and dressed up. They got into skirts and blouses. With the blouses tucked into the skirts, their marvelous figures were accentuated. Their narrow waits, curvy hips, shapely full thighs and boldly out thrusting bosoms were prominently displayed. Added to this were their blond cascading hair, lovely faces, rosy cheeks and lush lips. They oozed sex appeal.

Mike hugged and kissed his wife and daughter. They spoke in whispers before taking their places at the table with the two teachers already seated there. They sat like the previous night and greeted each other.

A sumptuous breakfast was served. Bacon, ham, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, bread of sorts, butter, jam, sausages, milk, tea, coffee, fruits etc. After some hesitation, at the urging of the two teachers, everyone ate heartily, forgetting for a moment that they were victims of abduction.

After breakfast One, Two, Susie and Daisy took them for a tour of the house and gardens. The house was luxurious, with several rooms, a dancing hall and an indoor swimming pool.

A couple of rooms had huge wall and ceiling mirrors and water beds in addition to other items of furniture.

The dancing hall was furnished with reclining sofas. And there was an adjacent bar.

The swimming pool was big with reclining sofas surrounding it. There were shower rooms and dressing rooms.

Mr. Allkock said looking at Liz and Shirley, "I wonder whether we can be allowed to swim here."

Liz noticed that he was stealing glances at Shirley's big bosom. Inwardly she was proud that she had a glamorous daughter

One, who was nearby said, "Yes, you can swim if you want to. The swim suits are in the dressing room."

Mr. Goodfuk asked, "Shall we swim then?" His question was directed to Mike, Liz and Shirley. He too was stealing glances at the women's chest. Liz didn't want to get agree because she thought she understood him.

Mike replied, "Mr. Goodfuk, how can you think of swimming now? We have been held against our wishes here. We need to worry about our situation."

Liz and Shirley supported Mike. The teachers then agreed with them.

The day passed uneventfully but the folks were kept apart. Mike in his room, and the women in their room. They were brought together only for lunch and then for dinner.

It was at dinner time that Mike, Liz and Shirley were given desserts with a dose of aphrodisiac. They did not know of it. But when they returned to their rooms, they found themselves sexually aroused.

Mr. Allkock and Mr. Goodfuk decided to put into action their next plan. So One and Two went to Mike's room and ordered him to dress up in the brief, slacks and shirt that they chose from the wardrobe. Mike found the brief just fully filled by his big manhood because it was somewhat aroused and swollen to some hardness. The slacks he had to wear were white and moulded well to his hips and solid thighs and frontal area. Inevitably he spotted a bulge, not a very big one, but big enough to be noticed. In his aroused state, he thought it was okay because if he had a chance to meet his wife, she might like it. He was only worried about his daughter, Shirley.

Meanwhile Susie and Daisy gave some clothes to Liz and Shirley and ordered them to wear them. Otherwise they could be in serious trouble, they thundered.

So, Liz and Shirley reluctantly wore what they were given. Their bras were not only white cloth bras but unpadded and thin. And they were undersized. They were 36" bras but Liz and Shirley normally wore 40DD bras. So their breast filled out the bras and strained against them.

Over that they wore sleeveless collarless torso hugging white singlets with U-neck line. This only highlighted the amazing forward thrusts of their huge round firm breasts. Inevitably the nipples made noticeable points in their singlets.

Their panties were made of thin cotton but somewhat small as they covered only half of their round cute buttocks. In front they were better, because they covered their hot loins.

Next they got into the white pants, tight pants. It hugged and brought into relief their full shapely thighs and buttocks. In their aroused state Liz and Shirley didn't mind that but what worried them was that the pants were low-hip pants revealing a good amount of bare smoothness below the navel right down to the edge of their pubic mound, in addition to showing in relief their small panties.

"Mom isn't this outrageous!"

"Yes, but what can we do?"

"Come on girls that are enough. Now do your make up," ordered Susie in a thundering voice.

Liz and Susie lightly powdered their beautiful faces and combed down their blond hair that cascade down to their shoulders in delightful curls. They preferred not to put on lipstick. Their lips, wet and full, looked succulent. They were beautiful and sexy.

"Now follow us," ordered Daisy and the two women led Liz and Shirley to the dancing hall.

