Getting Activated

by Jack White

Copyright© 2014 by Jack White

Erotica Sex Story: A young girl is "Activated" in a future Utopian society.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   First   .

Two rather shocking discoveries were made about 150 years ago. The first was that human aggression was caused largely by sexual repression. The relaxation of social-sexual taboos led to the eventual unification of all the people of the world under a single free government. War became obsolete. This in turn led to massive savings as the government no longer needed to spend a large percentage of the GNP on defense. The surplus of funding enabled the government to not only lower taxes but to also provide social services to the needy. Poverty became a thing of the past.

The next discovery took a bit longer to make, possibly because it took several years to relax the prudish social standards. It was found that the wearing of clothes was highly detrimental to the sexual development of adolescents.

This lead to eventual legal changes: First adolescents were encouraged to become sexually active and wear clothes as little as possible. Finally, just a few years before I was born the laws changed again to REQUIRE adolescents to be naked nearly all the time and to be sexually active. The only time adolescents were allowed to wear anything at all was if the temperature was below 16 degrees. Then all that was allowed was a light, transparent coat that was very good at keeping you warm, yet was nearly invisible.

When a child started growing pubic hair they would go through a special exam called The Activation. In the case of males, they would be trained to have sexual intercourse with women in such a way as to give and get maximum pleasure. Girls, due to their hymen had a slightly more complex exam. A specialist doctor would have sexual intercourse with the girl several times over a week's time. This is done because the doctor is trained to take a girl's virginity without pain or trauma. Done properly the hymen can be pushed out of the way rather than torn out of the way.

I was a "late bloomer" as the phrase goes, the last girl in my class to be activated. I was 14 before I noticed the few long dark pubic hairs on my pussy. I was so excited to find them I completely forgot I was naked when I ran out to tell my parents. Mom yelled at me for being naked where everyone could see me. When I realized what I had done I ran back to my room to dress, mortified. Looking back it seems to me a very odd feeling considering how embarrassed I was to be the only girl in school who still wore clothes. I guess it's because I was raised, like most kids, to stay modest.

Two days later I walked into the exam room escorted by the doctor's assistant. She took my vitals and then had me lay on the table, still fully dressed. I had worn an old t-shirt and knee length shorts, my fairly standard outfit. The exam table wasn't the normal type you find in an exam room. It was padded but had places for your arms and legs with straps hanging down. I started getting scared as I was immobilized on the table.

"Don't worry, it won't hurt. In fact you're going to love it. You have to be tied for two reasons. First it prevents you from masturbating, and it allows the doctor to exam you without you interfering with the exam." She strapped both arms down at three points, near my wrist and just below and above my elbows. Across my chest, just below my breasts (very small but they were real breasts) my hips, just below my knees then my ankles. I could not move at all. I was comfortable but with my legs up and spread fairly wide I felt very vulnerable.

The assistant told me the doctor would be in soon then she left. It felt like it was a long time, strapped to the exam table. I heard noises from next door. Grunting, then moaning. It got a little louder. I heard a girls voice say "Oh God", several times. Then the moaning stopped. Several minutes later there was a knock on the door and it opened. A naked man in his 50's entered.

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