Julie Does It

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2014 by realoldbill

Sex Story: An eager young woman does a nasty job while taking care of her father's lusty needs

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Western   Incest   Father   Daughter   Violent   .

Julie Miller, a lovely 15-year-old, was eager to mount her father's huge, erect prick again but somebody was pounding on the door. Jimmy, her skinny brother came running up the stairs and said it was old Jeb Jones and his son, Bobby, and that they were mad as hell and wanted to see Daddy.

"Dad, you just rest there. Probably about that spring you diverted or them heifers you kinda borrowed. Be back and take care of that big, stiff thing soon as I can." Julie strapped on her old Navy Colt, made sure it was loaded, spun the cylinder, and smiled at her resting father, who had suffered a broken leg when his horse kicked him.

She hurried down the steps, eager to fuck her Dad, her absolute favorite lover although she surely did enjoy her eager brothers and both of her uncles. She got it at least once a day from one or more of her family lovers.

On the front porch she saw the two men standing out in the yard in front of their horses.

"What do you filthy shitheads want?" she asked loudly as she stepped out into the sunshine.

Both men laughed and the older one said, "Your stupid old man, slut. Get him out here so we can kick his ass."

"He's busy," she said, coming down the steps and approaching the men, watching their right hands. "You want anything, you'll have to get past me."

"Ha," laughed the younger man, and he reached for his pistol.

Julie went to one knee with her heavy weapon in her hand, left fist gripping her right wrist, and put two heavy slugs in the young man's belly and then turned her attention to his father, fanned back the hammer and shot him twice at belt level before he could cock his gun. Both men fell on their backs and kicked their feet, moaning and yelling.

Julie stepped up behind the younger man and pressed the muzzle of her big pistol to his forehead, ignored his begging and tears and pulled the trigger, blowing out the back of his head and making his whole body bounce.

The belly-shot father watched as the little girl dumped out her shells, reloaded her weapon with five .44 caliber bullets, and smiled at him. "Ready to die?" she asked.

"Go to hell," he yelled. "Get me a doctor, you bitch."

She pulled back the hammer and shot him in the left eye. Then she stripped off their gunbelts and boots and led their horses to the barn and called her brother out. "Get the wagon and haul these two into town, drop 'em by the undertaker's place. Understand? I'll take care of you when y'get back. Daddy's waiting."

Jimmy looked at the bloody bodies, nodded and went to harness the dray horse, trying not to think about his lusty sister's luscious body and vibrant pussy. You just did not argue with her, and besides she was the best piece of ass in five counties at least.

Julie hurried up to her father's room, told him what happened as she undressed, licked his big prick hard again and the mounted her father's loins and lowered herself on his rigid spike, smiling down at him, wiggling right and left, and drawing a deep breath as he reached up to grasp her young breasts and pinch her nipples as she took his rigid ram all the way in, right to the swollen balls.

"Thought I heard five or six shots. What were you doing?" he asked as he pulled his young daughter down tightly onto his massive ram after agitating her tits. Then he bounced her up and down and few times.

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