Liz and Shirley met Mr. Allkock, Mr. Goodfuk, and Mike there. As the men were similarly dressed, Liz and Shirley noticed that all the men spotted similar bulges, as their pants hugged their bodies closely. But they couldn't blame them. They thought that the men too must have been ordered to wear like that. Just then Liz and Shirley also noticed that the men, Mike and the teachers, were taking in their sexy appearance.

One and Two of course were there with Susie and Daisy, taking control of the situation. They ordered them to sit on the reclining chairs. There were only four such chairs but there were five of them. So, the teachers and Shirley were seated separately, one on each chair but Liz had to share one reclining chair with her husband. She didn't mind it, and was willing to sit on her husbands lap. Her husband held her by the waist and she leaned back on him, listening to what the ugly abductors had to say.

One spoke, "We know that sitting in the room can be boring. So, we have brought you here so that you can dance and have an enjoyable evening."

There was silence.

Two continued, "We are aware that there aren't enough females to go around. There are only two but there are three men. So, we suggest that the men will take turns to dance with Liz and Shirley, who of course will cooperate."

Liz and Shirley were surprised that they knew their names. As if Two read their thoughts, he threatened, "Don't worry. We know your names and everything about you. Just follow our instructions and nothing untoward will happen to you."

Daisy now said, "All right. We want one couple to start the dance. Who would like to start?"

There was silence and no one moved.

One said, "Why not Mike and Liz start the dance. You are husband and wife and can show the others how to dance. Come on, get up and come here."

Afraid to disobey, Liz and her husband went forward to the centre of the dance floor. Liz was aware that her big breasts jiggled as she walked, and her low-waist tight pants revealed much of her shapely figure. Someone switched on the dance music. It was slow and sensuous.

Susie said, "All right, we will dim the lights now." So, saying she turned down the lights. Only enough light to see each other and tell who is who.

Liz told One, "We don't know how to dance." She hoped to escape this ordeal.

One responded, "No, you don't have to know any dancing skill. Just hold on to your partner and move together."

When Liz and Mike did not make any move, One thundered, "COME ON!"

Frightened Liz and Mike held each other in a dancing posture and started some sort of dancing movement.

One bellowed, "Not so far apart. Get closer."

Liz moved closer to her husband.

One continued, "No, not enough. Closer still." As he said that he signaled to Susie for help. He and Susie used their hands to move them closer, Susie pushing Liz and One pushing Mike until Liz was plastered against her husband, who now held her at the waist using both hands. She put her hands around his big firm body.

"Yes, that's right. Now dance."

As they moved, Liz was aware of her huge bosom pressing against her husband's muscular chest. Below she could feel her lower body being pressed against by his bulge. Oh God! She tried to withdraw but immediately One threatened her, "If you don't do as I say, then I will hug you and dance with you."

Liz didn't want that possibility. He looked so ugly!

"Keep your body pressed tightly against your husband. If not, I'll move in."

Frightened, Liz did just that. She hugged her husband and pressed her body, chest and loins, tightly against her husband's muscular frame. After all she was only doing it with her husband, she thought.

Both Liz and Mike were still under the effect of the aphrodisiac. Both were sexually aroused. So, using the abductors' threat they "danced" intimately. They knew that they were not really dancing but rubbing their bodies against each others.

Liz and Mike looked around. in the dim light the others were watching them.

Liz and Mike, aroused as they were, and using the threats of One as an excuse, became bolder and genuinely hugged each other.

One was still close and he thundered, "Ground your bodies against each other. Caress yourselves and enjoy."

So Liz and her husband ground their bodies against each other. After all they were being forced to do it, they comforted themselves. Liz deliberately pushed and ground her loin's area against her husband's bulge. And she was thrilled when he responded by jabbing his bulge against her loins. Their palms began to caress their bodies.

One threatened again, "Kiss ... kiss passionately ... I'll hurt you otherwise or I'll kiss Liz."

No, Liz didn't want that ugly man to kiss her. So, she put her hands around her husband's head and kissed him and he kissed back. They kissed passionately, licking and sucking, not only their lips but also their tongues. It was a wanton sight to see Liz and her husband hugging, mashing against each other's and kissing widely. Liz didn't care. After all they were being threatened to do it. Moreover they were husband and wife, she told herself. Liz needed this because her body hungered for sex. Mike thought the same.

