One Day!

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2014 by realoldbill

Sex Story: A pretty girl is thrown out of another school

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   School   .

She was waiting at the gate with her leather suitcase and her laptop and backpack, looking forlorn as well as beautiful. She tossed her stuff in the back, sat and buckled up, sniffing. I took a deep breath and she looked at me, cow-eyed. I felt my cock surge, normal when looking at her. She was wearing a tiny dress with a deeply scooped neckline and a very short hem, a dress I had never seen. There was more of her out of it than in it.

"I can't believe it. One day! I paid for a whole semester."

She sniffed and said she was sorry, that it wasn't her fault.

"So tell, tell me what happened. I mean the last time you were thrown out of a school, it took, what three months? And where did that little dress come from? It shows your ass you know and your boobs as well."

She nodded as I moved into traffic. "Yeah, and that wasn't fair; he was just a practice teacher, that last school. Anyhow, you left me in the office and he, the headmaster, he sent me to a counselor, and he gave me a schedule and called for a guide, a boy, who toured me through the building and took me to my room and, and, well, he raped me."

"He what?" I roared.

"He, he kind of tore my clothes off and threw me on the bed and jumped on me and stuck his stiff thing in me and humped me."

"Explain, please."

"Well he was cute and real nice and so, well, I guess I rubbed against him some and flirted, you know, so when we got to the room; it was a nice room, Dad, he was, I guess, kind of excited, and he hugged me and kissed me and pawed me and unbuttoned my shirt and nuzzled me, nuzzled my boobs you know and bit my tits some and licked them and fingered my pussy."

"And what were you doing?"

"I told him to stop, honest I did, but he was so cute and it felt so good, and that little bra, well, it was old and outgrown so when he tore it off, I guess I didn't complain much."

"Go on."

"So, I sort of kissed him back and, somehow, we were on the bed and all tangled up and, you know, making out, groping and stuff and pretty soon we were both naked. He had his socks on. And his thing..."


"I'm sorry, his penis. I held it, squeezed it. It was all hard and stiff and leaking so I licked it, and he went crazy and then he was in me, in me deep, and he was arched up and had a funny look on his face, and his hips were moving like crazy."

"And what were you doing?"

"What you taught me, trying to match his rhythm, but it was too fast and too wild and, pretty quick, I felt him spurt a couple of times, but I guess he didn't because he kept on pounding it into me. So I wrapped my legs around him, slowed him down and rocked from side to side."

"And you call that rape?"

She nodded. "I didn't want to do it."

"Then what?"

"So I guess we were making some noise because these other two boys came it and stood there watching us, watching him pounding in and out of my poor pussy, like doing push-ups in me, and they undressed. And their things, I mean their penises stood up, one of them pulled Roger, that was his name, the cute boy, Roger, he pulled him off and, he was bigger; I mean taller and his thing, his penis was bigger too, like the size of my forearm. And he stuck it in me and squished out Roger's stuff and bit my tits and grunted and heaved and then the other guy did the same thing after the big one was finished and pulled it out and squirted a gob of cream on my belly. Well, several gobs actually."

I just shook my head and looked at her as we sat at a red light. She was enough to drive a teenaged boy crazy, her body was so voluptuous and her hair so blonde and her nose so cute and mouth so soft and her legs so long. I longed to dive between her round breasts.

"So then, while this third guy was humping me and bouncing me off the bed, Roger was standing there with his big thing in his hand and telling him to hurry up when this man came in and asked what the hell was going on. Roger and the other boy fled and the guy fucking me went limp, really, absolutely, in one second from rigid to soft, and he pulled out, found his clothes and ran out. The man looked down at me and smiled and then he sat on the bed by my feet and pulled down his zipper. He told me to suck him, and I did, down on my knees and looking up at him, just like you said, and he came in my mouth and kind of moaned or cried out or something. It tasted awful, and I could feel stuff oozing down the inside of my thighs and out of the corners of my mouth. Then he handed me a t-shirt that one of the boys had left behind and hauled me down the corridor while I tried to put it on. I didn't know what happened to my clothes."

"Damn," I said. "You sure can get in trouble fast."

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