The Freshman

by realoldbill

Copyright© 2014 by realoldbill

Sex Story: An intelligent young man finds himself presented with an opportunity that he had only dreamed about

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   School   .

Let me tell you about my first year of high school. It was really strange. I started in the middle school, 8th grade and turned 13 in November when they gave me a bunch of tests and right after Thanksgiving decided I should be in 9th grade since I was pretty tall and very smart. So, before the Christmas break I was enrolled and took some more tests and got to know the big place, at least where the boys' rooms were, and they decided I could do all the math they had and should take some advanced courses down the road at the community college. It's about two miles north, not far. As it turned out, that was a wonderful decision for me and my maturing cock.

So I was enrolled for a solid geometry course called morphology and a statistics and probability course and my schedule jiggled around so I took three in the morning at high school, English, history and biology, and then had lunch and went to college. I had an hour for lunch and travel and they counted that as PE somehow. They said I could graduate in two years if I took an English course in summer school.

So in January there I was in this small math class with a bunch of college juniors and another bigger class with a bunch of frosh and sophs, all of them five years or so older than I was. For the most part, they ignored me. But at the end of the first day, this girl caught up with me and said, "You go to Morris High don't you?" I nodded and she said, "So do I and we've got this dumb statistics thing together. Didn't you see me? I saw you in the office this morning."

I guess she's used to being seen. She very pretty, exciting to look at, a model-type blonde with long legs and high boobs. I try not to stare at pretty girls since it gets me both excited and frustrated. She looked a lot like some of the pictures of girls I keep under my bed, the ones I use to relieve myself.

"Come on," she said with a smile, "I'll give you a ride back to school. You take a bus home?"

I nodded, afraid to speak since my voice was breaking now and then and because my cock was excited from seeing her jugs bobbing and her ass rotating, a remarkable swing and sway. She had quite prominent nipples.

She had a hot little roadster, the new Corvette II with the manual top, the one they used the Pontiac Solstice parts for. I folded myself in and she smiled at me, showed a yard of shapely leg and backed up and zoomed out of there like a rocket, tires screeching. "Love this car," she said with a grin as I grasped the dash handle and the seat frame and she shifted gears. "Where do you live?"

I told her and she braked and slipped into the bus lane, said, "See you tomorrow. You can ride down with me after lunch." I rose, looked down the front of her gapping blouse and weakly waved, my cock going rigid as I struggled out of the very low car, smiled and hurried away. I was right, no bra. I still didn't know her name, and I suppose she didn't know mine. All I knew was she had to be sixteen since she drove a car, a very hot car and she had a great pair of boobs.

So the next day I asked around and found out she was Cassandra Collins, a hyper-smart junior and part-time model who was taking an advanced physics course and statistics at the college. I also learned that she didn't hook up as far as anybody knew. Ice-cold one guy said, blue-baller.

Anyhow, I ate quickly and hurried out to the parking lot and found her car which wasn't hard since it was lowest and reddest thing there. I watched her trotting toward me and my cock hardened immediately. I was a virgin, of course, but I jerked it off regularly and my penis was longer than most even if it was kind of slim, about as big around as a garden hose I guess when it wasn't full of blood. I had enjoyed another growth spurt that got me up to 5-10 and about 150 pounds. Cassandra, I guessed was about the same height, but lighter. She sure was built different. Her legs had to be a yard long. And her jugs probably weighed at least five pounds each. They bobbled independently, the jutting nipples prominent.

So I got a ride to college and a ride back to high school, and we got to know each other a little in those five-minute trips. I relaxed and then one day, out of the blue, she asked, Is sex all boys think about? I mean really; it's so boring.

I laughed.

And she said it wasn't funny. Every time I go out with a boy he wants to paw me and seduce me, get me into his bed or the back seat of his car and stick his thing in me. It's always a fight, kissing's never enough.

I'm not surprised, I told her, feeling my cock getting interested. You are very pretty.

I know. Nothing I can do about that. Been that way since I was eight or nine. She sniffed. I do make some money from it, modeling you kno, catalogues and ads, no smutty stuff. I've had offers.

I nodded and said I wasn't surprised.

Do you think about it all the time? She frowned at me.

Well, I said carefully, I guess off and on, yes, pretty much all the time. It's natural I'm afraid.

Have you done it? She asked blandly, not looking at me. Copulated I mean?

I shook my head and said no, uh uh.

How big is your thing, your penis?

I just blinked at her.

Well, come on, she said, is it big enough? I mean how old are you anyway; I'm sixteen?

I'm not, I said. I'm fourteen; skipped a grade like you did I guess.

Thought you were fifteen at least. She drove right past the high school without even slowing down.

Where are you going? I asked.

Down in the park. I want to see your, your boy thing, your prick and maybe, well, maybe you could do me. I don't want to be the only virgin going to college next year.

I don't think it's legal, I said, wishing at once that I hadn't said it.

She blinked at me, pushed the shift lever into second and turned into the graveled park road. Legal, sure it's legal, I'm over sixteen.

I'm not.

She sniffed and pulled into a shady parking area. Nobody else was there. She undid her belt and turned toward me. I hadn't thought of that. If we have sex, I'll have raped you, right?

I nodded. Statutory rape.

That's a crock, she said. Do you want to do it?

I nodded. Of course. Naturally. Yes. I nodded eagerly. I had not consulted my brain and did not plan to.

And you wouldn't tell anybody, would you, get me in trouble or anything?

I shook my head and felt my prick hardening, squirming.

OK, she licked her lips, now show it to me. I've seen a few, here and there and on the computer you know, but, well, none my age.

I unzipped and dug it out and it stood up, hard and eager.

My god, she squealed and put her hand to her mouth. How big that thing? She licked her lips and swallowed, staring at my rigid cock.

I don't know, I told her which was a lie. It grew a lot in the fall and now, when it was aroused like it was, it measured just about 20 cm, eight inches and it was nice and thick. The head was a spade-shaped helmet with a hard ridge.

I can't believe it. You're fourteen, right? It's impossible. How could you ever, well, it's just ridiculous. But it's kind of beautiful, strange, odd, but, I don't know, grand I guess. It's the first real one I've seen.

Shall I put it away?

NO, she said loudly, shaking her head and tossing curls, I want to feel it. I should at least feel one, right?

I took my hand away from it, and she poked it with a finger and then grasped it gently. It's warm.

I nodded. Full of blood, ninety-eight point six.

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