Shirley was shocked by what her parents were doing in front of the others. But she thought she understood the situation and sympathized with her parents. They were doing things under threat, she thought. Her own sexual arousal intensified, by what she saw and by the aphrodisiac that she had unknowingly consumed. Oh God1 what a time to feel such sexual urge!

After about five minutes One ordered Liz and Mike to stop. They separated and holding hands went to their reclining seat, Liz sitting on Mike's lap and Mike holding her by her waist. They kissed briefly and broke the kiss to listen to Susie who now started to speak, having turned up the lights.

"We want another couple to take the floor. Who please?"

There was silence.

Daisy spoke, "Shirley, you are the only other female. So, come here."

When Shirley didn't get up, Two thundered, "DO AS YOU TOLD, SHIRLEY! OTHERWISE, I'LL DANCE WITH YOU."

Oh no! Not this ugly man, she thought. Taking the threat seriously, Shirley got up and walked to where Daisy stood which was in the centre of the dance hall. As she walked everyone else could see how her huge forward thrusting breasts jiggled under her body clinging white singlet. Below her singlet she was bare and smooth all the way down to below her hips. The curvy bare hips, the full shapely thighs and round cute buttocks in her tight white pants accentuated her voluptuousness and excited - unknown to her - her two teachers. So far so good, Mr. Allkock and Mr. Goodfuk thought.

Daisy asked again, "Who wants to dance with Shirley?"

Of course Mr. Allkock and Mr. Goodfuk wanted to but dare not show their eagerness. What Shirley and her parents suspected they were behind this situation?

"No one? With this young hot girl?"

Again everyone kept quiet.

Daisy continued, "Any suggestion then? Otherwise One or Two will dance with Shirley."

Oh NO! not with those ugly men! Shirley shuddered and looked anxiously towards her mother. Liz too was troubled by what Daisy had said. So, she decided to come to her daughter's help.

Liz suggested, "Let Shirley dance with her father ... please." Liz thought that her husband can protect their daughter. Surely Shirley would be safe in her father's arms. The alternative would be one of the ugly men. A shocking proposition!

At first Mike hesitated but Liz urged him to go and dance with their daughter. Finally, reluctantly Mike agreed and stepped up to Shirley and asked, "May I dance with you, Shirley?"

Shirley smiled and nodded happily. Her father to her rescue!

Susie said, "Now we will dim the lights again." So, the lights were dimmed as before.

Mike took his daughter's hands and holding one placed the other on his shoulder. Mike placed his free hand on Shirley's bare smooth hip. There was no body contact.

One ordered, "NOW DANCE!"

Shirley and her father started to move this way and that way, shuffling their feet.

One shouted, "Get closer Mike ... dance like the way you danced with your wife."

Oh God! Surely not as intimately as he had danced with his wife, he thought.

One appeared angry. "Don't you hear me Mike? Get closer ... hold your young daughter tightly against your body."

Mike didn't make that move. He looked worriedly at Shirley who also appeared worried.

One suggested, "In that case, move out Mike. Let me dance with your daughter. I'll hold Shirley tightly and dance with her the way you danced with your wife."

Panic gripped Mike. Shirley didn't want that ugly creature to dance with her. So she said, "It's all right, daddy. Do as he says. I won't blame you ... I understand."

"Thank you, Shirley. I'm sorry, dear."

Shirley was touched by her father's apologetic words. She decided to help. She pulled her father tight against her body and wrapped her arms around him.

One encouraged, "That's better. Now dance intimately."

Mike dared not make a move. Sensing her father's reluctance, Shirley decided to act. Otherwise she might have to dance with that ugly monster. She mashed her body against her father's muscular frame, fitting her loins against his bulge and rubbing her big breasts against his broad chest. She ground against his bulge and chest, partly because she was frightened and partly, perhaps mainly, because she was sexually aroused.

But her father seemed frightened to respond. What would his daughter think, he wondered?

One again thundered, "Respond to your daughter, Mike. Otherwise..." He left the threat hanging in the air.

Shirley understood her father's worry. She too was worried but she thought that this was also a good opportunity for her to appease somewhat her sexual urges. It had been tormenting her.

So she said softly to her father, "Please, daddy. Please do as they say. Otherwise I will be in trouble with the ugly men. Please, daddy ... please ... do it, daddy." Do it sounded vulgar but she didn't bother.

Mike was very touched by his daughter's pleading. He did not want that ugly fellow to molest his beautiful daughter. He decided to do as One had asked. After all he needed some sexual release. And here was a teenage voluptuous school girl, albeit his daughter. His cock was very bloated and throbbed with need.

"Ok, Shirley. I hope you understand." He wanted to blame the abductors.

"Yes, daddy. Please do it." Again she had said do it. She blushed with embarrassment at its meaning.

So, Mike hugged his young sexy daughter tightly to his body. As her huge breasts mashed against his chest, he started to grind his body against hers. Shirley ground back as her father's big bulge jabbed repeatedly against her hot loins. Yes, that's good, daddy, that's good, she said to herself.

One thundered again, "KISS ... KISS PROPERLY."

Shirley's sweet young mouth sought her father's. They kissed passionately. Shirley knew that her father was reluctant to do things to her because, she thought, he was afraid what she might think. So she kissed him passionately, licking his lips and sucking his tongue repeatedly. She had longed for this sort of fun and here was a virile man, albeit her father.

Shirley hissed into his mouth, "Lick and suck, daddy ... please ... lick and suck me."

So, Mike kissed back, licking and sucking his young daughter's succulent lips and sucking her tongue. At the same time they rubbed their bodies in heated passion against each other's. Inwardly Shirley enjoyed this sexual encounter with her father. She did not want to stop and she did not want her father to stop. Her body had craved for sexual fun like this.

One praised their sexual play, "Good, very good. Mike, do it to your daughter." My goodness! He too had said do it, blushed Shirley.

Shirley hissed into her father's mouth, "Thank you, daddy, and thank you very much." Mike thought that the thank you was for rescuing her from the ugly man. And that's what Shirley wanted her father to think. But only she knew that it was a thank you for the sexual thrill her father was giving her.

Liz saw the intimate way her husband and daughter were "dancing". It was wanton sex display but she knew but couldn't blame her husband or her daughter because she thought that it was performed under duress, by threats. Seeing her husband sexing with Shirley, their daughter, inevitably stirred up some more her sexual urges, already strongly induced by the aphrodisiac.

After more than five minutes wanton kissing and sexual loin and body rubbing, Shirley and her father separated when One said, "Ok folks, enough. Stop."

Shirley was disappointed she couldn't continue the sex play with her father for many more minutes. Now as the lights were turned up they walked back to their seats, Shirley felt embarrassed. Her teachers must have seen her wantonness! What would they think of her? But then she hoped that they would think that she was forced by the abductors to do what she did. She hoped that they wouldn't know that she really enjoyed and wallowed in sexual thrill with her father under the pretence of being forced to do it.

Mr. Allkock and Mr. Goodfuk smiled knowingly at each other. They could tell that Shirley was genuinely wild for sexual play. She couldn't fool them, they knew. They were right. Shirley was not only voluptuously built but also possessed intense hunger for sex. Their plan was going to succeed. Their eyes followed her sexy figure as she walked to her seat.

Music stopped and all were served drinks at the bar. As they crowded around the bar, the two teachers ogled Shirley and her mother furtively. Their torso hugging singlets bulged outwards amazingly. Even the 16 year-old Shirley's breasts were as big as her mother's, thrusting forward, big and round. They also admired Shirley's delicious curvy bare hips, and sexy buttocks and full shapely thighs under her tight white pants. Yes, they could see the outline of her small panty. Mr. Allkock and Mr. Goodfuk found their cocks getting enlarged in their small briefs.

The men, including Mike, took several packs of brandy Liz and Shirley wanted soft drinks but Daisy said no soft drinks. In the end they settled for wine, sweet wine. Liz had several glasses, and reluctantly allowed Shirley to drink also, as many glasses as she had drunk. The drinks soon heated up their bodies and mildly made them drunk, increasing their sexual appetite.

Then they went back to their seats around the dancing hall.

Susie said, "We still have Allkock and Goodfuk to dance. Who likes to dance with them?" The questions were thrown towards Liz and Shirley.

They did not respond.

Susie asked, "Shirley do you want to dance with Allkock?"

Shirley didn't know what to say. She looked anxiously at her mother. Liz realized that her daughter needed help. It would be embarrassing for Shirley to dance with her teacher.

So, Liz volunteered, "Ok, I'll dance with Mr. Allkock." She got up and went to the dance floor.

Allkock was invited by Susie to join Liz. He went to Liz and saying, "Thank you, ma'am," held her in the classic dance posture. Liz put up her hands to hold him also.

Susie announced, "Daisy, please start the music and dim the lights."

Allkock whispered to Liz, "I'm sorry, Ma'am. We are forced to dance. I hope you understand."

Liz replied, "First, don't address me as Ma'am. Just call me Liz. Secondly, yes I understand the situation. We are under threat and you are not to blame for anything. So, you don't have say sorry. Let's just do as they want."

One said, "Ok, Liz and Allkock, dance."

They held each other without making body contact and started to shuffle their steps as if they were dancing.

One thundered, "How many times must I tell you all? Hold tight, as tight as possible and dance properly ... like the way Liz danced with her husband and like the way Shirley danced with her father."

Allkock asked, "May I, Liz? Sorry, I have to hold you tight."

Liz didn't make a move. She wondered what her husband would think if she danced tightly against Mr. Allkock.


This frightened Liz. Quickly she told Allkock, "It's okay, Mr. Allkock. Let's hold tight and dance."

Allkock placed both his palms on her bare curvy hips and, smiling at her, slowly pulled her against his body until their loins mashed together and her huge breasts pressed against his chest. The aroused Liz, put her arms around his big firm body and hugged him tightly to her heated body.

One thundered again, "MOVE ... RUB BODIES."

Allkock whispered, "He wants us to rub our bodies. Shall we, Liz? I hope you don't mind it."

Liz knew that she would have to do it. Otherwise the ugly fellow will want to dance with her. Moreover, her body was hot for sexual thrill. So, why not? Let Mr. Allkock think that she was being forced, that's all.

So, Liz whispered back, "it's all right, Mr. Allkock. Rub me up. Let's do it together." She knew she sounded bold.

Liz hugged Mr. Allkock and deliberately ground her loins non-stop against his bulge welcoming his bulge as it jabbed against her loins. She also rubbed her big firm breasts against his chest.

One thundered, "KISS!"

Liz kissed Mr. Allkock and he kissed back. In her throes of sexual thrill, Liz kissed Mr. Allkock lustily, licking and sucking his full lips and pushing her tongue into his mouth and hissing into his mouth, "Suck my tongue."

All the while Liz ground her loins against his big bulge and mashed her big breasts against his chest. She loved it when Mr. Allkock responded by rubbing himself against her and kissing her equally widely, licking her delightful lips and sucking her lips and tongue.

When Allkock plunged his tongue into her mouth she sucked back, sucked vigorously, sucked lustily, sucked for pleasure.

One praised them "Good. Very good, Liz."

Allkock knew that Liz wasn't doing all this because she was frightened. It was because she genuinely wanted sexual thrill. She was a wild one. Their (his and Goodfuk's) plan was working out nicely! He concentrated on thrilling Liz sexually.

Allkock maneuvered his loins between Liz's thighs so that his bulge could rub more intimately against her hot loins. Liz sensed it and willingly, but as if to maintain balance, parted her thighs so that she could feel Mr. Allkock's cock rub intimately against her pussy. He was jabbing repeatedly and she jabbed back, kissing him wantonly. Oh God! She loved this!

One saw what was happening. He praised again, "Good ... very good."

Shirley was amazed and shocked how wanton her mother was with Mr. Allkock, her teacher. She looked at her father. He smiled at her and said, "We can't blame her, Shirley. She is being forced to do it."

But Shirley knew, and she knew that her father also knew, that Liz was willingly wallowing in sexual thrill. That she was forced was just an excuse. Just as she had wallowed in sexual thrill with her father a moment earlier under the pretext of being forced! Her body was still hot and she hoped for some more thrill. My sexual urge is becoming uncontrollable, Shirley told herself.

Liz's sexual encounter with Allkock was the longest so far. It was close to ten minutes before One said, "Ok folks you can stop now."

Reluctantly Liz let go of Allkock as he whispered, "Thank you, Liz. Sorry if..."

Liz whispered back, "Thank you very much. No need to say sorry. We were forced to do it, remember?"

The music stopped and the lights were turned up.

Then they went back to their seats. Liz sat on her husband's lap and whispered, "Sorry, darling. I had to do it to avoid being molested by Mr. Ugly."

Mike whispered back, "Don't worry, darling. I understand." He held her by the waist and kissed her on the mouth.

Daisy said, "We still have Goodfuk. He hasn't danced yet. Shirley, do you want to dance with him?"

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